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Kept hard all day

two hot girls play with their boy toy

Hi, my name is Steve. I am 20 years old and have one of the hottest girlfriend. Her name is Kristen and she is 18. She has an incredible body and loves to show it off. When her mother isn,t home she like to sunbathe in the backyard topless. I have layed out with her many times and always wind up getting turned on by seeing her lay out wearing only a tiny thong. Afraid her mother might come home, I never sunbathed nude with her. The best Kristen could get me to do was wear a mens bikini bottom. It was black and had small elastic straps on the sides. I guess what most people call a banana hammock. Although her mother has come home unexpectedly to find her daughter in the buff, she was always very cool. She even caught me wearing just the black bikini bottoms that leave very little to the imagination. She would even bring us drinks while we were in the back yard. Kristen always tells me its cool if I wanted to loose the bottoms, but I could never build up the nerve.
The story really starts when Kristen called me one day and asked if I wanted to lay out in the back yard with her. It was a hot summer day and the sun was blazing. She said to wear my black bikini briefs. I said I would be over a hour. As I arrived at her house I went right in the back to were we lay out. I was very surprised when I saw that she had her friend Erin over. They were both laying out in the lounge chairs in very tiny bikinis. Both of them thongs. The sight of seeing both Kristen and Erin wearing such revealing outfits was a real turn on. What was even more of a turn on was that Kristen wanted me to wear the banana hammock for them.
As they saw me walk up, Kristen jumped up and gave me a hug and Erin said hello. As I got situated and started to get undressed I decided to leave my shorts on instead of just the bikini. I was a little off guard with Erin being there. But as I was about to lay back Kristen naked if I was wearing my bikini briefs. That's when Erin said to me that Kristen already told her that I liked to lay out in a bikini. She said she didn't mind and that I shouldn't feel self conscious. So with that I stood back up and pulled down my shorts and threw them to the side. I could feel both of their eyes on me as I turned and faced them. I could feel the excitement of being almost nude with two incredibly hot girls. I wasn't completely hard but enough to stretch out the bottoms. That's when Kristen told me to turn sideways to Erin so she could see how well they fit. As I did Erin was looking at how the bulge in the bikini was growing. After the quick show I layed back in the chair on my back. As I was laying there Kristen said to Erin that she should see what happens when I get an erection in that thing. After a little while they both calmed down and we layed there for about a half an hour when Kristen sat up and asked Erin if she minded if she was to lay out nude? She said not at all, but what if your mom comes home? That's when Kristen told her that her mom was cool about nudity. Have you even sunbathed nude? I was surprised when Erin said she did once in the woods behind her house. That when Kristen said she should join her and loose the bikini. While they were talking about stripping down I was trying my best to keep my cool.
As Kristen was talking to Erin she was taking off her bikini. She finally stepped out of her bottoms and I could see she had just shaved. Her pussy was perfect and she kept just a small well groomed patch of hair in a perfect little triangle. It was blonde just like the hair on her head. As she finished stripping she bent over to pick up her bikini. I loved to watch her bend over and see her full tits hang down. They were very firm and looked incredible when she was bent over. After Kristen was completely nude for a while Erin decided she was going to join her. I watched as she sat up and removed her top. Her tits were bigger than Kristens but just as firm. After all they were both 18. I couldn't help but watch as she let her tits free. But I wasn't really expecting her to go any further. That's when she stood up and slowly pulled her thong down and stepped out of them. I felt a sudden rush of excitement between my legs. This time I wasn't going to be able to control it. And before Erin even turned around I felt like I was going to tear out of my tiny bottoms. That's when Erin turned around and faced both of us. Erin looked great. She had perfect tits that stood straight out and slightly apart. She kept her bush just like Kristens but even shorter. Her hair was darker brown and looked very nice. That's when I told her she looked great naked. Erin took one look at me and told Kristen she was right, that my bikini briefs looked 3 sizes too small now.
Just as Erin was laying back down I heard the patio door to the house open. As I looked up I couldn't see Kristens mom come out and start to walk over to us. I was surprised because I was rock hard and about to tear out of my suit. Erin even looked a little uneasy. That's when Kristen told us to both relax. As her mother walked up to us I knew she saw my erection. At first she acted like she didn't notice and told Erin to relax and that she was glad that she was comfortable nude at her house. That's when she said to both the girls that they should work on getting me to loose my bottoms. He looks like he's about to fall out of them anyway. Then both girls giggled knowing Kristens mom noticed my erection. Before her mom walked away she told me not to worry about having an erection, that it was only normal having two 18 year old girls nude on each side of you. with that said she went back inside.
After the girls thought about what Kristens mom said they began to get me to loose the briefs. Erin told me that the bikini didn't hide anything anyway. She said she could see the entire outline of my penis. That's when Kristen said that my cock was very big and that I had nothing to be embarrassed of. You should see how well he keeps it groomed. He even keeps his balls completely shaved. That's when Kristen said to stand up and that they would both help me take off my briefs. So I stood up facing toward the house and both girls got up and got on each side of me. As they both sat facing each other with me in between they each reached for the sides of the bikini and started to slowly pull them down. As they started pulling then down they were both giggling and then Erin was biting her lip. As they kept pulling my briefs down my shaft started to become visible. Then the only thing stopping from popping out was the head of my penis still hidden. Then as they finished dropping my briefs my erection was released and jumped straight out quickly. Kristen smiled and Erin looked shocked and covered her mouth. Erin said she couldn't believe how rock hard I was and that it looked great shaved. While Erin was getting an eye full Kristen reached up and cupped my balls and told Erin she should feel how smooth they were. As I stood their I looked down at Erin And saw her look me in the eyes as she reached for my balls. Just as Erin was about to feel the Kristen let go. While Erin began to massage my balls Kristen stroked the length of my penis a few times. Then they both let go as Kristen said she just wanted to make sure I stayed hard.
Before I layed back down Kristen said she forgot to bring the sun tan lotion out from the house, and would I go get it? I said what about your mom, she's inside somewhere. That's when she reminded me that she already saw that you had an erection and not to worry about it. Plus I think Erin would like to see you walk around with your rock hard erection. Knowing I had very little choice I started walking toward the house. Terrified, I would be confronted by Kristens mother once inside, my cock was throbbing. As I slid open the door to the kitchen I didn't see anyone so I went inside. I saw the lotion on the counter and went to grab it. As I did I heard Kristens mom approaching. embarrassed I quickly tried to cover my manhood with my hands. That's when she said she was glad that the girls talked me into enjoying myself. She also said that I really didn't need to cover myself and that she has seen a man with a hard-on before. As she said that I took my hands away from covering myself and my penis popped back up. Before I got back outside Kristens mom said that I was very blessed and that many men would have a very difficult time getting and keeping such an impressive erection, especially that big. I thanked her for the advice and went back outside with the lotion.
As I was walking back to the girls I noticed they were watching as I walked toward them. I was so turned on by now that I started dripping pre-cum. We all started putting lotion on as the summer sun was beating down on us. As Erin finished doing her front she asked if I would help her put lotion on her back. I looked at Kristen as she nodded with approval and said sure. As we both stood up she turned her back to me and I started rubbing lotion on her shoulders. As I was doing that she accidentally stepped back a little and I felt my hard-on press against her ass. As it did she gave a little jump and said watch where you point that thing as she smiled looking back at me. So I just kept putting lotion on her back. As I started getting to her ass she said that I could keep going. As I was finishing the lotion on her ass I took one final pass and went inside her cheeks. As I did she sort of spread her legs a little and let me finish. As I was about to stop Kristen stood up behind me and took the lotion from me and started doing my back. As Kristin was doing my back Erin layed back in her chair on her back so I could get a full view of her tight body.
As Kristin was lotioning up my back her mom came out with some drinks. She walked over to us and placed them on the table close bye. At this point I was still completely hard and standing at full attention. As Kristens mom went over to Erin to ask if she needed anything else she looked down at my penis and said that it looked like I was already getting burned down there. As Erin and Kristen's mom were looking on, Kristen reached around to the front and started to slowly rub lotion all over my hard shaft. As Kristen was doing this the two women were looking at me and could tell I was in heaven. As Kristen kept stroking me her mother said not to forget my balls because they could burn too. As her mother said this she stopped stroking me and put more lotion in her hand. Then she reached back around and started rubbing my balls. As Kristin's mom was making sure her daughter was doing a good job, Kristin told her that she and Erin were going to see if they could keep me hard all day. Then her mother said they were off to a good start because I have been standing at attention for almost an hour now.
As her mother went back in the house I laid between the girls on my back. At this point it would be impossible to lay on my stomach from how hard I was, plus I was enjoying all the attention I was getting. After I got comfortable I started to relax and close my eyes. As I did I felt my penis start to go down. Just as I felt it lay on my thigh I felt hands start to rub my balls. As I opened my eyes I saw Erin rubbing my balls. As she did she reached over with her other hand and moved my penis so it was lying on my stomach. Then she started rubbing it with her open palm. As she was doing this Kristin had her eyes closed, but I started getting the feeling she didn't mind what Erin did to me. As I started to stand at attention again I thanked her and she said don't worry about it.
After a few minutes I noticed both girls had their eyes closed. I was too excited to lay still, so I went for a walk around the yard. As I did I started getting the urge to jerk off for a while. I didn't want to cum because the girls would know if I couldn't get hard right away. So as I walked over to the edge of the pool I started rubbing my dick. Before long I started stroking the entire length of my shaft. As I was going at it I had no idea I had an audience. Both the girls were sitting up watching me jerk off. That's when Kristin said to make sure I don't cum. Then she asked me to stand in front of them and jerk myself while they got a better look. As I walked back over to them Erin started to giggle a little. So I asked her what was so funny. Erin said she thought it was so cute the way my penis would bounce back and forth from being so hard as I walked. So as I stood in front of both the girls Erin confessed that she has never seen a guy jerk off before for her but always wanted to. As they both looked on I started stroking myself again. I got so into it that I didn't notice that Kristin's mom came back outside to see if we needed more drinks. By the time I noticed her she was right next to me watching the show. Surprised to see her watching me, I stopped. Then she told the girls that I was hard the entire time they were resting because he was stroking himself the entire time. That's when Erin told Kristin's mom that she has never watched a guy jerk off before but that it was a real turn on. I know, she said, It is very sexy watching a guy jerk himself off.
Because I stopped stroking myself while the girls were talking to each other I must have started to get a little soft because as Kristin's mom was about to walk away Kristin's got on her knees in front of me and started to suck my dick. She only did it a few times then took me out of her mouth once I was hard again then started stroking me again. As Kristin's mom started walking away she told the girls they should give me a break and let me cum so I could relax a little. You have kept him hard for over two hours now. As her mom went back in the house Erin told Kristin's she couldn't believe that she gave me a blow job in front of her. As Erin was talking Kristin went back to sucking my dick. As she came up for air she took my dick in her hand and pointed it in her direction. Erin got the hint and knelt down next to Kristin and put her mouth around my shaft. As Erin started going up and down on my shaft with her mouth, Kristin kept rubbing my balls. Then they started taking turns sucking my dick. Erin asked who did she think was going to make me cum first. As they talked about it they kept taking turns on me.
Instead of cuming in one of their mouths I decided to stand in front of then and jerk myself off till I came. So I stepped back one step and started to stroke myself quickly. Both girls stayed on their knees and opened their mouths. As I started thrusting my hips I began to shoot my load. First it hit Erin on the chin, then Kristin right in the face before she finished sucking me dry. Needless to say I was completely exhausted when they were finished with me.

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