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Login: Vincent, Password: Jessica

Vincent's paranoia leads him to take drastic measures...
July 10, 2004

Dearest Vincent,

These last few weeks are driving me crazy! I can't wait to finally be married to the man of my dreams. You're everything I have always wanted. You have given me my confidence back and you make me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet. I love, love, love you, with all my heart!

Your soon to be smoking hot 19 year old wife!


October 2, 2010

"I know these are a bit pricey but if you want a clean picture, in color and different angles... This is what you need. You get four cameras with the option to add four more. They are all wireless so you can pretty much hide them anywhere man. What did you say you needed this for again?" asked the clerk at Craig's Surveillance Emporium.

"It has sound too?" Vincent asked as he examined the lipstick sized camera.

"No... No, this system doesn't have sound." The clerk leaned in close to Vincent and whispered. "Look man, I know you don't need this stuff to keep an eye on your Beamers in your driveway... Let me know what you need it for exactly and I can hook you up. We have some stuff that we aren't supposed to sell to folks... But you give me a nice tip and I can show you the good stuff. Hell, I'd even help you hook it all up."

Vincent smiled, and reached for his wallet.

"Not here man, the boss has this placed wired too!" the clerk laughed. "I'm Johnny, here's my number, you hit me up when you want some serious surveillance in your place, for whatever you want. You wanna spy on a step daughter, your wife, shit man even your neighbors. I'll set you up nice."

"I need this as soon as possible. You free Sunday? My house will be empty for about eight hours or so."

"Look, I'm outta here in an hour. Why don't you go run an errand or two and we'll meet at the bar across the street at 5:15 or so. We'll get a beer, some chicken wings, we can talk turkey then. You said your name was Vincent right? See you soon."

Vincent looked Johnny over for a couple of seconds before nodding his head and exiting the store. He walked outside and made his way over to his white X5 BMW. He got in, rolled down his window, lit up a Marlboro light and decided to just wait out the rest of Johnny's shift. I hope 500 will be enough you slimy motherfucker... I know your punk-ass is going to fleece me on the equipment too. You better not be full of shit. Wouldn't surprise me though. I can see you being stupid enough to take the money and run... Vincent thought as he watched a couple of older Asian men wearing dirty sweatpants enter a tiny strip mall casino, the Mexicans doing their laundry, a couple of brothas posted up in front of some shitty liquor store, some freak in army boots, a Rambo knife on his belt and a beret talking to himself... He turned to look out the passenger side window and saw a few ravens fighting over a half eaten discarded hamburger. Christ... These people make me sick. This place makes me sick... I better put the keys in the ignition just in case any of these shit stains get any bright ideas...

October 3, 2010

Vincent watched Johnny install the last of the tiny wireless cameras into the smoke detector in his bedroom. I wonder how many women's bathrooms you've bugged, you low life fuck...

"Alright man, you said you had an iPad? This is the coolest part. Now you get to play with your new system," Johnny said with his back turned as he gathered his tools.

"It's in the nightstand drawer, help yourself."

Johnny opened the drawer and removed the iPad to reveal a snub nosed Saturday night special. "Fuck man, is that thing loaded?"

"Listen, this is a secret alright? I trust you can keep a secret can't you Johnny?"

"Yeah man... Sure. I won't tell a soul. If you have any problems with the system you can call me too. I won't charge extra. I'm sure nothing will fuck up but I'll come fix it if it does."

"Good to hear Johnny. Now show me the fun stuff..." Vincent smiled, with his mouth only.

Johnny grinned nervously and turned on the iPad. "Okay, so we setup your living room, back patio, bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, master bathroom and I put one camera facing out to the street. You have a total of 20 cameras that all show up on screen when you start the program. You'll have to choose a login name and password."

Vincent grabbed the iPad, obscured the screen from Johnny's view and typed in his information, reconfirmed it and logged on.

Login: Vincent
Password: Jessica

"Okay man, so this screen has all twenty cameras. You see any action on one and you just tap it to fill the screen. You got your volume here on the left and if you want to record you just hit this button here once and then again to stop. It will save them all to the recordings section of the program. You can get to there by tapping the main menu button on the top here. It's all pretty simple man. Just make sure to save the videos on some other device cause your ipads memory will get full pretty quick and you won't be able to record. Usually it saves all on some server somewhere but I know you want your privacy so I rigged it to save on your iPad. I'm gonna get out of here now Vincent, but you got my number if you need anything else."

"Thanks Johnny, here is a little extra for doing a good job. I want to stress again that this stays between me and you..." Vincent took out three crisp hundred dollar bills and placed them on top of Johnny's tool box and gave them a tap... Cause if you don't, I know where you work you little weasel...

"Yeah man, for sure. Remember me anytime you need anything," Johnny pocketed the cash and gathered his things. Jesus, this fucking guy is crazy, rich, but out of his fucking mind...

October 4, 2010

Vincent pulled into his driveway after a long day at the office. He slowly walked up to his nice house, on a nice street, in a nice part of the city.

"Daddy! His four year old daughter, Sarah, yelled when she saw him and ran over to hug his leg.

"Hey baby, what you got there?" Vincent asked as he scooped Sarah up.

"It's a panda, mommy's friend gave it to me!"

"Is that so? Mommy's friend is really nice isn't he?"

"He is! He came over today and brought me a happy meal!"

What a high roller... "Careful you don't get any dirt on your new panda sweetheart," Vincent kissed Sarah on the forehead and put her down. Mommy mommy mommy... Mommy has so many fucking nice friends... Funny how they don't like hanging around when daddy's home... I like MacDonald's too. I'll take a big Mac next time you come by you cock sucker...

October 5, 2010

"Sorry I'm late, I was swamped at work. You know how this time of year is for me. I barely have enough time to grab some lunch. Where's Sarah? Let's all eat together."

"I fed her already Vincent, it's almost eight. Try the chicken, tell me if you want me to warm it up." Jessica, Vincent's wife of six years replied while grabbing a soda from the refrigerator.

"What about you? Did you eat already too?"

"I ate with Sarah, put your plate in the dishwasher when you're done I'm gonna go shower and get ready for bed," Jessica's last few words barely audible as she made her way down the hallway.

Vincent stared at his overcooked piece of chicken and peas for several minutes before dumping it in the trash and putting his plate in the dishwasher. He grabbed his briefcase and headed toward the front door. He walked out to his large front porch, sat in his favorite creaky wicker chair and lit up a cigarette. God I love these cool October nights... He took a long slow drag off his Marlboro light and leaned back. Would it kill you to at least look at me when you talk to me... To at least join me at the table when I eat... Maybe tell me about your day, could it be cause everything you did today involved one of your ooooh so nice friends... Funny how the few I have met just stand there like dumb shits when I'm around... Funny how they need to go right before I'm coming home...

Vincent put out his cigarette and opened up his briefcase. He took out his iPad and turned it on. He entered his name and password making twenty tiled screens come to life. He tapped the one focused on the bathroom and watched Jessica typing away on her phone while she sat naked on the toilet. You have to take your phone into the bathroom, don't you Jess... Wouldn't want me seeing the shit you send your friends, innocent as it is 'n' all... You make it so laughably obvious...

October 6, 2010

Vincent walked out of his office, iPad and cigarettes in hand.

"I'm taking my lunch Tom, be back in a few."

"You want to take the rest of the day off Vince? You look like you need it. Is everything okay?" Tom, Vincent's boss asked.

"I'm fine Tom, just got some personal stuff going on right now."

"You want to talk about it?"

"No, thanks though. I just need to get my mind off things."

"Then why don't you move all the files from the storage unit back into the office. It's about time we got them back in here. Should keep you busy until around six. It's easy, it's mindless."

Fucking motherfucker... "Yeah, okay sounds great Tom... I'll get on that after lunch."

"Make it a short lunch Vince, there's a lot of files to move... Oh and Vince, say hi to Jessica for me."

Vincent paused and turned to look Tom in the eye, nodded and walked back into his office to grab his briefcase... Hey Tom, say hey to your daughter, she's 18 now isn't she? She's looking really good lately. With all those sports she plays 'n' all, she free friday night? I should of fucking said that... God I'm paranoid... I need to smoke...

Vincent sat in his Beamer smoking a cigarette and dialed his wife.


"Hey baby, want to meet me for lunch? Feel like some sushi? We can go to that new place on Main."

"I can't Vince, I need to put away the groceries and I wanted to clean the house today."

"The house is clean baby, I can wait while you put the groceries away. Maybe I can take something to the house? Want a burger or sandwich or something?"

"I had some fruit earlier Vince, you go ahead. I'm making spaghetti tonight. Should be ready around six or so, see you tonight."

"Okay baby, I lov--" Vincent tried to say as he heard the familiar double beep his wife's phone makes when she ends a call. He opened up his surveillance program and sure enough, there she was putting away the groceries, texting in between what seemed like every trip from the bags to the refrigerator. Smiling, laughing like she once did with him.

Jessica looked up suddenly and made her way to the living room, Vincent following her every move. She stopped to look herself over in the mirror by the door. She was wearing her tiny gym shorts and a tight, thin, white T-shirt. She pulled her shoulder length brown hair into a ponytail and answered the door.

Motherfucker... The neighbor's kid... Are you serious Jessica? You've been texting some 18 year old high school fuck up? You better ask her for a cup of sugar you little shit or I'll plant some weed in your gym bag and give that hard-ass father of yours a ring... Vincent could barely control his rage as he continued to watch. He saw Brandon step in and give his wife a hug. He let go of her and in stepped another teenage boy he had never seen before. Taller, muscular, holding a basketball. Vincent's suspicions were confirmed when he saw this unknown boy grope his wife's ass as they hugged. She let out a laugh and placed her hand on his cheek. You have got to be fucking kidding me Jessica...

He saw Brandon reach for his wife's ass also, slipping his hand up her leg under her shorts. Jessica was now kissing the new boy as Brandon was rubbing her ass and reaching under her shirt to fondle her breasts with his free hand. Vincent turned the volume up and hit record.

Jessica turned to kiss Brandon now and his friend began to pull down her shorts. She eagerly lifted her leg to help get the shorts off as quickly as possible. Jessica's lips left Brandon's and she led them to the couch. She instructed them to sit down, swiftly removed her top and knelt down in front of them. Jessica pulled Brandon's shorts and underwear down, freeing his stiff cock. When she sucked his dick up into her mouth, Vincent watched his young neighbor lay his head back in ecstasy on his leather couch. Yeah I know buddy... She gives amazing head and my sofas are fucking comfortable... Vincent fought every instinct in his body to race over there and toss a wet blanket on the fire burning before his eyes.

Brandon's friend pulled his shorts down too, grabbed Jessica's hand and guided it toward his hard on. Vincent watched his beautiful wife sucking a teenager's dick while stroking another's. Two teenagers Jessica probably wouldn't have given the time of day to when she was their age. Ten years, a child, and one workaholic husband later made her standards pretty much non-existent.

Jessica sloppily leaned over to take the other boy's dick in her mouth while Brandon stood up and made his way behind her. Brandon's friend grabbed Jessica's ponytail and started moving her head up and down his shaft like some hired slut, something she hadn't let Vincent do, without complaining, in years. Brandon moved her thong to the side, parted her legs and leaned in to taste Jessica's bald wet pussy. As soon as he did Vincent could hear those familiar moans of pleasure she so sexily let out when he would push the right buttons, the last time being over a year ago.

Brandon was licking up and down Jessica's cunt from her clit all the way to her asshole, savoring every forbidden taste. Vincent could hear her moaning loudly and encouraging the boy. He could hear the friend laugh, call his wife a slut and force her head back on his dick. He saw Brandon stand up, squat down and start to work the head of his cock between his wife's folds and into her moist pussy.

Vincent began to feel his own hard on growing in his pants causing him to squirm in his seat. He turned on his car, rolled up his windows and looked around to make sure he was alone. He opened up the center console and found some old fast food napkins. What the fuck am I doing... I'm sitting in my car about to fucking jerk off to my damn wife fucking a couple of kids... I need to go get a goddamned hooker...

Vincent began to stroke his cock as he watched the boys switch places. Brandon was barely seated before Jessica slurped her own sweet wetness from his cock. The other boy gave Jessica a slap on the ass and disappeared down the hallway. Vincent quickly followed him the best he could, switching from camera to camera until he saw him enter the master bedroom. The boy went right for the bottom drawer of the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of Astro Glide Jessica kept tucked away in the back for those rare occasion's she let him fuck her while she laid there and stared at the ceiling. You little fuck, you knew exactly where that was... How many fucking times have you shits been over to my house... For how long... Did you fuck her on my bed? Son of a bitch...

Brandon's friend hurried back to the living room where Jessica was now riding Brandon, her breasts bouncing freely in front of his face. The friend poured some Astro Glide on his fingers, reached between Jessica's ass cheeks, and rubbed the lube around her asshole... Invading her tight opening with a finger causing Jessica to gasp loudly.

"Oh my god, you naughty little boy!" Jessica said, pushing her ass into his fingers.

"You know I don't like sloppy seconds Jess," Brandon's friend announced.

Sloppy seconds... Good one punk... Guess you've discovered what a dirty little whore my wife can be... Vincent thought, stroking his cock faster now.

"Josh, you dirty motherfucker man!" Brandon laughed

"Literally bro, I'm literally about to be one dirty motherfucker," Josh joked. He picked Jessica up by her armpits and gently placed her back on the ground, on all fours, knees first. He squatted down behind her and pushed the head of his cock into her tightest of holes. Brandon quickly knelt in front of her and put his dick back in Jessica's mouth, savoring the vibration of her intense moans on his shaft while Josh slowly slipped the head of his cock in and continued until he had his dick buried all the way in her ass. He reached down, firmly grabbed both of her ass cheeks, spread them apart and started rocking the pent-up house wife back and forth along the length of his cock.

Vincent began vigorously masturbating now completely focused on the surreal scene unfolding, in real time before his eyes.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna blow in your mouth slut," Brandon mumbled through heavy breaths, placing his hand on the back of Jessica's head and filling her mouth with his salty sweet cum. Brandon stood up, stumbled backward and plopped on the couch exhausted where he quietly watched his friend furiously fuck his neighbor up her ass.

Jesus Christ... How many times have you put your bare fucking ass on my beautiful leather couches... I fucking sit there every night... Get some damn Clorox wipes on your way home...

Josh placed his hand on Jessica's hip and grabbed her ponytail with the other. He slammed his hips into her harder than Vincent had ever done.

"Fuck yes, give it to me Josh! Fuck that fucking ass! Goddamn!"

Really Jessica... Last time I fucked your ass you said it hurt so bad we had to stop after a few minutes... This dude is bigger than me and he is fucking slamming into you, and you're loving it... Vincent felt his orgasm coming on and made paper mâché out of three Burger King napkins. He looked around and was relieved he was still alone. He put his softening dick back in his slacks and continued watching. Goddamn this kid is going longer than I am and I was fucking jerking off...

Josh continued fucking Jessica for several more butt pounding minutes, dripping the sweat from his head on her back, before thrusting deep up her ass and shooting his load. He gave her a few more slow strokes before pulling out and laying straight back on the living room floor, his chest heaving up and down as he laid. Vincent watched his wife quickly stand up and hurry the boys out of the house, but not before they both got a couple more spanks in when she bent over to pick up her clothes.

"I get her ass next time bro. You've had it twice in a row now," Brandon said.

"If you can beat me next time we shoot some hoop son, right Jess?"

"He's right Brandon, gotta earn this ass!" Jessica laughed.

Vincent switched over to the view of the street and watched both boys walk back over to Brandon's house. He switched the view to his shower and saw Jessica send a few texts while the water was warming. He hit the record button again to save the file and opened it up to check the quality. The picture was clear and so was the sound. Vincent didn't know if he should be angry it was these two boys or relieved. He actually wanted to go home and fuck his wife harder than ever before. She had become a sexual object again. Not just someone there to raise his child, cook his meals and clean his house. Fuck... It's 2:00 already... I can't move these fucking files... I need to tell Tom I need the rest of the day off. I can tell him Sarah is sick and I need to pick her up because Jessica is busy... He can't say no to that can he?

Vincent drove back to the office to talk to Tom face to face. When he entered he saw Tom in the meeting room talking to a couple of clients. Tom waved through the glass and Vincent smiled and waved back. Fake ass motherfucker... Vincent walked over to Tom's office and sat down in one of his chairs and waited. While he was waiting, he noticed Tom's iPhone buzz and screen light up.

1 New message

Girl next door: Tom I just wanted to tell you that you make me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet. I would love love love for you to come over tomorrow for lunch ;)

Vincent's eyes widened as he read the message. He looked up at Tom smiling and kissing the clients asses. He grabbed the phone to read some more of the conversation.

Tom: Hey there horny girl, I sent Vince on a fool's errand today, wanna grab a bite to eat? ;)

Girl next door: I have a dentist appointment today but maybe tomorrow?

Tom: No worries, I can send Vince to go see a client that's an hour away tomorrow around noon ;) see you soon, sexy. So when are you going to dump that loser, and be with me already?

Loser? You're the one fucking around on your wife you piece of shit... We'll see how that turn's out for you... Snake...

Girl next door: I want to baby, but you know I can't, Sarah. She loves Vincent.

Tom: I can't stand the thought of another man putting his hands on you. Not even seeing you naked as you shower.

Girl next door: We haven't had sex since way before we hooked up, don't worry. You're the only man I see.

Tom: I'll see your fine ass tomorrow Jess, I want EVERYTHING ;)

Girl next door: See you tomorrow baby.
Vincent slowly placed the phone back on the desk exactly where Tom had left it and scurried outside. He began to feel panic entering his body. He knew that now, he really couldn't confront his wife. She would surely run to Tom, he would fire him and he would be alone, without a job and his thumb firmly up his own ass. Vincent sat on the steps to the office, lit up a cigarette and thought long and hard...

October 7, 2010

"Good morning baby!" Vincent said after standing up from his bed, stretching, opening the curtains and letting the sun pore in. "look at what a beautiful October morning this is. I just love October."

"You're in good spirits," Jessica said, turning away from the sun.

"Why wouldn't I be? I have my health, my beautiful daughter, my loving wife. I finished that report for Tom too! Even made him a DVD presentation!"

"That's good Vince... I'm gonna sleep a little longer, will you drop Sarah off at school today?"

"Sure thing! I know you're so very busy, sleeping 'n' all. Gotta get your rest for your long day of... What is it you're gonna do today again?" Vincent rhetorically asked in his best sing-songy voice.

God, I fucking hate you Vincent. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of your boss while we laugh at you... "I have a busy day, thanks for taking Sarah."

Vince gathered Sarah's things, made her lunch and put her in her car seat. He pulled around to the front of the school and walked her to class. He lit a cigarette up before getting in his Beamer again and took a couple of puffs before flicking it in the dirty look shooting, short, dumpy female crossing guard's direction.

"You have a good day sir!" Vincent smiled and waved as he drove by. I'm sure that's not the first time you've been called sir...

He arrived at the office, pulled the report out of his briefcase and placed it outside of Tom's locked office. Hope you like it dick head... Vincent placed a note on the top of the folder explaining that he would get started moving the files from the storage unit back to his office bright and early. He waited until 9:30 when Tom usually arrived and dialed his cell phone. Tom's phone rang a couple times before he answered.

"Holy shit Tom, you haven't shown the report to any clients have you? I fucked up man, I put the wrong DVD in the case! I'll be back in the office in about an hour. Fuck man, I'm so sorry. Whatever you do don't watch the DVD I put in there... I'm such a bonehead," Vincent put on his best worried voice.

"Don't worry Vinny, the client gets here at 11:00, you have an hour and a half to get back here. Grab some coffee will you?"

"Sure thing boss! One sugar, one creamer right?" And stirred with my cock...

"Right. See you soon."

Vincent hung up and couldn't help but grin. He knew Tom wouldn't be able to resist looking at the DVD. He sat there laughing to himself for a good five minutes before heading to his favorite coffee shop to pick up a couple of cups.

Tom opened the report, and fished out the DVD. You fucking fool Vince... What, did you put some mix CD in here of your gay music or something? Tom popped the DVD out of the case and read the scribbled sharpie caption.

Fun with Jessica and the neighbors ;)

What the fuck is this? Some neighborhood BBQ home movie? God, how... Suburban. I can't wait to steal your hot wife Vinny... Tom turned on his laptop and placed the DVD in the slot. He waited for the program to start and hit play...

What in the fuck... What is this happy horse shit!?

Tom's world began to spin, he ejected the DVD and placed it back in the case. He leaned back in his executive leather desk chair and tried to digest what he had just seen.

"I'm sorry boss, here's the right DVD and your coffee... It's extra cockalicious for you today... You didn't watch it did you?" Vincent asked, barging in, surprising Tom.

"Uh... Umm.. No, no I didn't. You said you had the right disc? Just umm... Just leave it on my desk. I'm gonna go for a little walk and drink my coffee Vince... These clients are important and I need to clear my head."

"Sounds good boss, I'll prepare the presentation," Vincent smiled and handed Tom a cup.

"Yeah... Uh, you do that Vince... See you in a bit."

Better go around the block twice Tom, one for each cock your undercover lover took in that video... Vincent chuckled to himself... Your afternoon plans just got a bit more interesting playboy...


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