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Mary's Secret Lover

Mary's Secret Lover

I want to lose my viriginity
My name is Mary and I'm eighteen. I’m kind of shy around my peers, and have not really ever had a boyfriend before. I just get real nervous and start to sweat a little around them. I love school and do really well in my studies. I’m in my last year of high school and will be attending college in the fall.

I have long brown hair and green eyes, and I am five foot five inches tall. I’m one hundred and ten pounds. I have long legs, and I’m a 34 B cup size. I’m still virgin, but I ache to know, what it is like to have sex.

My best friend, Lucy, has had sex, and she is always telling me how great it is. She has a boyfriend, but she would love it if I had one too, so we could double date. But that isn't happening, because I just get really nervous around guys.

I really want a boyfriend, and I’m trying to be less tense around them. I’ll be going to college in the fall. I really would like to not be a virgin, when I go to college. I would love to have sex with an experienced lover, who could show me how to be a good lover. But for now, I’m just eighteen and a hopeless virgin. Although, I really want to be a bad girl and have some fun.

I’m always masturbating in my room. I love to finger my pussy and make myself wet. I love to spread my legs and rub my clitoris. I've inserted a few fingers in and fucked myself knuckle deep. I've learned to curve my fingers and hit the spongy spot in my pussy, and I’m able to make myself cum. I masturbate every day, before I go to school, and every night, before I go to bed. I really want to have sex soon.

Lately, I've been fantasizing about my father’s friend Robert. I know that is wrong to even think about. Robert seems so gentle and caring, and I think he is very good looking. Robert is always at our house. He’s my father’s friend, but is a carpenter.

He’s doing work in our basement. He’s been working on it, for the past week or two. Robert is six foot two inches tall. He has brown short hair and brown eyes. He’s very active and takes good care of his body. Robert is fifty years old, like both my parents.

Robert is divorced with no children. My father and Robert are very close. Even when he is not doing work at our house, my father and him spend lots of time together. I just fantasize about Robert kissing me, holding me, and putting his head between my thighs, and bringing me to orgasm.

I just get wet thinking about it. I need to think of a way to get his attention. I would just love to be Robert’s secret lover. I really want somebody to teach me how to be a good lover.

My parents are working late and will not be home until later this evening. My mother told me to just order pizza or something. She said that my dad would also be working late. I’m thinking that today would be the day, to proposition Robert to sleep with me.

When I got home from school, I ran up to my room and put something more risqué on. I wanted to seduce Robert. I put on my tightest jean shorts and I did not wear any panties.

One time, when I watched a porno movie, the girl had on very short shorts and her pussy lips were plump. The fabric of the jean shorts went up her ass a bit. I made sure that my pussy looked just like hers, in my denim shorts.

I wore a pink tube top with no bra. I put my heels on. I then went into my mother’s room to brush my hair. I put on some of her perfume. I was hoping to entice Robert into having sex with me.

I went into the kitchen and poured a glass of iced tea, and I put some cookies on a dish, and walked down the stairs to the basement to give them to Robert.

“Hi Robert, I thought you might like a glass of iced tea and some cookies.”

“Mary, that is so nice of you dear. Thanks so much for bringing that down. How are you doing? How is school?”

“I’m good. School is good. Just looking forward to summer coming. I can’t wait to go to college in the fall.”

I made sure to drop my bracelet and I bent down right in front of Robert. I made sure he could see my pussy through my shorts.

“Mary, you look so pretty in your outfit. You've grown into such a beautiful girl. You kind of look like your mother a little. You must have a lot of boys looking at you honey.”

“No actually, I don’t have a boyfriend. I really am quite attracted to you. I hope that was okay to say. I just think you are so attractive.”

“Mary you’re just a young girl and I’m your father’s friend. It would be kind of wrong for me to be with you.”

“Robert, I’m eighteen. I’m not a child. I’m a virgin and I really want to know what it is like to have sex. I really want to be with a more experienced man. I want you to be the one to take my virginity away.”

“I don’t know Mary. If your father found out, he would be upset with me. I just don’t think I could do that.”

“Robert, my father would probably be glad that my first time was with somebody who would be gentle with me, and somebody who actually cares about me.”

“You do look very sexy Mary. You’re actually making me very excited looking at you in that outfit. Let’s sit on the couch.”

Robert leaned over and gave me a deep and passionate kiss. His tongue danced with my tongue. Robert had his hand behind my neck as he kissed me. I started to feel lightheaded, while we kissed.

“Mary, I don’t want to do it here. Let’s go over to my house and I will make love to you there.”

I took Robert’s hand and we went upstairs and I followed him to his car. We then drove over to Robert’s house. I was feeling nervous and very excited. My pussy was starting to get wet. I wasn't wearing panties and the fabric on my jeans was getting wet.

Robert’s hand was on my knee and thigh, while he was driving. I think now he was feeling rather horny and wanting me. I was feeling very nervous and very excited. 

We finally got to Robert’s house. We walked into his house and Robert picked me up and brought me into his bedroom. He gave me a long and passionate kiss. His tongue was deep in my mouth.

Robert then undressed me. He pulled my tube top over my head and massaged and caressed my breasts. He squeezed my breasts together, and licked and sucked on each of my erect nipples. His tongue played in circles with each nipple. Robert then bit gently on my nipples. It felt so good.

“Robert you’re making me so aroused. Oh Robert, that feels so good. Oh God!”

He then unzipped my shorts and pulled them down my leg. I wasn't wearing panties so his fingers rubbed against my pussy. He stroked my pussy with his fingers.

“Mary lie down on the bed, and spread your legs. I’m going to eat your beautiful pussy.”

I got on the bed and spread my thighs. I closed my eyes and Robert’s tongue was licking and sucking on my pussy lips. I’d never felt something so incredible in my life. His tongue danced and bathed my smooth pussy. His tongue parted my lips as he began to tongue fuck my aching cunt.

I was so turned on when Robert licked and sucked on my pretty untouched pussy. I was holding his hands, while his tongue danced along my folds. His tongue was licking my pussy up and down. I wrapped my legs around his neck. I was bucking my pussy into his face. Robert then inserted a finger or two into my pussy. He fucked me with his fingers and then would lap the juices that were flowing out of my cunt.

“Oh Robert, please don’t stop. Oh God, that feels so wonderful. Oh God! Oh God!”

Robert was rubbing and playing with my breasts. Pinching and pulling my stiff and erect nipples.

“Robert, I’m so aroused. Please don’t stop. Oh god!

The more I talked with him the more intently he licked my pussy. I was feeling so aroused and hungry for Robert’s cock. I never wanted a cock so much in my life. Robert licked my pussy for a long time. He never did anything else. I must have had several orgasms during this sexy romp

“Robert, please make love to me. Please Robert, will you please make love to me.”

I was begging him to make love to me, but he just licked and lapped my pussy like a kitten drinking milk.

After a while, I was so hot and horny and wanting Robert. Robert, then got on top of me and gave me a long deep and passionate kiss. His hands were cupping and rubbing my breasts.

He slid his cock into my wet pussy. I could feel my hymen breaking. It was a little uncomfortable, but he did it really fast, and then it was broken.

Robert made passionate love to me. We were kissing and looking at each other the whole time. Robert had deflowered his best friend’s daughter. His cock was average size. He was probably about six inches, but he was very thick. I moved in rhythm with Robert. My legs were at his side, as he pushed his cock deeper, and deeper, into my pussy.

Robert then pulled out of my pussy and told me to get on my knees and give him a blow job. I’d never done anything like that before. Robert held my hair and told me to open my mouth and bob up and down over his prick. I slowly took his whole cock into my hungry mouth.

Robert was moaning and groaning. He said that I was a beautiful girl and he cared for me so much. While I was sucking his cock, Robert was playing with my firm and perky breasts. He was pinching and twirling my stiffened nipples.

“Mary, I am going to come. Open your mouth wide.”

Robert blew his load down my mouth. I swallowed it down for him. He said I did really well and gave me a big kiss. He told me to wait there, and he came back with some oil.

“Mary, I want to give you a massage. Get on your stomach honey. “

Robert, poured the oil into his palm and worked his hands over my shoulders and back. His hands felt so amazing on my skin. Then he worked his hands down to my buttocks. He was kneading each cheek with his fingers. His hands then did each leg and worked his fingers on the soles of my feet. Robert even sucked on my toes. I never felt something so incredible, while he did that.

“Mary, go onto your back. I want to massage the front of your body.”

Robert poured the oil all over my breasts. His hands massaged each one. He rubbed and massaged my stomach. He worked his fingers down my thighs and down to my feet. He rubbed and caressed my foot and sucked on my toes again.

“Oh Robert that feels so good.”

He poured oil onto my pussy. He worked his fingers along the folds of my lips. He rubbed and massaged my clitoris. Robert inserted his middle finger and fucked me hard and fast.

“Oh Robert, that feels so good. I am coming! Oh God, it feels so good.”

Robert worked his fingers faster and faster in my warm wet hole. He then leaned down and worked his tongue all along my asshole. He put his tongue in and out of my puckered anus. It felt so good.

“Mary, get on your hands and knees! Spread you buttocks with your hands.”

Robert began to lick my ass and he inserted his pinky and fucked my tight ass slowly. It felt different then my pussy, but it did make me kind of excited. Robert licked my pussy and fingered my ass. Robert poured the oil over my asshole and slid his cock slowly into my rosebud.

I told Robert it hurt a little and he put more oil onto my ass. Robert worked his cock slowly and gently into my tight anus. It felt interesting, as he fucked me. Robert played with my clit, while he fucked my tight asshole. He moved his cock a little faster each time.

Robert was squeezing my ass, and he even smacked it a few times.

“Mary, you are so hot honey. You’re my dirty girl aren’t you sweetie?”

Robert was thrusting his cock a little harder into my anus. He had a wicked smile on his face. I think he was enjoying fucking me now.

“Oh Mary, Oh fuck, I’m coming.”

Robert came in my asshole. His cum leaked out of my ass and down my thighs.

Robert bent me over, my head was now touching my knees, and he licked his cum from my ass. It was so hot and erotic. Robert told me I was his naughty princess and that he would be fucking me again.

“Mary, I want to be with you again. I want you to be my secret lover. I’m going to make you feel so good sweetie. I want to have you until you go off to college. I want to teach you how to be a good lover.”

I had to keep this a secret. I don’t think my parents would be too thrilled that Robert was having sex with me. Even though I am eighteen, I wouldn't want to make trouble for Robert. We’ll just keep it a secret.

I'll never forget the night that Robert made passionate love to me. It was better than I ever dreamed possible. I love that I’m his secret lover. Robert said he would love me, spoil me, and adore me, until I go off to college. I’m so happy that Robert was my first intimate experience.

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