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Lay Ministers Fuck Teen Girls at Church Camp

My lay minister friend and I fuck teenage girls at church camp.
My wife Kathy and I were forty-two years old and living in the Little Rock area at the time of this story. We had moved there right after graduation from college for me to take an engineering job at a medium-sized manufacturer in the area. I had progressed well and was promoted ten years ago to be VP of manufacturing. Kathy had been able to stay at home to raise our twin daughters, who were now nineteen years old and away at college.

Neither Kathy nor I were very religious when we were first married. But after our girls were born we decided to find a church so they would have the advantage of a spiritual upbringing. We joined what turned out to be a progressive, evangelical church, and only found out after we made some good friendships just how extremely progressive the church really was. They took a very lax attitude towards extramarital sex, and we found out that there was quite a bit of wife-swapping going on between church members.

Kathy and I had a great sex life from the time we first started dating in college, and neither of us were looking for any sexual relationships with others. We had been fucking at least six times per week for most of our marriage. I also enjoyed sucking her pussy after ejaculating into her and loved the taste of my own cum. After several years in the church, we became close friends with a couple named Bill and Lydia, who also now have a daughter in college, and our attitudes about swapping partners changed.

Bill and I got to know one another very well since we both became lay youth ministers. We wanted to be sure that our girls had good experiences in the youth programs. It was enjoyable enough working with the kids that Bill and I continued in the program even after our daughters had graduated from high school and moved on to college.

We were over at Bill’s home one evening and all of us had been drinking wine and mixed drinks, which lowered our inhibitions. It was surprising to learn that Bill and Lydia had some experience with wife-swapping with church members. Before the end of the evening, we were all in bed together fucking each other’s spouses.

The wife-swapping was a totally new experience for Kathy and me, but we enjoyed it from the start and didn’t feel guilty about it. Both of our wives were very attractive and in shape with C-cup breasts and shapely asses. I enjoyed watching Bill fuck Kathy with his eight inch long and very thick cock. I also enjoyed fucking Lydia with my cock which is about the same size as Bill’s.

It even turned into a little bit of a cuckold situation for me. I liked sucking pussy so much that I always sucked Kathy and Lydia’s pussies clean of cum during all of our sessions. Luckily for me Bill thought that was disgusting and nasty, so I always got to suck both of our wives clean of cum.

We continued with the wife-swapping at least every other week, and although we even had sex with a few of the other church couples, Bill and Lydia were our favorites. Bill even took some photos of some of our sessions, but promised that they were just for our viewing pleasure and no one else would ever see them.

We continued with the wife-swapping for many years until we were forty-one years old. Then, for some inexplicable reason, Kathy lost interest in having sex with others and for the most part with me. I was only getting to fuck her about once a month. That was pretty hard for me to take after having so much sex over the years, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

Kathy made it clear that she did not want me fucking Lydia or other women from the church either. So I just focused on my job, being a good father, and of course masturbating frequently. Surprisingly, we were able to remain good friends with Bill and Lydia, and they knew that I wasn’t getting much sex at home.

With all of the foregoing as background, I can now get to the real story. Our church had a two-week summer camp for the kids every year. The sixteen to eighteen year olds were counselors for the younger kids, and several adults were there to be chaperones on one week shifts.

Two of the sixteen year old girls named Molly and Amy were best of friends and were going to be counselors. I was happy about that because both of the girls had developed physically over the spring and early summer. Both of them were very pretty and had large and firm D-cup breasts and shapely, protruding asses. I wasn’t really thinking about them in a sexual way at the time, but just knew that I would enjoy watching their big tits bounce around the camp. Amy didn’t usually show off her body the way Molly did, but it was easy to tell that she was well-built.

I was able to take some vacation so I could be one of the chaperones during the first week. Kathy had been planning on coming too, but she wasn’t feeling well and encouraged me to go without her. So Bill came in her place so we would be properly staffed. We would be living in a small cabin that was attached to one of the counselors’ cabins, and away from the cabins where the younger kids stayed. There was a door between the two cabins, but it was locked from both sides.

The camp was about a quarter mile from the lake down a wooded trail, and on the second night there the counselors were having a bonfire and party by the lake while the younger kids were already in bed back in the cabins. There were eleven counselors there, with five boys and six girls, and most of them had paired off while sitting by the fire. Molly was sitting with one of the eighteen year old boys named Jimmy, but Amy was by herself and must have felt left out.

Bill had stayed back at camp with the younger kids, and I was the only chaperone at the party by the lake. I soon started to feel like I was in the way of the kid’s enjoyment. Molly and several of the other girls were openly making out with the boys they were paired off with. I wasn’t too concerned since most of the parents had started their daughters on birth control when they reached the age of consent, which is sixteen years old in Arkansas.

We certainly didn’t encourage our daughters to have sex, but given the liberal nature of our congregation, we wanted them to be protected against unwanted pregnancies.

I have to admit that I was starting to get a hard on watching those counselors making out, especially since I had not had the privacy or an opportunity to masturbate for a few of days. I was especially turned on watching Molly making out, an seeing her big tits jiggling in her t-shirt. So I said goodnight to the kids, took my beach blanket, and headed back up the moonlit trail towards the camp.

I had only gone about one hundred yards when I heard some footsteps quickly approaching behind me. As I slowed and turned to see who was there, I felt a delicate hand on my arm and heard Amy say, “Wait up Ed, I’d like to walk back to the camp with you.”

One thing I didn’t mention previously is that Bill and I had become very close with the girls in the group. And I knew that Bill and Lydia were close with Amy’s parents. We extended the liberal nature of our church to allow the girls to call us by our first names when we weren’t in public where others could hear. I was surprised that she had left the party to follow me and I stopped on the trail and asked, “Oh hi, Amy. Why’d you leave the party? I would think you’d want to be with your friends.”

Amy seemed very sad when she replied, “Well, all of the other girl counselors have paired off with boys, and I was feeling left out. Most of the boys don’t seem to find me very attractive or sexy anyway, and that hurts my feelings. Tell me Ed, do you find me attractive?”

I knew that this might be a risky conversation to have with a sixteen year old girl, but I was feeling bad for her and surprisingly drawn to her. Amy was wearing a loose t-shirt with no bra and loose cotton athletic shorts, but I could still see her womanly curves. So I said, “Amy, I wish you didn’t feel that way about yourself. I think you are very attractive and sexy. The problem is that you usually don’t dress in a very revealing way or wear makeup, and most of the boys aren’t aware of your charms.”

Amy’s face lit up when she heard my compliments, and she stepped up to me and hugged me. I could feel her full, firm tits and hard nipples pressing into my lower chest as she said, “It makes me so happy that you feel that way, Ed. I’ve always liked you so much and feel very close to you right now and want to show you how I feel.”

The next thing I knew Amy reached up and put her hand behind my neck and pulled me down to kiss her. I knew that I shouldn’t be kissing this young girl. But her lips were soft and when she pressed her tongue into my mouth I kissed and tongued her back. This sweet girl was passionately kissing me right in the middle of the trail, and I could feel my cock reaching its full hardness.

We finally broke apart from the kiss and I had the presence of mind to say, “My goodness, Amy that was a wonderful kiss and I enjoyed it. But we shouldn’t be doing this. I’m a youth minister and over twice your age. Let’s stop this now and head on up to the camp.”

Amy had tears in her eyes when she said, “Please stay here with me for a little while, Ed. I overheard Bill telling my parents that you aren’t getting much sex at home anymore, and I want to be close to you. Let’s go over there off the trail and sit and talk for a while.”

I had to wonder if Bill and Lydia were swapping with Amy’s parents and she somehow knew about it. I couldn’t even think about that now. My mind was telling me to break away and run back to camp, but my hard cock was telling me to stay. So I said, “Okay, Amy, we can go over there and sit on that stump and talk for a while. We can’t let this go any further though.”

There was a stump about two feet high and ten yards off the trail and hidden by some bushes. We walked over there and I folded the blanket and put it on the stump. It was wide enough that Amy could have sat beside me. But after I sat down, she quickly swung her leg over my lap and sat facing me. She wrapped her legs around my ass and back, holding herself against me. Without saying a word, she lifted up her t-shirt and pulled my mouth to her left breast.

I was almost insane with lust then and I sucked on her gorgeous, firm tit, pulling her nipple and areola deep into my mouth. As I continued to suck her breast and switched to the right one, Amy began to hump her crotch against the swell of my hard cock that she felt through my shorts. My cock was pointed up towards my belly button, and I could feel the heat of her long, thick labia surrounding my cock, even through our clothes.

Her tits had a salty taste from the sweat of the day, and I couldn’t seem to get enough of sucking her. She held my head firmly to her breasts as I sucked one and then the other, as we continued to hump our crotches together. Her nipples had become very thick and long, and the idea that I was sucking on the tits of this beautiful teenage girl was driving me nuts with lust.

I was beginning to smell the aroma of her young cunt, and I was still sucking hungrily as she said, “Come on, Ed. Let’s take the blanket over to that bed of leaves so we can lie down together. I just have to taste your big cock and I want you to suck my wet pussy.”

I certainly didn’t want to break the spell of the moment, so I said nothing as we got up and placed the blanket on the leaves. We both quickly removed our clothes, and I was amazed at the beauty of her tight body. Her pussy lips were thick, luscious and wet with just a thin layer of hair. Her ass was just perfect with firm, round globes of flesh. We lay down on the blanket in a side-by-side sixty-nine position. I covered her wet pussy with my mouth, and I felt her warm lips envelop my cock.

We both reached our hands behind the others’ ass and held our genitals closely to our lustily sucking mouths. I also pushed my fingers into her cunt from time to time, and was a little surprised that I couldn’t feel her hymen. Despite her complaints about boys not liking her, I was pretty certain that she had been fucked before. She alternated sucking my cock and balls until I was about to explode. I pulled my mouth away from her tasty pussy for a moment and said, “Amy, I’m about to cum. Do you want me to stop or keep going?”

Amy stopped sucking me for a moment and said, “Please don’t stop now, I want to feel and taste your cum shooting into my mouth so I can swallow it. We’ll have time to fuck after we recover for a little while. I want to taste and swallow your gooey load first.”

She sure sounded very experienced for such a young lady, but I wasn’t about to argue with her about swallowing my cum. We both resumed sucking one another and it only took me a few more minutes before I felt my cock throb and fill her mouth with a four day load of cum. She hungrily sucked it all down and at about the same time she filled my mouth with her tasty, sweet pussy juices. We kept licking and sucking each other until we calmed down, and then I turned around on the blanket so we could talk.

I kissed her passionately on the lips and said, “Holy shit, Amy, I would never have guessed that you would be active sexually at your age. I am so happy and thankful to you for what we did, but I also feel a little bad that I might have taken advantage of you. Is this your first time having sex, and will you promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this? ”

Amy just looked at me for a few moments, trying to decide what to say. Then she cuddled up lying partially on top of me and held my soft cock and said, “First of all, you definitely didn’t take advantage of me. I’ve wanted to have sex with you ever since I turned sixteen and started taking birth control pills. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but this is definitely not my first time having sex. We still have to fuck after you rest your thick cock for a few minutes.”

“Now don’t be shocked, but Molly and I been fucking ever since we turned sixteen. I’ll tell you how it first started, but you have to promise to hear me out and not get too upset. I wanted to wait until you had your first cum to tell you since that would mellow you out a little bit.”

I was stunned hearing that Molly was already sexually active too. I knew that I had to hear more. So I said, “Please tell me more, Amy. I promise that I won’t go ballistic on her or you.”

Then Amy continued stroking my now-hardening cock as I was fingering her tight pussy and she said, “Okay, here goes, Ed. One night not long after I turned sixteen and was on the pill, I was over at Bill’s home with my parents. They were outside on the patio talking and I didn’t have much to do. I snuck into Bill and Lydia’s bedroom and started looking through their closet to see what interesting things I could find.

After a while I found a curio box under some blankets on the top shelf. You might be embarrassed at what I found in the box. There were dozens of photos of Bill and Lydia having sex with other couples from the church. But the ones that caused the greatest interest were the ones of you and Kathy with them.

I was a virgin at the time, but seeing your big cocks and the cum oozing out of Kathy and Lydia’s pussies really turned me on. And it especially turned me on seeing pictures of you sucking their pussies after Bill and you had fucked them. That just seemed so perverted and exciting and I really wanted to know what it felt like to have my pussy sucked like that.”

I was embarrassed knowing that Amy had seen those photos, but after having tasted her sweet cunt and knowing that I would soon be fucking her, I was taking it pretty well. Then I asked, “Holy shit, Amy, what did you do next?”

She continued, “Well, Ed, I decided that it would be fun to confront Bill about the pictures since I know him so well from church. He was going to the store to pick up some more mixers for the party, so I rode with him. He was angry at first when I told him that I had seen the pictures. But then when he realized that I really liked the photos and was turned on by the fact that they had been having sex with so many others, he calmed down.

I brought a few of the better pictures with me and we sat in front of the store looking at them together. My pussy was very wet by then, and it wasn’t hard to convince Bill that it would be better for me to have my first sexual experience with him than with an inexperienced boy from school. To make a long story short, Bill fucked me in his car that night. I just love his big cock, which I could see from the photos is about the size of yours.

So after that first night, I was fucking my Bill every chance I got, sometimes when he was giving me a ride home after our church meetings. That’s when I got Molly involved and I’m afraid that we sometimes wore Bill out fucking him. Bill also convinced Molly and me to have sex with one another, and we enjoy that when we sleep over with each other.

I haven’t really had a boyfriend to fuck yet, but Molly started fucking all of the boys she went out with from church and school. She is always talking about wanting to fuck you too. I told her that Kathy wasn’t active sexually anymore, and that made Molly want to fuck you even more. When the planning for summer camp started, we felt this would be a great opportunity for me to fuck you and bring everything out into the open.”

I had long since gotten over any embarrassment, and her description of events had given me another raging hard on. So I rolled her over on her back and got on top of her saying, “Fuck Amy, you little slut. I’ve got to fuck you now and we can talk more in a few minutes.”

I pushed my thick cock into her tight hole and she moaned and wrapped her beautiful, long legs around my back. At first I tried to be careful because I wasn’t sure how much she could take. Then I remembered that Bill had been fucking her regularly. I pushed into her and felt my cock head up against her cervix, and I began stroking wildly into her. I also leaned down to suck her beautiful tits while I was fucking her and it didn’t take either of us very long to cum.

I felt her juices spraying past my balls and her pussy gripping my cock as my cock pulsed and pumped my second load of cum for the night directly into her young womb. I just loved the feeling of my cock in her tight, wet cunt, so I rolled us over on our sides with my cock still in her pussy for us to talk some more.

Amy was slowly moving her hips and stroking my softening cock with her pussy. She just couldn’t seem to get enough of my cock. We knew that we had to talk quietly in case some of the other counselors decided to head back up to the camp early. I started the conversation by whispering, “Fuck Amy, that was wonderful and exciting having sex with you. You must realize that I’ll want to fuck you at every possible opportunity. But tell me the truth; is Molly aware that we are fucking right now?”

Amy smiled and said, “Well, she knows that my plan was to fuck you tonight and she winked at me when I got up to follow you up the trail. We couldn’t be certain that it would work out. Because we knew that you weren’t getting much pussy at home, I felt that it would be pretty easy to get you turned on to suck my tits and fuck my pussy tonight. Now, I can see that you are definitely in need of pussy, and could probably never pass up some tight teen cunt. The question is, are you willing to join with Bill in fucking both Molly and me?”

“I do know that she is anxious to fuck you. Right now I’d like you to roll over onto your back so I can sit on your face and feed you your own cum. I can’t very wellgo back to camp with your cum running down my legs, can I? I just loved the photos of you eating those creampies from Kathy and Lydia. I’ll bet that we can get you to suck Bill’s cock too, since you’ve already swallowed his cum, especially after you watch Molly and me eat each other out.”

I immediately rolled onto my back and Amy straddled my face facing my feet, and pressed her cum-filled pussy to my mouth. She also had a combination of my cum and her juices running down her inner thighs, and I sucked hungrily to get it all down. It was so erotic being pinned under her young pussy, and I really liked it when she leaned down and sucked my cock while continuing to press her pussy to my face.

Amy’s sucking almost made me cum again, and I could tell that I was giving her another climax by sucking her pussy. Then she got off of me and turned around, and we cuddled again with my now-hard cock slowly stroking in her pussy.

Then I answered her question saying, “Let’s talk about all of us having sex together. It might be hard to make this happen at home unless Kathy is out of town and all of you come over. Maybe I could be with you two and Bill over at his house sometimes when Lydia is out of town too. Do you have any ideas on how to make it happen?”

Amy grinned and said, “Your ideas will work and we can also sometimes fuck behind the stage at church and on the way home from youth nights. For now, we can fuck here at the camp. Molly and I are in the cabin next to yours and we can easily unlock the doors between them and get together when everyone else is asleep.”

Amy and I got dressed and headed back to camp and arrived long before the other counselors returned to their cabins. Bill was in our cabin and he listened intently when I described how I had just fucked Amy. We waited another hour until the other counselors came back from the lake.

We heard the door close in the girls’ cabin and unlocked the joining door on our side. They quickly unlocked their side and came into our cabin. Amy still had that freshly-fucked look about her and surprisingly, so did Molly.

The bunk beds were narrow and it was still very warm that time of year in Arkansas. So Bill and I decided that it would be too hot to be in the sleeping bags. We unzipped two of them and opened them up side by side on a large pad in the middle of our cabin floor. This provided a sleeping area a little larger than a king-sized mattress.

Bill and I for some reason seemed to be a little nervous and were hesitating getting undressed. But then the girls started undressing and Molly got things started by saying, “Come on guys, we all know we want this to happen. Get those clothes off so we can get things started.”

We were all wearing t-shirts, hiking shorts and hiking boots, but it didn’t take long to get the clothes off and placed to the side of the cabin. It was breath-taking seeing the beautiful, tight bodies of the girls. I of course had already seen Amy naked, but I was seeing Molly totally naked for the first time.

Her tits were just perfect and she had thick labia and a prominent pubis that were covered by a thin layer of hair. When she lay down on her stomach on the sleeping bag I was amazed by her shapely ass as it swelled up above her waist. And her thick labia looked fabulous framed by her luscious ass cheeks. I also saw what had to be cum running down her thighs and knew that she must have been fucked by one of the boys by the lake. Molly rolled onto her back and said, “Come on and lay down with me Ed, I’ve waited for this moment for months.”

Bill lay down with Amy at the same time I got down next to Molly. I was mostly on my back but turned slightly towards her, and Molly rolled over half way onto me and kissed me. Our lips met and we pushed our tongues into each other’s mouths. She tasted sweet and fresh. Just the idea that I was passionately kissing another teenager had already given me a raging hard on.

Molly started humping and rubbing her wet, cum-filled pussy on my thigh as she reached down and took my cock into her hand. At the same time I began stroking her beautiful tits, and we were in a frenzy of lust. At one point she broke off the kiss and pulled my mouth to her breast and I began sucking her just as I did with Amy only a short time earlier. It was hard to imagine this young girl could have such passion at her age.

I looked over and saw that Bill and Amy were also lustfully engaged, and they were just getting into the sixty-nine position with Amy on top. When Molly saw what they were doing she said, “I’m going to turn around so we can do like Bill and Amy. I just have to suck your cock and I want to feel your mouth sucking Jimmy’s cum from my pussy. Those pictures of you sucking cum from Kathy and Lydia really turned me on.”

So Amy turned around and we began to voraciously suck each other in the sixty-nine position with her on top. We were holding one another in place as we hungrily continued our oral coupling. I was enraptured by the sweet taste of Molly’s sweet cunt, and at the same time was amazed at the experienced cock-sucking she was giving me. I was soon close to ejaculating so I pulled my mouth away for a moment and said, “Molly, I’m going to cum soon. Should we continue this way or stop?”

Molly then replied, “Ed, I just have to feel your first load shooting into the depths of my tight pussy. I’ve wanted this for so long, so let’s turn around and fuck.”

I certainly didn’t need to be told twice to fuck her sweet pussy, so I turned around and got between Molly’s thighs. At the same time I saw that Bill and Amy were in position to fuck. Molly reached down and held my cock, moving the head up and down and between her thick labia. Then she said, “Go ahead and fuck me Ed, I want to feel your thick cock in my pussy.”

Molly wrapped her beautiful long legs around my ass and pulled my cock into her wet pussy. It was so hot and tight and I was overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of pushing my cock into her cunt. I then began stroking in her and just like when I was fucking Amy, I pressed gently up against her cervix on each stroke.

As I stroked Molly she continued to hold me in place with her legs and she was also thrusting her hips to meet my thrusts. We were making a slapping sound at our coupling, and I also heard Bill and Amy fucking next to us. The smell of sex filled the cabin, and it was amazing that here were Bill and I, right next to each other, fucking those sweet teen girls.

I didn’t last very long that first time, and soon moaned aloud to Molly saying, “I’m getting ready to cum in your sweet pussy baby. I can hardly wait to feel my sperm shooting into your womb.”

Then Molly said, “Go ahead and fill me with your semen. I want to feel you shooting your cum right into my cervix. I know that Kathy is not taking very good care of your sexual needs now, so I want to be here for you to give us both pleasure.”

My cock then started throbbing and I held myself fully in her as I unloaded a massive load of cum. She continued to hold me in place as my orgasm subsided and my cock started to soften. Then Molly said, “Move onto your back, Ed. I want you to suck my pussy clean while I suck your cock clean. And then I want you to suck Amy’s pussy clean of Bill’s cum. I know from the pictures that you have eaten his cum before, and I just have to see you do that.”

I rolled onto my back and Molly moved on top of me. She started sucking my cock as I covered her sopping wet labia with my mouth. My cum gushed from her pussy and I swallowed it all down. After Molly’s pussy was clean, she moved out of the way and Amy took her place on top of me. Then I swallowed Bill’s cum from her pussy, just as I had done for his wife many times in the past.

After thoroughly cleaning our cum from the girls, we all relaxed for a few minutes and talked about what had happened. Then we decided to swap girls and begin the process all over again. It was amazing being able to fuck Amy again while watching Bill fuck Molly. It was just like we had been doing swapping wives, except now we were swapping these sweet teen cunts. After Bill and I ejaculated for the second time in each of the girls and I cleaned them up, the girls decided to put on a show for us.

Molly and Amy started out kissing passionately and then moved into a shortened sixty-nine position which allowed them to suck each other’s breasts at the same time. They did that for the longest time before shifting their position and they began eating each other out.

At one point Amy pulled away for a moment and looked over at me and said, “Come on now Ed, I want to see you suck Bill’s cock. He probably won’t want to suck yours, but since you have eaten so much of his cum anyway, you shouldn’t mind sucking his cock.”

I had never sucked a cock before, but Amy was right that I had already eaten many loads of his cum. So I crawled over between his thighs and took his big cock into my mouth. I liked the thickness of it and the remnants of the taste of the girls’ pussies. I continued sucking Bill until he finally tensed up and filled my mouth with another load of his cum, at just the time the girls were getting off from sucking each others’ cunts.

Even though Bill and I were in our forties, we spent the whole night fucking the girls. When we finally fell asleep, the sun was just coming up. We only had time for a short nap before Molly and Amy had to go back to their cabin and get dressed for the day’s activities. We came back to the cabin during the noon lunch break and fucked them again.

We fucked the girls every night for the rest of our time at the camp. We also found many ways to get together with the girls, either separately or as a group, after we returned home. Kathy and Lydia both traveled to visit our girls in college often enough, that Bill, Molly, Amy and I had many opportunities to fuck. And as luck would have it, Molly and Amy ended up going to the same local college and were roommates. Bill and I visited them as often as we could for some quality time fucking their sweet teen cunts.

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