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Late Nights At The Hospital
unholyromance & Sir3n

Late Nights At The Hospital

Contributing Authors: Sir3n 

The excitement of this happening in a public place is really turning me on, I want more to happen.

Sitting in the nurse’s station sucks; there's nothing to do here over night after visiting hours have finished; at least not in the high medial dependency ward. I do a round of patients; taking their blood pressure or changing their drip, whatever needs to be done, and then I get bored for the next few hours. It doesn't help that my boyfriend has been ignoring me either. I haven't spoken to him in four days, and to be honest I'm not sure he's still my boyfriend. I'm going to give him a call and see what's going on.

"Hello?" he answers.

"Hi, what's up?" I ask

"Nothing," he says, rather tersely.

"Not in the mood for a talk?" I say.

"What do you want, Taylor?" he says.

"Nothing," I hang up. I'm not going to be calling him again. Our first conversation in four days and he doesn't want to talk. Now I'm stuck with the problem of what to do again. Oh, but what's this, a visitor at this hour? I know this guy. His name is Jason. His grandfather is in this ward. I hadn't seen him today, but what's he doing here at this hour?

"Sorry, I know it's late. I had some girlfriend troubles,” he says "I know visiting hours are over, but can I drop in for five minutes just to see how he's doing?"

"Uh yeah, sure. I'll just tell them I didn't see you come in," I reply.

"Thanks.” Then he's gone again. At least I had something to do for a short while. Five minutes pass and he comes out of his grandfather’s room. He's punctual I'll give him that. I think he got a haircut as well; he looks good tonight I must say.

"I have to admit, I didn't only come here to see my grandfather," he tells me.

"Oh? Why else did you come here?" I enquire.

"Well, I'm not sure exactly how to word this."

"Take your time, I've got another few hours before I have to do anything."

"Well, last time I was here I took a peak at your name badge when I came in and asked how my grandfather was, then on the way out I checked the roster when I walked past so I knew when you'd be working again."

"Mm, you're coming off as a bit stalker-ish, but keep going though. I think you can still save it."

"Well, I think just you're a good looking girl and, well, I was hoping we could start talking. If you're not interested I can leave, though."

"Nailed it. Bit of a rocky start, but I think you pulled it off and, I know a girl that needed some compliments and an ear to talk to."

"I'm all yours."

We talk for a while; a lot longer than I expected actually. Me being the lonely, bored, slightly nervous girl that I am decided to spill all the personal things I had about my, probably, ex-boyfriend. I have to do my rounds again. Probably for the best, it'll give him time to run while I'm gone.

I finish my rounds and get back, and I see him still sitting next to the chair I was in. I blink a few times and sure enough he's still there.

"Alright, what the shit? I tell you all kinds of things you don't really share with people the first time you have a conversation with them and you stick around for more?" I ask. He shrugs and smiles, which made me blush. Alright, before when I said he looked good I take it back. He looks HOT!

"I guess you just need to do a little more than that to scare me off. I was enjoying listening to you. It's good to know I'm not the only one who’s probably broken up with someone tonight," He says a little too slyly for me to not get suspicious of where this is going. He smiles at me again and brushed some hair behind my ear, my face flushes crimson in a second.

"What would you do if you could right now? He asks me.

"You," I reply without thinking about it. Shit!

"What?" He asks, taken aback?

"What?" I answer quickly hoping he actually didn't hear me

"I thought you had a boyfriend, Miss Amos?" He asks. SHIT! This is why I shouldn't work nights; I get tired and do, well THIS! Oh well. I guess I might as well go for broke. He did sound a little interested and he's still here, so I figure why not?

"I don't anymore. I've officially broken up with him,” I say.

"You didn't say that earlier?" he questions.

"Don't listen to what I said; listen to what I'm saying!" I complain. Then, he kisses me. Wow where the hell did that come from? He pulls back, my eyes are wide

"No, I'm sorry, we can't do this, not here, not now,” he says quickly, but then I kiss him.

"Who’s going to stop us, the coma patients?" I tease. He pulls me from my chair onto his lap and before I know what's going on his tongue is swimming around my mouth, softly skimming over my tongue. I'm not going to complain about this at all. I could do this every night if it was with Jason. It's better than trying to beat the computer in chess, which I haven't managed to do yet. Both his arms go around me and one of his hands ends up near the back of my head. It feels like he's trying to pull my hair, but he isn't. I realize what he's doing the instant before he does it; he was pulling my hair of out of the tie.

"Was that necessary?" I ask.

"I like you with your hair down," he says and pulls me back into a kiss as both his arms go around me again. The excitement of all this happening in a public place is really turning me on, I want more to happen, and if he isn't going to make it happen I will. I decide to go for broke and I slip my hand down the front of his pants. He pulls away, but there's a smile on his face, I love it when a plan works out.

He stands up and takes my hand and pulls me down the hall into one of the empty rooms. I feel kind of dumb for not realizing that we're in a building full of beds earlier, but I'm happy he did. He pulls off his shirt and I like what I see: a slim body with no more than an average amount of muscle, and slightly above average abs. I run my hands over his stomach; I do love some good abs. He puts both his hands on my hips and starts moving them up the bottom of my ribs, then to my bra, pulling the top of my scrubs with them until he pulls my top over my head and I'm left standing there with just my bra on my top half. I reach a hand behind my back and unhook it, then let it fall to the floor. I move forward and grab hold of his belt, his 6'2" frame towering over my 5'7" frame. I look up into his eyes as I undo his belt and his pants. I let them go and they drop to the floor around his ankles.

I get down on my knees in front of him; I can see the outline of his hard cock through his boxers. I run my hand from the bottom of his boxers over his hard cock and to the waistband. I pull his boxers down and take his cock in my hands and stroke it slowly. I put it in my mouth and take it as deep as I can. I run my tongue from the base all the way to the tip moving my head back as I do. I take him back into my mouth and run my tongue all over his shaft while I suck on his cock. He leans back against the bed and puts one of his hands on the side of my head, weaving his fingers into my hair. I look up at him, his head is back so I can't see his face, but judging by his breathing I'm doing it right. I won't be doing it for much longer though, the hospital floor is hard and my knees are starting to hurt.

As if he was reading my mind he pulls me up to my feet and pulls my pants and panties down with one hand. This is different, he was more gentle and playful when we came in here, now he's being rough and forceful, and I like it. With my pants still around my ankles he pushes me into the bed so hard that I find myself bent over it. Before I even realize what's happening his hand is on my back pushing me down as he slides his other hand in between my legs and starts rubbing my clit from behind me. God, that feels so good. I go to prop myself up to watch but he just pushes me back down into the bed and slams his fingers into my tight pussy. I let out a loud gasp as I bite onto the sheets, muffling my moans.

“You like that?” he asks. I just nod, my grip on the bed tightening as his fingers thrust into me hard and fast. I could hear him chuckle as he leans forward and starts sucking on the flesh on my shoulder blade then I feel his teeth bite into me, causing my back to arch and his fingers to slide in deeper.

“Oh fuck,” I murmur into the bed as my hands curl into fists around the sheets. I start moving my hips back against his hand but he pushes up against me to keep me locked in place.

His thumb starts rubbing over my clit while his fingers dive into me, pushing me closer and closer to my orgasm. My boyfriend never paid this much attention to my sexual needs, but I’m sure as hell not going to complain about it now.

He knelt down behind me and shoved his tongue into my pussy as his thumb kept rubbing over my clit. My legs started to shake and I gripped onto the bed to keep me upright as my whole body started to tense up. I let out a loud moan as his wet tongue pushed me over the edge and my body started to shake and quiver through my orgasm.

I could feel him smile against my pussy as he kept lapping at it, drinking me up until I slumped forward. Trying to catch my breath he stood up and starts rubbing the head of his cock up and down between my pussy lips.

God, I wish he'd fuck me already. Doing this in the hospital, making out and giving him head has already got me turned on enough and now having him eat me out was almost too much to bear. I groan softly and try to push my hips back into him. But he holds me in place bent over the bed

"Tell me what you want," he says. He sounds like he’s enjoying this.

"I want you to fuck me," I say softly.

"What was that? You need to say it louder," he says.

"I want you to fuck me!" I say angrily and maybe a little too loud. I hear him chuckle softly as he pushes himself into me. I cry out softly, not really expecting him to go quite so deep. Without pulling out he grabs a handful of my hair and pulls on it, hard. I cry out again, just as his other hand pushes down on my back keeping me bent over.

I feel a little awkward with my pants still around my ankles, and being bent over a hospital bed with my hair being pulled. But when he started moving his hips sliding his cock in and out of my pussy, there was no way I wanted him to stop. He started moving faster and harder, ramming his cock up into my pussy. I let out a soft whimper of pain mixed with pleasure. He tugged harder on my hair, pulling me into his thrusts with his other hand squeezing and digging into my hip. I started squirming a little as I felt that familiar pressure in the pit of my stomach. My breathing was getting heavier and faster and I think he knew I was about to cum because he pulled out as it was building up.

I turned around to glare at him and he smirked. Now he’s going to have to start all over again to make me cum. That bastard.

I grab the pillow on the bed and go to hit him with it but he grabs onto my hips and slams back into me, causing me to jolt forward before he pulls back out. I turn around to glare at him again but he just smirks.

"Your turn on top," he explained. I kicked off my shoes and pants and I slowly got to my knees on the bed and allowed room for him to get on next to me. I straddle him and take his cock in my hand and slowly ease it into me. I slowly started moving up and down on his cock.

Once I got his full size inside me I leaned back slightly with one hand on his thigh to hold myself up. He had both his hands on my hips keeping in time with his movements. He started to thrust into me from the bottom pulling my hips down.

I’m going to need to change these sheets once we’re done.

His hands slid up to my breasts and started to squeeze and grope them as his hips lifted of the mattress to slam up into my pussy as I came down on him. I leaned forward and rested my hands on his chest and rode him faster and harder. I could see the pleasure on his face as his mouth hung open in an ‘O’ shape with his head tilted back onto the pillow.

His thrusts became harder and faster as his breathing got heavier. I knew he was getting close and so was I. He reached up with one hand and pulled me down into him for a kiss as my pussy started to tighten and choke around his thick cock. The orgasm that followed was earth shattering, rippling through my entire body, making me shake and quake in pure ecstasy. That pushed him over the edge as his hands slid down my body and his grip on my hips tightened and his thrusts became harder. I heard him moan against my lips, and felt his warm cum fill my pussy until I thought it would never stop. Then his grip loosened and his thrusts stopped. I fell on top of him with both of us breathing heavy.

He kissed the side of my face and rubbed my back up and down, holding me against his chest.

A few seconds later my beeper went off. Shit, time to do my rounds again. I quickly put my clothes back on, and grabbed a pen out of my pocket and wrote my number on his hand.

“I’d stay to see you out, but I can’t. Duty calls.” And with that I dashed out the door.

I got a message before I even made it to the first patient’s room: "Dinner tomorrow night? I know you finish at 7:30. I'll pick you up."

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