Las Vegas Part 3

By VeeVendetta

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The adventures of Selene continue
In the last part of the story, Selene and I met in Las Vegas for some full-time daddy daughter roleplay. She is 18 and I am 46.

Selene sat in post-orgasmic reverie following her encounter with the lovely stripper Savannah. As the lovely black girl left, she slipped her phone number in my sweet girl’s hand.

“ Was I bad, daddy?” Selene asked.

“ No, you were very good, baby,” I replied.

Selene smiled sweetly at me. “She was a very nice girl to play with. I'd like to meet her again.”

“ Maybe you will, little one,” I assured her.

“ Where to now, Daddy?” Selene asked.

“ Next door, sweetie,” I said. “They have an adult theatre there.”

Selene shivered at what I said. She reached for my hand and and smoothed down her clothes which had scooted up over her hips revealing her pantyless pussy which was only covered in fishnet. In the end, the stripper and my girl had been rubbing rubbing pussies together.

I held Selene close with my arm wrapped around her shoulders as we left the strip club and went next door to a sex shop and adult theatre. As we walked into the store part, I saw my sweetheart's eyes widen at the variety of outfits and toys.

She continued to hold my hand but moved toward the pretty and scandalous clothes. She eyed the various corsetry and lacy items. “So pretty, Daddy,” she whispered as gathered a few things.

There was a small dressing room and she changed into a variety of the clothes. The corset looked very hot on her. Purple with pattern on. It looked like it could cinch tight. Much of what Selene selected was of the romantic Renaissance style but she also chose a slutty looking dress and barely there panties and bra. She smiled crimson as she modeled them for me. A couple walking past admired her little red haired form clad in very little.

We decided to get everything she tried on. Next we went up to the toys. There were so many and in so many colours. Once again, clutching my hand but wandering to my my full arm's length, Selene selected a few. She eyed the Hitachi wand.

“ I masturbate so much already,” Selene said. “Would this make me too dependent?”

“ I don't know,” I answered. “You can orgasm easily on your fingers. Maybe a few other toys before something that has you cross-eyed and out of control”

Selene giggled. She eventually selected a Rabbit, some nipple clamps, a little rocket and blushing furiously she selected an anal plug.

We took all the items back to gothy girl at the cash desk. She winked at Selene and she smiled prettily at her. The girl at cash, probably in her 20s, put the anal plug in the bag.

“ I have one of these,” she said. “Used it last night and came so hard from it.”

Selene flushed. “You did?”

“ yeah, hooked up with some random guy, put it in there and got fucked and came like nothing else.”

Selene continued to flush. “So you recommend and try while having sex?”

“ Sure, have your boyfriend there fuck you today. Or use it by yourself. I have mine in right now.”

Selene blanched. “Now?”

“ Yes,” the cash girl replied. “If I move the right way, I could cum now with some help.”

“ Help?” gulped Selene.

“ Yes, you are such a cutie, a kiss and my grinding on the stool will make me cum.”

Selene looked at me for re-assurance. “Can I, Daddy?”

The goth girl's eyes lit up. “Mmm, I wish I had a daddy. You are so lucky. I am going to cum so soon. This is making me hot.”

“ You can play with young lady, baby girl,” I said. “It's okay to help her cum.”

Selene held my hand still and went up to the girl on the counter who wore a little half top that revealed a tone and pierced belly. She also wore a short little skirt and didn't appear to be wearing panties.

The goth girl, placed both hands on her Selene's face and the two kissed. Both moaned and within a few moments, it was open mouthed passionate tongue kisses.

Goth girl's skirt rose up showing her shaved and pierced clit and the anal plug was visible as slid forward and the ground down.

The kissing became more frantic and the goth girl started whimpering. “Omigod, onmigod, I'm cumming!!!” she screamed.

And she did hard and reached for Selene and squeezed. The two girls writhed together although I think only one of them was having an orgasm.

“ That was so hot, girl,” the clerk said, all flushed.

Selene stepped away from the girl equally flushed and her face wet from kisses. “Thank you, you are amazing too,”

“ This plug I have in me is the best thing,” gushed the goth girl clerk.

“ I will have try it for sure,” said Selene.

I stepped up and steadied Selene on her feet. She was getting a little dizzy from all the sexuality. “The theatre is in the back?” I asked the clerk.

“ Yes,” the clerk replied. She looked art both of us and moistened her lips. “If you are still back there in a short while, I am duty then. I will come find you.”

Selene clutched my hand tightly.

The adult theatre was in the back of the store. It was through a black curtained off area. Selene snuggled into the crook of my arm. She was trembling. It took a moment for our eyes to adjust. It was a small theatre with sofa like seats around the large screen. On the screen was a gangbang of some sort with one of porn's biggest stars.

Selene and I eyed the theatre. I saw three out couples. It was probably higher than an average adult theatre in the U.S. But it being Las Vegas, all the rule changed. One of the couples was in their 20s, another in their 50s and the other where the woman was in her 40s and the guy in his 20s. There was a lot of men in the theatre, maybe six or seven from 20s to 60s. There was also one single woman in her 30s.

Selene was wide eyed. Without doubt she was the youngest in the room.

We took a seat in the first row. It was difficult not to ignore the amount of masturbation going on in the room. The couple in their 20s had their clothes half off and she was thrusting a large toy in her pussy while he was jacking off. The couple in their 50s was more discreet but she had her enormous tits out and her guy was playing them. The single lady had the biggest toy pushed inside her that I had ever seen. Many of the guys had their cocks out and were jacking off.

I heard Selene whimper as we walked past.

Selene tucked in close beside me. There were mirrors all over to watch others even as they watched you. A guy in seat to the left of us had a guy jacking off so hard, I though he would pull his dick off. He shot a geyser of cum across the floor. He quickly got up and left. I felt my little girl beside me take a sharp breath in.

“ I feel like such a slut, daddy,” Selene whispered. “I want everyone to see me, to fuck me, to cum all over me.”

“ You can be as slutty as you want, baby girl,” I said. “You'll be safe in my arms after.”

Selene looked into my arm adoringly. And spread her legs. She wore a little top with bra that I could see underneath as it was black. He tummy and piecing was available above her little skirt. All she had was her fishnets but they were stocking style and ended in garters high on the thigh. Otherwise, she was bare from there upward.

As Selene hiked up her skirt, she kept her eyes forward watching the porn on the screen. I could tell her thigh were slick with girl's cum from earlier. But her excitement was visible even now and the scent from her was intoxicating. She was in heat.

I started to harden as was watched the very young porn star on screen get triple penetrated. “I want that, Daddy,” Selene said. “Does that make me a whore?”

“ Yes, a bad little whore but I still love you,” I said, reassuringly.

This was enough for Selene who undid the snap on her skirt and let it fall off, so she was naked from the waste down save for her fishnets. I saw a few people edge off their seats as her nakedness was revealed. The 30 year old woman was using the massive toy in and out opened her top off to show tiny perfect little tits. One of the guys stood up and off to one side jacked off his cock.

Selene saw this and slid up her little tip showing her tummy and the curve of her tits. In one fell swoop, the top was off and she was just in her lace black bra. Her boobs were luscious, swollen, nipples straining through the material and her pale skin was yummy.

Another guy stood up and was rubbing his cock and he watched her.

Selene reached over to my lap and unhooked my belt. “I was to give you a handjob, daddy.”

A moment later my stiff cock was in her hand and my pants were loosened and pulled down. The couple in their 50s now stood. I was sure what they were doing until they stood near the screen and she began giving her guy a blowjob. Her enormous tits seemed to defy gravity. She masturbated herself while watching Selene slowly stroke my cock. With her free hand, my little teen girl began rubbing her engorged clit. My right hand felt up my sweetheart's boobs.

A few more men stood up to watch my little red haired girl act as slutty as she wanted. She licked her fingers and plunged them back into pussy hungrily. Selene's green eyes flashed at me and she flung back her very long hair. He plump lips fell open as he breath became ragged. I felt her grip on my cock tighten.

“ I am such a slutty whore, daddy,” she cried out. “I want to fuck them all in this room.”

“ Do you want to?” I asked.

“ Yeesss,” Selene said with a throaty growl. I leaned her forward and unhooked her bra. Her tits burst out in all their yumminess. She seemed happy that she was finally free of all the clothes and plunged her fingers into herself, watching the porn, watching the growing number of men masturbating around her, watching the 50 year old woman impossibly take her guy's entire cock inside her mouth. “Fuck, fuck....yes everyone jerk off and fuck.”

The young couple in their 20s came up and asked us if they could sit next to us on the sofa. The girl was a California blonde type and had taken everything off except a coat. Her guy was a similar Cali type with long hair who called me “dude” before having his girl sit next to Selene.

“ Hi,” Selene's said dreamily to the girl. She looked like she was high but it drunk on pheromones. “My name's Selene.”

“ I'm Avery, and boyfriend Chaz,” the Cali girl replied. She spread her legs and her boyfriend pulled on his cock and rubbed it a bit and then got between his girl's soaked thighs. Selene's eyes lit up and watching both of them.

Chaz wasted no time and pushed right into Avery's little pussy. She brought her tanned legs up and around her guy's skinny body. He grunted and looked at Selene's fingers thrumming over little clit and sometimes plunging deep in her cunt. His girlfriend stretched over to kiss my sweetheart on the lips. The two both cried out.

“ Oh God, I can't stand it anymore!” Selene screamed and looked at me. “I have to fuck you now, Jo.”

Selene looked at me like a wildcat. “Come ride my cock, my sweet and slutty girl,” I ordered her. Let me be the first guy to cum inside you.

Selene leaned over and kissed me. “And the last one as well?” she whispered.

“ Always the last one,” I whispered back.

That was enough for my horny teen, She got up and stood naked in front of the crowd. He pale skin and radiant red hair was incredible. Her tits full and ripe, her hips like that only a teen girl could have. She licked her lips and looked at me. “I am going to fuck you good, daddy.”

Selene mounted me, took my cock in her hands rubbed it over her slit and then sank down it till I was balls deep inside her. “Baby girl, you are so wet and horny,” I said.

“ You make me this way, Daddy,” Selene said. Riding me and looking over my shoulder, she could see the room was all paying attention to her fuck me. The women in her 30s was completely naked now and fucked herself with he monster toy.

Around four guys stood up and were jerking off to the 30 year old woman and Selene. The lady stood up herself and with the toy still in her came up to the back of the sofa.

The 30 year old leaned between us and said: “You two are so fucking hot. I need to cum a few times from watching you fuck.” She then kissed Selene and then me and stood back.

Selene watched the woman take the huge rubber cock in her pussy. “Oh, so fucking hot.”

“ Boys, you can cum all over my ass and back as I watch this little girl get fucked,” the woman said.

The men crowded over.

I saw none of this as Selene was riding me like I was a stallion. She looked down at me with those green eyes and I was lost in them. “I am going to cum, Daddy. Please cum, inside me, let me cum hard.”

“ Fuck me, my little teen slut,” I ordered Selene. “Daddy is going to fill your tight pussy with cum,”

Selene's back arched and her tits pressed into me. “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!!! Daddy, I'm going to cum!!!! aiiieeeee, ooooaaaiii aiiieee”

Selene's pussy tightened around my cock and that was it. After so much teasing, I could not hold back. I explode hot semen inside my baby girl. “That's it. Selene. God!!! I;m cumming too!!!! Aaarrrgghh aaaaii eeeeiiiee”

The woman fucking herself with the big toy started cumming and a moment late said she was cumming again as she watched us. Not much of the huge toy was visible. It was completely buried inside her. All four guys came all over her ass and back and then she shouted she was cumming again.

This was too much for Avery and Chaz. He came deep inside her pussy and then pulled out and squirted some more over her belly. She gushed wetly.

Selene sank against me, my cock still hard in her. She was babbling little love words in my ear.

A moment later, goth girl stepped up at the back of couch. She was completely naked. “'Tis me,” she said. “Caitlin from the front.”

“ Hi Caitlin,” Selene said. “I'm Selene. kiss my daddy, He just made me cum twice and then filled me with cream.”

Caitlin, the goth girl covered in tattoo and piercings bent over to kiss me. Her pierced tongue was in my mouth. “Mmm, your daddy tastes good.”

“ Yes, he does,” Selene said. She looked at Caitlin and they began to kiss again. I felt myself harden again inside my horny little girl.

The two girls parted and Caitlin said: “I have worked here a year and never gone as far as the door. You two made me cross that line.” She giggled a bit. “Can I lick your cum out of your little girl's pussy, daddy?”

I looked into Selene's green eyes. And she nodded yes.

Caitlin came round front and Selene dismounted my cock reluctantly and then turned around to lay on her back. Just in time to see Avery suck the cum off her boyfriend Chaz's cock.

Without her clothes, Caitlin looked younger than when we saw her in the shop. She must have seen my look. “I'm 22. yes, old enough to work here. But I forgot to ask for your girl's ID.”

“ 18,” Selene whispered slyly.

“ Omigod,” Caitlin said. “I think I just wet myself. You shouldn't be here but I can't stop myself.”

I sat back and watched the two young girls play. Chaz was passed out after cumming and his his girl Avery sat and masturbated watching Selene and Caitlin play.

Kneeling between Selene's legs, Caitlin scooped up an amount of white semen on her tongue.

“ Share!” Selene said. Caitlin came up and kissed her and the cum passed between them. Each dipped fingers inside one creamy pussy and they licked cum off each other's fingers.

This was too much for Avery who came all over her fingers and for good measure licked them after. The 50 year old couple in front of us could not take anymore and the guy exploded cum in the woman's mouth. She let the cum drip down her big tits and rubbed it in and came all over her masturbating fingers.

Caitlin was back down between Selene's legs giving her oral while I stroked my cock. My girl reached for my free hand and squeezed as she got close to cumming. “Oh daddy, Catiline is going to me cum!”

And then she lost it. Selene came and squirted her girl juice on Caitlin who was surprised at first and then plunged in to capture it all.

Avery started masturbating again seeing this. I saw the 30 year old woman take a seat nearby and she had three toys going. One in her pussy, one in her ass and one buzzing on her clit.

Selene lay there panting. Her skin wet. I knew she was just getting started. “Daddy, I want to fuck everyone. Will you fuck, Caitlin. She needs a daddy cause she doesn't have one. I get to take you home after. She made me feel so good. Please fuck her.”

Caitlin looked me, her face still wet with Selene's juices. “I need a daddy to fuck tonight. I need it so bad.”

Selene looked over. “Do it, daddy and I will fuck all these people.”

Caitlin lay back on the sofa and spread her legs, showing me her wet and shaved pussy. Her clit was pierced ad well a as her nipples. She had long black hair which wasn't noticeable till now since she had had it up in a chopstick-style piled atop her head. She looked softer now, alluring with arches eyebrow with pierce through it.

Selene lay back as well. “Who wants to fuck me?” she asked to no one in particular.

The couple we had not seen much consisting the 40 years old woman and her 20 or so year old boytoy came up. The woman was a fit brunette with short shoulder length hair. She looked like a business woman gone bad.

“ My name is Monique. My boy is Spike,” said the woman, giving what appeared to fake names. “I want my boy Spike to fuck while I fuck myself watching the four of you. This is some of the hottest shit I have ever seen here.”

And with that, Monique sat on a nearby sofa and started rubbing her clit.

Cali girl Avery started fucking herself as she watched the action. Her boyfriend remained asleep. At least 7 or 8 eight guys were jerking off standing up watching. Their ages were from 20s to 50s. The big boobed 60 year old was now being plowed from behind be her husband who had cum only minutes before.

The 30 year old with the big toy folded her long coat over the floor to watch in front while she continued to fuck herself. She was sticky and cum splattered.

Selene opened herself up, legs wide. “Come on, Spike, come fuck me.”

Spike didn't look like sharpest tack in the drawer but his cock was hard and his body wasn't bad and that was all Selene cared for.

The sofa I was on was angled so that Caitlin and I could see all. The long haired goth girl beneath me looked up with desire. “You're daughter is so hot. She makes me so wet,” she said. And with that, she wet her fingers in her mouth and spread her pierced pussy wide.

“ Any man would love a daughter like you,” I said. My cock stiffened as I told her this.

Caitlin looked over at Selene as she spread for Spike's cock. “We could be sisters.”

“ Yes, you could,” I said as I rubbed the head of my cock over her engorged clit.

Spike was not one for too much foreplay. He grabbed his cock and jammed it inside Selene who sharply inhaled and sighed. She was more than ready to fuck. “Hard, Spike,” she screamed.

Spike complied and was pistoning out of her Selene's tight and very wet pussy. Spike's woman friend Monique masturbated as she watched, all flushed and her nipples perky. I took my time getting Caitlin nice and wet rubbing my cock up and down her slit. The 30 year with the big toy watched closely as I teased. She had the big dildo nearly all the way in and then slowly out again.

Avery, the California blonde looked over with irritation at her sleeping boyfriend and knelt in front of one of the guys who was jacking off. She sucked him for a few moments and then moved on to second of what looked like six or seven guys.

All of this was too much for Caitlin and myself. “Fuck me, daddy,” she said breathlessly. I saw Selene look over at me lovingly as I was about to enter another girl. My cock slid into into hot, silky wetness. I groaned as I felt contractions from a very tight pussy.

Caitlin trembled with pleasure. She had her tats, her piercings but she was all girl. She purred as I hit deep and then pulled out.

Spike was pumping Selene hard and she used her nails to rake his back. He was was rather single minded bull and kept plowing ahead and howling. “I am going to cum!!!”

“ in my mouth, in my mouth!” Selene shouted back as he pulled out just as she was about to cum as well. No time to even orgasm before Spike was spurting all over her tummy, tits, face and mouth. To her credit, she caught quite a lot of it on her tongue.

Monique was almost to Selene's side before the first spurt happened. She caught some of Spike's cum on her cheek and then more of shared blast after that. She was a young looking 40 and her face looked radiant as she was cum pasted.

Selene looked even more radiant with cum all over body. She shared a look with the older Monique and they started sharing a cummy kiss. They snowballed the cum from mouth to mouth and I could the whimpers and moans between them. Monique cleaned off all the cum from her tummy, tits and everywhere else.

Avery left the line up of guys that she was blowing and went to clean off Spike's cock. Her sleeping boyfriend Chaz was having his ass fingered by the 50 year husband of the women with big boobs. Even passed out, the 20 year olds cock grew.

“ Finger him,” Avery said as she continued to suck Spike. “Useless tool.”

The 50 year old wife took over Avery's job and started sucking the line of men.

“ I'm a blowjob slut,” she said, between swallowing. She never said her name.

I was leaning into my thrusts with Caitlin. At 22, she was lithe and strong and her horniness was increasing rapidly as was mine from all the fucking and masturbating in the room. From my position, I could see 25 guys in the room. There was three single women including the 30 year using the giant dildo. The other two appeared to be in their 20s and might have been in the store when Selene and I arrived. The sounds of group sex might have drawn them in.

When we started there was three couples not including Selene and I. Avery and Chaz, the 20 year olds, the 50 year old couple with the wife with enormous tits and Monique, a 40 year old with a 20 something boytoy. Now there was two young couples in their 20s beating off together and a 40 year old couple and she was giving her guy a blowjob.

“ I want to be on top and see what is happening, daddy,” Caitlin said.

We moved as one and I never withdrew with her at all as I pulled her close so that her tits were pressed into my chest and her head next to mine. I was them on my back and she was riding me.

Selene changed positions. “I want a bunch of guys to fuck me now!” she shouted. Monique became the gatekeeper and pointed to a guy to come fuck a teen girl's pussy.

A 30 year old guy who looked like a mechanic covered in tattoos was selected and he got behind Selene's and wasted no time and pushed his cock inside her. A whimper and a sigh later, she was crying out as the guy jackhammered her tight pussy. A a few moments later he was grunting and hosing semen inside her pussy. He fell away only to replaced by another. Some dripping cum was scooped up and Monique put it in her mouth.

“ Me too,” Selene begged and Monique gave some cum to her as well.

A second later another guy was plowing into Selene's still sticky pussy and squeezing her ass. Monique was masturbating the whole time and playing with my little teen's tits.

I cupped Caitlin's perky tits as she rose and fell on my cock. Although she would gaze down and smile at me, she also looked into the mirrors to see herself fuck and also all of the people engaged in masturbation and fucking across the room.

I heard Selene whimper and then another guy exploded over her in creamy semen. Monique slurped it up and resumed masturbating as another guy took his place between a teen girl's legs.

I heard Caitlin moan as she watched this. She dipped down to kiss me. “Daddy, am I allowed to cum a few times with you? I can do it many times.”

“ You can cum as many times as you want to, baby,” I said. “Right now if you want to.”

I felt Caitlin tremble as I said that.

We watched Selene about to take yet another guy. This time, she was doggy style. The guy was 50 and looked like a pirate. He rubbed his cock from ass to pussy and then plunged in.

Monique held Selene's ass cheeks open and fingered her ass while the guy thrust hard. It looked it might be hurting but the cries were one of pleasure. The guy erupt all over her cheeks and back with some dripping down to the very pink pussy lips. My little teen orgasmed hard as did Monique.

The 50 year old woman was giving a chain of guys blowjobs and when they saw Selene get hosed down with cum, a 30 year old guy couldn't hold back and came inside the big boobed lady's mouth. Avery also had a guy cum in her mouth and have it drip onto her tanned tits.

Meanwhile, the 50 year old woman's partner was giving Chaz a blowjob even though the kid was passed out. The guy definitely seemed to be a submissive to his partner. The big boobed broad had him do what she wanted. And at the moment, she wanted him to give a 20 year old asleep on the couch a hummer.

The 30 year old woman with the big dildo screamed in ecstasy as she came on her toy for about the 5 th or 6 th time that I knew about since we had arrived.

This was too much for Caitlin watching several people cum all at once, I could feel her pussy contract. Selene could see this even on her hands and knees.

“ Make her cum, daddy,” Selene said. “She's ready. I can tell.”

And Caitlin was already starting to have her orgasm bubble inside her. I watched shivers ripple up her belly and then saw her pierced nipples puff up all swollen. Her pierced bottom lip trembled and then she look at me with those gorgeous brown eyes. “Daddy, I'm gonna cum.”

She threw her head back and screamed. “Oh God, I'm cuuuummmmming!!! Aaaieeea aaiiiieee!” Her pussy gushed her young girl juices all over me as she collapsed in my arms, her pierced tits pushed into my chest. “Thanks you, daddy, thank you.”

I kissed Caitlin as Selene watched. She was cumming herself as some young guy was splashing her insides with semen. Monique was masturbating and licking up the dripping cum as the guy pulled out.

Selene groaned as she came. “Oooooo aarrrr!! I'm cuummming!” she wailed.

Selene stared at me lovingly as she orgasmed.

“ Do you want three guys in you?” Monique asked.

“ Yeeess,” Selene said. “In all my holes.”

She stayed on all fours and Monique prepared three studs to fuck her. Two guys in their 30s and a 40 year old. Everywhere was wet with Selene and the 30 year moved her and she mounted him with ease. The other 30 year old guy sat atop the back of the sofa and she slid his cock down her throat. The 40 year old should have been chosen to enter her pussy as he had a monster cock.

Monique licked Selene's ass even as the guy she was riding was thrusting hard. When saliva was dipping down to the guy's balls, Monstercock slapped his tube across her ass. He wet the big head and then in a single shove was in her fully.

As amazing as it was to see, Selene's reaction was more amazing. She arched her back and came hard, shrieking and crying out. “Cuuuuuummmminggg!!! Oh God! Oh God, Aiiiiiaaaaa aaeerrrrr aiii!!!!”

I felt Caitlin's pussy contract about my cock. We had been both watching and she was kissing my neck. “So fucking hot” she whispered.

The the three guys couldn't hold it. They had been masturbating for better part of a half hour since we had arrived. With three roars, they came in Selene's mouth, pussy and ass. Cum was dripping everywhere as she came in quick secession twice more.

I heard a wail of cries as a few people came watching this happen.

“ Holy fuck,” Caitlin said as she continued to rise and fall on my still rock hard cock. We watched as Monique licked up the cum from Selene's pussy and ass.

As quick as the three guys came in all of Selene's holes, three more came up. Two guys in their 40s, another guy in his 20s. One of 40 years olds had the the hugest cock I had seen anywhere. He stuffed it in a drooling pussy and I heard a gasp. The quick flinging back of red hair was certainly an indication my girl was in pain and loving it.

With one big cock om her pussy, it didn't seem possible for Selene to be double stuffed and yet the 20 year old started to jam his cock in her puckered ass. Selene screamed. She was tripled penetrated and everyone was thrusting into her like she was a porn star.

Monique sat legs spread masturbating along with the 30 year old with big dildo. The two of them chanted: “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” It was hard to sat whether it was for Selene or their own frigging of their pussies.

The sleeping Chaz on the sofa woke up to find he was getting a blowjob from a 50 year old guy but he was too far gone with how hard he was and when he saw Selene wailing and screaming, he just said: “What the fuck!” and blew a big load.

The 50 year old guy just kept sicking ever drop out and the Chaz was merciless to stop it.

The 50 year old woman's partner with the big boobs was draining the cock of at least the 10th guy that I had seen since I arrived. Another 20 year exploded in her mouth while she rubbed her meaty pussy.

Avery had taken to a new way of masturbating riding the arm of the sofa. She was drooling down her chin as she was that horny. “Aaaaiiieee omigod!!!” she screamed as she wetted down the sofa with her girl juices.

The action on the sofa was reaching a crescendo. The grunts, screams, whimpers and moans were filling the entire room. Selene's had tears in her eyes as she had cum at least a few times from this new group. Suddenly, everyone was cumming. The big cock in her pussy literally shot like a fire hose. The guy pulled out and his cum hit the guy's ball of the man in her ass. It was hard to hear my girl's voice because it was slobbery shrieks as her mouth was filled with semen.

“ Aahhrrrjj oonnn aiiiiaa aiii!!!” Selene screamed. “Oh God, oh God, I'm Cuuuuuuuummmmming!!!!”

And then she squirted all over everyone. It was a mix of her teen juices and cum from several guys.

The guys pulled back and showed how cum spattered a teen she was.

“ Holy shit!” Caitlin whispered in my ear. I felt her pussy contract on me as she came and grinded against my hard cock.

Monique and the 30 year old both started cumming loudly and wetly together as they watched this. Avery came again on the sofa.

A group of a dozen men stood my watching and jacking off.

Selene crawled on all four over the cum covered floor not caring anymore how raunchy she looked.

“ I want a bukkake!!!” she yelled and then lay on her back, red hair flowing, frigging her cunt hard.

The gathering of men came home masturbating in a circle jerk with the young teen Selene in the center jilling off.

Everyone was close to one final cum. Caitlin looked at me and said: “Cum in me one last time, daddy.”

I looked down at the very yummy alternate girl Caitlin with her piercings and fiery eyes and knew that I had at least one more more cum for her. We had been fucking the whole time that Selene had been getting gangbanged. For the last little while, the punky little girl had been straddled over me and riding my cock. Now, she disengaged and lay on her back looking younger than her age.

“ Fuck me, daddy,” Caitlin said. “One last time, fuck me.”

I slid into he still extremely tight pussy and we slowly fucked. Caitlin out her arms around me and we were pressed together. I felt her nipples pushed hard into my chest, beads of perspiration formed in her tiny cleavage. She moaned and whimpered and whispered “daddy” over and over again.

In the background, I could hear Selene's shrieks as she came repeatedly. But Caitlin's sighs and moans were close close and the heat from her body was like a furnace. My cock felt like it was going to explode any second. The fluttering of pre-orgasmic twitches from both of us was too much.

“ I am going to cum in you, baby girl,” I said to Caitlin.

“ Oooo, me too,” Caitlin gasped. “Fill me with your cum, daddy! Fill me!”

“ I'm cumming!!” I shouted out loud. “aiiiiaaaa eee ooowwwaaahhh!!”

I came like a fire hose inside Caitlin's young pussy and she came hard at the same time, biting my cheats and crying out. “Daaaadddyyy!! I'm cuuuuuuuummminggg!!!”

Her pussy clamped down hard on me not letting me go and we throbbed and spasmed together and she lifted her head to kiss me. “Oh, I love, I love you, daddy.”

We collapsed on one another and lay panting. We both turned at the same time to see the last of a dozen guys squirt cum all over Selene.

Grunted and shrieks echoed in the room. Girl and guys were cumming all for the last time and was so was Selene. She had so much semen on her than she looked like she was drowning in it. Great big gobs it clung to pussy, inner thighs, ass, pooled in her tummy, her tits looked like they had icing on them and even her eyelashes were flecked with cum.

She lay moaning as the last guy squirted on her mound. Monique, the 30 year old dildo woman, the 50 year old woman and Avery licked all the cum off of Selene.

She was the star of the show.

Caitlin ran off to get a towel and when they women finished tongue cleaning Selene, a large towel was wrapped around her. Her cheeks were flushed and she looked at me with love.

She kissed each of the women as everyone dressed. Caitlin found me just as I was finished dressing. She was crying and stood on her toes to kiss me. She slipped a scrap of paper in my pocket and fled.

I turned to Selene and took in under my arm and led he away from the theatre.

“ Daddy, that was the best ever. Thank you, thank you.”

Selene smelled like sex the entire cab ride back to the hotel. She slept in my arms like the young teen she was.