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Mile high club, here we come!

The good girls rarely make history
Everyone was really excited about going on a trip with college; we were going to Manchester, England to do something with our English class. None of us really listened or paid attention whilst our teacher told us what we'd be doing there because truth be told; we were all far too excited about the fact we were going to England. The cute accents, the cute boys, the hot girls, the fact you could be 18 to drink beer!

It was going to be really amazing, everyone was 18 or over so the prospect of being able to go into a bar without a fake I.D was astonishing. 

I myself am 19 years old, my name is Rose and I'm from America. I have long brunette hair which is wavy and comes down to my shoulders, big brown eyes and a tanned slim body; my breasts are big and firm and I have a nice petite little ass.

It was a Monday morning and everyone was stood around in the airport waiting to board the plane, there was several people who'd be coming with me. 4 guys and 4 ladies and also a very handsome teacher called Mr. Laurnete. 

"Gather around everyone, I want you all to check you have your boarding cards and passports and if not then I'm afraid you're getting a taxi home because I'm not missing this trip for anyone!" said our teacher in a playful tone. 

So we all gathered around as we were told too and I opened up my hand luggage and found the plastic wallet which had everything I needed inside, including a couple of condoms in case I got lucky. 

A few of us girls had a bet going; whoever managed to have sex on the plane first would win the double bed in the big room all the girls would be staying in, so everyone was determined. Not only because the double bed was obviously going to be the best one in the room but also all the girls wanted a piece of Mr. Laurnete. 

Mr. Laurnete was a tall tanned French man with slight tanned skin and dark brown hair that was always slicked back, he looked like a model. 

Everyone checked their bags and nobody had forgotten anything. 

"Okay, ladies and gents meet at the gate door in fifteen minutes and until then do whatever you'd like but don't go far!" shouted Mr. Laurnete to the group and everyone went off doing their own thing.

Me and the girls walked over to gate, not wanting to be late where as the boys went back to the arcade to play more silly games. 

"Boys will be boys" muttered one of the girls smirking.

We all laughed and continued walking.

"So, I hope you all won't mind sleeping in the single beds because I guarantee I'll win this bet" I said sure of myself that I'd seduce our teacher within the first hour of flying.

"Don't be so sure, I'm not wearing panties and I'm wearing a dress" said the slut of the group, Diane in a soft tone.

Once again we all laughed and finally we arrived at where we needed to be. We all sat down and talked amongst ourselves. I was sat besides Diane and when Mr. Laurnete walked over, Diane opened her legs slightly so he could see her shaven little pussy. 

"Can't wait to fly with you!" Diane said to him with a cheeky grin on her face.

The look on Mr. Laurnete's face was classic because he didn't know where to look and he just smiled awkwardly and went to go speak to air hostess. 

"Hi, I'm flying with nine students today, was wondering if it would be possible to board them early so that I know they're all there on time" asked the handsome teacher to the air hostess.

The air hostess was a young beautiful blonde woman, around the age of 21, she was short and a typical blonde but very hot. "I'm only aloud to board the first class early, Sir" said the young woman.

"Oh okay, well never mind then" He smiled briefly and didn't make a fuss of it before starting to walk away but before he could leave, the young woman took his hand forcing him to turn back around.

"Wait" she said softly.

He turned back and looked at her curiously "Yes, Miss?" he asked with a slight raised eyebrow.

"I'll bump you all up to first class if you'd like" she said biting her bottom lip.

"That'd be fantastic! but wait, what's the catch?" he asked, his excited grin turning into a confused stare.

The air hostess leaned in and whispered into the teachers ear "finger me" she asked with pleading eyes. 

The teacher gulped and nodded "Let's go sit then shall we?" he held her hand and escorted her to the seating area before starting to talk to her quietly about the plane, acting as though he was scared of flying and she was just re-assuring him so nobody got suspicious.

His hand trailed up her inner thigh and rested on her panties, stroking her through the thin material. 

"Come on, Sir.. we only have five minutes!" she said turned on, wanting to be fucked as she rubbed herself up against his hand.

And with that, he slowly glided two fingers deep inside her wet pussy, starting to finger her wildly.

"Oh, yes!" moaned out the air hostess softly as she gripped onto the teachers arms. 

He kept fingering her fast and hard, his fingers becoming wet and sticky. The slut sat on his fingers and started bouncing up and down slightly.

Giggles were heard over by the other side of the room.

"Damn, look at him go" I said to Diane who was watching, pressing her legs towards, all of us girls wished to be in Air hostess's position.

Not long after we all watched the Air hostess orgasm, shocked and curious as to why they were randomly doing that here and now.

When Mr.Laurnete did the walk of shame back to us, nobody dared utter a word.

"Well we've been bumped up too first class, guys!" he said with an awkward yet cheeky smile on his lips. "Is everyone present?" after a quick head count, he give a hand gesture towards the door "get out your boarding cards and passports because we're going to England!" he said happily and walking onwards.

We all formed a line and showed our boarding cards and our passports before walking down the walkway and walked onto the plane. 

Everyone looked shocked as we walked through to first class, looking around at the leather chairs, each person would have their own separate air hostess some of which were very attractive and a few of the girls looked at the men who'd be assisting them on their flight bit down on their lips and you could just see it now they'd be trying to win the bet with them later.

I was at the back of the line and everyone ran and sat down, Diane sat with Jackie and Eve sat with Jess.

"Great" I muttered because I didn't want to be sitting with some posh old bastard who I didn't know.

"Come sit me, Rose" said Mr. Laurnete.

"Yes, Sir" I said smirking thinking it was my time to shine, I sat besides him and purposely pushed my chest out a little.

"Rose, are you excited about going to Manchester?" he asked starting small talk between the two of us.

"I am, yes.. seams as though someone got a little excited before we even got on the plane!" I said daringly with a cheeky grin on my face.

He looked shocked that I'd say something like that and when my hand was on his inner thigh, he gulped.

"Sir, would you show me were the bathroom is? I don't think I'd be able to find it alone" I asked as I caressed my hand over his already hard dick, which was locked down in his cotton prison. 

He just simply nodded and got up with me and walked onwards, I winked at the girls on my way past.

Diane whispered to me saying, "you bad girl."

I smirked "The good girls rarely make history" and off went me and Mr. Laurnete. 

 When we arrived at the bathroom, I walked inside and unzipped the back of my dress revealing my matching black thong and bra to him and I give a hand gesture telling him to come inside and that he did. 

"You naughty girl, Rose." He said quite clearly turned on.

"Less talking, more stripping" I ordered him as I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, my hand searching inside his tight boxers as I grasped onto his dick rubbing his shaft up and down slowly as I made eye contact with him. "Take me now" I asked with puppy eyes.

 He lifted me and sat me on the work top, I opened my legs as he pulled my thong down. 

 "You're already wet" he said rubbing my clit softly. He didn't waste time lingering around; he held open my legs and grasped onto my thighs as he penetrated my wet tight pussy.

 "Oh fuck me, Sir!"she moaned out softly, wrapping my arms around his neck as I moved my hips in time with his deep thrusts.

He was panting and groaning "dirty slut!" he called out as he started fucking me roughly, pounding his big dick deep inside of me, his balls slapping me every time he went inside of me, making me breathe heavy, my toes curling. 

Meanwhile back in the first class seats; two of the girls had fallen asleep and Diane and Jackie were wide awake and horny, talking about the teacher and Rose.

"That bitch has won" muttered Diane.

"Oh well, we can still have our own fun" grinned Jackie and within seconds Jackie leaned in and started making out with Diane.

 Diane backed out with a confused stare "What the fuck are you doing?"

 Jackie smirked "I'm getting the boys attention."

 Diane grinned cheeky and nodded "Oh shit, good idea" so with that she got off her seat and sat on Jackie's lap continuing to kiss her making noises.

The boys looked over and stopped talking about soccer for a second, all their mouths dropped as they saw the girls making out.

Diane looked over and smirked. "So boys, does anyone here want to have a little fun?"

Brian was the first to chip in "I'll tell you what, Blaine can switch seats with you and we can both have our fun with you two girls." 

 Blaine grinned and high fived Brian "and this is why your my best friend, man!" 

Blaine and Diane switched seats and Diane went and sat on Brian's lap straddling him and feeling a boner already fully grown in his pants. "Let's give him some air" she said licking her bottom lip and pulling his dick out of his boxers and giving him a hand job, rubbing his shaft roughly. "I'm not wearing panties, Brian" she said whispering into his ear. "Fuck me"

It didn't take him any persuading before he guided his dick deep inside of her, holding onto her thighs and using the dress as a shield so nobody could see them fucking, he pounded his cock deep inside of her while she rode him like a horse, bouncing up and down and swinging her hips in a circular motion. "Brian!" she moaned into his ear.

Back in the bathroom, everything was running smoothly and I was getting the best fuck of my life, being able to hear moans coming from outside, I wondered what was going on but far too interested in the guy I was fucking to care that much.

"Fuck me, Mr Laurnete!" I moaned out holding onto his neck with a tight grasp.

 He leaned in whispering to me "Call me Marcus" he said sounding out of breath and somewhat tired, we'd been at it for half an hour.

I pushed him onto the toilet seat, straddling him and bouncing up and down on his dick roughly, holding onto his shoulders to support myself, forcing myself up and down.

"Oh Rose!" he groaned out loud before shooting his load deep inside of my tight hole.

I opened my legs more and pushed myself down onto his dick one last time before I orgasmed.

 Ironically, Diane and I came at the same time and I knew because when I screamed out so did she. 

"Oh, Brian!" said Diane, clearly he didn't last as long as the manly teacher did.

I screamed out "Marcus!" at the top of my lungs, sure as hell even the captain would be able to hear me. Nobody came, nobody would bother the V.I.Ps.

I hopped off his great big dick and pulled my dress up, watching him get his clothes back on. 

 "The girls and I had a bet going on to see who'd get the double bed, it was the first girl to fuck someone on the plane so I think I won" I admitted to Marcus.

He laughed and shook his head "Oh really?"

 I grinned. "Yes, but something tells me that I'm not going to be sleeping in that double bed very much." I winked to him and he pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

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