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Last Train

Getting fucked by strangers never felt so good.
(This story was written in collaboration with JustTK. Please feel free to check out his stories. This story is pure fantasy. I will warn that there will be parts where men will be eating other men's cum, but there is no guy on guy action. It focuses mainly on the female character. I hope you enjoy.)

Its a busy night on the subway train. Everyone is coming home from partying all night, the New Years flare wearing off. This would be the last train of the night. The loading area is full of people coming from all areas of the city. And then there's me, a young innocent girl just trying to get home from a New Years dance.

My name is Ayame. I just turned 17 this past month. I'm a pretty girl, standing 5'4" and 109lbs. My raven black hair hangs past my shoulders. I have it curled loosely around my head. I have nice firm, perky titties, with soft pink nipples. 

I'm wearing a black and gold dress, paired with black thigh high stockings and gold flats. I'm standing in the train holding the hand grip above my head. I'm facing the window as I love watching things pass by.

As the subway makes another stop, more people push their way in. I find myself surrounded by men, the smell of alcohol and other drugs filling the air, as well as different colognes. They pack tightly around me. I feel a hand slide across my leg, and my ass, but it could just be from being packed in so tightly.

I stand there stiffly as I feel hands touch me. I try to move away slightly. The touch made my heart quicken a little. Then someone purposely grips my ass, squeezing it. I feel hands sliding up my dress, maybe three or four, caressing my inner thighs. None of the guys make any facial expressions, and with the crowd, it's almost impossible to tell who is touching me. I feel myself getting wet, yet I brush the hands away. I tug at my dress trying to keep from being exposed. I pull hands away from my body. I don't try to turn around, I just keep facing toward the window.

There two hands rubbing at the top of my inner thighs, their fingers brushing my crotch. I feel two more hands reach around, gripping my breasts firmly. The guys press around me more, making it so I can't move. 

I feel excited and scared at the same time, as the unknown hands touch my body. My nipples harden under my dress. I decided not to wear a bra under since I didn't have one that went with the cut. My panties are getting more moist the more the hands touch my body. I try wiggling away as they press closer, but it doesn't help. As I wiggle my ass brushes against someone's crotch...his hardening crotch. I blush bright red and stop moving.

Someone grabs my hips under my dress. I feel them grinding their hard cock against my tight teenage ass, dry humping me as my inner thighs are being caressed. My breasts are being kneaded by the strange firm hands, slowly being coaxed out of the top of my dress. I can feel another hard cock pressing on my waist. I can't tell how many men are touching me, but I have a feeling there isn't a man near me who doesn't have his hands, or cock on me.

I'm not sure what to do so I stand there trembling. I bite my lip to keep from making a sound. I push my ass back slightly secretly loving the feeling of the hard cock pressing between my ass cheeks. My teenage hormones working overtime. I am more turned on than I had ever been in my entire life.

I hear the faint sounds of unzipping as I feel the cock back away from my ass. It only takes a second to feel a hard fleshy rod running up my thighs, the tip caressing my asscheek. Another joins it, rubbing the front of my panties, right below my clit. My nipples are now barely exposed as the hands on my chest run them through his fingers.

My pussy is getting wetter and wetter, leaving a noticeable wet spot on my panties. I hang one hand down, hoping to connect with a hard cock. I let out a soft moan, as my hips rock gently out of my control. I feel a cock take my hand as an invitation. It starts to rub on my fingers, coating them in precum. I can feel trails of warm precum running up and down my inner thighs as a couple more cocks slide under my dress. The one in front of me pressing against my pussy through my panties rubs my clit in slow calculated circles.

I grip the cock in my hand and start stroking. Feeling all these cocks on me is making me so horny. I try so hard to be a good girl, but I have certain wants and needs I can't control. I want them to rub me more. My pussy is starting to leak down my thigh. I feel like such a slut, letting these men molest me in public, but it feels so good and I don't want them to stop.

Another cock finds my other hand as I stroke the other. The cock at my front slides my panties to the side, the tip stroking inside of my pussy, but just the tip. One cock going up my panties from each side, rubbing my asscheeks. One of them cums, soaking cum all over my right asscheek, and up my back.

Unable to hold it in I moan wanting more. "Please," I whisper unsure who I'm whispering to. All I know is that I want more. Two strange men begin licking my nipples. I let out a soft sigh as I feel the mouths on my nipples. It feels so good having my tits sucked by two strangers. I feel my panties slide down to my ankles as I am sandwiched between two men. Two cocks pressing inside of my pussy, one right after the other, filling me to the max with hard strange dick. I let out a gasp as the cocks enter my pussy, stretching me in ways I've never been stretched. The cocks in my hands are rock hard, soaked in precum. I grip the cocks in my hand tightly, completely lost in the pleasure of being filled.

An older man approaches me, kissing my lips, his tongue sloppily pressing in my mouth as my pussy takes the hard cocks forced inside. My nipples are being sucked hard, sometimes bitten slightly. Another cock on my thigh starts to cum, soaking my leg in strange semen.

I can feel pressure start to build up deep inside of me. My senses are being assaulted. All I can smell is sex and cologne. The tongue in my mouth has a fruity sweet taste like he had just been eating candy. I feel sweat and saliva rolling down between my breasts. My clit is tingling. I badly want to cum. I have completely forgotten that these are strangers.

The man kissing me explores my mouth with his tongue as the cocks fuck me deeper, lifting one of my legs up, almost to split, now showing off my soaking pussy as its fucked. Another guy kneels down, licking and sucking my cum coated asshole. I feel one of the guys cum deep inside of me, holding himself in as the other cock continues to fuck my cunt. His slippery wet dick slides out of my well fucked pussy. 

The man licking my asshole stops. He stands up and pulls his cock out of his trousers. He rubs it against my puckered hole, before shoving it in. My body is being completely assaulted, but I've never felt so good. 

The cocks in my hands start cumming all over the floor. Their softening dicks slip out of my fingers. The cock in my ass is pumping inside me so hard. I wanted to call out and moan loudly, but I held back, we were in public after all. I loved the feeling of the two cocks rubbing inside me. They were bringing me closer and closer to the edge. 

I head grunting as I suddenly felt my pussy being filled with cum. This must have set off the man in my ass because I could feel his hot cum shoot deep into my ass. I still hadn't cum though I felt so good. Unexpectedly I felt strong arms lift me up from behind, spreading my legs wide. 

Somebody pushed his head in between my thighs and started eating the cum out of my well used pussy. It was so dirty an wicked! I was in ecstasy. He stuck his tongue deep inside my cunt, scooping out mouthfuls of cum. He licked up toward my swollen clit. He nipped at it and sucked on it.

The men around us were jerking their cocks quickly. They loved watching this 17 year old slut get her pussy eaten out by a complete stranger. He flicked my clit with his tongue a few times before sucking it back into his mouth. 

The men jerking off around me started cumming all over my body. I came hard squirting all over the strange man eating my pussy. He was lapping at my sweet lady cum like a starved man. I was addicted to this feeling.

The train was coming to a stop. The men righted themselves and got off the train. They left me on a seat, covered in cum and well fucked. I closed my eyes and let myself relax. I'm sure the night watchman will find me at the last stop.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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