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Katie (Part 6)

I Wasn't Going To Stop Now...

Moving into my house, settling in, dealing with the responsibilities that went along with the lawn work, upkeep, maintenance and all that was enough to keep me busy. It kept my mind off my shitty marriage, lack of sex life, and the unhappiness I was dealing with. I was able to stay busy, on the go, and always doing something somewhere. I'd on occasion hang out with friends, hang out with my daughter and step-daughter, and when absolutely necessary (It wasn't much), I'd actually socialize with my wife. We simply had nothing left at that point, but I allowed myself to be convinced to buy a house. I knew it was stability, and if nothing more, for the kids, they'd have a regular home. We wouldn't have to deal with landlords, rental property, and shitty city stuff. It was a good feeling. Moving into a new neighborhood, meeting new people, and settling down.

For the longest time,  I just dealt with it. I'd do whatever I could to stay busy. I'd ride my bike. I'd hang out with friends. I'd go out to bars once in awhile. Not really looking at trying to do something "wrong" or pick anyone up, fuck around, etc., because I knew the risks. And although as miserable and unhappy as I was, I just knew eventually something would have to change.

Katie was that change.

For a sixteen-year-old girl, Christ she had a body on her. Bathing suits I'd see her in, walking around the backyard, sun tan lotion all over her, her ass wiggling as she walked across the backyard. And then one thing led to another over a long period of time, and I had no idea what the fuck I was thinking but I would up behind my garage one day making out with her, my tongue shoved half way down her throat, my dick bulging in my shorts, and thinking about one thing. Getting in her pants.

I'm not sure if common sense or the thought of my marriage coming to an end, her parents finding out, or me just being an utter pussy contributed to waiting as long as I did. But eventually one thing led to another over time, and we wound up crossing the lie even beyond that. Amazing oral sex. Tasting her teenage pussy. Getting a blow job in her living room. And having some fucking amazing sex. Sad part? I lasted less than five minutes. Got a bit too excited. Got in her. Thrust a couple of times. and blew my load inside the condom I'd wrapped on my dick.

Feeling stupid, I left, knowing full well this cute looking young high school girl wasn't going to touch me again. I had this deathly fear that she'd tell her friends she fucked an older dude who was a lame ass piece in the sack, couldn't hold his load, and didn't know how to get laid properly. I was more wrong than I ever imagined.

Being home alone one day, doing the lawn, taking care of business, yard work and all the stuff that went along with owning a house, I was nearly done when I saw Katie cross the yard again. And again, wearing a two piece bikini that showed off more of her body than I'm sure her parents would want anyone (especially a dude my age) to see. A long conversation, some joking, teasing, and a phone call to my wife to make sure she was going to be with my daughter at the store at least another couple of hours led us to her living room, door closed, and not five minutes later, her completely naked in front of me.

I knew I didn't have a lot of time, not knowing how the fuck I'd explain it if my wife came home, if my daughter was with her, they saw me coming out of Katie's house, knowing her parents were out of town all weekend, or whatever the thoughts would be.

And then Katie was on her knees, unzipping me, pulling down my shorts, pulling my boxers down, looking at my stiff dick, and she was opening her mouth. I had no clue what the fuck to do, so I just stood there like a dumb ass. And succeeded to get a head job like no other I'd experienced. A sixteen-year-old girl was on her knees, sucking my dick, making me moan, groan, calling her name, and shaking so hard I thought I'd fall over.

Katie stood up, walked up to me, opened her mouth, and off we went. She was so fucking amazing to kiss. My dick would throb, it would jerk and twitch, and she'd shove her tongue half way down my throat. Goddamn, it felt amazing. And then she stunned me.

Pulling me down on top of her, we started kissing even harder. She spread her legs. I felt her pubic hair against my dick. And she took me in her hand. I pulled back.

"What's the matter?" Katie asked.

"I'm not sure this is a good idea," I said.

She giggled.

"I'm on the pill," Katie said.

I hesitated.

She stood up and looked at me. Her face was red. I'm not sure from her hormones or from being angry.

"I get it. It's fine. I'm sorry I pushed. But I don't have any condoms." Katie said.

And I made the decision.

I pushed her back down to the floor. I moved up against her. Slid my fingers down between her thighs. Felt her pubic hair brush against my fingers. I heard Katie gasp.

And I slid my fingers between her pussy lips.

Feeling the wetness, hearing her gasp, hearing her call my name. Haering her moan. I was so fucking turned on.

Then she came.

I couldn't stop her from twitching. Gasping. Moaning. Soaking my fingers. Calling my name. And goddamn was she cumming like no other girl I'd ever seen or felt before.

I couldn't stop myself.

I saw Katie spread her legs. I moved between them. Looked down at my dick. It was rock hard.

And I entered her sixteen year old pussy. No protection. Completely bare. And filled her.

She gasped.

I moaned.

I started moving slowly. She kept calling my name. 

I kissed Katie. I kissed her passionately. I slid my tongue further down her throat than I had ever done before.

I pushed my dick further inside her.

She gasped again.

I started moving up and down on her. She was gasping, moaning, and then I heard it.

"Oh God. I'm gonna cum," Katie said.

I thrust hard and immensely fast

I heard her moan and say it.

"I'm cumming. Oh fucking God. I'm cumming"

And then I exploded inside her.


To be continued....



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