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Meeting the Lovely Woman Next Door

He hasn't got a clue how far this woman will take him...
It’s a rural area, where houses are placed hundreds of yards apart. The typical home is custom built and many have acres of land surrounding them. I absolutely love it. The privacy, the beauty, the wide open spaces…it’s all so perfect. Who could ask for a better way of life?

As for me, I’m a middle aged man who thinks he’s still a kid. My energy level, work ethic and continued involvement in athletics have served me well. I’m in better shape than most guys 20 years my junior. Sometimes I forget all about my age. The only time I come back down to earth is when I look in the mirror. Its like, “Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m not a kid anymore; I’m an old guy!” It’s hard to ignore the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes or the graying hair at my temples, much as I try. At any rate, it’s while I’m on a long run along the trails near my house that this story begins...

As I do most days of the week, today I find myself running hard down the wooded path. It’s a beautiful area, extremely picturesque and, as usual, it’s totally uninhabited. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone hiking or jogging here on the trail. But then I see her and I know I’ll never forget this day as long as I live. She is beauty incarnate: deep bronzed skin, flowing dark hair and a stunningly beautiful face with a smile that just lights up the sky. Her eyes pop and her pearly whites are beaming. She is runner-lean but cheerleader-thick in all of the right places. (Yes, I’m a man who loves curves and I’m unapologetic about that. Looking at a woman built like a junior high boy does absolutely nothing for me.) As I watch her continue to make her way toward me her seductive, bouncing full breasts compete with that lovely smile. Upon passing I can’t help but turn and jog backwards, wanting to take in the rear view as well. OMG! Her muscular, bubble-butt is mouth-watering perfect. I have just witnessed the definition of beauty, of femininity. I can tell my heart is out of sorts, racing a bit too high given the now slow pace that I’m running. Of course I blame this on her beauty rather than what kind of shape I’m in. Typical me. Finally I turn back around and jog the next few hundred yards and then finally a brisk walk. I have but a mile to go before reaching home again and figure I’ll begin my good cool down early.

Several minutes later I begin to hear the pounding of footsteps, a runner’s footsteps. How can I tell? Their pace silly! This person is booking it, even faster than I had been running. It kind of takes me back, to think that the normally desolate path now has a third runner. I turn to take a look soon I’m staring into the seductive beauty’s eyes once again.

“Let’s go old man! Just try and catch me!” she smiles and says as she whisks on by. The competitor in me takes off like a flash but I must admit she is quite a speedster and can probably kick my ass. I sense that she knows the mercy rule for she’s slowed down a tad. It still takes me a good four hundred yards before I catch up and begin to run stride for stride with her. She looks over to me and her smile just melts my heart.

“Not bad, not bad at all!” she says. “I guess you’re not an old man after all,” she says playfully as she drops her speed down now to a fast walk. As I meet her strides I just look over at her and smile. My heart is pounding too hard to feel like saying much of anything.

“My name is Mark,” I say as I extend my sweaty hand. “You are quite the runner!”

As she takes my hand firmly in her own a thought comes to mind: I love the feel of her dripping skin as it meets with mine. It’s so soft and warm. I feel my body beginning to swell. This woman is damn exciting.

“Nice to meet you Mark, I’m Michelle. As for your running, I’m actually impressed. You’re pretty good...for an old man!” she giggles. We both break into a loud belly laugh. Her sexy smile and sultry voice is making an impact. I sure hope she doesn’t look down at my crotch. A tent is definitely forming in my shorts.

Our cool down walk lasts about 15 minutes and it’s one of the best quarter hours in memory. We’re talking non-stop, about workouts, relationships, careers and family. I find her personality just as intoxicating as her beauty. She is simply engaging and I love conversing with her. Soon we’re nearing my driveway and I’m bummed. I really don’t want our time to end.

“I’m just two houses down, maybe a third of a mile yet. Feel like going a bit further?” she asks.

A bit further, I say to myself, hell yeah! I figure a more appropriate response is in order.

“Sure, I’d like that,” I understate. Immediately my pulse picks right back up, as if I’ve begun to run again. It is simply her. This woman is beginning to drive me nuts.

Like most of my neighbors she too has a lovely spread. The mature trees and landscaping accentuate the beautiful architecture of her home and I tell her so. As we make the long walk up her driveway I ask if her folks are around.

“No silly, this is my place!” she says with a grin. “My grandmother helped us kids get a good start on life. It’s all mine. In fact, I just paid it off!”

“Damn woman, that’s pretty amazing for someone so young, owning their own place. Good job; I’m impressed!” I’m not just blowing smoke. I am indeed impressed. Her smile tells me just how much the compliment means to her.

Soon we are sitting in her kitchen, slugging down a couple of glasses each of her fine brewed sweet tea. It may just be my imagination, but I seem to detect a glimmer in her eye. It’s either a playful look or a sensual look but in either case it just endears her to me all the more. And by the throbbing in my shorts, that beautiful look has not gone undetected by my cock either.

As our bodies cool down the synthetic shirts are clinging to our still wet skin and we’re starting to get chilled. I feel super sticky and I can smell my perspiration now. I figure that can’t be real attractive to this gorgeous woman. It’s just about time for me to make my exit.

“Well I need to get in the shower now...” she begins but I interrupt her before she finishes her thought.

“Yeah, me too. I’ll get going now. Thanks for the tea!” I retort.

“That’s not what I was saying,” she laughs, “you didn’t let me finish. I was just about to say that I want you to make yourself comfortable and that I won’t be but a few minutes.”

“Well thanks but I really need to go and take one too...” I say but now she’s the one interrupting me.

“Sure you do. Let me go first and while you take yours I’ll put your clothes in the wash. I’ve got a robe you can wear until they’re dry. How does that sound?” she asks, her smile beaming once again. Right now, in all honesty, she could ask me if I’d like to jump off a cliff for her and I’d probably gladly do it. I don’t think I could ever so ‘no’ to that smile.

“Actually that sounds perfect. I’d love to spend a little more time with you!” I answer.

“Just a little, how disappointing,” she says smiling and away she goes. Moments later I can hear the water running and an amazing voice echoing against the tile walls as she sings away. I can’t make out what song it is but her voice is incredible. A few minutes after the running water ceases she yells out that it’s my turn. A minute or two later she pokes her dripping head out of her bedroom door and tells me where the towels and robe are and to hop in the one across the hall. Before my soaking wet clothing has a chance to hit the floor I can hear her turn on the hair dryer.

Her home is really nice and it’s obvious that the bathroom has recently been remodeled. Soon I too am singing away as the water crashes over me. It’s a Dierks Bentley tune, I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes, a romantic song that rings of passion. It’s a song that I love and I’m unashamedly singing it at the top of my lungs. Unlike Michelle, I don’t have a great voice so this probably isn’t the wisest thing to do but I figure what the hell, I like it!

As my refreshed body steps from the shower onto the tile I’m taken back. My sweaty clothes are gone. While I was singing away she came into the room and, not three feet from the glass shower door, picked up my stuff that needed laundering. Once again my heart begins to beat quickly. Not only could she clearly hear my crummy voice, she probably got a pretty good glimpse of my stiff cock as I soaped it up. It was brick hard while she was in here. Once again the phrase ‘what the hell’ crosses my mind. While I’m not a huge guy, if she did see my tool I’m sure she wasn’t too terribly disappointed with its length and girth. The events of the last 45 minutes are definitely making me wonder where all of this might be going. As I tie the robe around my waist I’m having a difficult time containing my hard on inside of it. I hope I don’t make a fool of myself with this display. Just as I’m about to exit the room I hear her call out for me.

“Hey, can you give me a hand?” I hear her say.

I turn and head down the hall until I meet the laundry room. The washing machine is working away but Michelle isn’t in here.

“Are you coming? I need a hand!” she calls again.

There’s not a lot of urgency in her voice, as if she’s in trouble or something. The tone is more like, “Hey can you reach up there and gather that bowl from the top shelf for me?” As I walk down the hall again I realize she’s still in her bedroom. From behind the closed door I announce that I’m coming in and swing the door open.

“Well finally! What took you so long!” she says playfully. Our eyes are locked as she stares at me with the broad smile that stretches across her face.

‘What...what are you doing...what do you need?” The words are stumbling out of my mouth.

“I need your help; isn’t it rather obvious?” she says.

“Michelle, I’m nearly old enough to be your father. You need my help with what? Why me? Why now? Don’t get me wrong...I’d love too but, but... I just don’t get it...”

“I told you earlier what I like, that I like older men. Do you need me to elaborate a little?”

“Please do; for the life of me it makes no sense. Look at you and then look at me. I’m definitely flattered,” I say while looking down towards my crotch, “and then some, but you really need to fill me in here.” I don’t know why I’m talking right now. I should just walk on over to her, lean her against the wall and fuck her silly.

The raven haired beauty is lying on her belly; her upper body is raised off of the bed as she’s propped up on her elbows. From this vantage point her gorgeous tits, encased in a sexy black bra, are proudly on display. The only thing covering her beautiful backside is a black matching thong. It hides very little of her ass as her cheeks jut into the air. This woman is simply breathtaking.

“So I’ve had this thing for older men as long as I can remember. Not just anyone; they have to be fit, authoritative, brimming with confidence...the kind of man who takes control. You are such a man. And...well...let me show you.”

At this point Michelle gathers her knees beneath her. That prime piece of ass is now raised high towards the ceiling as she angles her upper body down to the bed, lowering her shoulders and head until they are lying on the mattress. Her arms are compliantly extending down the side of her legs as she looks at me with her smoldering bedroom eyes. She’s positioned herself just so; she knows exactly what she’s doing. At this point I can hear myself swallow. I have never seen such beauty in all my life. “Oh, and by the way, you are old enough to be my father!” she hisses. I turn the numbers in my head and she is right. I shake it off, just wanting to get to the bottom of this.

“Well?” I repeat.

“I know you told me not to do this, but I just can’t help myself,” she says as her eyes close and her hand disappears between her thighs. The statement confuses me but I’m locked on her every move. Seconds later it’s quite apparent that her fingers are buried deep inside her of pussy as I watch her arm move slowly back and forth.

“Ohhhhhh,” she gasps. As her eyes open, she pulls her hand out and sexily raises it toward her head. “And not to do this!” and as she places her fingers into her mouth she moans loudly while sucking them clean. I can hear her lips smack. She looks like she’s about to come as my rigid cock finally slips beyond the curtain of the damn robe.

“I know what you’ve said before. I know you don’t like me doing that Daddy, but I just had to. I’m really sorry!”

Did she just say Daddy? Holy fuck! My cock is aching for relief now.

“Don’t be upset with me and I promise I won’t get mad at you. I know what you have to do. I’m willing to take whatever punishment you deem appropriate,” she hisses as she smiles and wiggles her ass. “Help me to learn Daddy; drive all of the bad out of your baby girl!”

There’s no holding back now. I look down only to witness my tool bobbing up and down. A single drop of pre-cum drools from my smooth tip and drops down onto the carpet. She sees it too.

“Oh Daddy, don’t waste a single drop of your nasty cum. Let your baby girl take care of any spillage you have!” she coos. She’s pursing her lips now, making a slutty, pouty face as she continues to look my way, alternating from my eyes to my hard on.

My head is spinning now. I keep thinking holy fuck, what have I gotten myself into? But then I think again, recognizing that the beauty before me is a grown woman and I’m simply a grown man. I lose the robe as I aggressively walk to the foot of the bed. I’m staring at her ass and the drenched panties that are caked to it. You can make out the folds of her sex as they are tenderly wrapped within the wet, silky material.

“Michelle Lynne, I can’t believe you just did that! What in heavens name has gotten into you young lady? Is that a proper way for a girl to act?”

“I’m sorry Daddy; I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I know it’s wrong but I just can’t seem to help it...”

“Honey, like I’ve told you before,” I say as I breathe in deeply. The smell of her sex has diverted me. It is filling the bedroom and damn is it ever sweet! “There’s nothing wrong in sliding something inside your cunny or into your mouth,” I continue. “But what I thought I made clear to you is that Daddy, and only Daddy, can fill those holes. It’s okay for you to rub your clit when you need to,” I say as I walk to the side of her bed and reach between her legs, taking her hard nub between my thumb and index finger. As she moans loudly I say, “Just don’t put anything inside. Your holes belong to me! Do you understand baby?”

“Yes, Daddy, I understand, but sometimes I have to do it; I just have to!” she begs.

“Well we’ll see about that Missy!” I holler as I kneel on the bed and grab a handful of hair. As my left hand begins to rhythmically flail away on her ass cheeks, the right one yanks her head off the bed and towards my cock. I’m watching her hungry lips as she opens her mouth and then encloses them around my shaft. With every new blow on her tight butt she raises her head up until only my tip remains in her mouth and then she slowly descends the length of my shaft. I’m smacking her hard as I feel her mouth hum around me. It is a sound of pain and pleasure. I look down as the first of several tears roll on down her high cheek bones and notice that her hips are swaying as her first come washes over her abused but excited body. This is all I can take as my dick unleashes a torrid stream of my hot jism into her mouth. My make believe daughter frantically sucks my cock, forcing the steamy fluids down the back of her throat.

“Fuck baby, you sure know how to please your old man,” I finally manage as my cock falls from her mouth. She immediately grabs it in her hand and pulls it back inside. After a few long strokes of her tongue and some aggressive sucks I am completely drained.

“There, I couldn’t let any go to waste, not my Daddy’s sweet cum!” She says with a giant smile on her face. Then the smile turns into more of a frown. “Damn, that hurts!”

As soon as the words meet my ears I feel bad. In all the excitement I quickly realize that I had probably swatted her 25 - 30 times, and quite hard. Her ass will probably be stinging and red for hours.

“I know Michelle, but that’s what happens when you disobey Daddy. It’ll be a good reminder for you of just who’s boss. But here babe, let me see if I can help you.”

I get up and move to the foot of the bed again. I’m staring straight at her ass and it is ruby red in color. When I place my hand on it feels like it has just been steamed, it is so damn hot. Her soaking wet thong is clinging to her sweet smelling pussy. When this woman comes, she spills a whole lot of cum. The scene is to die for! At first I take my time, just rubbing her slowly and tenderly, massaging both of her fine cheeks individually with my hands. Her moans indicate that the soothing action she’s receiving is helping to relieve the pain. When it seems like I’ve done enough I reach for her underwear and begin to slowly pull them down. It’s an amazing sight as her thick dew stretches a long stream several inches in length, from her honey pot to the fabric, as they are lowered. I get another strong whiff of her fine nectar and damn do I want to lap it up. Patience, I tell myself. Soon they are traveling down her long, smooth legs and then off her feet. When I move my fingers between the crack of her ass towards her slit I can feel the heat coming off of her steamy flesh.

“Do it Daddy, slide right up inside of me!!!” she demands.

“Patience my princess, patience...”

I place my hands on top of her thighs and lean in, pulling her divine looking core towards my hungry mouth.

“Oh Daddy,” she anticipates, “Are you going to put your tong...”

As my tongue slides up between her ass cheeks her words become stuck in her mouth. She is moaning uncontrollably now. I quickly throw her legs up in the air until her quads are resting on top of my shoulders. With tongue extended I push forward until my tongue snakes its way between her creamy folds.

“Oh fuck...fuck...hmmmmmmm,” she moans repeatedly as I rake her pussy from her clit to the base of her slit. With each pass my nose presses into her deliciously sticky rosebud and another moan escapes her wicked lips. I do this again and again until she can take it no longer. Like a bucking bronco her body twitches and convulses and screams out as one come after another overtakes the beauty. I could go on like this for hours but alas, she finally screams that she needs me to discontinue my efforts.

“Stop Daddy!!! STOP!!! I can’t take it any more!!!” she bellows. “PLEASE!!!!

After placing her wasted form back down onto the bed I begin to use my hand to pet over her body. She is anywhere from clammy to downright sweaty, depending on the area I’m touching and I find that I am much the same. I look up at her face and her disheveled hair and tightly closed eyes speak volumes to me. She is flat worn out. Unfortunately for her, I am not. I lean up and take the pillows from just above her head. My hands take hold of her lovely hips and pull her ass up about a foot.

“What now Daddy? What are you doing?” she asks as I shove them beneath her belly and push her down onto them.

“Hush yourself honey; Daddy needs to fuck his baby girl now!” I tease.

I look down for a reaction and she says nothing, but a slow developing, sexy smile comes into view. Apparently she is game. At this point, however, I could care less. This little prick tease is going to get fucked and fucked royal! I reach for her bra and unclasp the hook and pull it off of her. On the nightstand I see her five inch vibe. This will do nicely.

“Suck it!” I demand as I bring the plastic to her lips. Immediately she opens her mouth up wide and I shove it in.

“Lather it up really good for me baby. You’re going to want this to be really wet!”

She works the toy over in her mouth and moans with anticipation, that is until I spit down the crack of her ass. Now she’s a bit unnerved. I pull the vibe from her mouth and turn it on. Now it’s my turn to tease.

“Hmmmm,” I mumble to myself, loud enough so she is sure to hear me. “So many options....what shall I do with my sweet little princess now?” I taunt.

She can hear the sound of her toy as it nears her body. She’s expecting it to touch her at any second when suddenly I lunge forward and slide my steel rod right up her dripping cunt.

“That’s right baby, I own your pussy!” I say with authority as I begin to ram my cock in and out of her very hard and very deep. “Does it feel good to have Daddy’s cock fucking your tight, young snatch?’

I’m watching attentively for her reply. Just as she is about to answer, before a single word is spoken, I drive the vibe slowly up her ass.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she begins to murmur repeatedly.

“And yes baby, Daddy owns your ass too!” I bark. “Say it for me...What does Daddy own baby girl?”

“Daddy owns...Ohhhhh.... my cunt...Daddy owns my...DAMN!!!!!... my ass...Daddy owns...Holy Fuck!!! Shit!!!” Her fourth orgasm of the day is tearing her apart now. She can’t even speak as her head rotates back and forth. Her body resembles that of an epileptic in mid-seizure.

“That’s right baby, I’ll finish it for you. I own your pussy, ass, mouth... your whole fucking body Michelle!”

As my right hand begins to pound her hip and ass cheek, my left reaches for her hair, jerking it and her head back towards me. Immediately I feel one of her hands diddling her clit, occasionally stroking the base of my shaft at it continues to pummel her juicy cunt. Next thing I know I feel my cum explode deep inside of her, filling her tight, young cunny with a massive load of spunk. Our orgasms hit simultaneously as we both scream out loud. Moments later we are collapsed in a heap, just fighting for air.

After getting dressed I lie down again on the bed and gently kiss her on the cheek. She is half asleep but manages to stir a little.

“Another run tomorrow morning?” she asks.

“Sure, that would be great!” I say enthusiastically.

“Yes it would...and hopefully we'll have another memorable afternoon...” she wishes aloud.

“Oh don’t worry honey; Daddy will be by for another long visit with his precious little princess!” I reply. Her wicked smile is the only response I need.

As I enter my master bathroom back at home, I stand in in front of the mirror studying myself.

“Wow, I guess wrinkles and gray aren’t bad things.” I say aloud. “Not bad at all...”

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