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Leaving Present

Becci eventually got to live out her fantasy
Becci had always struggled with Maths but had chosen to continue her studies due to one teacher in particular. He had helped her through her GCSE’s within his first year of teaching and was now helping her to achieve the grades she needed to head off to university.

The quality of teaching had nothing to do with Becci’s new fascination for Maths though, it was more the fact that she had fallen head over heels for Mr Henson. He was only 22 when he first taught Becci and had regularly played rugby, and liked to keep himself in good shape by going to the gym on site after school.

Becci had regularly waited around to watch him in the gym. She liked to watch his firm ass bounce as he ran on the treadmill. It had only started out as a school girl crush but Becci now found herself thinking about him constantly and had even dreamt about what she would do to him if she was ever given the chance.

It was the day of Becci’s final exam; this was normally followed by the staff going for drinks with the pupils, as a thank you to staff, and a good luck to pupils. Becci had worked hard for this last exam but was in tears when she came out. She had convinced herself she had failed, and burst into Mr Henson’s room in floods of tears.

Unsure what to say in order to console her Mr Henson simply stood up from his desk and wrapped his arms tightly around her. She felt his large biceps squeeze her tightly, her head resting on his toned chest. He stood holding her for a while, as her tears ran down his white shirt.

“Becci, please don’t cry. I am sure things aren’t as bad as they seem right now. And if you have to stay another year at least we will get to see each other again.” He said laughing, trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t want all my friends to leave and me still be here. I would have always come back to see you though” she replied trying to hold back the tears.

Becci then wrapped her arms around him, placing one hand in the middle of his muscular back while the other sat just above the waist band of his trousers. Mr Henson also let his hands slide down a little lower, and placed both his hands on her hips.

“Should we go for a drink with the others?” He asked looking down at her.

Becci raised her head. Her eyes were large, and a deep shade of brown. She looked deep into his eyes before whispering “Can we not stay here? I want to say goodbye, and thank you too you properly.”

The two stared into each others’ eyes, still holding each other. Mr Henson had always had a soft spot for Becci, but was a little confused by what her last comment had meant. He let his eyes wander down her body, checking out her small pert tits and perfect petite figure. As his eyes moved back up at met hers again, Becci leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips.

Mr Henson pulled away slightly at first, before realising that this is what he wanted. He leaned in and kissed her back, allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. The two kissed for several minutes before breaking the kiss and once again staring deep into each other’s eyes.

Becci began to blush. She had enjoyed the kiss, and could feel a slight tingle in her pussy. Was this really going to happen? She dropped her head slightly to try and hide her pink cheeks, but this didn’t help as she caught sight of her teachers growing bulge.

Without thinking she allowed her hands to run around his body, pressing gently on his toned chest. Her hands then ran down the front of his body, directly to the bulge in his tight works trousers. She allowed her fingers to follow the outline of his thick cock before saying “So you like me as well?”

“W..well you...well you are a very attractive young women” Mr Henson mumbled, amazed at the confidence of his shy student.

“Please help cheer me up Sir. It would be the best leaving gift you could give me”

Becci squeezed the thick cock gently, and once more kissed her teacher softly on the lips. Mr Henson let his hands slide down to her round tight ass and pinched it gently. He then walked over to his door, looking up and down the corridor to check everyone else had headed off, he pushed it closed and locked it.

“You have always been a brilliant pupil Becci. I would hate you to leave here upset” Mr Henson looked at her from the door as he spoke quietly. He then undid his tie and pulled his shirt up over his head, revealing his tanned, well toned body.

Becci smiled at her teacher. Eyeing his still growing bulge “I knew you wouldn’t let me down. You never have” she said seductively. She then sat on the edge of a table and undid her tight white blouse, revealing her pert tits within a black lace bra.

She continued by unzipping the tight grey pencil skirt she was wearing and sliding it down over her firm rounded ass. She stood confidently in her lace underwear, in front of her teacher, her fantasy.

“Please let me see the rest of you” He said firmly as he walked towards her.

“Loose the trousers and you can see all of me” she replied with a cheeky grin.

Mr Henson had only seen this grin when Becci had come for extra lessons and they would flirt innocently. He suddenly realised that all that flirting wasn’t so innocent; Becci now had what she wanted. These thoughts soon left his head though as he felt his pupil pull at the buckle of his belt and forcefully pull down his tight trousers.

“Wow. It’s so thick. You deserve to see all of me” Becci said with a glint in her eye as her hand slid along his semi-erect penis, which pressed against his tight boxer shorts.

Mr Henson let his hand slip behind her back, and unclipped her bra with a simple click of his fingers. Becci let her lace bra slide off her arms, revealing her hard nipples. “Impressive Sir” she quipped as she slid her hands down the side of her hips, gently pulling down the tight lace panties.

Mr Henson stood in awe, as he watched the 18 year old student slide down her lace panties, revealing her tight, swollen, pink pussy which was neatly covered by her trimmed pubic hair. The hair was in a neat triangle that pointed down to her wet slit. He felt his cock twitch within his pants as it stiffened fully.

Becci slid one of her hands back up the inside of her leg, and allowed two of her fingers to run up the centre of her damp slit, making her fingers glisten slightly in the large classroom lights. She then lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked her juices gently off her fingers, looking seductively into her teachers eyes.

“My turn to see all of you Sir” She said as she dropped to her knees. She pulled his boxer shorts down slowly, allowing his solid thick cock to spring up, inches from her face. “Mmmm. Very nice” she whispered before licking the tip of his swollen cock.

She looked up along his toned body and into his sky blue eyes as she took the tip of his swollen cock in her mouth. She let her tongue twirl around the rim of his twitching head before sliding her mouth further down his thick cock making him groan quietly.

She bobbed her head up and down on his solid length, feeling the tip of his cock press against the back of her throat. Her small hands cupped his swollen balls and pulled gently on them as she continued to work her mouth along his pulsing shaft.

“Oh, Becci. You are a naughty girl aren’t you” Mr Henson moaned as she slid her mouth off his hard purple cock.

“I want your thick cock inside me. Please fuck me sir” she said leaning back on the table in front of him, spreading her legs wide open to show her wet swollen pussy.

He slid both hands along her smooth legs, and up the inside of her thighs. He then allowed one hand to touch the lips of her young pussy, as the other hand slid up to her small pert breasts. He tweaked her nipples and massaged her tits, as he slipped two of his large fingers inside her wet pussy.

Becci began moaning as she felt her teachers fingers press against her g-spot. It felt better than she had ever imagined and she pushed her hips back towards his hand forcing his fingers deeper inside her. “Fuck me Sir. Please. I want you thick dick inside my tight pussy”

Mr Henson took his thick cock in his hand and began rubbing it up and down her slit. Pressing it hard against her swollen clit, he watched as the tip of his cock began to glisten with her juices. He slid his twitching cock down to the tight opening of her pussy and slid the tip of it inside.

Becci moaned loudly and thrust her hips towards him, begging to have more of his thick cock inside her. He couldn’t help but oblige and thrust his hips forward, slamming the full 8” of his twitching member inside her soaking cunt.

Within the first 5 thrusts Mr Henson felt his young pupil’s pussy tighten around his thick cock. Becci moaned loudly and arched her back, pushing her pert breasts high into the air as an orgasm rushed through her body.

Becci had masturbated many a time, fantasizing about this exact moment but had never climaxed like this before. Her body ached with pleasure and she felt helpless as ecstasy took over for what seemed like an age. She could no longer hold back her loud moans of pleasure and let herself relax as the best orgasm she had ever experienced rushed through her from head to toe.

Mr Henson then leant forwards and wrapped his arms around her petite body. In one movement her swept her off the table and held her tightly. His throbbing cock still deep inside her gushing pussy, he began thrusting once more. Holding the young 18 year old girl he had only finished teaching hours ago in his strong arms he began pumping into her hard and fast.

Becci had just begun to recover when her teacher dipped his head taking her stiff nipples in his warm mouth. He sucked and nibbled on her small dark nipples. Holding her in the air by cupping her tight ass her continued to fuck her as fast and hard as his body would allow.

Becci ran her fingers through his thick hair, pulling it slightly and then nibbling gently on the lobes of his ears. She began moaning once more as she felt her pussy begin to tingle again. She could feel her teacher’s thick cock slamming in and out of her tight soaking pussy and knew they were both close to orgasm.

Mr Henson began to feel his cock twitch and knew he would soon be shooting hot jets of cum everywhere, but he wanted to make her orgasm once more. He slid one of his hands lower on her pert ass and felt the tip of his finger touch her tight sphincter.

Becci was already moaning but he was very close to the edge and had to try and speed her along to her second orgasm. He pulled her close to him, forcing her legs to spread widely around his hips, and then forced his index finger deep into her tight ass before continuing to slam his cock deep inside her pussy, hitting her g-spot hard with each thrust.

Having both holes filled by her fantasy man was enough to send Becci into another raging orgasm and her body began to spasm as it shot through her whole body. Mr Henson kissed her passionately stifling her loud orgasmic moans.

As her twitching calmed, Mr Henson laid her down gently on the table and slid out his throbbing cock. He straddled the exhausted 18 year old, his heavy balls pressing against her slim toned stomach. He rubbed the twitching head of his cock hard and fast, and Becci watched as his body tensed and then she felt his hot semen land on her small pert breasts.

Mr Henson continued rubbing his hard cock and shot more and more warm cum onto his ex pupil. As his dick began to stop twitching Becci leant forward and wrapped her lips around his softening cock. She sucked and licked his penis until it was completely clean and then stood up to clean her teachers cooling cum from her breasts.

She stepped back into her tight pencil skirt, and slipped on her bra and blouse. She then picked up her panties and slipped them into Me Henson’s top draw.

“I will leave these to remind you of then fun we had until I come and visit next.” She said with a cheeky smile on her face.

She walked over and kissed him one last time, gently cupping his flaccid penis. “Thank you Sir. I am much happier now...”

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