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Letter of Recomendation

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An innocent favor turns into an interesting afternoon

“You sure you don’t mind writing the letter?”

“Not at all. I’m glad to help out Wendy.” I replied to Laura. We work at the same company in different departments. Our paths cross in the hallways, break room and the other usual places. We got to the same happy hours and other events. She’s really terrific looking for a woman ten years older than me. I’ve tried to initiate a little off-work fun, but it’s been a no-go. She won’t date anyone from the same company, even though we sometimes go to the movies or meet for lunch. I have definitely been classified in the ‘Let’s be friends’ category. I’ve just offered to write a letter of recommendation for her daughter, Wendy.

If I think Laura is good looking, Wendy is three times hotter. She’s five-foot-six inches, shoulder-length light brown hair, tanned and tone body with curves in all the best places. I’ve guessed that if she’s not a C-cup, Wendy is definitely a very large “B.” Wendy is absolutely gorgeous for a seventeen year old, almost half my age.

“When does Wendy need the letter?” I asked.

“Well,” Laura hesitated with a look of concern, “she needs it by tomorrow. Is that enough time?”

“No problem. I’ll just email it to you.”

“Well…that’s the other part of the problem. The letter needs to be hand written on a school form, and I forgot the letter. Can I drop it off to you after work?”

“I’ll be home. Just come on by whenever.”

The work day dragged slowly, especially when you don’t like your company. I left work a half hour early to beat the afternoon rush hour and arrived at my condo forty-five minutes later. A quick change and I headed out the door for my daily run. I don’t really like running but it’s the easiest way to keep trim. I run three miles a day in about forty minutes. It keeps my six-foot-four-inch frame to 220 pounds. With my size and my hair slicked back, as I usually wear it, I look like an extra for “The Sopranos.”

The run, as it usually does, cleared my head of all the daily crap at work. I got back to my place and spotted Wendy standing at my door with a folder in her hand. “Hey, have you been waiting long?”

“I just got here a few minutes ago,” she said. Gorgeous as ever, she’s in a pair of light green cotton shorts with a plain white t-shirt. Her long tan legs are a wake-up call; the outline of her lacey bra, slightly visible through her shirt, started to bring me to attention. “I thought maybe you were still at work.”

“I took off early. Your mom said she’d be coming by later tonight with the form.” I held my house keep and stepped past Wendy to unlock the door. I’m not sure what perfume she was wearing, but it smelled delicious. I opened the door and motioned for Wendy to enter. Always the gentlemen, it also gave me a clear view of her firm shapely ass.

“Well, it’s due tomorrow.” She paused. “I really appreciate you writing this for me.” She got the concerned look on her face just like her mother, “Is it okay if I wait for you to finish it? I really need to have it done and can’t come back for it.”

I walked into the kitchen as she was speaking and poured myself a glass of water from the jug in the fridge. “Sure, it’s not a problem. I know what it’s like to be under a deadline for school. I need to take a shower first.” I walked past her with the glass in my hand and eyes riveted to her bright brown eyes so I don’t get caught scoping out her body at close range. “If you want something to drink, help yourself. Turn on the TV or stereo, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right out.”

I walked down the hallway to my bedroom still thinking about her delicious perfume. I started to undress when it occurred to me I left my bedroom door open. I close it just enough for me to wander around my bedroom without giving a peep show (I do have a little modesty still left in me). I heard the television as I turned on the shower water. The warm shower, Wendy’s image in my mind and the lingering aroma of her perfume has a hardening effect on me. My penis was growing just being around her and now it was at full mast. I lowered the water temperature to help dispel my hard-on.

After some time, the water turned to ice and I’m back to a respectable state. I put on a loose fitting shirt and baggy shorts, comb my hair and into the living I went. Wendy was sitting on the sofa watching television with her knees bent, she had her bare feet on the edge of the coffee table. “What - You live in a barn? I have dinner on that coffee table every now and then, ya know.”

She was startled for a moment and turned to see me smirking at her. “You took long enough. I get yelled at when I use that much hot water.”

“I’m sure you’ve heard that when you have your own place you can do whatever you want.” I walked to the fridge to get a beer. I noticed one is missing. “Do you want another beer?”

“No, I’m not done with this one,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone. I opened the bottle in my hand as I turned to see her holding a half filled bottle in the air.

“Your mom wouldn’t like it if she knew you were drinking a beer.”

“Well, you said to help myself to something to drink and this is what I chose.”

I swear her eyes twinkled when the little smile grew on her lips. She took a sip and I wish I could be the bottle for that moment. “Well, before you get too tanked, where’s the form you need me to complete?”

“It’s on the table.” She pointed with her free hand while she held the bottle close to her mouth for another sip.

I took a pen from the kitchen counter and sat at the small dinette table before I become mesmerized by her. Inside the manila folder was a single form with her name and contact information at the top. There were three questions with room to write a brief essay question and an area for my name and contact information. This shouldn’t take too long, as I sipped my beer. I filled in the easy part first - my name, address and phone number - and then began tackling the first question, which I read aloud to Wendy. “What skills or knowledge does the applicant posses that you feel would be a benefit to the position.”

I glanced to Wendy who was oblivious to everything except the television program Total Request Live. She held the beer in her right hand, resting it against her chest. The dip in her shirt formed from her cleavage was the perfect spot to hold the bottle. “Maybe I should tell them you can drink a beer pretty good.”

“Ha ha. You are just sooooo funny.” She said flatly and sipped her beer.

My penmanship isn’t the best after writing on computers all the time. I was very careful with my printing so whoever had to read the application could actually read my writing. I finished answering the second question when Wendy got up from the sofa and headed to the kitchen. I heard her open the fridge followed by the closing of the door with the clinking of bottles. She walked over to me at the table and handed me the beer. “You better not have too many of those. Your mom’ll think I’m a bad person for giving you booze.”

“This is my last one.” She was on my right side as she leaned over the table to see what I had written. As she reviewed the paper, I reviewed the contents of her shirt. The neckline opened enough for me to see her beautiful teenage breasts gently wrapped in a lacy-topped light blue bra. Each cup held a round, firm titty. I could almost see the top part of her areolas; her nipple protruding out just a little bit.

“Good view?”

I raised my eyes to see Wendy was inches away from me. “Oops! My bad.”

  “You’re as bad as the boys in school,” she said in a wise-ass tone. Wendy stood straight and drank a few gulps from her beer.

Her perfume was still hovering around, her tanned legs within inches of me. I decided to play a bit and tickled the back of her knee closest to me. With a bit of a yelp her knee buckled a bit and she leaned against me, gripping the bottle so she wouldn’t drop it. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Stop! That tickles.” She straightened up again. I slowly reached towards her like I was going to do it again. She bent her knees away trying to elude my advancing fingers. “That tickles. I hate that!”

I found a spot on the back of her left thigh and gave it a little pinch. Boy, are her legs are tone. Not brawny, there was some give to the muscle, and her skin was so smooth. She jumped away again.

“Don’t, that tickles too,” she said in a half whine, but she didn’t move any further away.

“Are there any places that you’re not ticklish?” I stood up and stepped towards her. I literally towered over her. I placed my hands on her waist. She didn’t move at all, just stared at me.

“My mom wouldn’t be happy if she knew what you were doing.”

My hands caressed up her bare arms and across her shoulders. “You can tell me to stop at any time.” I brought them down to cup her breasts. Each was more than two handfuls resilient to the squeezing I was doing. Wendy shuttered a bit.

I released my left hand from her breast, placed it on the small of her back, and pulled her closer to me. My right hand continued to knead her breast as I leaned down and placed feather-light kisses on her neck. She shuttered again very slightly and stood very straight. My cock was a raging by this time and gave my shorts in a very visible tent formation.

My lips moved to hers. She kissed me back, her lips parting to let our tongues dance together. I pulled her closer to me, deepening the kiss as my right hand went under her shirt. I broke our first kiss, taking her bottle and placed it on the table. With both hands I grabbed the bottom of her white t-shirt. She lifted her arms as I pulled it over her head, but still didn’t move from her spot.

Her boobs were beautiful. Wendy was wearing demi cup bra. Her nipple clearly protruded forward and her quickened breathing could be seen in the rise and fall of her chest. I placed my hands near her shoulders and brought them down and around her breasts, finally palming her nipples. I could feel them against my hands and squeezed her titties.

My hands fell to the snap and zipper of Wendy’s shorts. Both opened easily and I pulled them down. I paused to give several kisses around her belly button when she jittered.

“That tickles,” she said plainly while stepping out of her shorts. Her high-cut panties were the same light blue color as her bra and sheer at the hips. Except for the reaction to being tickled by my belly kisses, she still hadn’t moved.

I kissed my way up her smooth legs, her hips, and near her belly being careful to avoid the ticklish areas. My put my lips on her left nipple while it was still in the bra. She gasped just a bit. I continued kissing over her tit, to her neck when she sighed a little louder than before. I held her left hand in my right as I initiated another deep kiss. I used my left hand to place her right hand on top of my shorts. For not moving at all, as soon as her hand reached my dick, she began to rub it through my shorts. Her teenage hands massaging my cock felt wonderful.

While she rubbed me, I reached behind her and removed her bra. Wendy stopped her manipulations long enough to allow the undergarment to slide off her arms to the floor. Her tits were even more gorgeous than I had thought. They had to be a C-cup, not sagging in the least. Her raised nipples were almost perfectly center to darkened half-dollar sized areola. Wendy had no tan lines, which excited me even more, if it was even possible to do.

As I admired her tits, Wendy had hooked both her thumbs into the waist band of my shorts and pushed down. Once the elastic managed to get over my hard cock, the shorts dropped to the floor and the rubs Wendy had been giving turned into full strokes with one hand while her other cupped my balls. Her huge tits were squeezed together between her arms pushing them out even further. She looked up into my eyes as she stroked me. I put my hands on her tits and caressed them in small circles.

I broke our eye contact to lean down to her tits placing kisses on them. Her breathing was faster than the stroking she was giving me. She stopped her stroke with a very audible moan as my mouth found her left nipple. I teased her nipple with my lips, teeth and tongue for several seconds when Wendy brought her hands behind my head and pulled me further into her breast.

My right hand grabbed her ass and I pushed my left hand into her panties. She was completely bare making it easy to find her slit. Almost dripping, her pussy was hot to the touch. I gently used my middle finger to trace the outline of her pussy lips. Slowly I worked my finger into the folds. Between my hand movements and nipple sucking, Wendy was holding onto me with all her might. I slipped a second finger into her snatch and gently caressed her pussy. My fingers were soaked. I moved my right arm around her back as far as I could to get some leverage. I switched to sucking her other nipple and quickened the pace of my fingers. Wendy was almost gasping for breath.

I released the nipple from the lip lock. Without losing concentration on what my fingers were doing to her, I walked Wendy backwards towards the sofa. Before I could get more than a couple steps, she grabbed my cock with her left hand. She moved her hand up and down the shaft but mainly held onto it. I could feel the heat from the palm of her hand.

We reached the sofa. I removed my hand from her panties to allow her to sit to my right. As I took my seat, she slid forward, removed her underwear and tossed them out of the way. Wendy grabbed my left hand and placed it on her mound as she slouched on the sofa, spreading her legs. Her pussy was glistening. “Don’t stop what you were doing,” she hissed. “I’m ready to cum.”

I rubbed her pussy and put my first two fingers into her. She moaned as I did this. She was tight, wet and hot. My right hand was entwined in her hair. I gave her licks and kisses on her shoulders, tits, nipples, neck, ears, check, and any where else I could reach. She used her left hand to stroke my cock. She was going at a steady pace with a gentle grip. I could feel pre-cum escaping.

Wendy’s body was gyrating to the motions of my hand. Within a few minutes she was moaning again and pushing her body into my left hand. I responded with a matching pressure to her pussy. She took her hand off my cock and placed it on top of my hand, pushing it against her pussy. I almost shot my load when she squeezed her own tits with her right hand. At this point I was watching her. Her eyes closed with gasps of breath and whimpers of ecstasy escaped. “Oh, oh, oh.”

Suddenly, she locked. She closed her legs around our hands and she pressed down. She clutched her breast, her eyes shut and mouth open in a circle. She held this position for several seconds and slowly relaxed. I pulled my drenched hand away, slowly extracting my fingers from her pussy.

“Oh. That felt so good. Mmmmmm” Wendy’s eyes were sleepy as she leaned over and kissed me. She grabbed my cock in her left hand again and began stroking. Her hand was slick from the juices of her orgasm. Her paced quickened a little. It felt so good but I know what I really wanted. I grabbed Wendy trying to pull her on top of me. “No fucking yet.”

“I’m about ready to burst.”

“I know.” She pushed away from me to kneel on the floor. She held my cock with her left hand. I want to watch you cum.”

Wendy’s left arm rested on my right leg as she lick up my shaft. Her tongue circled the tip of my cock, which was almost purple at this point. She ran her tongue down, up and then put it in her mouth. I was in heaven!

She continued to suck on my cock while sliding her hand up and down its length. Her right hand held my balls. Her eyes never closed as she stared at me. She wanted to watch me cum and, to make it happen, she was performing exceptionally.

“Warn me before you cum. I want to be ready.” She never stopped stroking. Her paced accelerated as did my breathing. Her mouth was divine. It wasn’t going to be much longer as gasps of breath and whimpers of ecstasy escaped from me.

“Oh, yeah Wendy! Oh yeah!” I tilted my head up to get a better look at her. I wanted to watch her as I came. That’s when she pulled my cock from her mouth and raised up just a little. She wrapped my cock with her tits.

“Cum on my tits! I know you want to!” She pressed her boobs together around my cock and slid up and down. Every now and then she’s lean forward to flick her tongue on the tip. There was no way I could hold out any longer after everything that’s happened plus a titty fucking.

“Oh, yeah, Wendy! I’m cumming – I’m cumming!” My body hardened and Wendy increased her sliding as I saw my cock peek from her cleavage to shoot a stream of cum. A small burst followed by a larger one. The drips catching on Wendy’s lips, chin and dribbling over her tits.

Wendy pushed her boobs closer together and remained in motion for a few seconds after the last shot. She unclenched her tits and leaned back. She wiped the cum from her chin as she inspected her messy boobs. A moment of thought and she massaged the goo around her tits. “Mmmmm that was wonderful.”

“Absolutely,” I said as I caught my breath.

  “You’re absolutely wonderful.” She leaned down and kissed me. “I’m going to use your shower.”

“Want company?”

“Maybe another time.” She walked down the hall to my bathroom.

My breathing returned to normal, I looked at the clock and realized it was getting late. I also remembered I had to finish the paper for Wendy. I sat bare-assed at the table and completed the form. I heard Wendy walking from the bedroom. She put her arms around my neck and kissed my ear. “Are you all cleaned up? I finished writing the letter. You got a good recommendation.”

“Thank you.” She leaned closer to my ear. “The shower warmed me up. Are you still ready to fuck me? Maybe I can go from good to great.”


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