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My girlfriend's daughter and I finally have sex after years of flirting and fantasizing.
Megan was fifteen years old when she and her mother, Darlene, moved into the house down the street three years ago. Darlene said that Megan has always been a handful, a bit rebellious, very out-spoken, and opinionated. But, she’s a good girl and has never really gotten into any trouble.

Darlene and I started dating, even though she is sixteen years my senior. We know that is unusual, but it has never made any difference to us. We met at work where she is an executive secretary and I am an engineer.

Megan has become a very beautiful and sexy girl, just like her mother. The problem is that she knows it and will use her good looks to get what she wants whenever she can. She’s used those qualities on me for a long time. Megan is about five-six, has a perfect teenager body, nice breasts, and cute, short black hair. Her steel blue eyes are simply stunning and she can look at me with a look that says, “Please! I’ll be good,” and I will give in to anything. She knows that she has me wrapped around her little finger. I know it, too, but would never admit it in a million years.

Around the time Megan turned seventeen, she started to flirt with me overtly. It was flattering, but troublesome. How do I respond when my girlfriend’s daughter flirts with me and gives me every reason to get aroused by it? Oh, she was always careful that her mother was not around when she did it, but it still made me very uncomfortable. Megan is a gorgeous teenager and I found it increasingly difficult to resist her advances.

One day I was lying by the pool and Darlene was somewhere inside. Megan came out of the pool wearing just her bikini bottom and a tight, wet T-shirt. She walked over to me and stood there dripping wet with the T-shirt clinging to her firm breast and her enormous nipples standing out rock hard and said, “What do you think? Do I have a nice body?”

I looked up at her and my mouth must have dropped open, because I had never seen a more gorgeous female in my life. She noticed my hesitation and knelt down and said, “Well? What do you think?” Her perfect breasts were now at my eye level.

Water was dripping from her hair and running down her face, dripping from her nose and lips, and I thought I would faint! I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her gorgeous breasts.

“What I think is that you’re trying your best to tempt me.”

“Is it working?”

Before I could answer, Darlene came out and said, “Hi guys. How’s the water?”

I said, “Good!”

“Megan, put your bikini top on!”

“Okay.” She walked away and flashed me a sly look that suggested, “I’ll see YOU later.”

I left the magazine I was reading on my lap to cover the bulge in my trunks.

“Later” came that night when Megan was washing dishes in the kitchen. Her cute hair had dried perfectly, but she was still wearing the damp T-shirt.

I know I should not have done it. I knew I was playing with fire, but I just could not resist. I walked up behind her and started to massage her shoulders.

“Mmm. That feels great! I’ll give you an hour to stop.”

I said, “Do you know the song that goes, ‘If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?’

“I’ve heard it. And I would.” She turned around to face me with that gorgeous smile.

“Forget it. I’m joking!”

“Sure you are.” She saw right through me.

A week later I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and Megan came up behind me, put her arms around my waist and said, “You’re a good husband and daddy.”

“Thank you, but I’m neither a husband or a daddy.”

“Well, if you marry Mom you will be.”

When I turned around, she pulled me close and said, “I want to find a man just like you,” and kissed me on the lips. I was so shocked that I just didn’t respond.

When she ended the kiss, she said, “What’s the matter? Don’t you like me?”

“Of course I like you! But you’re Darlene’s daughter!”

“Well, is that such a big deal?” and she started to kiss me again.

“Whoa Megan! Yes it’s a big deal and we can’t do this.” And I gently pushed her away.

She stuck out her lower lip in a pout and walked away saying, “You’re no fun.”

I have to admit that I am vulnerable to Megan’s advances. It wouldn’t take much for me to give in to my male urges when she does something like that. She is always rubbing her tits against my arm, or running her hand across my ass. One day we were sitting on the sofa watching TV and I think she was reaching for my crotch and I quickly got up and walked away. She seems to be horny all the time and I’m a convenient male toward whom she can aim her urges. Or maybe she’s just practicing for when she has a boyfriend, which I’m surprised she’s yet to have.

* * * * *

Megan found a boyfriend, Todd, a couple of months ago and Darlene and I are not happy with him. He’s a pot-smoking, unemployed, disrespectful bum and he treats Megan like property. The few times we’ve met him he didn’t even get out of his car when he came to pick her up, but just sat in the driveway and honked the horn. Two weeks ago we told Megan to dump him or we’d call the cops about the pot he always seems to have plenty of.

Today we had a fire drill at work around three, so we were told we could leave for the day. That got me to Darlene’s house about two hours earlier than normal and I was pissed when I saw Todd’s car in the driveway. I was not only pissed, but also suspicious. Why was he here during the day when Megan knew that we would be at work? What could they be up to? I didn’t like the possible answers.

I walked quietly into the house and listened for talking or music or something, but heard nothing. Megan’s room was downstairs in the finished basement, so that’s where I headed.

As I approached Megan’s door, I could heard her crying, “Stop Todd! You’re hurting me!”

The door was not completely closed so I was able to push it open. They were in bed, Todd was on top of Megan, butt naked, and he was humping her like there was no tomorrow. I was horrified, but couldn’t stop watching. Todd’s full weight was on Megan, his hands were under her ass, and he was grunting and humping so hard that the bed was knocking against the wall.

Again Megan pleaded for him to stop and was trying to push him off. “Stop Todd! Stop it! You’re hurting me!”

Then with one mighty thrust, Todd yelled out, “Aahh. Aahh. I’m cumming. You’re a great fuck Megan!”

That did it for me. I burst through the door, ran over to the bed, grabbed Todd by the neck with both hands, and threw him hard to the floor, his cock still spurting.

“Hey man! What are you doin’?”

“Shut up!” I yelled angrily.

I turned to Megan and said, “Are you alright?”

Before she could answer, Todd said, “Hey man. She’s okay. She wanted it.”

Turning back to him I said, “Hey MAN! Shut the fuck up! I know rape when I see it.”

Megan said, “Todd wasn’t raping me! It was my first time and he was hurting me, but he wasn’t raping me!”

Todd was quickly putting his clothes on and said, “I don’t need this shit, man. I’m out of here. Don’t expect to see me around anymore Megan.”

As he was pulling up his jeans, I kicked him in the ass and he went sprawling to the floor again.

“Hey man. What’s up with you anyway?”

After he finished dressing, I followed him out and kicked his ass down the steps when we got outside. He fell flat on his face and busted his lip on the sidewalk.

“Hey man! You had no cause to do that.”

“Get the fuck out of here, Todd. And if I ever see your ass near here or Megan again I’ll see to it that you spend time in jail.”

“Fine man. I’m leavin’.”

I went back downstairs to find Megan sitting on the bed crying. When I walked in I just stood in front of her trying to decide what to say; how to handle the situation. She was, after all, eighteen years old and free to have sex with Todd or anyone else, but I still thought she was being raped.

“I’m sorry Bill. Please don’t tell Mom! She’ll kill me! I know Todd is a jerk and I tried to break up with him, but he got really mad and forced himself on me.”

“But you said he wasn’t raping you.”

“Well, once he started I liked it. But then he got all excited and carried away and it started to hurt. That’s when you came in.”

“Well, I guess I was too late. It seems he had climaxed, so I hope you don’t get pregnant.”

“I’m on the pill.”

“What? Since when?”

“Like since a year ago.”

“Does your mom know you’re on the pill?”


I was shocked that Megan had managed to be taking birth control pills and her mother didn’t know about it.

“Are you going to tell Mom?”

“I don’t know. I don’t see how I can keep this to myself.”

Megan had stopped crying and was looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes that were now all red and wet with tears. She reached out and took my hand and said, “Please don’t tell Mom. I’ll do anything you ask. Just please don’t tell her.”

Megan stood up and the bed sheet that was covering her fell to the floor, revealing her nude, perfect body. I went limp, my heart skipped a beat, and I knew she had me. I was hooked and she knew it. All she had to do now was to reel me in.

“Come on. Make love to me and it will be our little secret.”

Megan put her arms around my neck and we kissed softly, tenderly exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. She sure did know how to kiss and how to turn a guy on. Megan was hot and knew exactly what to do.

She lay down on the messy bed, pulled her knees up and spread her legs. “Come on Bill. Please. I’ve wanted you for so long and I think you’ve wanted me. Come on and take me.”

I already had visions in my head of crawling between Megan’s legs, feeling the warmth of her body against mine, feeling her lips against mine, and the feel of her soft hair between my fingers.

Megan put her hands over her head and grabbed the headboard. “Come on Bill. I’m yours…the way you’ve always wanted me.”

I slowly removed my clothes as I continued to visualize what was going to happen. Megan seemed to enjoy watching me strip for her and started to slowly thrust her hips.

“Hurry up! I want you so much.”

When I dropped my boxer short to reveal my fully erect ten-inch cock, Megan said, “Oh my God! I didn’t know they could be that big! That will hurt me for sure!”

“I’ll be more gentle than Todd was.”

As I crawled between Megan’s legs, she brought her feet up over my back in obvious anticipation of what was coming next. I reached down and guided my hard cock into Megan’s already cum-soaked hole, laid down on her soft little body, grabbed a handful of her hair, and kissed her hard as I pushed slowly into her.

“Mmm! You’re so big! My God, Bill! Mmm!”

I slowly pushed about seven inches into her and stopped, withdrew about half way, then push back in.

“You feel so good inside me. Todd was an animal. But you are SO wonderful!”

I continued to fuck Megan with only seven inches, but I was finding it difficult to hold back. I wanted to ram my full cock into her so badly that I had to start counting backwards from a hundred to break my concentration. I had to NOT think about having sex with Megan or I would hurt her for sure.

“Oh Bill. I think I’m going to climax! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Sweet little almost-virgin Megan was indeed having a great orgasm. I just kept fucking her slowly and enjoying her orgasm with her as her little body quivered and stiffened under me.

She was lost in her first orgasm as I slowly pushed my cock all the way into her and held it there as she thrust her hips against it.

“Oh my GOD! Do you have it ALL in me?”

“Yes. And I think you like it.”

“Oh I do! You feel SO GOOD inside me! God, this is so much better than I ever thought it would be!”

We kissed passionately for a long time as I continued to grind my cock into her.

“Oh God! I’m cumming again! Don’t stop!”

As Megan had her second orgasm, I started to shoot off deep inside her. It felt so wonderful to spurt my cum deep inside her gorgeous teenage body. She loved it and wanted it and I knew at that moment that we would be making love whenever an opportunity could be made.

After we both were finished, we cuddled for a while and talked about how nice it had been to finally have each other and how we might manage to do it again soon.

“I want you to teach me everything. I want to try all the positions. I want to make love all over the house. And I especially want to suck you in my mouth. I can’t wait to do that!”

“We’ll do all of those things, but right now we need to clean up and straighten up. Your mom could be home any minute.”

“Damn! You’re right.”

* * * * *

Needless to say, I was a pushover after that day. Megan and I could not keep our hands off of each other. Whenever her mother was not looking, she would quickly squeeze my cock, which was always hard when she was in the room.

The following Saturday Darlene made her weekly trip to the grocery store. That left me alone with Megan and we both knew that we were going to have sex. In fact, we couldn’t wait. As soon as Darlene was out the door, Megan was all over me. I pulled her to the family room sofa and got on top of her. She wrapped her legs around me and said, “Teach me a new position.”

“How about this one?”

I got up and pulled down her shorts and panties, leaving her totally exposed to me. She was not the least bit shy and just smiled in anticipation of what I might be planning.

I got down on my knees and pushed my head down between Megan’s lovely legs; all the way down to her pussy. I didn’t waste time kissing her thighs, but went straight for the ultimate target.

When my tongue touched her pussy lips, Megan moaned and pushed her hips up. “Oh Bill!”

I ran my tongue around her pussy lips a few times, seeking to feel and taste every fold. Then stopped when I found her nice clit to be hard and prominent. I continued to play with it as she got more and more aroused and grabbed my head and moaned, “Mmm. Bill! That’s SO GOOD!”

Now that Megan was fully aroused, it was time for her to learn something about oral sex, so I stopped, stood up, and dropped my shorts and boxers to the floor to reveal my fully hard and ready cock.

“Wow Bill! You are SO BIG!” She was using her fingers to keep herself stimulated and probably didn’t even realize it.

I got on the sofa and straddled her chest and said, “Do you want to suck me?”

“Oh yes I do! Show me what to do.”

“Just suck me as deep as you can, but never let your teeth touch me.”


Megan opened her mouth and extended her tongue just like she knew what she was doing. I slowly leaned forward over her and pushed my cock into her mouth as she closed her lips around it. I continued to slowly push into her mouth until I touched the back of her throat.

“Agg,” Megan gagged and I backed away.

“Sorry. I want to take all of you if I can. Try again.”

I slowly pushed my cock into Megan’s sweet virgin mouth once again, hoping that she would be able to take more this time. Jeez, her mouth felt so good. And looking down at her beautiful face, her gorgeous shiny black hair, I couldn’t believe it was all real. I had fantasized about this moment so many times and now it was happening. My head began to spin and I lost control.

“Agg,” Megan gagged again, but I couldn’t pull out. I kept pushing my cock down her throat as she continued to gag and cough, “Agg. Cucks.”

But I continued to push until my whole ten inches were down her tight throat. She felt so good and warm and moist wrapped around the swollen head of my cock that I could NOT pull it out.

Megan started to push against my hips, trying to push me out of her mouth. As she continued to gag I finally found the will power to pull out.

“Damn Bill! I have to breathe sometime!”

“Sorry Megan. You just felt so good that I lost control.”

“Really? I like it when you lose control. It felt like you had your whole cock in my throat!”

“I did and it was SO GOOD! You are amazing!”

“I want to do it again.”

She opened her mouth again and I pushed my cock all the way down again.

“Agg.” Megan gagged again, but made no attempt to pull away.

Within seconds I lost control again, pumped her tight throat a few times, then began a seemingly endless series of hard spurts into her throat. My cum was shooting down her throat in long, thick streams. I was holding Megan’s head in my hands by two fistfuls of hair, looking down at her gorgeous face, knowing that she was feeling cum spurt down her throat for the first time in her life. Tears were streaming from her beautiful eyes, but she hung in there like a real trooper while I was cumming. I was in total bliss!

As I finally finished, I pulled out of her mouth and she sucked my cock all the way. Where did she learn to do that so well? She must have been watching a lot of porn or doing some heavy reading.

She swallowed hard, cleared her throat and said, “Oh wow! That was amazing! I could feel your cum running down my throat. It was such a turn-on!”

“You took my whole cock the first time. YOU are amazing!”

I knew that Megan had not had her climax yet, so I went down on her again and played with her clit until she yelled out, “Oh God! Oh God! I’m cumming. Don’t stop!”

Megan’s climax must have lasted a full minute as I held my tongue hard against her clit. She shivered and thrust her hips, moaned and groaned, obviously lost in the feelings that were still new to her.

* * * * *

The following Saturday was even more exciting after Darlene left. Megan walked up to me, reached down and squeezed the bulge in my shorts, and gave me a smile that said, “I’m ready for anything.”

So I quickly spun her around and grabbed her around the waist with one arm and pulled her ass against my bulge. She wiggled and said, “Take me from the back this time.”

I said, “I intend to,” as I put my other hand over her mouth and started dragging her toward her bedroom.

Megan was surprised by my aggressive action and tried to yell something under my hand. But I just kept pulling her into the bedroom as she wiggled to get free.

“Don’t fight me and I won’t hurt you.”

She said, “Okay,” as I pushed her face down on the bed with her legs hanging over the side. The bed was so tall that her feet didn’t touch the floor. I roughly pulled her shorts off and let them drop to the floor. She wasn’t wearing anything under them, so she had been plainly ready for this.

I quickly dropped my shorts and boxers to release my cock, positioned myself between her legs, and slid my cock up and down the crack of Megan’s cute little ass.

“Ooo! That tickles.”


I spit on my cock, then rubbed the spit on her pussy until she became nicely lubricated.

“Fuck me from the back. Put it in me. I want it so bad!”

I took her hands, pulled them behind her back, then reached up and grabbed a handful of her gorgeous hair. The stage was set for what came next.

“Don’t hurt me, Bill.”

I didn’t respond. I just slowly pushed my throbbing cock into her all the way, not stopping until my stomach was pressing hard against her ass.

“Oh my God! You feel SO HUGE! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She was already breathless.

So I fucked sweet little Megan for at least twenty minutes during which time she had two great orgasms, one after the other.

“Oh Bill. You’re so good! I love the way you fuck me like this! I love it from the back. I’m pretending that you’re forcing yourself on me, but you don’t know that I really like it.”

I let go of her hands and placed my hands on her shoulders and thrust even deeper into her.

“Uhh. Uhh. Uhh.” Megan moaned as I pushed and pushed my cock into her. She was gripping the bedspread in each hand and had thrown her head back in ecstasy as I fucked her.

“Uhh. Don’t stop Bill. Uhh. I’m cumming again! Uhh. Uhh. Oh God!”

Little Megan’s body started to shutter and quiver, then went rigid as her climax peaked. I thought she had passed out when she suddenly collapsed on the bed and panted heavily to catch her breath. She was totally spent and had no more energy left to continue.

“Oh Bill, I can’t go anymore. I’m exhausted.”

“Then I’ll fuck your limp body.”

Just saying that aroused me more and it seemed to convey to Megan that I wanted her to just lay still and pretend to be out cold. She went totally limp on the bed as though someone had turned off a switch, released the bedspread, closed her eyes, and just…relaxed!

God, that turned me on and I started to pile drive my cock into her so hard that the mattress was beginning to slid off the bed. But I couldn’t stop. I was too close to shooting off in this sweet little teenager.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” I yelled as my cock started to spurt my load into little Megan. But she just remained still and pretended to be passed out, or asleep. Whatever she was doing was great for me. My sperm load was probably the largest I had ever produced.

After my fantastic climax, I continued to hump Megan for at least five more minutes. My cock was so hard still and I intended to fully utilize it on her.

She finally turned her head and smiled, “Bill, that was great! Were you pretending to ravish me while I slept?”

“I was. You had been teasing me for months, but every time I tried to start something with you, you would laugh and push me away. So I finally got to the point that I took you while you were sleeping.”

“Wow! I like that fantasy. You want to hear mine?”

“Of course.”

“Well, I was sleeping when my very sexy neighbor broke into the house and came into my bedroom. When I woke up, he gave me some kind of shot that made me go completely limp. I was still totally awake, but couldn’t move. So I just laid here while he fucked me. I could feel everything he did to me, but couldn’t move! I got chills down my spine as he pushed deeper and deeper into me, but couldn’t do anything about it. It was wonderful because I had been wanting him for a long time anyway.”

“Wow! That’s a nice fantasy! Maybe we can do that sometime…without the shot of course.”

“Yeah. I’d like that.”

* * * * *

Megan is now nineteen and we’ve fallen in love despite our efforts not to. We just seem to be so compatible. We make love at least twice a week and Darlene still has no clue.

On the other hand, my relationship with Darlene has gone downhill. She is spending more and more time at work, and even works on the weekends. That’s great for Megan and me, though. We have hours and hours to make love. Darlene may be having an affair, or she’s just drifting away from me. At any rate, I just don’t care anymore.

* * * * *

Yesterday I let Megan choose where she wanted to “do it” and how. She has so much fun trying to think of something new to do.

“I want to make it in the pool.”

“But it’s broad daylight outside and the neighbors will see us.”

“They might. That’s what’s so exciting about it. We’ll try to be discreet, but someone might see us anyway. It will be like we’re performing for someone.”

“You really have a darling and active imagination, don’t you?”

“Yeah. And you love me anyway.”

“I do.”

We quickly changed into our swim suits and quietly got into the pool, hoping not to alert any neighbors. Megan immediately removed her bikini, moved over to me and rubbed her erect nipples on my chest while we kissed lovingly. Then she slid her hand down to my trunks and discovered that my cock was already awake and wanting to get started.

“Mmm Bill! I love how you get hard so quickly. That must mean that I really turn you on.”

“You have me all figured out don’t you?”

“I do. And I know what you’d like right now.”

With those final words, Megan pushed my trunks down to my feet where I swiftly kicked them off as she took a deep breath and went down under the water. The next thing I felt was her warm mouth engulfing my swollen cock. The cool water, then her warm mouth, then the cool water again as she made beautiful love to me, was absolutely mind-blowing! I held her head in my hands so I could control her actions and feel her soft hair in my fingers. Oh my God! Megan is the perfect companion for me. How on earth could I ever live without her?

Megan stayed down on me for at least a minute, then came up for air. Water was streaming down her face and her hair looked so cute the way she put her head back when she came up. She was such a perfect picture of sensuous femininity!

“Do you want more of that or something else?”

“That’s a hard choice. What do you have in mind?”

“Grab me and drag me to the steps and take me from the back. I’ll try to be quiet. You’ll be the sexy neighbor who ravished me in bed last year.”

I didn’t need any more instruction or encouragement than that. I quickly spun Megan around, grabbed her around the waist, put my hand over her mouth, and started dragging her toward the steps at the shallow end of the pool. She was struggling and kicking mildly, and groaning like she wanted to scream. I was getting more aroused every second with the feel of her squirming body in my arms. She sure did know how to act out this fantasy of hers.

“I don’t want to hurt you, so be quiet and don’t fight me. Cooperate with me. Okay?”

She shook her head up and down indicating that she would cooperate and be good.

“I’ve been watching you from my window Megan. I’ve been watching you swim in this pool with your totally sexy body, flaunting it and driving me crazy. Now I’m going to have you and you’re going to lie here and enjoy it.”

“Okay. Just don’t hurt me.”

I gently pushed her face down on the steps and laid down on her, rubbing my hard cock up and down the crack of her ass.

“Do you like that Megan?”


“You will soon.”

I reached down and put a finger in her pussy and discovered that she was totally lubricated. She must really be into this role playing.

I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips a couple of times, then pushed it in slowly all the way in!

“Oh God!” Megan moaned quietly as she threw her head back and pushed ass up against me.

“Like that?”


I started to slowly pump into her, but soon my thrusts became harder and harder. Megan was beginning to moan with each hard thrust, giving herself away, letting me know that she loved it.

“You love that don’t you?”

Breathlessly, Megan said, “No! My husband does me better.”

I took a strategic look around at the neighbors’ houses trying to see if anyone was watching… and someone was!

I bent over and whispered in Megan’s ear, “Carl is watching us.”

(Carl is the elderly gentleman who lives with his wife in the house behind ours.)

“Really? Well, let’s give him a real show then.”

With that, I grabbed Megan by the hips, lifted her up, and started to pump her harder than before.

“Oh God! Don’t do this. Don’t!” Megan whispered loudly.

I could tell that she was having a great orgasm and was barely able to contain herself. She was wiggling her butt and pushing against my thrusts, leaving no doubt for Carl that we were screwing.

“You like it now don’t you Megan?”

“Oh yes! You fuck me SO good! Don’t stop! I’m cumming!” She was no longer whispering.

I too began to climax and spurt my cum deep inside her. I didn’t care that Carl was watching. I didn’t even care if Darlene were to come home and find us. I just wanted to enjoy Megan and this fantasy of hers until we were both totally spent.

* * * * *

It’s been two weeks and now I’m sure that Darlene is having an affair. She came home late last night and looked like she had just gotten out of bed. Her hair was not styled to its usual perfection and her clothes were wrinkled. She obviously was making no attempt to hide it. Maybe she wanted me to confront her and create a scene. Or maybe she just no longer cared what I thought. In either case, it was late and I was not up to a big argument or discussion about it.

Megan and I had made love on the front porch swing earlier. It was plenty dark, but if someone had walked past the house, they could have seen and heard us.

We were both totally nude when were went outside and kissed on the steps. Megan wanted to make love in the front yard, hoping that someone would see us. I was finally able to convince her that we could get arrested if we did that. So I sat on the swing and she sat on my lap, grinding her hips on my cock.

“Oh this is SO exciting! I wish Carl could see us now. I’ll bet he would beat himself off watching us.”

“You are so bad! And you have a naughty streak.”

“I do don’t I?”

Megan’s nice breasts were in my face and I was giving them some much needed attention.

“Oh Bill! I love it when you suck my tits! You have no idea how many times I’ve thought about you doing that. One time I even fantasized that my mom came in and caught us. She just watched as we continued to fuck like this. It was such a turn on!”

“I don’t think it really would be.”

We both were approaching our climaxes, so the conversation stopped as we concentrated on the sensations that were overtaking our bodies. I pulled Megan close against my crotch as I pushed up to meet her thrusting. She sure did enjoy sex. I think she must live just to have sex with me.

“Oh Bill,” she whispered in my ear. “I’m imagining that Mom drives up and sees us fucking and goes berserk.”

“I’m imagining that Carl is standing here and masturbating, then shoots his load on your back.”

“Oh wow! That would be exciting…another guy shooting off on me while you make love to me. Maybe he would shoot off on my face and some of it would get in my mouth!”

“Would you like that?”

“Oh God! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Megan’s climax set me on the way to mine. I pushed up into her as hard as I could and started to shoot my sperm deep inside her beautiful body.

As we both cooled down from our climaxes, we just held each other and caught our breath.

“Bill, that was so wonderful! I feel wicked that I got so turned on at the thought of another guy cumming on my face and in my mouth. I would never really want to do that.”

“It’s okay. It was just a passing fantasy.”

“Did you like it, too?”

“For some reason it did. I think it was because you liked it so much. You just have so much sexual energy that it’s hard for you to get enough, so your mind starts to imagine all sorts of situations.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. That’s what you do to me. When we’re making love my mind just seems to become consumed with sex and the wonderful feelings it gives me. You are so wonderful to understand me.”

“I love you, Megan.”

“Oh, I love you, too.”

* * * * *

A few months later Darlene said that she was in love with another man and that she was breaking up with me. She sold her house and moved in with him, but Megan would not move in with her.

“I like living here! This is my home! I’m not going to move just because you’ve been screwing around! Besides, I’m in school and can’t afford to live in a dorm or in my own apartment. I’ll move in with Bill if he doesn’t mind.”

“Fine! Stay with him if you want. You’re old enough to do what you want.”

* * * * *

After she left, we hardly ever saw Darlene again. She was totally devoted to her new life. And that was just fine with Megan. She was disgusted with her mom and didn’t want to have anything to do with her.

We got married not long after Megan turned twenty-one. Her mom had figured out that we had a thing for each other and gave us her blessings, even though we didn’t need them.

We’ve never been happier. Making love in the pool while Carl watches has become an almost weekly event. Carl has a friend that comes over and they both watch while Megan and I make love or while she gives me a great blowjob while I lay back on a chaise lounge. When I sneak a peek at them, their eyes are wide in amazement. Megan gets off on it and really puts on a long, slow show for them.

Life is good.

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