Kira Darkstar

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Kiras search for answers begins a journey filled with lust.

The sun was setting as the rumble of thunder could be heard,
Kira was already off the road in search of shelter, she saw the dark clouds
forming over an hour ago and knew then that she would have to find a place out
of the weather soon or it was going to be a lot harder to find shelter before
dark. Kira being a cat person wasn't keen on getting wet but that was the least
of her concerns.

This part of the woods was not
very familiar, Kira had only once come this way as she was now returning from
her search deep in the woods. She had stayed in a cave close by and having an
excellent memory was sure to find it, she only hoped it was still unoccupied
and that she would get there before the deluge started.

Kira felt the first heavy droplets sink into her fur and chill her skin as she
sighted the opening of the cave. She was not going to leave such a shelter for
anyone who might be in there, Kira wouldn't hesitate to fight for it and she
was not going to share it with anyone. An empty cave was hard to come by at this
time of the year, the whole woods were alive, it was mating season.

Kurami women once they started their cycle would go on heat
twice a year, all at the same time. At these times villages are deserted and
each family holds down in some place safe to run to. The women driven by their
desires would venture out and seek to seduce a wanted mate, but in the case of
any unwanted attention she would run back to her family to ward the offender

Kurami women get their first heat around 17 years and Kira
was no exception. This was all new to Kira and she had no one to guide her. The
hormones coursing her veins were having effects on her that were growing more
and more difficult to control.

Just over a week ago when her heat first started she had to deal with five
rogues attracted by her scent, they soon learned she didn't need a family to
ward them off. However even then when her urges were weak, the feeling of their
gropes set her body tingling with desires she had to suppress.

Now she was at the peak of her heat and her drive was now so strong she wasn't
sure she could even resist a rogue let alone someone more desirable. Ironically
the very reason she had set out on this journey was in hopes of meeting someone
she saw in a vision and has since haunted her dreams. A week ago she would have
welcomed his presence but she did not know then what power this season would
have on her. Although she still hoped to find him she did not know him and now
was not a good time to find out if he was all she hoped.

Her plan from here was to hide out until her heat passed.
Kira didn't like what she found inside. A fire had recently been put out and
there were wood stocks for future fires. Considering the amount of rain outside
Kira was not about to try for somewhere else. She only hoped who ever lit the
fire had had either moved on or been forced to find other shelter from the

At least that was how Kira was trying to think, until she found something else
the unknown visitor had left behind, something that made her stand on end. His
male scent, not just any male scent but the very one she had smelled in her
dreams, could it be....

Kira never knew for sure that her dreams were of someone real or not, but she
had to try, she had so many questions and she hoped that if he existed he might
have some answers.

You see although Kira went on heat at the normal time there wasn't much else
about her that was normal for the Kurami at all. Apart from possessing a body
that sent the males mad with lust, she had a mysterious mark embedded in her
skin just above her pubic bone. It was put there by an enchanted tree known as
the lightning tree. Since then her life has never been the same.

Unlike her peers who remain cat people, Kira was able to
change form, her encounter with the tree had made her a shape shifter and the
only one her people had knowledge of. She could not change gender or greatly in
size, but could copy any of the humanoid races in all their varieties; Wolf
men, Nukscar (dark ones), Aquines (reptile men), and humans.

She also gained extra senses and strengths. Her mark was
unusual in itself, it was dark and yet somehow had a faint glow about it.
Whenever Nukscar were nearby it would sting, giving her an early warning. It
also had an added effect on the males, none could control themselves and would
always cum early leaving Kira unsatisfied and frustrated.

She soon learned how to orgasm herself and when she did the
dark mark would respond and give her a surge of energy, but it felt lacking as
if her powers were greatly limited by such an unsatisfactory means of release.

But now Kiras mark was producing sensations that were new to her. This scent
was affecting her in a way none of the Kurami scents had. Hardly realizing it
Kira was being entranced. Up until now Kiras' search had been distracting her
from the passions constantly wanting satisfying.

The feeling of being enclosed out of the rain, a fire now
glowing warm mingled with this savoury air caused sudden relentless wants in
her body. Kira tried to distract herself but found it impossible. Not even the
fear of company stayed the urges fogging her mind, her breast felt like they
would burst if they didn't get some attention. Kira couldn't resist any longer
as her hands ran over her shapely bust brushing her stiff nipples. Their
erectness unmistakably evident through her thin short top.

She twisted them between her fingers causing her already
moist loin cloth to receive a fresh release of her slippery juices. Lying down
on her back the more she kneaded her cushioned chest the more her needs grew
between her legs. As one hand exposed her mounds to the cool night air, the
other wandered down her body, stroking her soft bare skin deliberately teasing
herself to increase the reward she received as she finally slid a finger over
her mound, arching her back and thrusting out her firm peeks as her clit
responded to the firm finger rubbing past it and exploring her pink folds.

Her opening widened in hunger, begging to be filled. While
continuing to attend her nipples her finger slipped back and forth through her
now exposed valley and finally pushed its way into her impatient tunnel as deep
as it would go.

But it was not as rewarding as it usually was. In fact the more she stimulated
herself the more the hunger grew with no satisfaction, no climax, no release.
The rhythm felt all wrong, nothing worked.

It was then, in that state that she became aware she was not
alone. The scent that had driven her to this mad state was no longer a faint
remnant but coming from its source, strong and close. Acting entirely out of
character, instead of springing to her feet with sword in hand, she laid still
and opened her eyes.

There, only a few meters away, stood the wolfman she sought.
She studied him in the flickering firelight. The only clothing he was wearing
was a loin tunic which hardly concealed a half awake massive lump straining
against it. His eyes stared intently as his head and shoulders still dripped
from the rain. He also had a mark just showing above his waist almost identical
to hers.

Neither said any words. Kira rolled over facing away, got up
on her knees while keeping her head on the ground, supported by her forearms
and pushed her smooth arse out, waving her swollen pussy and waited.

Kira didn't know what to expect but she heard the soft sound
of his tunic finding the floor and she knew he was close but she was still
waiting to be touched. Everything was tingling in anticipation, she didn't know
just how big his dick was but judging by the lump she saw she was preparing
herself to be stretched.

To Kiras surprise he didn't plunge straight in as she was
used to males doing. Instead the first thing she felt was a massive warm rod
brush against her inner thigh. The moment he made contact it sent her vagina
pulsating, it was torture, he was teasing her. He gently brushed his member up
and down her inner leg and each time he brushed closer to her clit. When it
finally made contact Kira gave an uncontrollable moan as she involuntarily
pushed back on him.

There was another wait before she felt him rest his almost
fully erect penis on her lower back and drew a line with his tip, down her bum,
past her date and resting pressed against her lips.

For the first time Kira felt his strong hands grip her hips to control his
entry. As soft as his tip was Kira felt something massive slowly stretching her
lips apart. She was glad he hadn't tried it any earlier, as it was she felt
like he was going to split her in two. But every inch burned good as he entered
further and further. When he was most of the way in he then slowly withdrew,
burning again in an even more satisfying way but leaving her with only more
desire to be filled again. This time as he moved in Kira pushed back against
him and felt his full length inside her. Nothing had ever felt this good.

Caidin continued to slowly penetrate again and again until
he could feel Kira loosen enough to accommodate his girth better. Then he stood
a little higher, changing to a more downward angle so that as he entered he was
putting more pressure on her g-spot. Kira could do nothing more than moan and
breath deep as she very willingly received his every inch.

Caidin too was now very excited and began to go into fast
spurts and then regain his composure, each time he did Kira would moan louder.
As Caidin got more worked up he didn't slow down but began thrusting harder so
that his balls slapped hard against Kiras clit, causing her to buck back and
thrash her head. For such a tight fit, being pounded was not hurting, Kira was
in ecstasy as she yelled out 'Oh Fuck!, Fuck me.... Harder OOHHHHHH! FUCK!'

Caidin sensed Kira was near climax and pushed his thumb into
her arse as he humped harder and faster. Feeling her back door explored was
like flicking a switch. Kira clenched her fists as she felt her pre pulses
increasing into waves of almost unbearable strength. Her mark was amplifying
the sensation. Each time she felt his sac land on her erect nubbin, a flow of
energy surged through her and she felt her powers increased.

Kira lost all sense of reality as her spasms delivered more
and more satisfaction. Her lube gushed out and down Caidins legs, slowly
reducing as kira slumped exhausted. Even when Caidin had withdrawn himself
Kiras opening twitched as more juices oozed out.

When Kira recovered she was surprised by two things. First
her cravings were not fully abated and second, that she and Caidin were not
alone. There surrounding them were eight other wolf people, seven males and one
female. Each bore the mark of the tree. It then dawned on Kira that they were
all with Caidin and by the lumps in the males groins, they had obviously
enjoyed the show.

Driven by her remaining lusts Kira found her voice. 'I want
more, more cocks, I want to be covered in cum. Caidin had not yet cum and Kira
turned to his still throbbing rod and took as much of him into her mouth as she
could fit, the rim of his head made a pop each time it passed her lips. While
kiras tongue circled his split and massaged his spongy tip she once again waved
her sweet tush in the air for any takers.

While Kira was enjoying Caidins musk and his salty pre cum,
she felt a large yet smaller shaft slip inside her. Her walls tightened against
Khals rock hard flesh as she enjoyed being the recipient of a cock at both

Kira used her right hand to tug on Caidins stalk as if she was milking him for
as much cream as he could give. As Caidin felt an eruption nearing his abs
would flex and drive his head against Kiras throat.

Kira knew he was imminent so she stroked him harder and faster. Caidin made his
deep voice heard as he felt his first spurts escaping. Kira swallowed quickly
as more and more of his spunk filled her mouth. Spilling out and down Kiras
chin as she couldn't keep up. She then took him out of her mouth to receive a
few last sticky wads on her face.

Caidin then commanded Khal to stop and lie down on his back.
When he did he instructed Kira to lie on top of him on her back so that Khal
could have her arse while Jowan could enter missionary style.

Kira eagerly complied, wanting to be pleasured in as many ways as possible.
Caidin knew Kiras mammeries had been neglected for a while, so as soon as Kira
was sandwiched Caidin knelt down to one side and Gralgo on the other. They took
a nipple each as Kiras hands found their dicks. Kira enjoyed toying with
Caidins limp member just as much as Gralgos stiff one.

Kira still had room for one more. Marto being the longest
put his knees at Kiras shoulders and lowered his extension to Kiras mouth and
dipped himself in and out of her swirling tongue. Kira was immersed, all that
could be seen by the remaining by standers was a moaning tangle of flesh and
swaying tails, with no synchronization one cock stuffing her rear while another
pumping into her pink tunnel, Caidins and Gralgos nibbles and nuzzles and the
taste of Martos early semen. Kira was wriggling in ecstasy.

Minka, Schul, Darmin and Stalt affected by what they saw, decided that watching
was not enough. Darmin laid down on his back and held his rod straight up for
Minka to sit on. Minka squatted above him facing his feet and slowly forced her self
down on his pole, having to wiggle her hips and see-saw to take in his full
length, squealing with delight as she started to ride him.

Schult and Stalt wanting more than Minkas hands were not
concerned about missing out on the girls as they were quite accustomed to
finding their pleasure with the males. This was not uncommon as girls were
always in fewer numbers. Darmin gladly took Stalt into his mouth, while Schult
proceeded to hijack Gralgo from behind.

Kira was immensely turned on seeing men inside men, Minka
bouncing away with her tits jostling and hearing the moans and slaps blending
together, she could feel herself reaching climax again. Caidins man flesh had
revived and Kira couldn't wait until each one of them had their release.

Gralgo shot first, landing his hot goop all over Kiras left boob. She felt it
cooling as it ran down her perky slopes when her tongue and chin received the
same from Marto.

Gralgo reached his finger in to where Jowan was sliding and
started to frig Kiras clit. Kira felt a rush that caused her hips to flex. Her
moans getting loader she looked over to Milka. Seeing Darmins thickness pulling
her labia out with her every rise and then disappearing inside her as she would
bear down again, sent Kira over the edge. Jowan could feel her pussy spasm
against his cock and could see the tremors as her whole body shook with orgasm.
Jowan then pulled out and spoonted long streams of cum all over her front while
Khal almost simultaneously creamed her bum.

Minka was screaming with every bounce, twisting her own
nipples and arching her back as she showered Darmins lap with squirts of her
warm pussy juice.

Darmin was yet to be satisfied so Minka spun around and
leaned forward, with her cleavage in his face she raised her bum up slightly
into the air so that Darmin had to lift his bum up as well. No longer pinned by
her weight Darmin was free to hump from beneath her. Already on edge he
immediately hammered away and before long his shaft changed from glistening wet
to cascades of cum.

Those remaining finished together, sucking, licking,
squirting and moaning. A strange feeling came over Kira. Although she had just
met these intimate partners, she felt like they were familiar. As if she had
known them for a long time. Now that her mind was freed from her bodies
influence, many questions flooded her mind.......

To be continued……