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Mia - Pt 2

Mia - Pt 2

Life can be hard when desire lives next door
Mia - Part Two - Not close enough for comfort

I took my wife’s advice to heart, and between the weather turning cloudy and cold limiting the use of the garden as well as business picking up keeping me away from home for days at a time, it was over a month before I saw Mia for more than a few seconds in passing. Her own life as well as my eldest son’s had also got increasingly fraught with the approach of their exams, and although both had more time at home, most of that was used for revision, albeit enforced by the adults.

I arrived home early on a Thursday afternoon hoping that my children might both be at school and that Gina wasn’t too busy with her own exam related work. I was out of luck as I found my wife, her ‘serious-teacher’ glasses on the tip of her nose as she studied a piece of work amidst a mess of other papers and textbooks. My eldest, Simon sat at the end of the table chewing on a pencil with his foot on the chair next to him and stared at the wall opposite him. The hopeful, horny smile disappeared from my lips as I stepped into the room.

“Hi Uncle Kev!” came Mia’s chirpy voice from the end of the table that had been hidden by the kitchen door.

I almost jumped but regained my composure, “Hi, Mia, studying hard?”

“So-so” she replied tilting her small hand back and forth in front of her.

I caught my wife’s eyes over the rim of her glasses and noted a twinkle in them at my discomfort. I also noted that my eldest had dropped his head to study the book in front of him and was pretending that he hadn’t been staring at Mia. I smiled to Gina as I wandered around the table to lean down and kiss her on the cheek, my right hand that was out of sight of all in the room brushed against the side of her breast gaining a long slow intake of breath.

“I’ll leave you to it and see you all in a while, I’m off upstairs to get cleaned up” I kissed Gina on the crown of her head and exited the room.

I couldn’t blame my son for being distracted. Even though Mia was wearing their standard school uniform it was not how it was meant to be worn. Her tie was wrapped around her long blonde hair pulling it back from her face, her blouse had three buttons undone revealing a hint of cleavage and with her blazer hanging on the back of the chair it was obvious through the white material that her bra was black. Twisted in her seat she had almost mirrored my son, with a foot up on the bar beneath the adjacent seat and the plaid skirt that should have hung below her knee was rumpled up in her lap. As I had walked around the table the young woman had scratched the side of her head with a pen, and her knees had moved apart giving me an obvious flash of white cotton panties between her naked thighs.

“Oh god…” I breathed to myself as I ascended the stairs massaging the rapidly growing bulge in my trousers.

I immediately stripped off and stepped into our en-suite shower, turning the mixer too cold as it rained down on my throbbing erection. Even though I shivered under the onslaught my ardour remained and I stared at it as if it was a traitor. I was wondering if I should just ‘bite-the-bullet’ and take myself in hand when a chirpy voice interrupted me.

“Uncle Kev?”

“What?” I exclaimed in an unusually high-pitched voice, covering the majority of my manhood with my hands as the door slowly pushed open.

“Can I suck on your cock, Uncle Kev?” came the reply before Gina’s head appeared around the edge bearing an evil grin.

“Bitch!” I muttered uncovering my erection to my wife’s widening eyes and stepping forwards out of the cold water.

She knelt down in front of me, still wearing her ‘serious-teacher’ glasses, “I promise I’ll be a good little cocksucker, Uncle Kev!”

Her hand wrapped around my girth and she pumped my cock rapidly, her tongue lapping against the tip with each movement. “I’ve always wanted to suck your cock, Uncle Kev….” Gina mimicked, “I want to taste your cum… I want you to fill my mouth with it… cum for me, Uncle Kev… cum for me”

I gripped Gina’s hair tightly holding her head tightly in front of me as her hand flashed up and down my length, “Oh, I’m gonna fill your mouth, Mia… and later I’m gonna fuck your sweet pussy till you beg me to stop!”

Gina licked her lips and dipped her mouth over the head of my cock before squeezing my shaft hard, “But… uncle Kevin… I’m a… I’m a virgin… I want too but… but it’ll hurt… that’s what my girlfriend’s tell me…” Gina’s grip still tight began to pump up and down my cock again, her other hand massaging my balls and a nail scratching my taint.

“Oh yes Mia… it’s gonna hurt when I fuck your pussy… it’s gonna hurt when I slap your ass for being such a dirty little tease…” Gina’s eyes brightened visibly and she opened her mouth wide as the speed of her hand increased, her hot heavy breaths caressing my glans as it bobbed just before her lips.

“I have been bad, Uncle Kevin… I deserved to be spanked… I deserve to be fucked…. I am a tease… please, Uncle Kev… can I be your whore?”

I had to grab the towel rail as my seed shot out of my cock and into Gina’s mouth. Afterwards I was sure that my grip on her hair must’ve hurt but she hadn’t cried out, instead she had released the tight grip on my girth and pointed my cock upwards closing her eyes, letting the remaining heavy spurts of seed spray over her face and into her hair. “I’ll be your schoolgirl slut, uncle Kev… I’ll be your whore…” she murmured like a mantra.

I dropped to my knees and kissed her deeply, before searching for every drop of cum I had sprayed upon her, and gathering it on my own tongue to return it to hers. We kissed hard finally and Gina stood up leaving me on my knees, “I reckon that’s a promise, Uncle Kev,” she looked down her nose over her glasses, every bit an authoritarian teacher, “We might have to send the kids somewhere… you’re going to make me scream… uncle Kev!” she turned about and left the bathroom, five seconds later she popped her head back around the door and tossed the pair of blue lace knickers she had been wearing that were thoroughly soaked with her juices. She smiled and winked at me, “Sluts don’t wear panties, do they?”


That night as a treat for Simon studying so hard, (much to his bewilderment even though he wasn’t going to contradict her) my wife suggested that we drop the boys to the local cinema complex and let them watch the latest blockbuster that they both wanted to see. Personally, I had wanted to see it also but I knew that Gina had other ideas, so after an early dinner we all climbed into the car and headed for the cinema a couple of miles away.

If I’d been expecting something interesting I was slightly disappointed when Gina had changed into what could only be described as frumpy. Even Simon had looked at his mother twice as she had appeared in a heavy ankle length skirt and large, dark blue, billowy jumper. It only took ten minutes to get to our destination where Gina told me to just pull up outside the cinema and that she would see the boys inside and for me to go park the car and “wait with it” till she found me.

I was grinning away to myself as I sat in the car when my mobile rang and I saw ‘I.C.E. Gina’ flash up on it. “Hey” I answered.

“Hi, Kev... I think if you head for the top story of the carpark you’ll find plenty of places to park” she replied.

I was about to say I already had one on the ground less than a hundred metres from the cinema when my smile returned, “Okay... I’ll go look now” I answered re-starting the engine of our people-carrier.

My heart was beating loudly in my chest and my hard, hopeful cock echoed with the pulse as I pulled up the final ramp onto the top level of the carpark. It only took me a second or two to spot my wife standing beside the stairwell at the far end of the tarmac and it took all of my control not to ‘drop the hammer’ and speed over towards her.

She walked over to the corner of the carpark as I pulled along beside her dropping the electric window as I did so. As I pulled on the handbrake she leant on the open sill, “Well, hello there... do you like surprises, Kev?” she asked. I nodded grinning stupidly in response, “Close your eyes then,” she instructed and I did as she said.

I listened as she opened the back door. I heard the soft sound of clothing being dropped onto the back seat before the door closed, and then a few seconds later she tapped her knuckles on the door. I opened my eyes and my jaw dropped open. Gina stood there, her hair pulled into two pigtails and wearing a white blouse with one of my children’s’ school ties about her neck. My cock throbbed within my trousers as I surveyed the picture before me; it was quite possible that she had borrowed our youngest, Michael’s shirt for the outfit as the buttons stretched almost to breaking point around her ample bosom, the red bra beneath obvious even in the dim lighting of the spot in the carpark she had.

I knew from a distance that a passerby would have been fooled and to all intents and purposes it would look like a young schoolgirl beside the vehicle of a ‘dirty old pervert’. Gina chewed on her thumbnail, “’Scuse me, mister, but I’m lost...”

My knuckles were blanched white where I gripped the steering wheel tightly, I coughed twice before composing a coherent response. “Ohh...err... well... where was it you wanted to go...miss?”

Gina smiled shyly and twisted about her hips, “I really don’t know, mister... maybe you’ve got a map... I could probably find my way home, then...”

I gulped loudly, “Oh yeah, I’m sure I’ve got one of those... hop in... out of the cold and we’ll try to find your home.”

“I’m not sure mister, daddy always said I shouldn’t get into strangers’ cars” she answered. In all the years I’d known my wife, even though my point of view was seriously biased at the present time, she had never shown an aptitude for acting (even failing miserably at Charades!) but tonight as she pretended to be apprehensive and scared it only took a moment to picture Mia stood before me lost in the ‘Big City’ all alone and afraid.

“You don’t have to worry... little girl... you’ll be completely safe in here,” I replied my chest heaving as I took in deep gulps of oxygen to fuel my beating heart and aching cock.

“Are you sure, mister?”

“Oh, I am, nothing bad is going to happen to you in here!” I leant across to open the door for her and had to stop and undo my seatbelt before I could reach the lever. As the door swung open and Gina stepped back I almost gave in completely to my animal urges as I saw the very short black skirt she was wearing, later I was able to recognise it as her netball skirt from her own school days. It only just dropped below my wife’s crotch and her bare legs stretched down to white ankle socks and plain flat black pumps.

Gina, still the actress, hesitated with her hand on the door, looking about her with scared eyes before looking back at me. I smiled, knowing that it was an utterly predatory smile, but completely unable to help it, as I licked my lips and sat back in my seat grabbing the road atlas as I did and opening it across my lap. “Come on in and we’ll find out where you live...little girl.”

Even though my head was turned down to the map, my eyes were looking across as Gina lifted one leg into the car exposing a pair of white cotton panties beneath her skirt. The gusset was soaked, her pussy lips actually visible in the dim light as she climbed into the seat beside me. “I’m really not sure about this, mister...”

“No need to worry...” I looked up and past her at the open door, “Just close the door,” I smiled in what I hoped was an evil manner, “we don’t want the battery to flatten, do we...miss...?”

“Mia... Mr Brooks,” she answered as she tentatively pulled the car door shut.

I had no idea who Mr Brooks was and I made a mental note to ask my wife later, “Okay, Mia” I lifted the map across so it spanned the gap between us, my knuckles resting upon her thigh just at the edge of her short skirt. Gina breathed in deeply, the buttons on the shirt straining even more as her chest rose, “Have you any idea where home is?”

I could feel her thigh tightening and relaxing beneath my knuckles as she traced her fingertip across the page, until it came to a stop above my cock hidden beneath, I almost laughed as it settled on a village somewhere south of Edinburgh on the page I had randomly opened, “Just here Mr Brooks,” she offered looking up into my eyes and biting her bottom lip.

“Well, Mia, that’s a long way away...”

“Oh please Mr Brooks...” she implored.

“Hmmm...” I responded doubtfully.

“I’d really appreciate it... I’m so far from home...”

“You would, would you?”

“Yes, Mr Brooks... I’d be ever so grateful,” Gina licked her lips longingly, slipping from her character for the first time.

“And how grateful would that be?” I asked.

“Ever so... I’ll do anything...” Gina was starting to squirm in her seat; her hand trembled where it now rested above my swollen cock.

“I think I’m going to have to put that to the test, Mia,” I said firmly and took her hand and moved it beneath the Road Atlas placing her palm on the bulge within my trousers.

“Oh my, Mr Brooks... what is that?” she replied as her fingers squeezed my erection.

“That’ll be payment,” I answered lifting the book away and throwing it in the back seat.

Gina stared at my crotch, perfectly acting like a virgin schoolgirl who had never seen the likes before. “I don’t know Mr Brooks...” still her hand slid up and down the lump, “...good girls don’t...”

I lifted my left hand and threaded it through my wife’s impromptu pigtails, “Good girls have to walk such a long way home” I said menacingly as I turned her face to mine.

“I... I... I don’t know...” she hesitated.

“Get it out, Mia or get out,” I demanded.

“I... I...” she stammered but her other hand came over and began unbuckling my belt.

“That’s a good girl,” I encouraged as I tilted her head down towards my crotch. Gina was panting heavily, and as she bent forward a button actually popped off the shirt and ended up somewhere in the footwell as she pulled my belt free and lowered the zip. There was a dark stain above the tip of my swollen glans where my pre-cum had been seeping from the eye of my cock since Gina had revealed her ‘schoolgirl’ outfit.

“Oh, Mr Brooks... I’ve never seen a penis before...” Gina whispered.

“Say ‘cock’ Mia... say ‘you want to see my hard cock’!”

“I want to... I want to see your... hard cock ...” she answered her voice trailing off.

I twisted her head back up to my face, “Say it Mia, say it properly!” I demanded.

“I want... to see you hard cock, Mr Brooks... please,” she answered obediently.

“Good girl,” I replied turning her face back down and pulling my boxers away allowing my swollen member to spring free, “do you like what you see, Mia?”

“I think so, Mr Brooks... it looks so big... so angry...”

“It’s big and angry for you Mia... its tasty too!”

“What do you mean, Mr Brooks?” asked Gina as innocently as she could muster.

“This, Mia, this,” I answered pushing my wife’s head down, her mouth opening wide and sliding over my glans and almost all the way down my shaft beneath the urging of my fist in her hair. “Ohhh FUCK!!!” I cried out hearing my voice echo out of the passenger window and around the carpark. Gina sucked hard upon me as her left hand slipped into my boxers and cupped my balls massaging them firmly.

My eyes actually rolled back within their sockets as I searched blindly for the electric window button. I felt Gina’s head bob once on my cock and slip the final inch down, taking my entire length in her mouth, “ohh...jesus...” I whimpered as I released her head and the window whirred shut.

“Am I doing this right, Mr Brooks?” asked Gina innocently as she lifted her mouth of my twitching cock and then blew across the saliva coated flesh.

“Ohh... mmmm... yessss... Gina...” I answered.

“Gina? Mr Brooks?” she squeezed the base of my cock hard, “Is that your wife, Mr Brooks? Does she like to lick your ‘lollipop’ too?”

“Ohh... y...yes, Mia... she does,” I stammered in reply.

I felt the tip of her tongue press into the eye of my glans as her slim fingers twisted about the base, “Is she as good as me, Mr Brooks?” she added before her mouth once again engulfed my length.

“” I moaned, “ could teach her a thing... or two” I reached across her back and pulled up her short black skirt, grasping the smooth round globe of her ass. “You’re such a bad little girl, Mia... such a dirty little girl...”

Gina’s head bobbed rapidly up and down on the upper half of my cock as her hand pumped the lower half, her lips tightly sealed around my girth meeting her fingers about the middle. “Oh my... god...” I groaned, “b... b... bad little girls... deserve... rewards...” I spluttered and raised my hand up bringing it down sharply on her ass. Gina released a muffled scream of pleasure and surprise followed by a gag as my seed jetted from my cock and into the back of her throat.

The back of my head slammed against the headrest as I jerked my hips upwards; my sac felt as if it was shrinking away to nothing as what seemed like the entire contents of my balls erupted into my wife’s mouth in less than two or three spasms of my cock.

Gina continued to suck greedily on my twitching cock, her left hand massaging my sac trying to coax more of my seed from it as her cheeks hollowed around my cock, twisting back and forth. I was physically shaking as nerves all over my body spontaneously fired in salute of my orgasm and it was well over a minute before I looked down at my wife’s pigtails swinging about as her mouth continued to work on my still swollen, if not quite as hard, cock.

I slipped my hand beneath her chin and urged her head up, very reluctantly she released my cock from her mouth with an audible ‘pop’, her right hand still gripping it firmly , slowly twisting about the base as she looked up at me grinning broadly. I breathed heavily and smiled back at her, “So, Mia, do you like cum?”

“Oh yes, yes I do, Mr Brooks!” Gina smiled, “Look, I swallowed it all, I didn’t miss a drop... was I good?” she opened her mouth wide, running her tongue along her teeth and lips. I slipped three fingers into my wife’s mouth and she sucked on them greedily.

“You’re a very good girl, Mia... but...” I left the sentence hanging.

Gina feigned a look of concern, “Wh... what Mr Brooks? Have I not been good... enough?”

I reached down and pulled the lever beside my chair which dropped it back almost flat, “Quite good, Mia... but it’s a very, very long way home...”

Gina twisted on her seat and knelt upon it, the top of her head just shy of the car roof as she pulled the lever beside her seat and it dropped flat, “What should I do, Mr Brooks?” she replied lowering her head, the pigtails dropping down to dangle over her heaving chest. I noted a further two buttons had since popped leaving a gaping hole exposing almost all of her cleavage.

I shuffled back along my seat, her hand reluctant to release my cock but then dropping into her lap and joining her other; the two twisting about each other in mock concern. “Just look at the state of your uniform, little girl...” I reached forward and grabbed the shirt, which I knew our youngest would never again wear, and pulled it forward. The top button beneath her tie flew off and a loud tear sounded as the right shoulder ripped and dangled down exposing the red bra cup beneath. “And that’s not regulation underwear either is it, Miss?”

I backhanded her breast earning a yelp from my wife, “No... It’s not... Mr Brooks... I’m... sorry ...” she whimpered.

“Take it off!” I demanded.

She looked up at me, a startled look adorning her face, “...but... Mr Brooks...”


Hesitantly she lifted her hands and reached behind her back pushing her breasts forward; her chest rose and fell as she undid the catch and slipped the bra from her shoulders and covering her full breasts with her hands as it slipped away.

I settled back and stroked my cock slowly, rolling the foreskin up and down exposing the glistening glans. “Show me... if you want a ride home?” Gradually Gina slid her hands down, her fingertips rolling her hard nipples as she did so while her eyes were focused, almost hypnotically, on my cockhead. “Come closer,” I said beckoning her with my finger and she shuffled forward straddling my outstretched legs. I eased them apart making her spread her knees further wider.

“You want to get home... don’t you?” I asked as I reached forward and grasped the erect buds atop her breasts and squeezed them between my thumbs and forefingers.

“Yesssss...” Gina moaned deeply as I tugged on her nipples, “...yessss... Mr ... mmmm ... Brooks...”

“You liked sucking my cock, didn’t you, Mia? Liked the taste of my cum shooting down your throat... would you like to feel it slamming into your tight little virgin pussy?”

Gina looked up, the feigned look of shock on her features, “Nooo... Mr Brooks... I couldn’t possibly... I’m a good girl.” I was sure if Gina could have faked it she would have shed some crocodile tears to add to the effect.

I yanked on her nipples pulling her forwards till she lay against me. In the confines of the car, albeit a spacious people carrier it was awkward but in a moment I had her across my lap and my erection up between her thighs pressed against the drenched material of her panties. “Liar,” I said simply and smacked her ass. Gina yelped and squirmed about my cock, the heat from her pussy seeming to intensify; I smacked her again and again.

“Good girls-“ Smack, “don’t suck cock-“ Smack, “good girls-“ Smack, “don’t swallow spunk-“ Smack, “Bad girls-“ Smack, “get into cars with strangers-“ Smack, “Bad girls-“ Smack, “get fucked!”

Gina was writhing and moaning, lifting her hips up, squeezing her thighs tightly together, dragging on my cock with each strike of my hand on her cheeks which had begun to glow from the spanking. “I’m a bad girl, I’m a bad girl,” she whimpered, “fuck me, Mr Brooks... I’m such a dirty cum-slut... fuck me please...”

“As you wish, Mia,” I replied and grasped her sodden panties and ripped them from her ass. Pushing her thighs apart, lifting them up I angled my cock into my wife’s dripping slit and pushed her ass down filling her easily and completely. Gina continued to squirm upon my cock and the blows to her now naked ass continued.

I could feel the reverberation of each of my slaps within her as her pussy pulsed and gripped my cock. She had begun to moan very loudly, and as her voice rose even higher, she stuffed the material of her discarded jumper into her mouth. Twice I felt her juices flood out of her cunt drenching my sac as huge orgasms racked her body.

Her ass was glowing and I could feel my palm, heating up with each blow; reaching below her I groped her breast roughly as I squeezed her burning ass cheek. Gina moaned deeply into her jumper as I slid my thumb against my cock as it slid in and out of her soaking slit. “A very bad, bad girl...” I said as I pushed my slickened thumb up between her rosy cheeks and pressed it against her tight rear hole. A muffled yelp of surprise came from her mouth but she raised her ass higher with the next flex of her hips and even though we had never indulged in anal play beyond teasing before I pushed my thumb into her ass.

My wife’s cunt clamped down on my cock and I felt it vibrate through the thin skein of flesh separating it from my thumb as her juices squirted out around my engorged cock and over my sac onto the seat beneath me. I threw my head back as thick rope after rope of my own juices erupted from my gripped cock. “Ohhh...fuck,” I breathed as even in the throes of her own orgasm Gina slipped a hand beneath her and massaged my pulsing testicles. I stared out of the steamed up windows of the car as the interior was lit up by another car’s headlights. They paused for a few seconds, centred on us before they swept away and I collapsed back down.

It was several minutes before the two of us gathered ourselves together. The car reeked of the heady scent of Gina’s pussy and my own semen was visible amid the large stain on the back seat. The two of us looked at each other with mischievous grins as if we were still teenagers before we searched the car for some wipes to clean up the mess we had made. Gina turned the key in the ignition and wound down the windows to ventilate the interior. “So, what’s got into you today?” I asked.

“Are you complaining?” she replied with a grin.

“Hell, no!” I answered mirroring her smile.

I gathered the used wipes into a plastic bag as she sat in the driver’s seat with her foot up on the passenger seat exposing her red raw slit to my view, the remnants of her soaked panties framing it as her fingernail dragged up alongside her vulva. “Well... I guess you’re not the only one who finds Mia distracting!”

I stepped out of the rear of the car and deposited the plastic bag in a nearby trash can and walked back the few steps to the car. My focus was momentarily distracted from my wife’s knee visible through the open window by a red sports car parked two bays away that hadn’t been there when we had arrived. The driver was still within it and appeared to be focused on the back of Gina’s head. My cock gave a twitch within my trousers as I noted the close cut blonde bob in the darkened interior suddenly notice me and hastily start the engine of her car and pull away.

I climbed into the passenger seat and lifted my wife’s foot onto my lap wondering if the stranger would have dared come closer for a better view if she’d stayed. “Problems with revision today?” I asked.

“You could say that... she... I don’t know how she does it... looking so innocent and totally fuck-able at the same time!”

“Was she reawakening old experiments?” Gina had told me about a couple of dalliances with the Sapphic side when she had been away in college and although she had used those experiences and a few fantasies to tease me and turn me on in bed she hadn’t shown a serious interest since we had been together.

“If Simon hadn’t been there... can’t tell you which of us was more flustered... and...”

“And?” I asked as I took hold of her ankle slipping off her shoe and rubbing her stockinged foot against the growing bulge in my trousers.

Gina’s finger slipped along her damp slit till it rested on her clit, rolling it around in a tiny circle, “Mmmm... I’m not one hundred percent sure which one of us Mia was flirting with... probably both I think...”

I checked the digital display on the dashboard and saw that we still had thirty minutes before we had to pick up the boys. “Remember your words of warning; she is our friend’s daughter!” I reminded her as I unzipped my trousers and released my now hard cock.

“I know, I know” she answered as her toes curled over my glans, “but damn she’s a tease!”

Gina’s other foot rose into my lap and I divested it of its shoe as she began to squeeze my cock between her feet. Her breathing was becoming laboured as her finger moved faster over her clit. I took hold of her feet, pressing them harder against my length and lifting them up and down. “Oh... did I mention, I think we might’ve had an audience earlier?”

Gina looked about her; “Really?” she asked excitedly, “Male or female?”

“Female, I’m sure... she was in a red sports car a couple of bays away...”

“Not just wishful thinking?”

“Possibly but she did beat a hasty retreat when she saw that I spotted her!” I answered sliding my right hand up between Gina’s thighs and pushing two fingers easily into her soaking pussy.

“Ahhh... damn... maybe I could’ve pretended she was Mia... with her head between my thighs sucking your cum out of my cunt”

I slowly withdrew my hand, the sticky residue of our combined juices thickly coating my fingers. Gina watched as I raised them too my mouth and slowly licked them clean, “So tell me, dear wife, who is Mr Brooks?”

Gina’s eyes followed my hand as it once more made the journey between her thighs and moaned deeply as I reinserted my fingers curling them upwards as I did searching for her G-spot. “Mmmm... oh poor Mr Brooks...” she began breathing faster as I slowly finger-fucked her twitching pussy, “our... Art Teacher... at school and ... mmmm yessss... the wet dream of most the girls in my class... ohhh... that’s it, just like that...”

Gina shuffled closer to me, her feet sliding beyond my thighs as she reached forward and grasped my cock in her hand. “How old were you?” I asked as slipped a third finger inside her.

Her right hand began to pump my length faster as her left strummed her clit harder. “Mmmm... sixteen I think, pretty much the same age as Mia...”

I matched her rhythm as I gathered some of the juices seeping from her slit on my other hand, “Did you frig yourself at night imagining him taking you over his desk?” I asked.

“Oh fuck yes...” she giggled and then added “Not just at night... I had...” a deep groan escaped her lips, “I had my first... my first orgasm in... his class... my hand down my soaking panties... oh fuck...” she cried out as my fingers drove into her cunt even harder. “Oh Jesus, fuck... ” she whimpered as a flood of her juices poured from her pussy once again. I thrust the fingers of my left hand into her mouth and she sucked on them hard tasting her cunt and the remnants of my seed.

She bucked wildly on the edge of the seat, thrusting her hips against my invading fingers as her orgasm ripped through her body, her cunt clamping down hard on my fingers. My thumb replaced her fingers that had been rubbing her clit as she grasped the steering wheel and her other hand gripped my cock tightly as she threw back her head, her groans loud enough to echo around the carpark through the open windows.

Finally her orgasm subsided, her body relaxing as she opened her eyes, a manic grin adorning her lips. She reached down and pulled my fingers from her quivering slit and raised them to her mouth licking them clean. “Your turn” she said as she began to once again pump my manhood. “Oh Mr Brooks fuelled many a fantasy in his art class... not just mine! My best friend, Julie had a thing for him as well...” she stared into my eyes as she rolled my foreskin back and forth, her thumb riding over the top and smearing my pre-cum over the glans. “I don’t know how many times the two of us ended up in a cubicle after his lessons...”

My eyes widened and I began to breathe heavily, “The two of us in those small cubicles with our soaking panties around our ankles... and our fingers buried in our virginal cunts... oh I loved the smell of Julie’s pussy... I so regret that I never tasted it... you know I made up for it later at college but I would have so liked to drive my tongue into her as she stood before me... I guess we were just too young, too innocent then! Two little virgin schoolgirls all sweet in our uniforms with drenched panties beneath our plaid skirts... if only Mr Brooks had known... he could have done anything he liked to us... anything at all!”

“Oh fuck,” I breathed as Gina reached down and cupped my balls.

“Fucked over that desk... had us lick his cum out of each others’ pussies... spanked our bottoms till they were red raw... oh god how I wanted his cock inside me... in my mouth... my cunt... in my ass!” Gina’s hand was a blur as it rose up and down my cock, her other hand massaging my balls and a finger snaking up between the cheeks of my ass. “Can you imagine that, Kev? My sweet sixteen year old ass full of a teacher’s cum? And Julie sucking it all out of it afterwards!”

“OH GOD!” I cried out as Gina’s finger pushed into my ass and my seed shot out of my cock spraying my trousers and Gina’s hand as she smiled at her work.

Once again we had some cleaning up to do, by the time we had managed it and driven back to the cinema the boys were outside waiting. Our youngest was oblivious to our mood, but I could see Simon in the rear view mirror, glancing at the two of us wearing that look of teenage shame that his parents, ‘old people’, were having sex, the province of the young!


It was almost a week later that I got the text. Simon’s exams had finished and the last couple of days had seen him absent from the house as he made up for lost time gaming by spending marathon sessions in front of televisions at various friends’ houses. Whereas Michael was seriously aggrieved at his lack of freedom and that he still had another three weeks of school before the summer holidays.

Gina and I had obviously sated the desires kindled by our young next door neighbour, as our sex life had calmed somewhat with her increased workload of exam papers to mark, and our youngest child’s desire to stretch out his bedtime for as long as possible.

I was up in a client’s loft when my phone beeped and I saw the message from my wife just after one in the afternoon.

No kids for at least three hours and I’ve got a schoolgirl’s uniform. Interested?

My cock instantly began to swell, I packed up my tool bag almost falling through the ceiling below in my haste. I lied to the client about the ‘nature’ of the family emergency that was calling me away, and was in my van in less than three minutes with a rock hard erection. Traffic and the lights were against me so it was over twenty minutes before I pulled up outside our house, only just remembering to lock the vehicle with all my tools inside as I opened the front door. I dropped my keys on the floor and was already stripping off my clothes before I ascended the stairs. By the time I was on the landing, and approaching our bedroom door I was struggling out of my jeans and boxers as well as kicking off my work boots at the same time, almost falling in a heap as I heard my wife’s moans from the slightly open door.

“I guess you started without me,” I said to myself through grinning lips as I pulled off my socks to leave myself completely nude. Edging open our bedroom door I saw Gina’s ass bent over the bed, a plaid skirt hiked up exposing a pair of white cotton panties and a set of slim fingers sliding back and forth over the damp gusset.

I stepped fully into the room with the full intention of simply ripping the underwear from her and plunging my hard cock all the way into her soaking quim (and maybe, just maybe if she was willing then fucking her in the ass for the first time after a good spanking).

“Fuck!” I swore as I did a double take. It only took me a second to realise it wasn’t Gina in the school uniform but Mia with her head buried between my wife’s outstretched thighs and my wife’s fingers threaded through the sixteen year olds blonde hair. Gina’s other hand was inside her white blouse massaging her breast as a school tie lay over her shoulder matching the one I knew Mia was wearing. I took in the fact that my wife was also dressed in an identical skirt to Mia and that I had two schoolgirls in front of me. “Oh fuck,” I repeated louder and my wife opened her eyes, a dreamy look upon them.

“Oh goody, Uncle Kevin’s home,” she said lifting Mia’s juice smeared face from her crotch and twisting it about by her hair to look at me.

“I always knew you’d have a lovely cock, Uncle Kevin!” declared Mia.

I staggered the three paces forward and even before Mia’s small hand reached up to wrap her slim fingers about my girth I was shooting my load all over her blouse and tie. “Ohhhh my god,” I moaned.

Gina shuffled down the bed to kneel beside our young neighbour, grinning broadly, “I told you he’d be pleased to see you,” she said as she pushed the young girl’s mouth onto my twitching cock and lowered her own to lap my spilled seed from Mia’s chest.

The next few hours were something of a blur as I fucked and licked and spanked and generally abused Gina and Mia in any and every way I desired, the two schoolgirls managing to re-vitalise my cock every time it was in danger of flagging. I had sodomized my wife for the first time, as the two of them lay in a sixty-nine position, with Mia alternately lapping at Gina’s pussy and my ball-sac as I ploughed into my wife’s anus. I had only pulled out to watch a pitiful amount of spunk (this was the fourth time I had ejaculated in under two hours) splash against her gaping ass to be quickly lapped up by our teenage neighbour who then gave my wife a thorough rimming as the tight rear hole slowly closed.

“What was it like Aunty Gina?” she asked as she pulled her tongue out.

I dropped to my knees and gave the young blonde a deep kiss as my wife answered, “Delicious and... brutal! I loved it... wish I’d let Kevin fuck me in the ass years ago!”

“Mmmm... think I’ll have to give it a try,” Mia replied.

“We’re going to have to give Kevin a chance to catch his breath, I think,” Gina said as she raised herself up on all fours and looked down between them, “maybe if I fill your cunt with the largest dildo I have as well that’ll get him going?”

“Oh I like the sound of that,” both Mia and I replied in almost perfect unison before the three of us burst out laughing.

Gina then called another ‘school-mom’ in order to pick up Michael and take him to his best friend’s house and after she put the phone down I asked her about the agreement we had come to about Mia being off-limits.

She blushed guiltily in response but Mia answered for her, “She really had no choice, when she’d been helping me with my revision I’d flirted and flashed her continuously until she had taken a moment to go to the toilet.”

“And you followed her?” I asked getting a nod from both of them, “and you found her with her fingers stuffed in her pussy?”

Mia grinned broadly as my wife ducked her head, “She was rather engrossed and I was able to watch her for well over a minute before she saw me standing there with my own fingers in my own pussy and well the rest is history!”

“So you seduced my wife?” I asked grinning and watching Gina squirm partly in guilt and partly because of the male and female hands sliding up her thighs.

Mia looked straight into my eyes over my wife’s heaving chest as our fingers entered the already much abused slit between us together, “Well, short of tying you up and raping you I couldn’t figure a way of getting your cock inside me!”

I grinned, “You could have asked politely!” I answered as the two of us lowered our mouths and flicked our tongues against my wife’s hard erect nipples causing her to moan loudly and writhe between us.

“If I’d known that you had Gina ‘playing’ me and you were fucking and spanking poor little lost Mia at the local multiplex I would have!”

Gina bucked hard as two sets of teeth nipped and stretched her nipples and a total of four fingers drove deep into her hot cunt. My cock twitched and once again began to fill with blood. It was a shame, as I had already found out, that I wasn’t Mia’s first, that her ‘cherry’ had already been taken by some teenager (a little relieved that it hadn’t been my own son) but I imagined this was a prelude to a consolation prize and I’d soon be taking poor little lost Mia’s virgin ass!

Looking across into Mia’s eyes as we tortured my wife’s boobs I felt her slim fingers wrap around my slightly sore but happily swelling cock and knew she was thinking of the same thing...

The End
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