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Kitty And Mr Connors - Part 3

Kitty hurries toward Mr Connors...
Part 3

Kitty must have run because not fifteen minutes later there came a knock on his door. Rick stopped his pacing and took a deep breath. He went to his door and spying through the peephole he saw her. Her hair was down and windswept. She’d worn the clothes she’d had on yesterday just as he’d told her. Rick smiled and opened the door. She stood there, her eyes downcast, her hands clasped in front of her. ‘Hello Kitty.’ He said to her.

She looked up at him and replied. ‘Hello Mr Connors.’

She really hadn’t slept all that well last night. He could see it in her face. The skin under her eyes looked bruised and her face was drawn, but in her eyes he still saw the longing. They burned with undisguised desire, denied lust and wanting. As soon as he saw her he wanted nothing more than to grab her, drag her into his house and ravage the girl. But he restrained himself, controlled himself. All in good time, he thought.

‘Come in,’ he said shifting and holding the door open for her. She walked past him and stopped a little way into his lounge room, standing with her back to him. He closed the door and threw the dead bolt home. He didn’t want any interruptions. He’d already taken the phone off the hook. Kitty made to turn around to face him, but he stopped her. ‘Don’t turn around.’ He told her. She froze where she stood.

He stepped in close behind her, breathing in deeply, inhaling her heady scent. His body only centimetres away from her own, he could feel the heat generated between them. He raised his hand and brushed it lightly along her shoulder as he gently took hold of her hair and pushed it to the side, exposing the little purple tattoo on the back of her neck. Rick felt her shiver under his touch. He began to stroke it lightly with his finger and he felt her breathing quicken.

‘When did you get this?’ He asked her.

‘Ahh … when… when I turned eighteen sir.’ She answered him, her voice breathy.

‘What did your parents say?’ Rick was curious, he already knew they worked weekends, so what else might he learn?

‘They don’t know about it sir.’ Came her reply.

His breath caught in his throat. He let his fingers increase their pressure on the back of her neck, ‘So who else knows about this?’

‘No one sir, just…’ she paused, ‘just you sir.’

Rick sighed with pleasure. His breath drifted over her skin, as he studied the tattoo. It was tastefully done, feminine and delicate. It was one of those curly, non-symmetrical type hearts, where the bottom swirled outwards, it suited her. And the fact that he was the only other person who knew about it sent a shiver down his spine, he liked it a lot.

He let his fingers trail along the top of her shoulder, his other hand rising to copy as they slid down her arms until they reached her hips. He rested his hands on her hips and finally dipped his head toward her neck. His hot breath fell against her skin a moment before his lips did, kissing the tattoo, letting his tongue flick out and trace its design.

Kitty gasped and her head fell forward allowing easier access to the back of her spine. He pushed his hands under her arms, sliding them across her flat stomach and upwards to her sweet breasts. Cupping them in his hands, Kitty cried out, moaning as his thumbs brushed against her hardened nipples through the fabric of her shirt. He worked them gently as he kissed along her neck towards her ear and back down again to her shoulder, nipping and sucking at the skin. Letting her breasts go, Kitty whimpered at the loss which made him smile. She was putty in Rick's hands as he pushed them down over her skirt and onto the skin of her thighs. Stroking all the way down to her knees, he let his nails skim up the back of her thighs; his anticipation growing by seconds. She had worn no bra, and he had no doubt that she'd obeyed his other instruction as well.

Kitty's whole body trembled under his touch. Her chest was heaving as she panted. She could hardly believe she was here, that he was here, touching her like she'd asked. Her young body ached in a way that made her think of dying. How she longed for Mr Connors to do so much more to her!

Rick brought his hands back around her thighs, stroking his fingertips along the juncture of her pelvis, not quite touching the outer lips of her heated pussy. She whimpered loudly and quivered where she stood as Rick encouraged the tension in her compact body to build.

Under her skirt, his hands returned to her hips, bunching it up at the back so her tight, naked ass was exposed. He held her firmly by the hips and then pulled her back against him so their bodies melded against one another. His erection pressed hard into the small of her back. She would feel the material of his shorts, rough against her smooth skin and know just how close she was to getting what she had asked for. He felt her press her butt against him, her one small movement, but otherwise she remained still.

Rick drew his left hand out from under her skirt and lifted the hem of her t-shirt, his fingers sliding underneath and across the warm, soft skin of her stomach and ribcage, travelling ever higher towards her lovely pert breasts. He trailed his hand low across her abdomen and towards the small patch of hair at the core of her legs. As he brushed his fingertips along the underside of her breasts and trailed his fingers back and forth across the soft hair of her pussy, she threw her head back against his shoulder and inhaled sharply, moaning and twitching as his fingers finally touched her bare nipple.

His whole body burned for her, his dick aching so badly his knees were about to buckle. He could taste the salt of her sweat on her skin and he wanted more, wanted to taste her sweet pussy again. He pinched at her nipple making her gasp and let his other hand drop lower to quickly finger her clit, just once. She moaned loudly and tried to grind herself against his fingers, but he drew them away from her swollen bud. She pleaded brokenly, ‘Oh God! Please!’

He lifted his mouth from her shoulder and pressed it against her ear. ‘Do you want me Kitty?’


‘Do you want me to fuck you Kitty?’

‘Oh yes sir, please!’ She cried her voice full of desperate desire. ‘Please!!!’

That was it, it was enough even for Rick, he couldn’t handle the waiting any longer. He’d made her pay, tormented her for tormenting him, now he lost control. He spun her around roughly, grabbing a fistful of hair and pulling her head back. His mouth was on hers in an instant, his tongue pressing deep into hers; tasting her sweet breath as he sucked the air from her lungs. She moaned hard against his lips. Rick wrapped his arms around her pulling her hard into his body, his lower hand on her ass, a finger sliding between her slick cheeks and pressing against her puckered opening. Her arms wound themselves around his neck and she pulled herself against him, returning his ardent kiss with just as much fervour.

He broke away from the kiss, as breathless as she was and stared into her eyes. Her pupils were dilated with passion her breath coming sharp and fast. He growled, and carried her bodily across the room to the couch. He pushed her back onto it roughly, making her fall as he knelt down between her legs. Pulling her hips toward him, he pushed up her shirt urgently. The material bunched under her armpits and across her upper chest… and then his mouth was on her nipples.

First one and then the other, his tongue lapping, his teeth biting, his lips tugging at the hardened buds. She gasped and arched her back, pressing her nipples deeper into his mouth. One arm was still wrapped around her waist, the other he used to tease the nipple that his mouth was unable to lap at.

He drew his nails across the delicate skin of her ribs, raising neat white lines that transformed to red weals. Her hands were in his hair, pulling his mouth harder against her aching breasts. His mouth began to move lower, he grabbed her hands and tucked them under her thighs ; he still wanted to be in control, and she wasn't allowed to touch just yet. He kissed and tongued his way down her stomach which quivered beneath his lips, his hand shoving her skirt up around her hips and then his urgent mouth was on her.

Her sharp cries of pleasure echoed in his ears as he delved deep into her centre. She tasted so good. Tonguing her clit, he wriggled his tongue back and forth over its swollen hood, making her writhe in ecstasy as she opened her legs wider to him. Rick lapped at her sweet pussy with long flat strokes, his hands kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples. He lowered a hand and as his tongue waggled frantically from side to side across her sensitive bud he pushed a long finger inside her wet opening, pumping it in and out. She bucked her hips against his mouth and cried out, telling him she was going to cum, asking him for permission to cum, ‘Oh, oh I'm going to cum. C… can I cum, please?’

He grunted his approval and her whole spine arched backwards. Kitty spasmed hard as he ripped his fingers out of her and thrust his tongue deep inside her moist cleft. He felt her small gush of hot creamy liquid on his tongue, and it tasted so sweet he groaned himself. She became so wet, it dribbled onto his chin.

Rick came up for air. He leaned over her and grabbed her face. Kissing her deeply, he made her taste herself on his lips and tongue. She needed no urging, licking at his face and chin greedily as her nails raked across the back of his shoulders.

He broke away from her mouth, stripping his shirt off in one fluid motion. Hearing her intake of breath as his muscular physique was uncovered made him smile. He undid the button of his shorts and slid the zip down, letting his shorts fall to his bent knees. He was quickly losing control. Rick wanted so desperately to bury himself deep inside her wet pussy but her words stopped him in his tracks.

‘Please sir, can I touch it?’

He growled, pulling her hand to him and wrapping her fingers around his hard shaft. Her hands were small, her fingers not meeting up with each other. She groaned and sat up straighter, watching as her hand slid up and down his hard cock, his hands squeezing at her breasts. The head of his engorged rod nudged at her slick opening with each thrust of his hips. He felt her leaning forward her mouth kissing along his jaw toward his ear. And her quiet words sent a shuddering, shiver through is body… ‘Please sir can I suck your cock?’

Rick grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling it roughly as he drove his tongue into her dirty mouth, her hand still working on his dick, rubbing it against her clit as she did. He pulled away from the kiss and pushed himself up, his shorts falling to the ground around his ankles. He stood there in front of her, his hand still wound tightly in her hair, her hand still wrapped tightly around his shaft. Her face looked up at him, those golden eyes of hers begging him to let her suck his cock, her mouth open and waiting. He inhaled deeply as he pushed his hips forward and let her guide him into her hot, wet mouth.

He groaned hard as her tongue teased the head, licking up his pre-cum and running it over her lips. Her dainty hand worked his length, slowly pumping his hard shaft. Her lips closed around the tip of his cock and she sucked him hard against the sharp edge of her teeth and he moaned at the sensation of it, a little pain but sooo much pleasure. She let her lips pop off the end of his head, making a little slurping noise which sent another shiver through him.

Kitty's eyes stared up into his, smouldering with lust as she opened her mouth fully and took half his length into her lovely, eager mouth, gagging herself on his head. He nearly came on the spot it felt that good. She moaned against his dick as it touched the back of her throat, sending a tingling tremble across his entire body. God! Her mouth was bliss. He was thrusting into her mouth now, his hand still entwined in her hair holding her stationary. Fuck! he thought to himself, If I don’t stop soon I’m going to cum down her throat! And he didn’t want that, not just yet.

With a massive amount of will power he grabbed her hand and removed it from his rigid member, pulling his hips back so his cock slid out of her mouth. She sucked hard on him all that while, making a loud ‘schlurping’ noise as the head broke the seal of her lips. Immediately he leant over her, his tongue diving into her pleasing mouth. Rick could taste his own salty essence on her tongue. It drove him to the brink. His knees touched the carpet again as he drew back from the kiss.

‘How many cocks have you sucked Kitty?’ He asked her savagely, his hand tightening in her hair.

‘None Sir!’ She gasped in pain though she did nothing to stop him. ‘Just yours I swear!’

He heard the truth in her voice. His hand lightened its grip on her silken tresses as he leaned his head in close to her ear. ‘For someone who has never sucked cock before today, you do it surprisingly well … baby.’ He whispered hoarsely. He ran his tongue along her jaw and across her chin licking up the last vestiges of her head job.

He heard her whispered reply. ‘I… I’ve read a lot… of books sir.’ She sounded almost shy, almost embarrassed.

His cock spasmed with renewed eagerness and undeniable want. Goddamn! But he found this girl sexy as hell. Her soft shy voice and her willingness to obey his instruction, the fact that she seemed to love that he denied her, controlled her, and too, that though her firm, supple body was so young, she had a sexual confidence he’d rarely seen in more mature women. This all culminated into his perfect idea of a sexual goddess. And, he thanked whatever fate had made her all his.

Rick kissed her again, deeply, passionately, driving his tongue into her mouth over and over again. He gripped his rock hard cock in his hand and began rubbing up and down her wet slit; focussing small circles over her clit. He let go of her hair and let his hand trail down to her breast, tweaking the nipples of each one. They were so hard they twanged under his fingers. He let his lips trail towards her ear and whispered, ‘I’m going to fuck you now Kitty, just like you asked me too.

And with that he thrust his hips forward.

He immediately felt the firm resistance her lips offered and then something gave and he was in, buried right to the hilt inside her tight, scorching, pussy. Kitty screamed, her nails digging fiercely into the back of Rick's shoulders. Rick winced, it was hard enough to draw blood he was sure. Her whole body tensed beneath him, her eyes and jaw clenched tightly closed, the cords in her throat standing out starkly, and her thighs instinctively clamped around his waist with vice like force. It was strong enough to push the air out of his lungs. He realised then; that he had just taken her virginity.

In a heartbeat all movement ceased. He knelt there, buried to the hilt inside her tight virginal pussy, feeling the walls wrapped snugly around his shaft. Small bursts of pain shot down his nerve endings from where her fingers dug into his flesh. He let his thumbs begin to stroke the top of her hips, content to remain like this until she had time to adjust. His fingers began to move, trailing lightly over her flushed skin, inching their way along her ribcage towards her young firm breasts. He felt her hands relax marginally, the pain in his shoulders lessened a little. Rick brushed his fingertips over her hardened buds, tracing circles around the areola in an effort to soothe her. He began to lean forward, but her hands pressed against his shoulders, trying to stop him.

‘No, please sir, it hurts!’ He heard her whimper in pain, her voice shaking.

‘Shhh,’ he whispered softly. ‘It will only hurt for a little while longer. I’ll be gentle.’ He made to lean forward again but still her hands resisted. ‘Kitty do you trust me?’ He asked her then.

She managed to open her eyes and stare up at him. Pain swam in her honey coloured eyes, but within that pain, Rick saw the answer to his question. Kitty swallowed, ‘Ye… yes sir.’

‘Then believe me and relax.’ Rick told her gently. He leant forward again. This time her arms relaxed though they still offered enough opposition to slow his forward descent. He dropped his head and took a nipple into his mouth, tweaking it lightly with his lips and tongue. Rick let his hands glide all over her body, along her ribs, across the tops of her thighs and down to her ankles, along her arms, the hollow of her throat, her neck, across her brow, along her delicate jaw line. He stroked her and pleasured her nipples with his tongue, kissed her skin, her mouth.

Gradually he felt her body begin to relax. He was patient.

Rick wanted nothing more than to drive himself deep into her over and over again, but this too, this patience, this control, this denial of his own wants for her, was all the more stimulating for him. So he waited, until he heard her soft sighs of pleasure issuing forth, felt her body relaxing even more and then… he began to rock.

Tiny movements at first. No more than just an infinitesimal amount of pressure with his hips. He heard her gasp and her body tensed again though not as rigidly. Her legs still wound tightly around his waist but they didn’t stop his hips from moving. Slowly, and with great care he initiated Kitty into the world of sex. He kissed her languidly, both hands rolling her nipples between his fingers. He stroked her body until her back was arching from pleasure as well as the pain.

Rick pulled his hips back a little further with each stroke, ensuring that he never stopped pleasing her with is mouth and hands. Before long he was sliding half his length in and out of her, her tight clenching pussy sending shivers along his spine with every thrust. Her legs around his waist began pulling him into her aching wetness and he knew that the pain was transforming into pleasure. He groaned and pulled out further, five inches, thrust, six inches, thrust, more… until his bulbous head was just rimming the inside of her obscenely stretched lips.

Before long Kitty began to move, whimpering and moaning underneath him.

‘You like this don’t you.’ He said staring into her sweat glistening face. He saw her gnawing on her bottom lip and she nodded at him. ‘Answer me properly!’ He growled.

‘Yes… yes sir. I like this.’ Kitty obeyed.

‘And it still hurts doesn’t it, just a little.’

‘Yes sir.’

‘But you like that too, don’t you.’ He stated knowingly.

Her face flushed brightly though she remained silent.

Rick stopped moving, his hips held poised, ready for the inward stroke when she didn’t immediately reply. 'Kitty, you know I don't like having to ask twice.'

Her face flushed even brighter and she squeezed her eyes tight, a humiliating tear escaping her lashes. ‘Ye… yes… sir!’

Rick saw her tears and his hands clamped down hard onto her hips as he thrust himself solidly into her tight core. He reached up and grabbed her roughly by the back of the neck, dragging her head towards his and then punished her mouth with his tongue. His hand slid into her hair again, gripping it tightly in his fist as he began to pound himself into her. Her cries of painful passion rang in his ears as he broke away from her mouth. His other hand shifted to her breast, groping at it roughly and her back arched against him, pressing it harder into his palm.

He put his mouth next to her ear and began to whisper. ‘You’re such a dirty little girl, Kitty. So naughty… and slutty. But that’s ok, because I like dirty little girls. I love teaching them how to be good!’ His voice was rough, just as his hips were rough, slamming into her over and over again. ‘Do you want me to teach you how to be good?’ When she didn’t reply immediately he pulled her hair, yanking her head back and exposing her neck said, ‘Answer me!’ He flung his head forward and bit down on the corner of her shoulder. He heard her wail and then the words flooded out of her.

‘Yes sir!’ she screamed. ‘Oh yes please sir. Please teach me how to be good. I’m sorry I’m so naughty, I promise I’ll be good, I promise.’

‘Oh you’ll be good my sexy little Kitty, because if you’re not I’ll just have to punish you more.’ He said through clenched teeth. Both his hands were on her hips now, pulling her savagely onto his big cock.

‘Oh please sir, punish me.’ Kitty cried out in ecstasy. ‘Punish me!’

A growl ripped from his throat as he did as she asked and punished Kitty. He gripped her hips cruelly, his fingers digging into her flesh turning the skin white. He slammed himself into her with such force that the couch rose up off of its front legs. His balls slapped loudly against her tight ass cheeks and she screamed louder and louder with every thrust, still begging him for more. Always begging him, imploring him, please, please, please!

Her voice rose in urgency, ‘Oh god!!!! Oh sir, I think I’m going to cum!!!! Oh please sir, can I cum, please, I’ve been a good girl, please???’

‘Yes!’ He yelled himself. ‘Yes be a good little slut and cum for me baby, cum all over my hard cock and make it all wet and slippery!’ And she did. Her body shuddered and spasmed, her throat making gagging sounds as her breath caught in her chest, the power of her climax rushing through her young sweating body.

It was all becoming too much, he felt her lovely tight pussy walls clamp down even harder around his pumping shaft, squeezing him so tightly he thought he wouldn’t be able to get back inside her. His head swam, as all the blood drained from his brain and congregated in the pit of his stomach.

His animalistic grunts were getting louder and louder as he rammed himself into her urgently.

Kitty threw her head back and cried out as her prolonged orgasm shook her and he heard her moaning. ‘Please sir, cum inside me. I want to feel your hot cum filling my aching pussy so much! I love the way your cock feels inside my pussy sir, I want you to fuck me forever!!!! Oh please cum, please…’ and then she said the one thing that sent him over the edge and into oblivion. ‘Please cum… Mr Connors!’ she whispered.

And that was it. He rammed himself into her tight cunt and felt his cock erupt inside of her, spewing forth great gushes of his sticky white cum. Filling her hole to the brim so that hot salty liquid squished out the sides of her lips, dribbling down her thighs and fell onto the carpet at his knees. And still he was cumming.

Rick had never in his entire twenty eight years cum so hard or so much. He felt light headed, dizzy, like he was going to pass out from the sheer force of his ejaculation. He gripped her hips hard, trying to ground himself so he didn’t completely loose his soul inside her tight opening. And then finally his body shuddered. His thrusting eased into one or two more strokes before he swayed on his knees, opening his eyes and staring into her smiling, well satisfied eyes.

He let go of her hips and fell forward, his head resting on her breasts, his breath heaving in his chest as he gasped for air. Slowly Rick regained some measure of control over his body and pushed himself up on tired arms. He stared hard at her, looking over her face searchingly. She wore a calm, almost languid smile on her face and her eyes shone with well being. He inhaled sharply, tasting their co-mingled bodily scents in his nostrils.

He reached a hand up to brush a strand of hair from her sweat drenched brow and his eyes opened wide in wonder. ‘I think I may just love you, Kitty.’

She smiled like an indulgently satisfied cat, ‘Maybe not yet, Sir, but you will…’ she said purring as she grabbed a handful of his hair and tugged on it roughly. She grinned another Cheshire grin and whispered, 'My turn...'
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