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Making Her

The day I gave her a lesson in obedience…
"Hi baby, where are you?” I quietly whisper into the phone.

“Just dropped off the kids.”

“What's next on your agenda?”

“Going for a run, how ‘bout you?”

It's a very warm day so I know she's not wearing her yoga pants today.

“So what are you wearing then, your running shorts?” My pants grow tight even as I say the words. I love it when she wears her workout pants but she looks even hotter in those skimpy, tight jogging shorts.

“Yeah, the black ones with my turquoise tank top. I'm feeling rather good!” she teases, knowing how that outfit drives me nuts.

“Still driving?”

“Yes sir,” she says playfully. My cock stirs again.

“Pull over!” I demand.

“I can't honey, my schedule’s too tight as it is.” I simply ignore her.

“I want a picture of you...pull over.” I can hear the frustration in her breathing as she pulls to the side of the road. “Smile for me then send it.”

“Really, that’s what you want?” she scoffs. I can tell that she's stopping the car as a deep sigh registers into the phone.

“Yes. And the next one I want you blowing me a kiss. Send them both.” My heartbeat nearly doubles as I get the first peek of my beauty, a reluctant smile on her face. The next one, the kiss, almost sends me over the edge.

“Damn, you are so beautiful. Holy fuck woman!”

“Thank you...can I go now?”

“Now take a picture of your shorts for me.”

“I can't, didn't you just hear me honey, I have a very tight schedule?”

“I am so disappointed...that's not what I want to hear. What do I want to hear from you?”


“Fine? Take the pic and send it!” I bark. In about a minute I hear the familiar buzz. I can see her beautiful thighs nestled atop the seat.

“Oh look delicious. Now extend your arm out beneath your steering wheel and give me a pic facing your gorgeous thighs.”

“Michael, I really don't have time for this. Can't we do this later?”

“What did I tell you to do? Take the damn picture!”

Seconds later I'm gazing at her tanned, thickly muscled thighs, the legs I love to wrap around my waist... or my face. I can see the lovely gap at her crotch and I’m ready to come already.

“Hmmm just as I thought, no panties, baby.”

“Yes, I left them at home. I need to get going now, is that okay?”

“Take your left hand and place it on your thigh.”

Silence has overtaken our conversation. I can tell she is blowing me off and I’ve had just about enough of her defiance. “Where is your left hand right now?”

“On my steering wheel...”

“You're disobeying me again?” I say incredulously. “Move your fucking hand right now. This is the last time I’m going to repeat myself...understood? What’s all this Master stuff if you’re not going to obey me?”

“Yes sir,” is her very meek response.

“Now send me a pic...” The vibration is coming quicker it should be. “Good girl, now move it up your leg until you've found your pink slit. Pull the shorts to the side a bit so I can get a good look. You know what to do.”

“Hmmm, yes Sir!”

“Now work a finger the full length of your slit.” The moaning in my ear tells me she's starting to have a good time. “Now take your index finger and comb it over that little nub. Do you like that baby?”

“Oh fuck...yes!”

“Excuse me?”

“Sorry...Fuck yes, Master!”

“That’s better...that’s my girl! Now scoot that gorgeous ass forward a bit, make yourself comfortable, and drive two fingers deep inside... deeper!!!!” I hear a loud gasp and a moan.

“Now finger fuck yourself.”

“Hmmmm...Yes Sir.”

“Feel good, honey?”

“Ahhhhh...” she moans into the receiver.

“And here you thought your schedule was tight...”


“You're going to come for me!”

“Yes sir.... Ohhhhhh.... Hmmmmmm...... Damn.....”

She is panting and gasping in my ear until I sense that she's just about there.

“Hmmmm, you’re such a lovely little slut, Stacie. You love it when I fuck you don't you baby?”

“Oh yes, yes Sir I do!”

“So tell me who owns you, who's fucking you right now?”

“You are!”

“Excuse me?”

“You are, Master!”

“Say it, dammit!” I can tell she’s going nuts.

“My Master owns me and is fucking me right now!... Ohhhhgggaaaawwwwddddddd.”

Like a plane touching down on the runway it arrives - fast, powerful, and dramatically physical - the massive orgasm overtakes her body. I can hear her grinding into her fingers, her ass sliding back and forth across the slippery wet leather seat.

“Good girl, you’re such an obedient little whore. Take a picture of your slick pussy for me baby.”

Within seconds I see her again. Her beautiful butterfly lips are slick with her cum and spread out wide.

“Damn baby, that looks so fucking tasty. Now dip your fingers inside and taste yourself for me. Take a picture as you eat your cum!”

I hear her frantically slurping her cum in her mouth, moaning in appreciation.

“My gawd you look so hot! Now let me hear you clean those nasty fingers...” I can hear the tangy nectar being sucked into her mouth. “Yes, that's my good slut!”

“Thank you Sir, that felt so good. Hmmm, delicious...”

“Yes! You needed your Master today didn't you?”

“Yes Sir I did, thank you!”


I’ve really been on edge lately. Ever since I woke up I’ve been feeling rather horny and it’s lasted all day long. I’ve just left my last appointment and decide to pull over and text my beauty.

“What are you doing right now?”

Just got home, chilling at the computer. I’ve got a bit of work yet to do.

“Where were you?”

“My license expired so I had to go to the DMV, my favorite place!” she says sarcastically. “They didn’t even make me take the test over! I was out of there in like 20 minutes!”

“Oh my, what did you do, blow the clerk?

“Damn near... No, actually I just dressed up a little and everything went smooth as silk.”

“Still dressed up? Let me see.”

“Holy fuck honey!” The pics are stunning. Her light blouse allows me to see not only her hardened nipples but the dark aureoles as well. Her skirt is short and her heels tall. Damn she is one sexy woman! “So, no test huh?”

“Nope and I don’t get it. It’s not like I’m something special or anything. I’m just me.”

Her humble perspective has always delighted me. She has no idea what a sensual, beautiful MILF she is. She just doesn’t see it. I guaranty every guy in the room turned to lust after her when she walked in the place but she just doesn’t realize the effect she has on people.

“Damn honey, no bra? You look smoking hot, lover!”

“No panties either...” she teases.

“I love you! Where are the kids?”

C’s still at school and the others are over at the Thompson’s until dinner time.

“Okay, cool. So tell me…” I say rather coolly. “Do you need to get that work done right away or can it wait?”

Um, I guess it can wait. Do you need me to do something, babe?

My cock is stirring in my slacks as I think of all of the possibilities. I’m just 20 minutes from her house. My wife and I live a couple hours away from here. Fortunately the wife is tied up until late tonight and her Kenny is off on a fishing trip for the weekend. I’ve been driving straight to the hotel we frequent and right now I’m pulling into the parking lot.

“I need to go for a bit. I’ll text you in a few.”

After checking in I decide that pictures are better than words.

Click: The front of The Hampton Inn

Click: Room number 417 posted by the door

Click: A half eaten bowl of fresh pineapple along with a fork. (She loves to suck cum, especially my cum after I’ve eaten some fresh pineapple)

Click: My hard cock in all its glory.

“Give me 15 minutes

got to arrange for the kids

Don’t waste a drop


I hop in the shower and remove the day's sweat. As I hear the knock at the door I wrap the towel around my waist and open it. There she is, my breathless beauty. She attempts to walk in, trying to push past me, but I block her way.

“On your knees, slut!” Her look is horrified and extremely excited as she stands half in, half out of the doorway. “Now take my towel off and do what you do best!”

“Here?” she whispers fearfully.

“You’re not getting inside - you’re not getting off - until you fucking drain me!”

She looks left and right as she drops to the floor and pulls the towel off. Her left hand surrounds my shaft just as her lips surround the tip. And now my beauty is sucking on my dripping cock. Click!

“That’s it baby; take care of your man!” I say, as her mouth tenderly covers my shaft and works it in and out, her tongue bathing the underbelly of my cock. Click! She looks up into my eyes, which are smiling too.

“Damn honey, you’re sure getting off on this. You’re even smiling for the camera as you suck me.” Click! There’s a voyeur locked up in her, I’m just helping to release what’s inside.

If someone were exiting the elevator or stairs they would see only her luscious ass in the hall and intermittently the back of her head as it bobs up and down my length. This is so fucking hot and I’m not going to last much longer. Just then the sound of the elevator bell breaks the silence. I grab her hair and begin to wildly fuck her face.

“You better crack my nut soon honey or a few others will see face to face what a wanton slut looks like on her knees.” She moans loudly into my cock as she picks up the pace.

The sound of approaching footsteps fills the corridor as her tongue rapid fires over the belly of my cock. When our neighbors are but 25 feet from her, my cum shoots into her mouth. Before they are even with our door I’ve pulled her inside as I lay on the carpeted entry, her mouth glued to me in a feeding-like frenzy. After really milking my dick she looks up and smiles at me, then opens her mouth to show me the treasure inside. Her luscious lips and tongue are coated with my thick cream and it looks fucking hot as she puts on her little show. Click!

I motion for her to get up and we both rise to our feet. Walking her over to the bed I point her towards the white sheets.

“Hold still, bend over and grab your ankles.” My foxy sub does just as her Master ordered. I take the hem of her skirt and flip it up, revealing her gorgeous ass and legs and smack her ass several times. She moans louder with each new slap.

“Spread your legs, baby!”

Her feet are now a couple of feet apart. I kneel down and gaze up at her dripping sex. She wants it and she wants it bad...Click!

“Now take your left hand and spread your ass cheeks for me. I want to see your tight little hole!” It looks so hot when she puts it on display for me. Click!

“Bring your other hand down and slide your fingers between your glistening lips. Let me hear how much you need to come...” Seconds later her finely manicured nails are shiny and wet. The smell of her delicious sex has permeated the air causing my cock to rise again. I kneel behind her sweet, luscious ass and relish in the feeling of rimming her, my tongue flicking over her brown eye just as her pussy begins to flood her fingers as she comes. That always sets her over the edge. As my tongue reaches her clit she really lets go, squirting deep into my mouth. I lap her cunny for minutes on end until her quaking body begins to calm a bit. That’s when I take her clit between my lips and finger fuck her until she is close again. My hand is drenched as I draw back and take the camera in hand again. Click!

I look between her legs, capturing a glimpse of her beautiful, grimacing face. She’s getting off knowing that I’m documenting this entire scene for all of eternity. I save everything and she knows it: every chat, every email, every picture and Gif. We’ve taken nude pics before, but never of us having sex. It seems as each new month passes she is indeed getting freer. Her eyes close once again as her hand finds the back of my head and draws me once again to her puffy lips. Click!

Our time is drawing short but there’s still so much we want to share. I lay her down on the bed and she gazes up at me and gives me a sexy smile. I take a picture of my lover, encapsulating just a small portion of her tremendous beauty. I cannot and never will get enough of this woman. All of my dreams start and end with her.

With cock in hand, I point the tip at her opening, playing with her clit.

“Put it in Michael...I want you to fuck me now!”

With one hard push I am inside. Soon my ball sack is slapping against her ass as my cock rams her tight, gushing pussy. I’m still standing beside the bed as she plays with her hardened nub, moaning with her eyes glazed over. I pause, my cock half in - half out, and snap another picture, a visual gift for the two of us of the completeness of our union. It’s my shiny cock meeting her glistening slit and it is breath takingly hot. But there is one more I want. Pulling out - much to her dissatisfaction - I lean over the bed, gather two pillows and slide it beneath her lower back as she raises her ass. Her juicy pussy has completely drenched her tiny brown hole so it’s easy when I slide my finger inside her and watch her respond as I finger fuck her ass. Click!

“Now play with your pussy. Drive your fingers inside your sweet cunt, baby!” Immediately she attends to her sexy shaved twat and I resume working her with my fingers. It is fucking sexy watching her head move side to side as our passion builds. Click!

Grabbing the bottle of Wet I pour it over my needy cock and work it around good then slip my finger from her butt. I place cock at the entrance and her eyes pop open.

“You want my ass?” she moans, her orgasm just seconds away.

“Well whose ass is it?” I implore.

“It’s yours, Sir. You know that. He doesn’t get it any more. My ass is only for you...”

Inch by inch I sink inside of her tightest spot. Her eyes bug out wide as the invasion progresses until I fill her completely. Her hands have left her cunny as her body attempts to adjust to my size. Finally, as I slowly begin to work in and out of her, pleasure takes over and she reaches again for her clit.

“Lift your hand first baby!” I say and then snap another picture before I nod that she can resume playing with herself. “Good girl...I’m getting close...I want you to come with me!”

As I take hold of the tops of her thighs I’m able to bury myself deeper and harder into her. She closes her eyes again, her body writhing as her head sways back and forth in the throes of another dynamic come. With one last and mighty thrust, I scream at the top of my lungs as I bury my load deep inside of her ass and collapse on top of her.


A half hour later we are reluctantly approaching our exit from the room. It’s the lone time when we’re together that we’ve both grown to hate. She loves me, I love her and we are both committed to another spouse. I hate it. And, at least to some degree, she hates it too. How I’d love to be free to roam this Earth with her forever without any least on me! Then an idea pops into my head...

“I’ve been thinking of a way for us to have more time...unhindered time...”

“Yeah? I’m listening!” she says, eyes riveted to my lips.

I pull my phone from its sheath and flash her the day’s events. The pictures start out playful and innocent and, as the day presses on, an insatiable love and the activities associated with such is documented over and over again. Hell, by the end of the day we were doing something that's illegal in a dozen different states! I look at her and we smile as our eyes meet yet again.

“So, what do you think?” I ask coyly.

“What do I think about what?” she laughs.

“What do you think of my plan for more time together?”

“What in the hell are you talking about? What plan?”

“My plan is for us to have pretty much unlimited time together in the very near future. And the wheels will be put in motion starting tomorrow!”

“Tomorrow? What happens then?” my confused and anxious lover asks.

“Tomorrow is when I’ll be forwarding these pictures to your Kenny and my Chrisy. When they receive them I do believe that will afford us much more time together!”

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