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Katie Does Her Drama Professor

Katie's adventures continue...
This story was posted previously but I have enhanced it because I didn't feel it was up to par...enjoy. This a continuation of sorts of Bye Bye Cherry.

College was definitely a time for experimenting, as I think it is for most people. College is when we establish our independence from our parents and their rules. It is a time when we develop our adult personas, develop new interests, and experiment with alcohol and sex, and for some, drugs. And while I did my share of drinking and smoked a little weed, college was definitely my time to experiment sexually. I had sex with young men and women, professors, and strangers. I had threesomes, group sex, public sex, and so much more. But one experience that has always stayed with me happened one night at my drama professor’s house at a cast party.

This prof, who everyone called by his first name Eric, was your typical laid back ultra sexy drama professor. He had a hot tub and threw wild cast parties. Students would run around naked, drink and smoke pot, and have spontaneous sex whenever the urge hit them. Eric would play footsie in the hot tub with anyone with tits but he never did join in the naked free for all or smoke pot or have sex; not that there weren’t plenty of willing co-eds and a few gay students that wouldn’t have jumped at the chance. That all changed closing night of West Side Story.

There must have been around forty students and community actors crammed into Eric’s small house. Within the first hour folks were stoned, well on their way to drunk, and several were naked and headed for the hot tub. I too enjoyed the hot tub but I wasn’t nearly intoxicated enough to shed my all clothing, I wore my bra and panties. At this point I was only eighteen and still a somewhat inexperienced freshman. Eric joined us in the hot tub, he wore a pair of loose fitting jogging shorts, and sat opposite of me. Conversation and wine flowed. A short time later I felt his foot rub against mine. What the hell, I thought, and rubbed back. Two people started making out and when it started to get heavy they exited the tub and wandered off to a dark corner of the back yard. A couple of new people took their place. Eric’s foot was getting bolder as it moved up and down my leg. Again, I followed his lead and allowed my foot to slide up his leg. Never once did either of us acknowledge the other; not even when our toes brushed against our most intimate body parts. Needless to say, the game was making me hot.

At one point I got out of the tub to use the bathroom and grab another wine cooler. I noticed that many people had left and only about fifteen to twenty students remained. One guy, I think his name was Stuart, stood in the corner naked and was allowing others to pose him. Both boys and girls were manipulating his body and it was obvious that he found it arousing. Another group sat off to the side having a philosophical conversation that was far too heavy for my brain that night. Another group was loitering in the kitchen with one girl, Vickie, sitting on the counter wearing only a short skirt and her panties and letting anyone who wanted to lick whipped cream off her tits.

When I went in to get the wine cooler, she asked me if I wanted a lick. What the hell, I was already pretty hot and bothered thanks to Eric’s toes and booze makes a great anti-inhibitor. So I slowly walked over to her, took the can of cream from her and sprayed a small amount on her very pink erect nipples. My eyes never left hers as I gently licked and sucked off the sweet cream. I heard Vickie groan with pleasure and the guys cheer me on. So I went a little further. I pushed her skirt up, spread her legs wide open, her eyes dared me to do it. I sprayed the cream on the crotch of her white panties. With maddening slowness I licked it off and sucked her clit through the wet cotton. Her moans grew louder and the cheering had died down as our audience was enthralled. I felt Vickie arch her hips and grab the back of my head as she came.

When I had finished, I picked up my drink and turned to see Eric standing in the doorway. I wondered how much he had seen and if he had enjoyed the show. Looking down at his crotch I could tell he did. I brushed by him and returned to the hot tub. This time I simply sat on the edge with my feet dangling in the water. It had started to snow and the contrast of hot water and cold snowflakes on my skin was positively erotic. Eric returned and climbed in right next to my legs. Someone suggested a came of truth or dare and everyone agreed it would be fun. People told some pretty interesting secrets about themselves and took the wild dares on with nonchalance. Eric didn’t touch me once and it was beginning to drive me nuts. Someone dared one guy to kiss another guy, people were asked to streak down the street, make out with someone inside the house, give lap dances, and several other things.

At one point Eric was dared to make out with one of us, his choosing. No one thought he would do it. He threw wild parties sure, but he was never known to mess with a student. We all kind of held of our breath and waited to see what he would do. If he refused the dare he would have to answer an extremely personal question. Now by this time, there were only about ten people left both inside the house and in the hot tub and those that remained were very intoxicated, I guess Eric figured that no one would really remember anything so he took the dare. He hadn’t touched me or looked at me since my little show in the kitchen so I was totally shocked when he rose and slid between my legs.

My breath caught as he slid one hand along the nape of my neck and into my hair; with the other hand he reached around to the small of my back to pull me against him. I could feel his full arousal against my belly. Our eyes were locked and the passion burning between us was palpable. Everyone in the hot tub had grown silent in anticipation. I held my breath.

With painful slowness Eric lowered his lips to mine, but stopped just millimeters from my mouth. His searing gaze still held mine and while I hate to admit, my eyes pleaded with his. Finally, he lowered his mouth onto mine and pierced my willing mouth with his hot demanding tongue. A collective gasp could be heard coming from our audience. My hands wound through his curly sandy blond hair. The tickle of his beard was so arousing. I have no idea how long our kiss lasted but when it ended I was breathless and hornier than ever. His erection throbbed against my belly with barely restrained desire.

To avoid embarrassment, Eric lowered himself into the water then turned to face the group. I kind of melted into the water, still too stunned to react. Wow! That was some kiss! The game continued for a bit longer and then people began trickling home. With only two other people in the hot tub with me and Eric, I decided to go inside. I was a wrinkled prune, not at all attractive. I went to the bathroom to find a towel. I stripped out of my sodden underwear and stepped into the shower to wash off. I shampooed my hair and washed myself down with a yummy smelling body wash. It smelled like coconut, vanilla, and cinnamon. When I finished I stepped out and dried myself then combed my hair. I realized that I didn’t have my clothes with me so I wrapped the towel around me and went in search of my clothing.

The house was so quiet. Apparently everyone had left while I was in the shower. Feeling a bit awkward, I quietly looked for my missing dress.

“Looking for this?” a deep manly voice asked.

I turned and saw Eric holding my dress in his hand. He was leaning against the entryway and I could tell that he too had showered. He wore only a towel tied around his waist.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize everyone had left. I guess I should have asked to use your shower, too.” Lord, I was nervous. I really wanted this man. I was nowhere near as nervous when I planned the seduction of my boss to lose my virginity. I had never really been nervous before sex so I didn’t quite understand my reaction to being alone with Eric.

“You are welcome to use anything of mine.” Wow, that dripped with innuendo. I took the bait.

“Anything?” I asked innocently. I bit my lower lip and looked up at him coyly. “Careful, Professor, a girl just might take you up on a generous offer like that.”

Eric let out a low growl that I felt in the pit of my stomach. He crossed the room to me and grabbed me like he did on the dare. This time there was no lingering or teasing, just hungry possession of my mouth. God, his tongue could work magic. I couldn’t wait to feel it on other parts of my body.

Eric’s hand moved under my towel and found my breast. He caressed and squeezed my flesh. He teased my erect nipples until they ached with pleasure. My hands did their own magic on his nipples as well. Both of our towels fell to the floor; our flesh slid together as the passion rose between us. Eric lifted me into his arms and carried me into his bedroom. He placed me on his king sized bed and stared down at my naked body. His seven inch cock was fully erect.

“I never fool around with students. I admit it has been tempting but I have never crossed that line,” I wasn’t sure where this confession was headed so I didn’t interrupt. “But, there is something about you, Katie, that drives me crazy with lust.” Eric’s voice was thick and husky with barely restrained passion. “I don’t care about the consequences; I just have to have you!” With that he lowered himself next to me on the bed and took possession of my mouth.

We explored each other’s bodies with our hands and mouths, hungry for forbidden flesh. Eric kissed his way down my body, starting at my neck, then moving with an agonizing slowness down to my breasts. He licked and sucked my nipples until I nearly came! His mouth hot and wet, his teeth sharp, his tongue magical against my hard sensitive nipples. Eric moved down my belly to my inner thighs. He nibbled and kissed up and down the inside of my legs, from my toes to that sensitive meeting point of leg and pelvis.

He placed wet kisses everywhere except the one place that was screaming for his attention. When I thought I would go out of my mind with need, my professor gently blew across my wet lips. My legs began to quiver in anticipation.

“Please, Eric, please,” I begged, grabbing his hair in both of my hands.

“Do you want me to do what you did to Vickie?” God, he was a master tease!


“I got so hard watching you kiss her pussy through those panties. I wanted to fuck you right then and there.” Without further hesitation, he slid his hot tongue between my lips and into my hot core. I arched my back and pulled him closer. He licked every part of my pussy, sliding his tongue in and out, and licking up all of my juices. Eric slid two fingers into my wet folds and quickly found my g-spot. He sucked on my sensitive clit and rubbed my super sensitive patch of nerve endings until I screamed out, and as I came I pulled his face into me and began to grind against him. My orgasms rolled into each other, one after another, until even his breath against my clit sent me over the edge.

Eric took mercy on me and began to kiss his way back to my mouth. Tasting my juices on his beard was so hot! I pushed him onto his back. “Your turn!” I declared; I was so eager that I went straight to it. I took his cock into my mouth and fervently sucked it. I had never been able to deep throat but thankfully Eric wasn’t so big that I couldn’t take every inch of him. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t small either. He truly was the perfect size. I worked my tongue up and down his shaft pausing occasionally to gently suck on his sensitive head. I would bring him close to the edge then back off to take his balls into my mouth. I gently suckled them, rolling them around with my tongue before moving back up his cock and swallowing him.

Eric groaned and urged me to continue by placing his hand on the back of my head. I obliged and followed his lead; when he wanted me to go faster he would press harder on my head, when he wanted me to slow down his grip would lessen. And when I felt he was getting close to climaxing, I pulled away.

Finally, he couldn’t take my teasing any more. Eric grasped my shoulders and pulled me up so that I was straddling him. I lowered myself down onto his hard shaft. Eric grabbed my ass and held me tightly while I gnashed my pussy against his throbbing cock. I alternated between riding him fast and hard to slow sensual grinding; I came over and over again, each time Eric would grab my hips holding me in place as he thrust his hard cock into my tightly clenched pussy.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I screamed. “Fuck your student!” The taboo of what we were doing was so hot.

Eric flipped me over and took me doggie style, slamming into me, going balls deep. He slapped my ass and pulled my hair while riding me hard. “You like your professor’s cock in your pussy?” He rammed into me pulling my head back.

“Yes, oh fuck yes! Fuck me Professor Kane!” I cried out from the pleasurable pain. I was so hot my legs were shaking.

“You are such a slut for your professor’s cock! You need to be fucked like a good little slut!” I didn’t think he could fuck me any harder but I was wrong. When he was ready to cum, Eric pulled out and I turned to take his pulsing meat into my mouth just as his hot cum shot down my throat. “Yeah, swallow my cum, slut! Don’t you let a drop spill!” I milked him dry with my mouth before collapsing, my body ravaged and spent, yet craving more.

Eric and I fucked all night. After that we never spoke of it again and nothing happened between us again. But every now and then I would catch him staring at me with hungry eyes.

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