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Kitty And Mr Connors - Part 4

Kitty turns the tables.
She yanked his hair, her fingers entwined in his scruffy, baby fine blonde locks, pressing his head back and exposing his neck. She leant forward and raked her teeth across his throat. Kitty felt his Adams apple bob in her mouth as he swallowed. She heard him growl…


‘Quiet!’ she almost snarled, tightening her hand in his hair. Kitty heard his breath catch as his hands began reaching for her knees. She slapped them away, ‘No, no touching,’ she told him.

Rick surprised himself as a whimper slipped out.

She licked his bottom lip and trailed her fingernails across his skin, alternating the pressure between feather light and hard enough to leave marks. ‘You’ve had your fun, tormented me, made me ache until I thought I would die from the pain of it,’ she whispered to him staring into his half lidded eyes. Kitty kissed along his jaw line toward his ear. ‘And while I freely admit that I teased you all term, I never once denied you the pleasure of touching yourself…’ Kitty said and bit his earlobe sharply. His indrawn breath hissed beside her ear. She smiled and dragged her lips along his earlobe until it sprang back to where it was supposed to be. She ran her teeth down the thick cord of Mr Connors neck and then licked back up, all the while letting her fingernails trail across his skin, her fingers pinching at his nipples every now and then.

Rick's breathing began to quicken.

Kitty sat back and looked down at Mr Connor's lap. She saw his cock twitching, beginning to respond to her again. She smiled. His hands were on his thighs and, in an effort to keep his hands to himself she could see his fingers digging into the fleshy muscle of his legs.

Kitty leant back and studied Mr Connors’ face. It was flushed with new arousal, his tongue and teeth alternated between licking and worrying at his bottom lip. And his eyes couldn’t stop staring into hers, never stopped roaming over her young body like he wanted to devour her with them.

Kitty shivered; her nipples hardening. Deliberately she slowly stroked her hands along her thighs and up her flat stomach, reaching her breasts she tweaked her nipples delicately, moaning, letting her eyes half close with pleasure. She could hear his heavy panting breath. She slid a hand down her body, pushing it low over her pelvic mound and let her fingers brush against her clit. She inhaled sharply at the pain of her newly abused pussy and shuddered as a tingle of pleasure ran through her body.

God she hurt, her whole body felt like it had been pummelled, and it had, but willingly. She slid a finger along her swollen lips, feeling his sticky, thick cum still dripping from her opening. She massaged it into her tender flesh, whimpering at the pain and pleasure that began to thrum through her body. She watched his face through half lidded eyes, gauging his response to her touching herself. He clearly liked what he saw. His eyes were glued to her hand, watching like a hawk as her fingers stroked lightly, gently along her wet slit. She shivered and felt her clit throb.

She raised a leg and planted a foot on his chest. ‘Take off my shoe.’

It seemed he displayed a small amount of reluctance, she nudged him with her foot, his hands rose from his thighs and with trembling fingers he undid the buckles on her black school shoes. She exchanged feet, Rick repeated the process. When he was done and had laid her shoes neatly aside she said, ‘Thank you,’ in the most innocently shy voice she could muster. She heard his growl and saw his throat contract as he swallowed it back down. ‘Did you want to say something, Mr Connors?’ She asked in that same innocent tone. And she saw his cock spasm between his legs.

He looked at her, his eyes burning fiery and hot, and smiled around his clenched teeth. ‘You know I’m going to punish you for this!’

Her right foot still planted in the middle of his chest, Kit dropped her eyes coyly, bashfully and glanced at him from beneath her lashed. ‘I know,’ she whispered her arousal at the thought unmistakable in her tone. She saw his fingers dig harder into his thighs, and she gave a tiny smile.

Kitty's sock-clad foot began to slide lightly down his chest, brushing over his nipples, across his belly button and along the thin line of hair that led inevitably to his inflating penis. She allowed her toes to caress along the top of his cock where it met his body and heard him inhale, then trailed her foot along the inside of his thigh down to his knee. Kitty changed feet and caressed up the inside of his other thigh, her toes making small, tickling circles as she went. She let the very tips of her stockinged toes brush ever so lightly against his scrotum and watched as his sac clenched tight and his hard dick jumped toward his belly.

She stroked her foot along the underside of his penis all the way to the top and back down again, before pressing his hard erection back against his belly and massaging the head with her toes. Kitty placed her right foot between his legs, under his tightening scrotum.

Rick's eyes widened and his thighs began to shake as he fought his natural reaction to close his legs. Kitty pressed her toes harder against the swollen head of his cock, crimping her toes over the top of it, and smiled languidly, sexily at him, ‘Trust me,’ she whispered, ‘I’ll be gentle.’

She ran her foot along the underside of his thigh, nudging her toes further beneath him and teasingly caressed the curve of his ass cheek. She shifted her foot across, letting it brush delicately against the underside of his balls. She heard Mr Connor's sharp intake of breath and saw his nostrils flare and he breathed deep. Her toes dipped along the crevasse of his tight buttocks, before Kitty withdrew her foot and let her toes lightly massage the sensitive skin between his anus and scrotum.

Rick’s head was flung back a little, his eyes fluttering closed of their own accord as he let his body drown in the sensations Kit’s feet were eliciting. He felt her foot shift and press against his balls, he wanted to groan so badly, but he kept his jaw clenched tight. Her toes massaged the head of his shaft and then down his length, while her other foot moved in and out between his legs, his balls resting on top of her sock covered foot, sliding over the semi corse fabric. Jesus! It felt so good. He dug his fingers harder into his thighs, resisting the urge to grab her feet and wrap them around his hard cock so he could pump his hard shaft between them. His nipples were hard, his arousal pulsing through his body with such force he thought his head would explode, both of them. She flicked her foot beneath his balls, jarring them lightly and he couldn’t stop the gasp of pleasure that sounded in his throat. She held him on the threshold of ecstasy so close to cumming that it was almost insanity. And then it all stopped!

Rick’s head fell forward, his breath heaving in his chest, he felt slightly dizzy, he hadn’t realised he was breathing so hard. He opened his eyes and glared at Kitty. She smiled at him. His heart thudded in his chest. This was all together a new experience for him. He’d never before had a woman dominate him. He’d been pleasured aplenty, sucked and fucked until he couldn’t fuck any more, but he had never been subjected so completely to this slow, sensuous torture of arousal. He had always been the dominant one, had always controlled everything, so it was confusing to feel his body reacting the way it was. Being forced to submit gnawed at his mind, making it seethe with thoughts of revenge and all manner of punishments he would impose on his little Kitty, but his body thrilled at the sensation, ached with such agony he thought his skin would split, his whole body was so tight.

Kitty rose and walked around Mr Connors kneeling form. She felt empowered. She trailed her nails across his chest, over his shoulder and along the back on his neck. She felt him quiver under her touch and smiled. Oh she knew that she would be punished for doing this, she ached to be, but she also knew that Mr Connors was enjoying this as much as she was. Her pussy was wet with her own juices again, and it throbbed with need as well as pain. Intuitively she grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, dropping her lips to his ear, and whispered, ‘Do you like this, Mr Connors?’ When he didn’t answer her straight away she yanked his head back further and hissed, ‘Answer me!’

Rick’s pent up breath exploded out of his chest, ‘Yes!’ he spat angrily.

And then Kitty’s lips were on his. Her tongue spearing into his mouth, forcing its way between his teeth and taking what she wanted from him. Her hand pinched his nipple hard and Rick whimpered against her mouth. He felt self loathing at his display of weakness but couldn’t stop it, couldn’t control his body’s reaction to her savage charm. And then her lips were gone again. He opened his green eyes and saw that same Cheshire grin on her face again. Oh how he wanted to wipe that smirk from her lips, make her beg and plead to be forgiven for doing this to him. And he would, but later, because for the moment he was helpless to stop what she was doing to him, his body was so lost in the sensation of it all.

‘Lie down,' Kitty told him as she stared into his seething eyes. Kit’s stomach thrilled to see that look in his eyes. She watched as Mr Connors shifted off of his knees and spread his tall body out on the carpet. He lay flat on his back and stared up at her. Slowly, sensuously she raised her shirt which was still bunched around her chest and pulled it over her head. She made sure he watched her every move as she pulled the zip at the side of her skirt down bit by bit. Then she tucked her fingers into the waist of the skirt and dragged it down her lithe legs at a deliberately unhurried pace. Kitty let it fall the last few centimetres to the floor. She stepped out of it and leisurely walked around so she stood at Mr Connors’ head. He watched her the whole time, his eyes gazing up at her now as she stood above him.

Kitty took a small step back and knelt down above his head, tucking her feet under her bottom. She leaned over him and kissed his mouth slowly. Softly running her tongue over his lips, she nipped at his bottom lip, making him open his mouth so she could press her tongue inside. She felt his body responding, his tongue moving to meld with hers in a languidly sumptuous kiss. Kitty kissed along his jaw and back to his ear. She sucked on his lobe, moaning a little, watching as his cock bounced in reaction. She sighed at the sight and whispered softly, ‘Wank yourself Mr Connors… slowly.’ Kitty heard his sharp intake of breath and she sucked on his lobe again, small moans escaping her throat.

Rick’s hand moved of its own volition as his body obeyed her commands. He gripped his cock tightly as he began to pump his shaft slowly up and down. He ran his fingers over the head, smearing pre-cum over it so it glistened, and he let his breath pass through his open mouth noisily at the pleasure he was experiencing. He let his fingers stroke down and brush across his balls, feeling them tighten in response, all the while knowing that Kit was watching his every move, and his cock only got harder.

Kit watched enthralled, her eyes never once moving away from what she was seeing. Her pussy ached, imagining how it would feel to have him stroking inside of her like that. She leant over his face, her breasts hanging only centimetres from his face and told him, ‘Lick my nipples… gently.’ She dropped her torso lower, her legs spreading to accommodate the change in posture, and then she felt his hot tongue begin lapping against her nipples. First one, then the other. Instantly a shock of sensation burst across her skin and travelled down her belly into her clit. It began to throb appallingly, begging for some attention, but she wasn’t ready for that just yet, she wanted to prolong this heady sensation.

‘Stop wanking yourself and hold your cock still,’ Kitty ordered Mr Connors. He complied. Kitty sat straighter, regretfully pulling her breasts away from his lapping tongue. ‘I’m going to suck your cock now sir,’ she told him, ‘but you are not allowed to move. If you move I will stop and you won’t want me to stop will you sir?’

Rick heard his own words come back to haunt him. He shivered at the thought of her mouth wrapped around his cock again and nearly groaned at the thought of her stopping too soon. ‘No Kitty!’ he whispered darkly. She smiled down at him and then stretched her body out along his. He felt her nipples gliding over his chest and stomach, and he gasped, sucking his stomach in against his spine. He felt her hot breath on the head of his aching cock. His hand was half the way up his length, four inches still protruding from the top of his clenched fist. And then he felt her tongue.

She licked at the head of his cock like it was an ice-cream, her tongue mostly flat but then curling around the edges to catch all the dribbles. She teased his head, swirling her tongue around and around before pressing the tip into the eye of his cock and following the groove to the underside of his shaft. She hadn’t taken him into her mouth yet, she was waiting, lingering over licking him, watching as his balls clenched and his fingers tightened their grip around his shaft forcing more blood into the tip of his delicious cock. It was the only movement she would allow. He was only human after all. She drew back, her nipples gliding along his stomach again, her knees spread to either side of Mr Connors head, knowing he had an unrestricted view of her waxed and wet pussy. She moaned at the thought, gently blowing her breath over the bulbous head of his penis again.

She ducked forward quickly, letting her tongue swipe across the tip of his cock, licking up more of his pre-cum, and then drew back again, all the while letting her nipples stroke against his skin, knowing he watched her pussy as she moved over him. She repeated this method three or four times, each time drawing back and licking her lips to wet them. She could hear Mr Connors’ breath panting heavily from between her legs and smiled. Kitty shot forward again for one more quick lick, before finally thrusting her hot mouth over the head and along the shaft, allowing his engorged head to slide over her tongue and into the back of her throat! She heard his loud almost surprised groan sounding like something between a wail and a gasp, and smiled around her mouthful.

Her lips caressed his fingers that were wrapped around his girth. She felt herself gag and pulled back a little, breathing deeply in through her nostrils before thrusting forward again. She gagged herself again, her sticky saliva dribbling out of her mouth along his shaft and coating his fisted fingers. She drew back, slurping along his length, until his head popped out of her mouth, she swallowed. She stroked a hand along the inside of his thigh, trailing her nails ever closer to his tightening sac. She heard his intake of breath as her fingernails began lightly scratching at his balls. She feathered them over the creased skin of his scrotum, moving her fingers like she was scratching under a kitty-cat’s chin. She drove her mouth forward again, sucking hard on the head as though she were trying to drink through a straw. She heard his moan again and saw his thighs twitching. She pulled back with a loud ‘pop!’ and smiled wichedly to herself. She changed the grip of her fingers. Her hands looked claw like as they gently wrapped around Mr Connors’ balls, and she softly dug her nails into the ridged skin in her hand.

Rick moaned under her again, his breath catching in his chest. His eyes were closed tightly and his face was screwed up with pure erotic pleasure. He heard Kitty speaking to him, ‘You like that don’t you Mr Connors?’ He clenched his jaw tightly closed, refusing to answer her. Kitty increased the pressure of her nails against his scrotum, ‘Answer me!’

Rick’s answer spilled out of his mouth like a curse. ‘Yes!’ And then because he couldn’t help himself he told her, ‘It feels so good I want to cum!’ He felt her cheek brush against the side of his swollen cock, could feel the smile on her lips as she loosened her grip on his tight balls. She turned her head and he felt her parted lips brush along the side of him back and forth, her tongue flicking out to lick his hard shaft every now and again. He gasped in surprise as he felt her teeth grate over his engorged phallus, nibbling her way back to the head. His eyes and mouth flew open as she bit down lightly on his inflamed tip before licking it soothingly. Bite lick, bite lick, Rick’s eyes rolled up into his skull, he was in heaven.

He felt pressure on his chest as Kitty lowered her body on top of his, her glistening, wet pussy only centimetres away from his chin. He could feel her lovely pert breasts squashed against his abdomen and as he inhaled he could scent her sweet pussy with his own essence still inside her. It almost killed him but he finally begged Kitty for what he wanted. ‘Please Kitty. Can I lick your pussy?’

He heard her moan and felt her shift against him. Then he heard her answer. ‘Only if you promise to be good, and be gentle!’ She squeezed her nails harder against his balls and her teeth traced over his cocks head.

He inhaled sharply and told her, ‘I promise! God I promise! Only, don’t stop!’ He felt her smile against his tip.

‘I don’t plan too,’ she assured him.

Kit shifted her body, raising her ass a little to give Mr Connors easier access to her throbbing pussy. Her clit was aching, swollen and desperately in need of some attention. She waited, her hand poised over his balls, her teeth pressed against his tip, until she felt the tip of his tongue gently glide over her clit. It was her turn to inhale sharply.

It took all of Rick’s self-control not to thrust his tongue into her pussy as he wanted too; hard and fast. It took all his self-restraint to gently tongue her wet pussy, light and delicate, never applying any more pressure than the softest touch. He could taste his own cum on her swollen wet lips, and it only served to push him closer to the brink of orgasm. He could hear her little whimpers from down his body, could feel her lips being pressed against his abdomen, his hips, as her fingernails still stroked at his tight balls. Her head shifted, trailing her silken hair over his skin, and then her tongue was lapping at his cock again, her teeth biting gently on its tip. He let his head fall back against the floor and moaned.

‘Kitty,’ he groaned again, ‘Oh god I want to touch you!’ He felt her free arm shift, gliding along his outstretched thigh down to his knee, her nails dug in and she dragged her hand back to his hip, causing him to suck in his breath through his teeth. Her fingers left his body and he felt them again, resting on his hand that lay flat on the carpet.

‘With this hand only. And gently!’ she ordered him.

‘I promise.’ Rick said. He raised his hand and let his fingers stroke along her back all the way to the base of her spine. He felt her shiver against his body, and he raised his head again to lap at her swollen clit once more. God she tasted so sweet! When he forgot himself and pressed his tongue against her too firmly, he felt her fingernails dig sharply into his balls and he gasped, he eased the pressure off. His hand trailed over the soft skin of her back, up over her round rump and along the crease of her buttocks at the back of her thigh.

Kit eased the weight of her grip against his scrotum and sighed over the tip of his cock, blowing her hot breath against the tight, dripping skin.

She hadn’t resumed sucking him properly yet, she was enjoying the feel of his wickedly hot tongue against her burning centre. She knew that when she finally did take his cock in her mouth again… she was going to make him cum! And she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. His soft stroking tongue felt so amazing lapping at her hooded bud so gently. She could feel her clit beginning to throb, his tongue bringing her ever closer to climax. She began clenching the muscles in her pussy, imagining every time she did that his hard cock thrust deep into her slippery opening. It wasn’t long before she was grinding herself lightly against his tongue, moaning long and low until finally she gasped and creamed on his mouth, her fluids seeping out of her as she came hard. Kitty felt Rick's tongue greedily lapping up her juices… and his own too.

Kit let herself fall forward, her pelvic bone pressing against the top of his chest, ‘Now!’ she thought. She thrust her head forward, opening her mouth and driving the head of his cock deep into the back of her throat. She felt his arm wrap around her waist, holding onto her small body, but he didn’t move, didn’t try to push her further onto him. He stayed still just as she’d told him too. Again and again she threw her head onto his hard dick, alternating from sucking hard to just letting her lips apply the pressure. She listened closely to his breathing, his gasping, judging how close he was to cumming. When she heard his gasps hit a higher pitch, felt his penis start twitching in her mouth and saw his balls clenching tighter in her hand, she knew he was almost there. She pulled her mouth off of his hard glistening cock and told him loudly, ‘Cum for me Mr Connors!’

And he obeyed!

Kit got her mouth onto him just in time. She felt his arm clamp down on her waist as her tongue pushed back and forth just under the ridged head of his engorged cock. He growled out curses into her pussy that was still near his chin as he rode out the tide of his orgasm. His fist clenched down even harder on his rigid length, and Kitty watched his balls tighten until they were reduced to half their normal size as she kept sucking. She felt him thrust his hips forward into her mouth ever so slightly… and then he came.

Kit wasn’t prepared for the amount of cum that spurted forth into her mouth. Hot and fast; great gushes of it erupted onto her tongue and into her throat. She swallowed and swallowed but there was just too much. It dribbled out the side of her lips, sliding onto her chin and dripping onto Mr Connors belly. He groaned and groaned beneath her, his hips thrusting shallowly into her mouth, and still his cum pumped into her lips. She felt him shudder, his back arching under her, lifting her up off the floor and holding her suspended there for some time, until finally he shuddered violently and his whole body fell quivering back on the carpet.

Kit sucked his thick shaft until she was sure she had all of his hot seed out of him. And then she proceeded to lick up every last bit that had escaped her mouth. She felt Mr Connors hand shift as he let go of his still rigid cock and brought both of them up to grip her ass cheeks so hard. She heard him growl savagely as he turned his head and sank his teeth into her tender thigh! Kit’s back arched up as she rose on her hands and threw her head back to cry out in pain.

Rick twisted his body, bucking his hips, throwing Kits body off of his so she sprawled onto the floor. In a lighting quick manoeuvre, he twisted himself around again so he was head to head with his disobedientnaughtybad little school girl!

He shoved his leg between hers, pressing his thigh in hard against her mound, as he grabbed her knee and drew her leg over his hip. Rick grabbed her chin roughly, holding her face still as he licked her chin and lips before thrusting his tongue savagely into her partially open mouth. He could taste his own essence in every crevasse of her sweet, horny mouth. He bit down hard on her lip, making her whimper against his mouth.

He licked the bite mark and tasted blood. It was enough to pull him up.

Rick broke from the kiss, panting hard and looked into her warm brown eyes. ‘You EVER do that to me again and I will spank your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week!’ he growled at her. ‘Do you hear me?’

Yes sir.’ Kit’s tiny whisper was more air than voice and a tear ran from the corner of her eye.

His heart thudded hard, threatening to arrest. He was so angry and so highly aroused he didn’t know which way to turn. He knew he was more angry at himself for having enjoyed Kitty's control so much. Rick also knew he shouldn't be taking, anger directed at himself, out on Kitty. He swallowed and calmed down.

‘Good,’ Rick said softly to her letting her jaw go and stroking her cheek lightly. Dropping his mouth to hers again, he kissed her gently, letting his tongue stroke sensuously against her own. He made her whimper now in pleasure, as his tongue glided along the roof of her mouth and against her teeth. He kissed along her jaw to her ear and whispered, ‘Good, because you’ve got me so fucking horny I’m going to have to fuck you again.’

Rick shifted over the top of her, holding himself up on his arms. He spread her lithe little legs apart with his own. ‘Take my cock in your hands and guide it inside of you,’ he ordered Kitty.

She obeyed without hesitation, gently taking hold of his rigid erection and placing the head of it against her moist opening. She knew it was going to hurt, but she didn’t care, and as he lowered his hips, Kitty tilted her own hips to allow him easier access. She felt her lips stretch as the bulbous head pierced her. Kitty sucked in her breath at the sensation. Inch by slow inch he slid into her and Kitty groaned.

Rick took his time. He wasn’t a total bastard, he knew when to slow down, when to be gentle. And he thought after that effort, Kit needed a little gentleness. So he fucked her slowly, stroking in and out of her with infinite care. Making sure his entire length stroked against her clit, he watched as his cock slid in and out of her tight pussy. He bent his head low and kissed her, tasting her breath as she gasped softly in pleasure. It wasn’t long before her whole body began to shudder underneath him, her thighs pressing hard against his own. ‘Are you cumming for me Kitty?’ He asked in a soft voice staring into her eyes.

She looked up at him, her eye lids fluttering and her body tensing as wave after wave of slow sensual pleasure broke over her and told him, ‘Yes sir, always for you.’

‘Good girl,’ he told her while he pumped into her slowly once… twice more before reaching his own shuddering orgasm, his balls giving up what little cum was left in them. He let himself lay down, covering her with his body, her face tucked into his shoulder. He stroked her damp hair and closed his eyes, resting his head beside her ear.

‘Sir?’ he heard her whisper.

‘Hmm?’ he answered her.

‘Do you love me now?’ he heard the smile in her voice. And the answer couldn’t have been easier.

‘Yes Kitty, I do,’ he said and licked her ear lobe gently.

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