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Man of The Law

A story of what happens when a man and a woman are locked up together
This short story is completely fictional. Any of the events that take place in this story are not based on real life situations.

It was the summer of '10 and I had sought out a career in Corrections. I had just graduated and I had to wait a couple of weeks to turn 19 before I could start the application process. Things went pretty smoothly and I was hired in a couple months. I was 19 with a good paying job and was set to be on my own. The only catch was I worked for the state and they could transfer me anywhere they wanted in the state. Sure enough right after I got certified they shipped me up north, eight hundred miles away from home. It was a hard move for me because I had to leave everyone I knew behind, but I had to make the decision that was best for my future.

The department of corrections was nice enough to have me an apartment set up and ready to go. I only had to pay for utilities as the rent was paid by the state. Since I had no friends I had a lot of time to sit at home and read my policies and procedures. Any issues that came up at work I had a solution to it. My captain noticed this and always gave me outstanding evaluations. I was employee of the month 4 times in a year and got a parking space next to the warden with a sign that read “Employee of the month parking only”. This led me to get promoted to sergeant in 2 short years. I was 21 and already ranked higher than officer who had been there 6 or 7 years.

One day I got called into my captain’s office and he said he had some good news for me. He told me that a position had opened for sergeant in my home city and that he already put the request in for a transfer. Three weeks later I was on a train heading back home to family and friends. I listened to my favorite artist on my mp3 as I looked out the window of the high speed moving train. When I got home my family and friends were waiting for me with hugs and kisses. I got settled into small apartments as I was saving money for a house.

Prior to moving back home I had done little research on the facility I was moving to. You could see the confusion on my face when I entered the compound. It was a prison for women and women only. Not only was it an all women prison but it was much nicer than where I came from. It looked like a college campus.

As I got a tour of the compound I witnessed inmates gardening and training service dogs. They even had a warehouse where they made prescription glasses that would be shipped all around the world. I was amazed how well behaved the inmates were, they all looked like sweet old ladies and soccer moms. I just couldn’t simply imagine that these were hardened criminals doing some serious time.

I quickly made a name for myself and all the inmates seemed to comply with my orders with a smile. I was later moved to the night shift because someone with seniority over me decided they wanted my shift. It wasn’t a problem for me because I liked staying up through the night anyway. The shift was 12 hours so I had a lot of time to get to know the inmates that were assigned to my dormitory. My dorm was a mix between an open bay housing unit and confinement. They had separate rooms with bunks and a door, no cells or bars.

The way that the compound was set up you had no choice but to feel empathy for the inmates unless you were a heartless major pain. I had my favorite inmates that I always called on to do task for me. There was one which I particularly to favor to. She had been served 16 years because she killed her husband and his best friend. She explained the reasons behind her crime and I felt sad for her because the very system I served had failed to protect her.

As she told me the story she was crying and reached out to me for a hug. I took a quick look around to make sure no other officers or inmates were around to witness me embrace her hug. She held on to me tight and my face was buried in her hair. The scent of her hair took me by surprise, it smelled like passion fruit and was soft as a pillow. She stood at nearly 6 feet and had the figure of a cola bottle. She was in her late 30’s but could easily turn more heads than a teenage model. I had to fight back urges to squeeze her ass and stick my tongue down her throat. I felt my member getting hard and I quickly pushed her off me. She must have felt it too because stared at my crotch area before turning around and leaving promptly.

I went home that day with a 3 day weekend ahead of me and plenty of time to think about what had just happened. I hadn't had any type of contact with an inmate like that before and I was not sure how to handle it. I thought about writing her up and getting her transferred to another facility but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. She had already been through enough in her life and I didn’t want to add any more pain. I also found myself thinking how it would be without her and I couldn’t bear the thought of it. I even found myself fantasizing that it was her riding my dick and not the chick I had just met at the bar.

I returned to work the following Monday and it felt like it was my first day, I had butterflies in my stomach. I sat down in my station and was going through inmate requests and letters that they often write me. I went through the request and I came across one from an inmate that wanted to trade rooms because she feared her bunk mate. This was the closest room the officer station so I was about to deny it because I knew anything serious wasn’t going on and she was probably just trying to move with a friend or lover. I was about to check “not approved” when I saw where the inmate wanted to move. She wanted to trade places with “her”, my heart started pounding and my breathing got hard. She was trying to get close to me and I wanted her there. I signed the documents and to my surprise she already had her few items packed as if she knew I was going to approve the move. I escorted her to her room and she turned around gave me the most seductive smile I had ever seen. I was in fear because I wanted to do something that could cost me my job and drastically alter my future.

Two weeks passed and nothing happened. I thought maybe she had gotten over me and that was a big relief for me because it would take the force of a thousand suns to keep me from entering her womb. Things proceeded as normal until one night, while doing a security check I caught her in her room pleasuring herself. I had seen this a thousand times from other inmates and it really wasn’t a big deal for me after the first couple of times. But when I saw her I got completely frozen, she had her legs wide open with one hand rubbing her clit and the other fondling her nipple. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be sleep. I stood outside her door and watched her play with her pink pussy while my dick stood in attention. I couldn’t hear behind the door but it looked like she was letting out faint moans as her head twirled in different directions on her pillow. I was about to pull out my dick and start masturbating with her when someone one made a call over her radio. I had it on full volume and it scared this crap out of me and her, her eyes popped open and when she saw me standing there she smiled and plunged her fingers deeper into her glorious pussy.

I could not contain myself anymore, I took my keys and unlocked her door. I opened the door as slowly as I could so that it wouldn’t make any noise and wake up her roommate. I told her to grab her clothes and go over to my station. She peeked out into the hallway and ran into my station on her tippy toes. I watched as her perfect ass jiggled up down while she lightly sprinted. My dick was rock hard and was about to burst out of my uniform causing me pain.

When I entered the station she was in the chair with her legs spread open, I immediately dropped to the floor to get a whiff of her pussy It had a strong odor that I couldn’t resist a second longer. I brought my lips as close as possible to her pussy without touching it, something I always like to do. I could feel the heat emit from her pussy as I teased her, she had enough and grabbed my head with both hands and mushed my face into her pussy. As I got the first taste of her pussy my dick shot out a string of precum.

She moaned in ecstasy as I lapped away at her juicy pussy, she pulled on my ears as I lightly nibbled on her clit. I started sucking on her clit with my tongue and upper lip while two of my fingers found their way into her warm spot. It wasn’t long before she bucking in the chair and cumming all over my face. She tried to push my head away as she was cumming but I wouldn’t let up. I grabbed her hands and held them down and continued licking her pussy as she whispered, “Officer, please stop”. I finally let her up and her wrist bruised a little from me holding her down.

She got out of the chair and gestured for me to sit down. She crawled in between my legs just as I had done and unzipped my pants. She reached down and grabbed my shaft of dick and pulled it out. She looked at my dick with lust and jacked me off a little while watching my foreskin move up and down over my head. I told her I couldn’t take it any longer and she started licking the precum off the base of my cock, working her way up. When she got to the top she plunged down on my dick swallowing every inch, her late husband must have trained her well because she had no gag reflex. I sat back in the chair with my head leaning back as she sucked my dick like her life depended on it. She gave me the best blowjob I had ever had but I needed to know what her pussy felt like.

I told her to climb on top and ride my dick, she obliged and put her hand around my neck while lining her pussy up with my dick. In one swift motion she engulfed my dick with her pussy and we couldn’t help but moan in unison. She swirled her hip while I was balls deep in to her, I took her nipples into my mouth and she ground hard and faster. I could barely keep her tits in my mouth because she was riding my dick so hard and fast. I had to tell her to slow down several times because the chair was making too much noise. She told me she couldn’t because it had been way too long since she last had some dick and she wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

I let her take full control, each and every time she came down on my dick it made a loud slapping noise. At that point I didn’t care who would catch us, I felt the cum building up and I warned her it was coming. She rode faster, harder, wilder until I shot my load deep in her pussy. She kept riding, making a creamy mess over my pants, when she finally got off of me. She went back in between my legs and cleaned up the mess she made.

I escorted her back to her room and she planted a big wet sloppy kiss on me as I squeezed her ass one last time for the night. I went back to my station and fell asleep in minutes, I was awakened by one of my coworkers who laughed at me and told me I worked too hard. He also insisted that I have one of the inmates come and clean the station because it had a weird stench to it. I knew just who to call.


This story was free written so I apologize if it’s not as good some of the ones already on here. This is only my second story and I would like some feedback rather it be good or bad. Thanks for taking a trip on my wild imagination.

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