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Las Vegas Part 2

The adventures continue in Las Vegas
In the last part of the story, Selene and I met in Las Vegas for some full-time daddy daughter roleplay. She is 18 and I am 46.

I had just finished making Selene come with my tongue and she lay stretched across bed looking thoroughly ravished. Her red hair was wild across the pillows and green eyes shone.

“I haven't kissed you,” I said.

“No, you haven't,” Selene answered in a post orgasmic husky voice.

I leaned down to kiss her pink and soft lips. Her skin was still damp to the touch. She very much looked the ravished teen.

“You look beautiful, baby girl,” I said.

She swooned. “Thank you, daddy,” Selene replied. “But I haven't made you happy yet.”

“You do make me happy, sweetheart,” I said. “The night is young.”

“And am I,” Selene said with a swirl of her tongue over lips. She looked positively feral.

“You wanted to see the town?” I asked. “Did you come prepared?”

Selene reached into her purse and pulled out an ID. It was a good fake and her age read 21 on it. “Is this good, daddy?”

I nodded my head. “It is. Get dressed. We're going out.”

Selene hopped off the bed gleefully and went to her suitcase to pick an outfit. She disappeared for a moment and appeared shortly after. No longer the sexy student, she was now the hot teen in skirt, fishnets, slinky top that when it rose above the skirt showed off her pierced belly button, and slut red lipstick.

I had not stopped being hard since I first saw her in the lobby but I was even harder now.

“How do I look, Daddy?” Selene asked and turn a turn and spun spun around for me.

“Baby girl, you look good enough to eat,” I said.

“You did that already, Daddy,” giggled Selene.

“We'll think of some other treats for you, young lady.”

Selene put her small hand in mine. “Where are we going tonight.”

“We're going to a strip club, baby.”

Selene's hand tightened in mine as I told her.

We closed the door to the room that we had barely checked into and made our way back to the lobby and hailed a cab. Many eyed Selene and her outfit and then her heels. She looked like a very naughty teen girl with a guy of unknown age but older than she.

We jumped in a taxi and I gave the name of a famous strip club. Inside the cab, Selene sat close holding my hand. However, I could feel the glow coming off of her body and knew her excitement was literally creating a fire in her. She was in heat.

Her hand was in my lap and her fingers caressed my hardness through my clothes. Insistently, she found my cock and pulled it out to stroke it. I tried to keep from shifting in my seat. She looked up me with those lovely green eyes and those ever so red lips.

“Can I daddy?” she asked. I nodded my ascent and she lowered head into my lap. I felt her tongue on my cock and her lip piercings run down the shaft. I groaned. The taxi driver looked back to see a redhead bobbing up and down.

Selene softly sighed and she used her hand and mouth on my cock.

Pulling into the parking lot of the strip club arrived sooner than my orgasm. I gently lifted Selene’s head. Her mouth was wet from her oral attention. She wiped her lips and grinned at me.

I paid for the taxi and the driver just smiled at me.

At the entrance to the strip club, the bouncers looked over Selene’s fake ID. It was a good one and passed muster.

We took a seat close up to the stage in the well-appointed club. Selene was one of a few women in the club. Some of the tables were just women.

The stripper at the club were amazing to look at although most had boob jobs. But they were athletic and swung from the pole and wiggled and teased and came close to the table. Selene looked into my eyes with furtive look. I gave her money to give to the girls.

Selene watched some of the men hold bills in their teeth and the girls would press their tits together and rub against their faces and pluck the bills out that way. With a grin, She put a dollar bill in her mouth and a lovely little blonde danced her way and pushed her face deep into her cleavage and removed the bill from mouth smearing her red lipstick in the process. It looked like a big kiss on the blonde's left breast.

With another dollar, an Asian girl rubbed her pert boobs over Selene's face and took a dollar bill. A brunette was next and then another blonde.

“Of Daddy, this is wonderful,” Selene said, sighing in delight.

Finally, a black girl about Selene's height came and danced close to Selene, teasing her with ass as she grinded in front, revealing a lovely clit piercing. She rubbed her tits which unlike the other girls, appeared to be real. She pulled at nipples.

This was too much for Selene who was squirming and flushed. He hands were in her lap and she was pressing the heal of her hand into her mound. The bouncer were watching carefully. As much as she wanted to, masturbation was not going to be tolerated in the club.

I thought it was entirely possible that Selene was going to cum from crossing and uncrossing her fishnet stockinged legs.

At last, with a dollar bill between her teeth, Selene entice the girls who we learned went by the name Savannah to the table. The gorgeous ebony skinned girl rubbed her tits in the face of my horny teen girl until I saw her legs were about to buckle. And the the dollar was plucked from her lips.

Savannah leaned down to Selene and said: “Would you like a lapdance little hottie?”

Selene looked at me and said: “Can I daddy?”

I nodded yes. Savannah made arrangement for a back room for a dance and a bouncer escorted us past the curtain. He stood with his back to the door but present enough if trouble ensued.

Savannah, again dressed in little outfit, pulled Selene by her hand so that she was right and placed her in a straight back chair. She tied a silk scarf around the hands of my little sweetheart and placed them behind her back.

Selene was whimpering now. She looked at me and I nodded her and said. “You're a good girl, baby. Enjoy your dance.”

The music started and played Alone in the Dark by John Hiatt. Savannah swung her hips and played with ran her hands over her body. Swirling her tongue over her lips, she stared into the green eyes on my now moaning little girl.

The brown eyed, brown skinned beauty was down to thong and bra and came up to Selene and rubbed her tits and and they brushed cheeks. I heard Celene gasp and pull at her restraints. The bra came off next and the large and hard nippled tits were back in the face and rubbing against my teen girl's very own yummy tits. I could see nipples pushing through the fabric.

“Is your Daddy letting you play, cute little redhead?” Savannah asked. Her mouth was so close to Selene's, I thought they would kiss. I felt hard and wanted to masturbate right there.

“Yes, daddy said I could play. Oh God,” Selene squeaked.

“I have a daddy too,” Savannah said. “I'm 24 and he's 50. he makes me cum just whispering in my ears. I feel so naughty.”

“Oh God, Oh God,” Selene said breathlessly. She looked over at me for approval.

“It is okay to cum for this beautiful girl if you like, baby,” I said.

I watched with amazement as feral black girl circled and rubbed and sat in my teen girl's lap. They grinded against each other, rubbed, and soon both of their skins glistened with perspiration.

“I am going to cum soon, little white girl,” Savannah said. “Will you cum with me?”

“Oh God, yes, please cum. I want to cum too. Oh God, oh God,” Selene yelped and strained to rub herself against the now naked Savannah.

Savannah was now moaning too and the two girls were rubbing against one another in full lapdance. The dancer's ass was grinding against Selene's pelvis and as one girl leaned forward, the other leaned back till they were cheek to cheek moving to the music.

“I'm going to cum, little redhead,” Savannah said. She started to grind frantically and a look of ferocity was in her face as she built to the a peak. The dancer's hair was wild and I could her thighs were slick.

“Me too, me too. OH Fuck!!” cried out Selene.

“I'm cuuuummmmmingg!!!” Savannah screamed. “Oh God, Ooooo. Aiieeee!!!!”

This was too much for Selene who cried out in rasping gasps. “Here I go, here I I cum!!! Aiiiiieeeeeeeee Ooooooeeeee aaiiiieee!!”

The two girls collapsed against each other.

“Fuck, little redhead,” Savannah said. “Can I take you home?”

Selene smiled a good little girl smile.
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