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Mia- Pt 1

Mia- Pt 1

Life can be hard when desire lives next door
Part One - Too close for comfort

She was the sort of girl who simply did your head in. Mine at least!

Part of it, of course was that I had known her almost all her life, she was after all only a month younger than my eldest son and had lived next door since she was eight months old. She was in effect the daughter I never had.

I had watched her grow and was almost as protective of her as her father, my very good friend and neighbour, Pete. Mia was almost sixteen and a half and although she often exasperated her parents she always seemed to have a smile and a wave for me. I guess I got the best of her without the “You just don’t understand me” tantrums.

The main reason she ‘did my head in’ was that she had blossomed into a young woman with a natural grace and a sensuality that exuded from, at least to me, every pore of her lithe body. Mia was hoping to study Dance and my eyes would often follow her across the small fence that separated our properties as she skipped or danced about their garden or the back kitchen. Sometimes it seemed as if she had a complete inability to walk anywhere. I had simply enjoyed the enthusiasm and the joy she seemed to share about life from the moment she first learnt to walk and explore the world and as she grew older the almost limitless amounts of energy she had infected all about her. But, over the past year any clumsiness she’d exhibited had evaporated to be replaced by a natural grace and her body had matured to that of a sensual and sexual creature.

She caught my eyes on her many times but would always happily wave or smile back in my direction seemingly with no idea of the dark carnal thoughts within my head. The smile I returned often concealed my inner turmoil I felt as part of my mind imagined my rough hands stroking her smooth skin as the other part balked at these inappropriate thoughts of my ‘surrogate’ daughter. Returning to whatever chore I had been focused upon before being distracted I was glad that it had been over four years since we had holidayed with our neighbours to anywhere hot as I imagined seeing her in a skimpy bikini (I dreaded the idea of seeing her topless) would have been absolute torture.

The day was warming rapidly without a cloud in the sky as I pulled my focus back to the lawnmower engine I was repairing on the garden table. Mia had just surfaced and skipped out into the garden in a baggy white T-shirt and pink shorts beneath to say good morning. Her shoulder length blonde hair, still ‘bed-hair’ bounced about her face as she laughed when I suggested that it only just qualified as morning by ten minutes, “Don’t you hate these early starts?” she quipped before dancing back into her house.

I stared at the valves exposed on the engine before me and all I could see were Mia’s long tanned legs and her pink encased ass appearing beneath the T-shirt as she bounced away. The day was hot and the humidity rising as I felt a trail of sweat trickle down my spine beneath the old tattered work shirt I was wearing. I knew Pete was at work and his wife, Jane, was off with Mia’s younger brother, Dillon, at some sporting event. My own two boys were away camping with the scouts and my wife, Gina, out shopping which could last anywhere between thirty minutes and three hours. I prayed to a God I didn’t believe in that Mia wouldn’t return to the garden to do any sunbathing even though that part of me hoped more than anything that was exactly what she would do. This was probably the first decent spell of weather for soaking up the sun’s rays and so far in Mia’s young life I had been exempt from that particular agony.

I heard her vaguely pottering about in the next door kitchen, singing to herself (though not particularly well) as she often did, before disappearing deeper into the house. I actually breathed a sigh of relief and shook my head at the swelling within my jeans and refocused my attention on replacing the lawnmower’s gasket.

I was just tightening the lock nuts on the engine housing when I heard a yelp from next door followed by “Shit! Shit, shit, shit!”

I dropped the spanner I was holding and moved towards the fence, looking into the kitchen next door through the open sliding door. “You okay in there?” I called.

Just before I heard another ‘shit’ echo out from the interior I noticed the lower half of a denim clad leg beneath the chunky wooden table. I vaulted the fence as Mia replied, “Shit… Kev, can you help…please?”

I walked quickly into the kitchen and around the table to find Mia lying on the floor, tears streaming down her face and her hands holding on to her left shin. Even though I’d only seen her less than forty minutes earlier she had changed into an entirely new outfit. My heart went out to my neighbour’s electricity bill as I had known the young girl to change her clothing six or seven times in a day. A tight pair of jeans clad her long legs with a pair of multi-coloured socks on her small feet while a fluffy blue jumper clothed her torso.

She looked up at me through eyes full of tears, “I think I’ve broken it” she whimpered.

I looked down at her ankle which was indeed swelling, noting a patch of liquid on the floor that she must have slipped upon. “Don’t panic just yet, let’s have a look” I offered sliding my hand beneath her calf gently up to the injured ankle. She winced in dread anticipation, “I’ll be gentle” I reassured her as I used my other hand to pull up the leg of her jeans. “Definitely sprained… can you move your toes?”

She whimpered quietly and I saw her small toes wriggle beneath her sock, “Okay” I said, “I’m going to be very gentle and remove your sock.” My eyes fixed on her foot I could hear her breathing deeply as I very slowly and gently pulled the sock free from her foot. A spot just beneath her ankle joint was starting to discolour but her foot was still aligned correctly with her ankle so if there was a break inside there was a good chance that it was a minor one. “Okay, Mia, you’re going to have to be brave now… I need you to try and rotate you’re ankle as best you can.”

“Do I have to?” she asked imploringly.

I turned to face her and my heart went to my mouth, the tears that had run down her cheeks had dragged her eyeliner down with them and her eyes begged me that she didn’t have to do what I asked her to. “I’m sorry, but yes” I reached to her cheek and wiped some of the tears away smudging her make-up further still, “we need to know if it’s just a sprain or a break and whether I’m gonna have to run you to hospital?”

“Okay…” she answered sniffing back the tears.

I turned my head back and watched as she slowly moved her toes around in a circle, a tiny whimper escaping her lips as she stretched her ankle to the left. “Try to stretch it a little more” I encouraged.

The circle she made was at least twice the first one and when she reached the same painful point as before I felt her hand dart out and grab my upper arm tightly although this time no sound escaped her pursed lips.

I ignored Mia’s fingernails digging into my bicep and told her to relax while I slowly rolled my thumb around her ankle, pressing slightly into the swelling till I felt her fingers grip me tighter. “Okay, I’m sure it’s only a sprain… we’re going to have to get you up on your feet and see if you can put any weight upon it, just a little, okay?”

Looking back into her eyes, I watched her bare her gritted teeth and nod. Gently I laid her foot on the floor and shifted around, “Wrap your arms about my neck” I told her and slipped my arms around her waist and cautiously lifted her up. I was amazed at how light she was as she stood tentatively with all her weight on her left foot. I stood to one side with one arm around her waist, “Okay see how much weight you can put on it?”

“A little without too much pain” she answered after a moment.

“Okay, I’m pretty sure it isn’t broken but the best thing is for you to get the ankle under a tap and run cold and hot water over it to reduce the swelling.” She nodded her approval and with my help she limped to the foot of the stairs.

We stood looking up the steep stairs, “I really don’t think I can manage those, Kev” she stated.

“Hmm… well, I guess” I slipped my arm beneath her shoulders as her own wrapped around my neck. Hooking my right under her knees I lifted her up and twisted her carefully sideways. She grabbed my neck tighter as we began to ascend. A flush of guilt washed over me as I felt her small breast press against my chest, I turned my face away ashamed of my feeling and carefully studied the injured foot making sure I didn’t accidentally knock it against the walls.

At the top of the stairs Mia asked, “I suppose it’s a few years since you carried me up to my bed, Uncle Kevin?”

“Yes it is,” I answered grumpily, “and you were a whole lot lighter then too!” I teased. She smiled back at me as I negotiated our way to the bathroom carefully lowering her down till she was sitting on the edge of the bath.

“So, cold water, as cold as you can take it and then as hot you can, repeat it a few times and finish with cold, it’ll reduce the swelling and alleviate some of the pain, okay?”

“Okay” she answered, “Don’t go too far, please?”

“I won’t. I’ll be just down stairs cleaning up the mess you made!” I replied with a smile.

I mopped up the spilled liquid, the fact that it was wine hadn’t escaped my notice and I wondered if Mia was allowed alcohol in any form when her parents weren’t about. I was just dropping the used paper towel into the bin when I heard call down to me.

I quickly made my way back up the stairs to find her in almost the same position as I left her. “I…err… I can’t…” she stammered, her cheeks red with embarrassment. I looked down and I could see that she had managed to undo her jeans but had only managed to pull them halfway down her thigh.

“Err… I’m… I don’t know…“ I stammered back, “Can’t you just leave your jeans on?” I asked hopefully aware that my crotch wasn’t agreeing with my head.

“Please, they’ll be ruined…” she implored.

“Oh f-“ I stopped myself before swearing, “crap!” I stepped forward and knelt beside her and hesitantly reached for the denim encircling the lithe thighs that I had often admired in the last few months. I struggled and got nowhere till I looked up at Mia’s face and saw a grin disappear from her mouth.

“I think you’ll have to pull them, I don’t think pushing is going to work, Uncle Kevin!”

“I’ve told you before, I really don’t like Uncle Kevin, makes me sound so old! Even if I am!” I rebuked her as I stepped into the bath and knelt carefully either side of her outstretched feet. It was a struggle for me not to let my eyes wander up her legs to her crotch, I was thankful that the baggy jumper she was wearing hung quite low so that her underwear was hidden beneath its shadow.

“You’re not that old, Kev” she answered as I pulled the denim from her good leg, the sock slipping off within it. I saw Mia’s knuckles whiten against the bath rim as I manoeuvred the other leg of the jeans over her injured ankle. With the task completed I quickly stood up and stepped by her to deposit the pair of jeans on the toilet seat.

“Can you manage now?” I asked.

“Hmm…” she considered, “I don’t really want to ruin this top…”

That you can manage by yourself, young lady! I hope the pain is worth the fun you’re having at my expense!” I stepped out of the bathroom and headed for the stairs.

I know I shouldn’t have turned about and for a few moments I felt like Lot’s wife, frozen at the image before me. Mia locked eyes with me in the mirror on the back wall of the bathroom and then lifted up her jumper in one smooth action. Her movement broke my spell and I saw her naked back as the blue material rose and wrapped her head, no bra beneath it and just a faint tan line across her back. I was already halfway down the stairs before anymore was revealed, sweat once again beading my back although this time from terror rather than the days heat.

My heart was pounding against my ribcage as I stood at the bottom of the stairs looking into the mirror that stood there, staring at the man in the reflection who had been so close to abusing his friend’s trust and had been about to do what he knew was wrong on so many levels.

“You lucky bastard” I whispered to myself as I heard a key in the door to my right and in walked Jane with a muddy Dillon in tow.

“Hi Kev” asked Jane only slightly phased by my presence in her house.

“Hi Jane,” I answered a level or two more loudly than necessary, “just here helping that clumsy daughter of yours.”

A look of concern flashed across her features, “Is she okay?”

“I think so… pretty sure. Just a sprain I reckon and I’ve had enough of my own to recognise them. She’s upstairs in the bathroom doing hot/cold water treatments to reduce the swelling, just make sure she tries to use it as soon as possible or it’ll stiffen up”

“Oh thanks Kev, you’re a darling, you know that” responded Jane.

“All in a day’s work” I answered in my deepest baritone, “Off to save the world now see you later!” I grinned and looked down at a bored Dillon, “Did you win today?” I asked and immediately regretted it when I saw the eleven year olds face screw up into a ball of annoyance. “Better luck next time” I offered and made my way out back through the kitchen.

My heart was still pounding as this time I opened the small gate between our gardens and stepped through to my own. The image of Mia with her jumper wrapped about her head as she sat on the edge of the bath with the small white triangle of her panties encasing her ass was still etched in my mind’s eye. My cock, swollen and twisted within my jeans throbbed at the recollection. “Shit” I whispered to myself unable to imagine what Jane would have said or done if I had given in to my carnal desires. No shouts or screams came from next door so I assumed that Mia had heard me and at least pulled her jumper back on. I imagined/hoped that she had said that I had simply helped her to the bathroom and not pulled off her jeans. “Stupid fucking idiot” I muttered to myself wondering why I had agreed to do that even though I knew exactly why.

“Muttering to yourself? First sign of madness, they say!” came a voice from my own house.

“The second sign being answering yourself” I said to the lawnmower engine in front of me. I turned about to see Gina holding three bags of shopping beside our kitchen table. “Fun day?” I asked.

“So far” she replied with a grin, “Ain’t over yet though…” her eyes cast down my arms to see my oily hands, “If you get cleaned up I might show you what I bought!” she turned about and headed for the stairs.

I paused for a moment and looked at my filthy hands, not as dirty as they had been before I cleaned up the spillage next door but I did wonder if I had left any tell-tale marks where I shouldn’t have. I glanced at the house next door, chewing on my lip before I stepped inside and thoroughly cleaned my hands and arms.

Gina was upstairs in our bedroom when I stepped through the door, standing in front of the full length mirror attached to wall beside the window that looked out over the back garden. She was holding a deep red dress against her torso, slowly swinging from side to side to gauge what it would look like upon her. “Is it me?” she asked.

“I reckon so” I answered, smiling broadly as I knew what would be coming, “but to be sure I’m gonna have to see it on you!”

She turned to face me, “You just want to see me strip, don’t you, you old pervert?”

“No, not at all,” I lied happily, “just in the interests of research, honest!”

“Hmm” she mused before laying the dress down on the bed as I stepped around and sat on the wicker chair opposite the mirror. Gina pulled the tight black sweater she’d been wearing off over her head as I reached into my jeans and straightened my swollen cock within. As it passed over her head I thought of the sixteen year old next door and knew I’d be thinking of her as I slid my cock into my wife after her impromptu fashion show. Gina dropped the sweater to the floor and unhooked her A-line skirt before letting it slide down her legs leaving her standing in matching lacy blue bra and knickers. A pair of four inch heels still adorned her feet pushing her ass out nicely.

I rubbed my crotch as she turned about, her eyes flicking to my hand and her lips curling up briefly into a smile before she picked up the new dress and lifted it over her head letting it drop down her body before pulling the zip beneath her arm up so it fitted snugly about her ample breasts. “Give us a twirl” I asked.

Gina slipped her long dark tresses out of the neckline and spun about the hem flying up almost high enough for me to see her underwear from my vantage point. “You like?” she asked as she studied herself in the mirror. She looked over her shoulder at her reflection smoothing the fabric over her hip as she did so.

“I like…The bra doesn’t work though” I answered with a grin.

“If I didn’t know better I’d guess you were trying to get me naked by degrees!” she said as hooked each shoulder strap out of the dress and then deftly released the fastening at the back through the material. I watched in wonder as I always did as she pulled the bra down one arm and out from under the dress.

“You seem very… flirty, today!” I commented.

“Well, the boys are away…” her eyes dipped along the mirror and focused on the obvious bulge in my jeans, “I note that you shaved since I went shopping, hopeful are we?”

“Always…” I answered running my palm up along my erection.

Gina licked her lips and moved to the bags on the bed and lifted another dress out. “Want to see me in a little black number?” I breathed deeply and nodded enthusiastically.

Her eyes remained locked on my crotch as she eased down the zip on the blue dress, pausing for a moment halfway down. She raised a thin eyebrow and continued as I lowered the zip on my jeans, carefully she slipped the dress down her body and stepped out of it laying it onto the bed. Her hands rose to massage the faint red lines beneath her breasts left over from the bra she had been wearing, a smile playing about her lips as I studied the large hard nipples atop her areolae. My cock gave a twitch as she tweaked each of her nipples in turn before lifting the black dress from the bed.

She stepped out of her heels before stepping into the dress and pulling it up over her hips and then threading her arms through the top, she turned to face the mirror. “Be a dear and zip me up, Kevin” she asked.

I was out of the chair and standing behind her before she had finished asking me, “As you wish” I replied and pulled up the zip that began just above the hemline of her knickers.

“You like?” she asked.

I took a step back, my left hand already back on my cock as my right unbuttoned the waist of my jeans. I let my eyes slowly run down my wife’s figure till they settled on her ass. Almost of its own volition my hand slipped inside my boxers and my fingers wrapped around the swollen girth of my cock. “Like, doesn’t begin to describe it, Gee!” I answered, “but…”

She looked over her shoulder at me, glancing downwards at my hidden hand, “VPL?” she questioned licking her lips as she did.

I nodded as she turned back to look at her reflection, smoothing hands over her hips. A movement outside the window caught my attention and I looked down on the next doors decking to see Jane bending over. Briefly I compared each of the women’s derrières and was more than happy with Gina’s. “Would you be a dear?” my wife asked and I drew my attention back to her as I saw Jane step away to reveal Mia lying on the deck chair beyond her. Her long legs were stretched out, the injured ankle raised. She was now wearing a plain white t-shirt and a short skirt was wrapped around her waist.

It was possible that just before I dropped out of sight that she looked up at our bedroom window. I felt a dew-drop of pre-cum form in the eye of my cock as I knelt behind my wife and slipped my hands up beneath the tight dress along the outside of her thighs. Gina moaned quietly and squeezed her thighs together as my fingers hooked the outside hem of her panties and pulled them down slowly. Both of us took pleasure as the gusset resisted till it slowly peeled from her mound and slid down between her legs. Only then did Gina move her feet apart as the obviously damp crotch came into view beneath the hem of the new dress. I breathed deeply catching the sweet aroma of her quim even before she stepped out of her underwear and I lifted it to my face.

I glanced up at my wife as she watched me in the mirror, “You really are just a dirty little boy at times, aren’t you, Kevin?”

I grinned broadly and nodded as I ran my left hand slowly up between her thighs. A trace of guilt wormed its way into my head as I imagined it was Mia’s young thighs that my hand was between, searching its way up to her sweet, tight and I was almost positive, virgin pussy. I dropped my other hand, urging my jeans and boxers down as I wrapped my wife’s damp knickers about my throbbing cock, “I am, just a dirty little boy and you, my dear wife are my wet dream!” I offered.

I felt Gina’s thighs twitch as my fingers neared their goal; they were less than an inch away from her wet slit when she shifted her feet back together and trapped my hand between her legs. I looked up at her, still grinning, and wondering what she wanted. “Do I think my naughty little boy deserves a further treat?” she said and glanced across at the bed where the shopping still remained.

I followed her gaze noting the two bags labelled with high street names that didn’t give anything away and wondered what may still be hidden within them. “I promise to be the naughtiest boy you want!” I answered as I grasped her thigh feeling a hint of her juices dampen my forefinger as a result.

“Very well then” she parted her legs and I drew my finger upwards along her slit just once evoking a shudder from her before slipping it into my mouth and sucking the sweet cream from it. She stepped around me and picked up one of the bags from the bed, “I’ll be right back, don’t you dare start without me!” she said simply and disappeared into the en-suite closing the door behind her.

I stood up and pulled my shirt off and quickly removed my jeans and boxers standing naked in front of the window as I stroked my hard cock. I stared at the bathroom door for a few moments before turning to look out of the window, letting my eyes drop to the garden next door. Mia was still stretched out on the recliner with her foot up, the t-shirt pulled up exposing her stomach and a pair of dark glasses over her eyes preventing me from seeing if she was looking up at me or not. I chewed on my lip as I rolled my foreskin and forth imagining that I was straddled across her, sliding my hard cock into her mouth.

As I watched her hand lifted from her side and slid across her stomach pushing her top upwards an inch before shifting downwards and running across the waist of her skirt. Even from the distance I was I could see the bottom edge rise slowly till her white knickers peaked out from beneath. I squeezed my cock and for a split second was tempted to move right up to the window and raise myself on my toes so the sixteen year old temptress I was sure was watching me could see the effect she was having on me.

“Are you ready for me?” called Gina from the bathroom. Her voice broke the spell I was under and I quickly shifted to the bed lying down beside the remaining bags.

“I’m so ready for you” I answered.

“Close your eyes then” she replied and I did what she asked as I heard the door open. The bags were lifted from the bed and then I felt it shift as she climbed on. For a moment I was unsure what she was doing when she said “Do you like what you see?”

I opened my eyes to see my wife standing astride my chest, her arms raised pressed against the ceiling. She had obviously visited Victoria Secrets or some such shop as she was now clothed in fishnet stockings attached to a black and red corset that finished with quarter cups that pushed up her breasts. My eyes roamed up and down her body and outfit as my hands slipped up her legs. “Do I like what I see?” I replied as I focused on the wet, red lips of her slit peeking out from within her dark bush. “Oh I do… looks good enough to eat!” I continued as I pulled her knees forward causing her to drop down. She stretched out her arms and grabbed the headboard as I raised my hands further, cupping her ass cheeks and pulling her hot quim down onto my eager mouth. Gina groaned loudly as my tongue thrust up inside her and my fingers pressed into her ass. Her hot sweet juices smeared my chin and mouth as she rocked her hips back and forth, the hard nub of her clit rolling against my upper lip and teeth.

I moaned into my wife’s cunt as I felt her slim fingers wrap around my cock and she began to buck harder and faster on my face. Gina was breathing hard and I could feel her slit pulsing about my tongue as my cock throbbed within her hand. I imagined my sweet sixteen year old neighbour on top of me, begging me to tongue-fuck her cunt and I knew that it would be only less than a minute before my cock would erupt within my wife’s hand.

“Kevin?” called a voice from downstairs.

“Fuck!” I heard my wife breathe and in a moment she had released my cock and rolled of me. “Shit. Shit, shit, shit” she cursed echoing Mia’s words from earlier.

I stifled a laugh as I looked at my frustrated wife, “Hold on Jane” I called, “I’ll be down in a second!”

Hurry the fuck up my wife mouthed as I scrambled from the bed and pulled my jeans on still grinning. I made to head for the door when Gina pointed at my chin; raising my hand I wiped my fingers across my face feeling the copious amounts of Gina’s pussy cream there. Still grinning and unable to hide the wicked grin upon my face I pulled a handkerchief from my pocket and wiped my face.

I stepped out of our room to the head of the stairs and looked down. Jane stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked up as I appeared. Perhaps I should’ve closed the garden doors but the two families were that friendly that we would often walk into each other’s houses uninvited. The bottom of the stairs seemed to be the unspoken demarcation line where we all paused before venturing further. “Hiya” I said as I began to descend.

I noted that unusually Jane appeared a little uncomfortable, “I just wanted to say thanks for taking care of Mia” she said, her eyes resolutely fixed upon mine.

I wondered how obvious my erection was beneath my jeans and felt it throb in response to the idea of Jane knowing it was there. “It’s no problem, glad I was on hand to help” I stopped a few steps from the bottom of the stairs, my crotch almost on a level with Jane’s head and a wicked smile playing about my lips.

I knew that the fact that I had my shirt off wasn’t an issue, she seen me like this many times before and even on a rare occasion just with a towel wrapped about my waist but today she was definitely uncomfortable. She struggled to hold my eyes, “Well, like I say…” the colour was rising in her cheeks, “just wanted to say thanks… I… well, thanks!”

“No problem” I answered as she turned away and stepped back into our kitchen. Even though there was a dripping pussy waiting for my attention up the stairs I descended the last couple of steps and followed Jane. “Is everything alright Jane?”

She twisted about and I saw her eyes dip down before she pulled them back up, “I… err… yeah” she stammered.

“It isn’t broken is it?” I asked.

“What’s not broken?” she replied perplexed.

“Mia’s ankle, of course” I answered stepping forward keeping my expression completely neutral, “I figured just a bad sprain, probably be stiff for a couple of days and then right as rain.”

Jane blushed even deeper and stepped backwards bumping her ass against our kitchen table, a tiny mouse-like squeal slipping from her lips, “Oh… yes just a sprain… I’m sure… I’ll let you get back to…” her words trailed away.

“Yeah, you know how it is, Gina’s been shopping and so much stuff to put away…” I smiled broadly, “bit of a game sometimes, trying to find a hole in her drawers!” I was amazed that I didn’t simply burst out laughing, I had no idea if the smile on my face was as innocent as I hoped but I was sure that Jane’s flustered state wasn’t helping her at all.

“I… I know what you mean…” she took a deep breath and rolled around the table and headed for the open doors to the garden. The grin on my lips broadened as I watched Jane’s ass receding. Possibly, for the first time I wondered what it would look like naked and bent forwards across our kitchen table. She stopped at the doors and the timid-ness in her stance disappeared to be replaced by her usual confident demeanour, she twisted about as I dialled down my smile, “I’ll let you get back Gina, I’m sure she needs your… help!”

With her final word it was my turn to blush as she gazed straight at my crotch before smiling and shaking her head and turning away. I had never particularly fancied Jane, not that she wasn’t attractive, just simply not my type; today my hand gravitated to my crotch and gave my erection a hard squeeze as I wondered what she would be like to fuck; I turned about and raced back up the stairs and back to Gina.

I stepped into our bedroom and she was lying on the bed, her eyes closed and legs spread and one hand tweaking her left nipple above her corset as her other played one of her vibrators upon her clit. I stood and watched her for a few seconds as I removed my jeans once again and stroked my aching cock. Her back began to arch of the bed as the small buzzing device did its work, her fingers gripping her nipple harder and harder as the sensations within her intensified.

She felt the bed move as I knelt upon it between her outstretched feet, a smile adorned her mouth but her eyes remained closed as I shuffled upwards slipping my knees beneath stockinged legs. “Just…mmm… a sec…” she whispered. I gripped my erection firmly and focused my attention on the small silver vibrator as she slid it about her clit in ever decreasing circles, “Ohhh… yes…” she murmured through clenched teeth as her ass lifted upwards along with her spine, “Ohhhh…. Ahhhh…” My fingers twitched wanting to slip inside her slit, drops of her sweet cream forming about the lips as they spread wider in front of my eyes. All at once she went rigid, the toy dropping from her slickened fingers to land on the bedspread; her fingers slid through the folds of her pussy and the tips curled just inside her as she caught her clit between them up beside her knuckles. The tendons on her neck stood out and the upper slopes of her breasts flushed a deep pink as she held her breath and her orgasm filled her completely.

She remained motionless, not actually breathing for over ten seconds before she collapsed back down. I grabbed her hips giving her no respite and flipped her over like a rag doll before lifting her up onto her knees and driving my hard throbbing cock into her still quivering cunt. She moaned into the pillow where her face rested as my fingers dug into the flesh of her hips and I slammed my cock into her again and again feeling the head bounce against the neck of her womb with every stroke.

I stared down fascinated watching my cock appear and disappear, at first I thought of Jane’s plump ass bent over our kitchen table and then I imagined Mia’s slim youthful ass in front of me and in an instant I was filling my wife’s hot pulsing cunt with wad after wad of my thick, white seed. “Ohh fuck!” I announced loudly not caring that the windows to our bedroom were wide open and that my voice might easily carry down to the neighbour’s decking upon which I figured the object of my fantasy still reclined. “Oh God, oh fuck” I proclaimed finally as the last load of my spunk dribbled from the eye of my cock up against my wife’s womb.

I jerked as I felt vibrations echo into my cock and emptied sac as Gina lifted her toy once again pressing it against the two of us. The sensations rippled through my softening length within her and her cunt shrunk down viciously holding me in a vice-like grip. She shivered beneath me as a mini-orgasm rippled through her only dropping the toy once she was fully satisfied. “Mmmm… that’ll do… for now” she stated before leaning forward trying, at first vainly, to separate us. My cock eventually slipped from her soaking quim with an audible ‘pop’. I lay down beside her as she shifted to one side and then draped herself across my chest, her fingernail idly picking at my nipple.

I slipped my arm beneath her and kissed the crown of her head, “So… you not buy anything for me?” I asked with a grin.

Her fingernails pinched my nipple, “I figured the corset was pretty much a joint gift or are you telling me you don’t like it?”

“Oh, I like it; I just don’t think it’s my size, is all!”

Probably too big for Mia I thought to myself.


The two of us snoozed for an hour or so before enjoying a quick shower and heading out for a meal at a restaurant a short distance away and returning home just as the sun was setting. I plugged an I-pod into the speaker system and played some music that the two of us liked rather than our eldest and joined Gina out in our garden with a full bodied Merlot and a couple of glasses. Gina’s class-work from the school she taught at lay ignored on the table.

We talked about various things as we watched the night darken and the streetlights illuminate the silhouette of our houses. We were about half way through the bottle when Pete stepped out of his kitchen lighting up a cigarette. “Hey you two; how’s it with you?” he asked across the fence.

“Very good here and yourself?” I asked in return.

“Not so bad, been a long, long day.”

“Why don’t you and Jane join us” asked Gina, “we can pretend we’re all adults again…”

“I like that idea, give me a moment” he answered and placed his lit cigarette on the edge of a potted plant before disappearing inside. It was five minutes before he reappeared with a bottle and his wife.

I smiled up at Jane and even though the light from our two houses wasn’t much I was sure she was blushing once again, “How’s the cripple|?” I asked as they negotiated the gate.

“Oh she’s much better now, back to annoying her brother once again… how was your afternoon sans enfants?” she replied.

“Very pleasant” I answered feeling Gina’s hand resting on my arm grip my flesh a fraction tighter.

Our two neighbours sat down as I fetched two more glasses, “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything earlier?” asked Jane smiling, obviously determined to ignore her embarrassment and to score points.

“Nothing at all” answered Gina whose face now was reddening.

“Oh, wait a minute, yes she did honey” I cut in, “We were having that game of scrabble!”

Pete looked from me to Gina to Jane before lifting the glass I had just filled, “Why is it I feel like I’m missing something here?”

The three of us burst out laughing and Jane answered as we quietened, “Just bad timing on my part earlier, darling…” a puzzled look still remained on Pete’s face, “Simon and Michael are still away!”

It took Pete at least five seconds and Gina blushing and dropping her eyes and my widening grin before he worked it out, “Ahh…” he replied as the light dawned.

“We really must arrange for our two to be elsewhere sometime” added Jane with a mischievous look.

“Much easier with two boys” I offered raising my glass. A movement above dragged my attention to the back of Pete and Jane’s house as I saw the curtain on Mia’s room fall closed. I determinedly did my utmost not to think of my good friend’s daughter as I sipped another measure of red wine.

The conversation rambled on to subjects not nearly as socially awkward and not nearly as much fun as we emptied both wine bottles and I stepped inside to get another. When I returned Mia had appeared and was sitting in my vacated seat, “How you doing, cripple?” I asked keeping my eyes firmly focused on hers.

“Just hopping about” she answered with that smile of hers which previously had appeared so innocent and now seemed to mean so much more. The night had chilled a little and I pulled the barbecue grill closer to the five of us and threw a few pieces of wood upon it which I doused in lighter fuel before borrowing Pete’s lighter and igniting it. The excess fuel caught light instantly and a mini-mushroom cloud of flame rose up into the evening air. The gathering laughed and giggled as I checked whether or not I still had eyebrows before I pulled up another seat and sat between Mia and her mother. Pete poured his daughter a half glass of wine before topping up the rest of the empty glasses. I was doing well, avoiding any excessive focusing on Mia and tending to direct my interest towards my right and her mother and figured that the rest of the evening wouldn’t be too much torture when the young girl leant down and began massaging her injured ankle.

“Lift it up on Kevin’s knee there Mia. I’m sure he won’t mind” offered my Gina. I looked about, my gaze flicking between my wife and Mia.

“Err… yeah, sure no problem” I responded.

She shucked off the sandals she was wearing and lifted her leg up resting the injured ankle just above my right knee, her short denim skirt thankfully not falling back to reveal her underwear. I had to mentally control myself to hide any discomfort I felt and to stop my fingers twitching as they rested on my thigh just inches from the only slightly puffy ankle.

“That looks comfortable” offered Jane and lifted her own legs up to rest them on my right knee, her dress falling back to reveal her knees as she crossed her ankles, “Good to see your useful for something Kevin… something more than Scrabble!” she grinned.

“I…err…” I stammered as I looked from mother to daughter feeling the colour rise in my cheeks and my cock twitching within my jeans. I covered my anxiety by raising my glass to my mouth.

“Oh my God!” declared Pete, “I think that’s a first! Damn, I’m sure I’ve never seen you at a loss for words before, Kev.”

Pete, Jane and Gina were grinning broadly at me while Mia looked around the adults wondering what she had missed. She lifted her other leg up onto my knee, her left shifting further down my thigh and the bare flesh of her injured ankle briefly touching my fingertips before I pulled them away and placed my hand on the arm of the chair. “And he’s good at Scrabble?” she asked innocently prompting Jane and my wife to burst out laughing.

Pete snorted across the table almost spitting out the mouthful of wine he had just imbibed. Still the young girl looked between the four of us, “Oh, Scrabble is a euphemism for sex?” she asked. I looked up into the night sky shaking my head as I felt Mia’s good ankle press firmly into my thigh as my cheeks burned even more. “Is he?” I heard Mia ask and looked back to see her addressing my wife.

“Mia!” exclaimed Jane as Gina covered her face in her hands and I watched her nod almost imperceptibly. My cock gave a definite twitch and I couldn’t help but inflate my chest from the ‘ego-massage’.

Jane’s daughter looked levelly at her, “Well, you started it… you said he was good at Scrabble!”

“I think maybe it’s time you took yourself off to bed” suggested Pete.

Mia picked up her wine and held it to her chest, “Why? A conversation about sex? I’m legal now!” she declared overcoming the redness that risen in her own cheeks, “or would you prefer me to be all innocent?”

Pete looked to his wife for help but she was still busy stifling her laughter and just about managed “You’re on… your own, dear.”

I kept my face straight even though I wanted to grin at someone else being put on the back foot. “Sent out into the world without a clue… for the first man to find me and abuse me???” Mia’s age seemed to drop a couple of years as she made large doe-eyes at her father.

Pete looked around for help at the three other parents none of which were coming to his aid. “Though you never know, it might be some ‘bull-dyke’ that de-flowers me?” continued Mia not letting her father of the hook. Almost instantly myself and Gina along with Jane burst out laughing as tears streamed down her cheeks as she watched her husband blush even deeper. Jane’s chest was rising and falling as she laughed, her bare feet had slipped further down my thigh, her heel almost now resting against my semi-swollen cock.

“I-phone... confiscated?” offered Pete dropping the Nuke every teenager feared.

Mia’s eyes widened for a second before she lifted her glass of wine and smirked sideways at me. Whether it was the wine or the semi-permanent state of horniness I had been in all day but I struggled to interpret its meaning. “I’ll be good” she said looking at her father as her heel slid down my thigh just like her mother’s had done moments before but pressed firmly against my hardening erection.

Luckily things calmed down after that and my two female neighbours didn’t excite my erection any further with their heels; a short while later our neighbours said ‘good-night’ and took their daughter, my distraction home with them.

Gina and I retired inside carrying the empty glasses and bottles. I stood beside my wife as she rinsed out the wine glasses and I towelled them dry. “Gina...?” I ventured.

“Hmm?” she answered absent-mindedly.

“Seven letters... seventeen points...” I suggested after a moment’s thought.

“Seven letters gets you a fifty point bonus... and if it rhymes with trucking, it gets you into my knickers!”

I grinned broadly and dropped the towel on the side as I moved behind my wife and slid my hands up beneath her skirt pressing my hard-on against her ass, “Could do...” I replied as drew my fingers over the thin lace covering her mound.

She moaned quietly as my rough fingertips snagged at the material, “It’s been a while... since we played scrabble downstairs...”

I leant down and nipped at her neck as she rolled her head obligingly to the side and her wet hands reached up and raked her fingernails over my scalp. She groaned deeper as I pulled her knickers tight drawing them up so they slipped in between her pussy lips. “The table?” I whispered.

I felt her shake her head, “Right here... right now” she answered dropping a hand down to fumble at my belt. I pressed a finger into her slit pushing her now saturated underwear deeper into her pussy as I reached around with my other hand and aided in loosening my jeans and letting them slide down my legs. She moaned deeply as she leant forwards across the sink pushing her ass backwards and raising herself up on tip-toes. My cock sprang free, hard and erect as I divested myself of my boxers sliding my hands about her hips and pulling her knickers to one side and slipping easily into her hot, wet tunnel.

“Oh… fuck” I murmured as Gina’s sandals fell from her feet and clattered onto the wooden floor. Gripping her ass cheeks I rolled my hips back and forth watching my cock, now slick with her juices appear and disappear within her, feeling her underwear drag along the left side of my erection with every movement.

“So tell me… Kevin… what’s got you so horny… is it that incorrigible slut from next door?” asked Gina between slow thrusts of my cock.

“…ahhh…” I responded vaguely.

“Oh... come on Kevin… I saw Janey’s feet pressing… against your crotch and it was easy… for me to see that this lovely cock… this lovely, lovely cock of yours… was hard!”

“I… I was somewhat… frustrated at that point” I answered slamming my cock deep inside my wife.

Gina grunted, her knuckles whitening as they gripped the edges of the sink and I drove my cock again and again into her trembling pussy. “Oh god yes…” murmured my wife. My fingers pressed into the soft globes of her ass as I withdrew my cock till I felt her soaking panties draw up just behind the swollen head. I watched as she twisted her neck to look back at me, her eyes pleading for me to continue slamming my cock into her. I grinned back at her, kneading her cheeks as I felt her pussy tighten about my glans in an effort to pull me back inside.

“You tease…” she whispered, “almost as much as a tease as Mia?” her lips turned up into a smile as she saw the look of guilt infect my face. She licked her lips, “You dirty old man… that’s the pussy you want to slam your cock into, isn’t it?” Gina panted and I felt her cunt squeeze my glans even harder, my fingers trembled upon her ass. “I could see up her skirt outside… “ her smile was almost predatory, “I’d swear her little white knickers were soaked… God how I wanted a taste…”

I slammed by rock hard cock in and out of my wife remorselessly as she moaned and squirmed above the sink. Snatches of muttered words escaped her mouth as I grasped her hips tightly, “fuck her virgin pussy…”, “fill that sweet cunt…”, “suck your cum from her cunt” were a few of the more understandable sentences before I almost roared as jet after jet of my seed shot from my cock deep into the neck of my wife’s pussy. Gina’s cunt clamped down violently on my pulsing erection as her hands wrapped about the stem of the tap and her body twitched and convulsed before me.

It was over a minute before the two of us regained our composure and slumped to the wooden floor in a tangle of limbs. “Do… you think we woke the neighbours?” whispered Gina.

I laughed quietly, “Perhaps…” I grinned.

Gina blushed beside me, “Well, let’s sneak up to bed like a pair of teenagers and if we’re really quiet…” she smiled at me.

Just as we were about to ascend the stairs Gina stopped in front of me as I turned off the downstairs lights and I felt her breath against my ear, “Maybe I should’ve bought a schoolgirl outfit today as well?” she whispered as her hand groped my crotch.


The two of us lay on the bed naked, shadows cast from a scented candle on top of Gina’s bedside table rippling across our flesh, as we faced each other’s crotches. Gina’s fingertip slowly traced the vein running up my (once again) hard cock watching it quiver in the dim light. My own finger would slide over her hip and down her thigh to her knee before very slowly making its way up on the sensitive skin on the inside to her quim, still spread and open from the pounding it received in the kitchen and now slowly oozing a mixture of our secretions.

“You know Pete would castrate you if you went near his precious Mia” stated Gina. Even though I didn’t look I knew a smile was playing about her lips as my genitalia gave a twitch of fear. I felt the soft lips of her mouth brush across the head reassuring it pleasantly.

“Yes” I agreed as I drew my finger up along her pussy lips gathering the sticky combination of our juices. I licked my own lips as I heard her ‘purr’, “I’d probably do the same myself to any suitor that came a-calling for her that wasn’t worthy!”

“Any suitor then?” she replied wrapping her fingers about my girth, slowly pulling on it.

“Mmmhmm” I answered as I tasted the salty/sweet mixture, “Is it me or has her… flirty-ness ramped up a whole new level?”

Gina gasped as I pushed my finger inside her up to my second knuckle, curling it up towards her G-spot as I did. I smiled as I felt her cunt clench about my invading digit, “Ohhhh…” she moaned, “that’s… nice… as for Mia, she has developed, shall we say, but still… “ She raised her knee up opening the lips of her pussy even wider and I obliged adding a second finger, “…mmm… yes, but what… err… she’s definitely more sexual but this cock in front of me seems to be insatiable today, what happened?”

I closed my eyes heightening my sense of touch; the feel of her slit rhythmically squeezing my fingers and her slim fingers pulling my foreskin back as a fingernail pressed into the eye of my cock. A shiver ran down my body, “Well… earlier when I went to what I thought was an innocent young maiden’s rescue…”

“Yes?” asked Gina as I felt her breath wash over the slick head of my cock.

“She almost stripped off in front of me… Oh fuck” I moaned as I felt my wife’s lips slide over my glans, I returned the pleasure as my trembling thumb brushed her clit and she moaned deeply. “I don’t… I’ve no idea if it was all just a tease… I almost ran away!”

Gina’s mouth slipped from my cock and she pushed her hips forwards against my fingers and thumb, “No… mean feat with a hard cock like this…mmm” I slipped my two fingers slowly in and out of her dripping pussy as I rolled her clit from side to side. “That’s it…” she panted, “Mmmm… yesss… so have you been thinking… of fucking Mia’s tight little pussy… while you were fucking me?” She rolled over on top of me still gripping my cock tightly and her soaking cunt above my face. I stretched my neck upwards but her honey pot rose away as I felt her long hair drag over my cock. I looked down between us to see her looking at me, “Well, Kev, as you fucked me against the sink…”

“I was thinking of grabbing Mia’s hair and slamming my cock into her virgin cunt and making her scream!” I admitted.

Gina smiled, “Well… as long as I get the benefits of your imagination… did you wonder what her cunt tasted like…or what her mouth would feel like sliding down your cock?” She didn’t wait for a reply as her dripping slit quickly blocked my view and I felt her lips slide down my length till the head of my cock pressed against the back of her throat. Pushing my fingers all the way into her hot slit, I locked my lips upon her engorged clit feeling the moan that echoed from her throat reverberate along my cock.

I allowed my mind free reign, thinking about my sixteen year old neighbour, her mouth, her small breasts topped by hard nipples, her fingers massaging my balls and her sweet pussy rubbing across my face. Gina, I suspected, was also allowing her imagination to run free as her juices began to flow freely from her cunt even before I began to suck and tease her clit with my lips and tongue. Her hips twitched in response as I also moaned against her hard nub of sensitive flesh; my free hand grasping the cheek of her ass to hold her in place as I jerked my own hips upwards into her willing mouth.

Two more surges and my wife’s juices poured into my mouth and over my face before I felt my scrotum tighten and my balls pull up tight against the base of my cock and the small amount of cum that had remained within them from the day’s activities shoot out and into her throat.

The two of us twitched and writhed against each other as our senses went into overdrive, not wanting to quit our mutual stimulation but both flinching with the sensual torture. It was a couple of minutes before the two of us released each other by mutual, silent consent and I twisted about to crawl up beside her. Our lips met softly, our tongues tentatively sharing the products of each other’s genitalia. Just before I pulled the duvet up from the floor beside the bed where it had been unceremoniously dumped as we had stripped each other minutes earlier Gina held my face and smiled, “Kevin, my sweet… fantasy in here is all very well, but… it might be best if you’re careful around Mia!”

I smiled back at her and took her right hand from my cheek, kissing the palm, “I agree… I’m very fond of Jane and Pete and even fonder of my cock>”

“As am I!” replied Gina as she entwined herself in my arms and I wrapped the duvet around us, falling asleep within moments.

To be continued...

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