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Mischief on the Seas

This story is inspired by a real event in my life.
The sun dappled across the water, it was a brilliant, bright blue day. A soft breeze caressed my young 18 year old skin and brushed my long brunette hair back from my face. It had been one hell of a morning; I had won my first yacht race! Only our annual club ladies race, but my dad was so proud, bless him.

I had been at the helm of a boat owned by my dad’s friend. The boat was called Mischief, a 40 foot sloop, the friend called Robert. Apt name for a boat owned by him, at 47 he was still very virile, flirty and handsome. Robert and my dad had been my crew for the weekend and we were now sailing the boat back to its home mooring.

I had known ‘Uncle’ Robert since I was a kid. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years and in that time I had grown from an awkward, slightly plump girl, into a young woman. The puppy fat had turned into shapely, female curves.

On this serene, sunny day I glanced across at him, almost seeing him for the first time. I noticed how dark his eyes were; almost black. His raven hair, although flecked with grey was thick and luxurious and his well clipped beard enhanced his angular jaw line. He stood well over 6 foot and was still very slender and toned.

We moored up in the small harbour, where we had decided to stop for a while.

“Lunch time, I recon it’s time for a pint and a bite to eat,” declared my dad.

“No arguments here,” Robert replied.

So off we headed to the yacht club, it was a small and intimate place, very low ceilings, and Robert had to duck as he went through the door.
We found some more friends in there and the 6 of us all squeezed around a table meant for 4.
I was on the bench seat; Robert sat between me and my dad. The conversation flowed and so did the beer, we sat exchanging old stories and opinions on the race.

As I sat there enjoying the camaraderie, I thought I felt Roberts leg just nudge mine, press against me. I ignored it, it was a tight squeeze on this seat, “Probably nothing,” I told myself.

A few bowls of snacks were brought to the table. I reached out at the same time as Robert did and our hands just brushed. I flinched with the contact and nearly knocked the bowl off the table; he just looked down at me and grinned.

There is was again! That insistent pressure, his thigh against mine. I looked up at him to find his black eyes, as if on fire, piercing mine. “What the fuck!” the voice in my head screamed. I decided that a bathroom break was in order and excused myself to run to the solitude of the ladies room.

Staring at myself in the mirror, I tried to sort out what was going on. “Ok,” I said to my face in the mirror, “Get a grip, he’s a family friend, his daughters are your childhood play mates and he’s almost 30 years older than you!” I splashed some water on my face, trying to ignore the sensation rising between my legs.

I returned to the table, feeling Robert’s eyes watching my every move. It was getting late and we had had to catch the next tide.

“Come on you lot, time to head off,” I commanded.

“Aye Aye Skipper!” came the sarcastic reply.

We made our way out of the club and back along the shore to the harbour.
My Dad was walking and talking to a friend. Robert and I fell a short way behind. We walked along in amiable silence, the wind was getting up and I shivered with the nip in the air.

“Cold?” he asked

“Just a bit” I replied

“I’d put my arms around you, but your dad would kill me,” he whispered.

Stunned by what I had just heard, I stared ahead, watching the back of my dad as he wandered up ahead, what the hell was I going to do? Could this really be happening?

We reached the boat; Robert took my hand to steady me as I climbed aboard, eyes locked. We readied the boat to leave, Robert and I headed below deck to stow away loose items and stuff in the galley as my dad stayed up top, sorting out the sails, still out from earlier in the day.

Alone at last, we couldn’t hold back any longer, in silence we kissed, our bodies pressed tightly and I could feel his hardness pressing up against me. With our hands everywhere we franticly explored each other as we listened for my dad’s foot steps above, terrified of discovery, but desperate for each other.

“Hey, are we all set to go?” Dad’s voice called out, causing us to fly apart.

“Um, yeah give us a sec,” I called back, hoping that I didn’t sound too flustered.

We quickly tucked in our shirts and straightened hair, trying to compose ourselves.
I was so wet and swollen, so ready for him, I could feel my juices soaking through to my jeans.

We cast off and made our way out of the harbour. There was a steady breeze behind us and we settled ourselves for an easy sail to our home mooring. Relaxing in the afternoon sun, I took the helm, Robert stayed by my side trimming the sail. Eventually my dad wandered off to sit on the bow deck.

Robert got up and came to stand right behind me, eyes fixed forward, looking at the horizon and the sails. With one hand pointing to some imaginary point of interest, his other hand reached down the back of my jeans. He reached down with his long fingers, down to my soaking wet pussy, flicking up to tease my clit. He had his mouth next to my ear, all the while making it look like he was teaching me some sort of geometric sailing technique; the wise old sea dog, teaching the youngster new tricks…well he was certainly doing that!

With one hand still on the helm I reached round behind me and slipped my hand down the front of his jeans. I took his hot, hard cock in my slender hand and slowly began to play, sliding my hand up and down in the constricted space.
He moaned quietly in my ear, I could feel his breath quicken against my neck.

Just as we were beginning to get lost in the moment, my dad suddenly got up and started to make his way back towards us. We swiftly and carefully withdrew our hands, I was trembling, my heart racing, beating so hard I thought it would burst from my chest.

We reached our destination and moored up. I prepared us some supper and we sat out on deck watching the sun set.
As my dad got up to get a bottle of brandy from below deck, Robert leaned in and whispered, “Tonight, you, my cabin. I will be ready for you.” I looked him straight in the eyes, he meant every word.

The evening wore on, Robert and I made sure my dad’s brandy glass was well topped up, while we just took small sips and exchanged glances. Eventually it was time to turn in. We just hoped that the brandy would do its work and send my dad into a deep sleep. I went to the forward cabin, Robert to the aft, and my dad was in the middle.

I slipped out of my clothes, put on a shirt, and then crawled into my sleeping bag. Wide awake I listened to the sound of my dad’s breathing, waiting for it to become slow and steady. Eventually, stomach churning with nervous excitement, I decided the time was right.

I got up, opened the door and stepped into the area where my dad slept. I took another step forward and he stirred, I froze, not breathing, panic rising, what to do!
I stood there frozen to the spot for what seamed like an hour, it was probably just a minute or so. Eventually dad turned over, facing away from me, so I took the chance and moved, quickly and silently to the door where I knew Robert was waiting.

I silently slipped into Robert’s cabin, he had a small light on and there he was, lying on his side on the double bunk, shirtless, smiling, and waiting for me. In the amber light he looked tanned, lean and his black eyes shone. He slid back on the bunk to make room for me and as he did he folded back the blanket that lightly covered him. He grinned, he was naked, and just as he promised; he was ready.

In silence I moved towards him, I still wore my button down man’s shirt that I usually wore in bed, with nothing underneath. I slowly undid each button, one by one watching his face as I peeled the shirt from my body and let it fall to the floor. I then crawled onto the bunk beside him. He radiated heat, and the salty smell of the sea combined with the sweet spice of his scent was intoxicating.

Knowing we had to be silent, we communicated with our eyes and bodies. . He lay on his side leaning on one elbow, and I lay on my back. He began to run the back of his hand from the side of my face down my neck, brushing my shoulder, across my collar bone down to my right breast. He paused, watching my face as he took my breast in his hand and began to tease my nipple. I could feel the whole length of his body leaning against mine and his hot, hard cock against the outside of my thigh.

It took all the control I could muster not to let out a sigh as he leaned down and took my left breast in his mouth. His hand moved lower towards my swollen and soaking wet pussy and then his fingers started to work their magic on my clit, teasing and pinching my swollen bud.

Just as I thought I could take no more he shifted his weight and leaned over me, kneeing between my legs he started to kiss my body, his hands playing with my nipples as he licked and kissed his way from my breasts, over my tummy down to my pussy. As he began to lick and twirl his tongue over my clit, I couldn’t help myself and let out a loud moan.

Instantly his hand leapt up to cover my mouth, we froze….
…and waited… did my dad hear that? No sound came from the bunk next door so eventually we relaxed and Robert continued to pleasure me, expertly, and with the skill of an experienced man of his age.

I turned on my side towards him and pressed my body to his and with one knee bent; I lifted my leg and rested my inner thigh on his hip I took his cock in my hand and gasped at his size, I had not fully appreciated how big he was during our earlier fumbling. He was magnificent and although I was no longer a virgin, I was inexperienced, and I had never taken anything as large as that inside me before.

He stroked my hair and kissed me gently, looking into my eyes as if asking permission. I just nodded, then with my hands on his hips I made it clear where I wanted him, on top of me.

With only the sound of gentle waves lapping against the hull of the boat, he entered my young, tight, wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and we rocked together very slowly, aware that any sudden shift in weight could set the boat moving and wake my dad who was still sleeping only a few feet away.

He glided in and out of me steadily and slowly, filling me completely. Kissing my neck and breasts as the tension built. Sweet sensation coursing through my body with each stroke, and the need to let out my pleasure in sound just got greater and greater.
As I felt my orgasm about to break I jammed my fist into my mouth to suppress the sound as I came, wave after wave breaking over my body.

Just as my orgasm faded I felt Robert tense, he arched his back as he held himself inside me. I could feel him cum, feel his fluid spurting into me. I held him inside me as he struggled not to cry out himself, the need to be silent adding to the intensity.

Sated, we lay in each others arms, listening to the ‘chink chink’ of the halliards against the mast, the wind and the waves. I had to leave and get back to my bunk, so out I crept and returned to my cabin, my dad still in deep sleep.

Morning came, and time to leave for home. Packed and ready to leave, I stood leaning against the car, waiting while my dad said last goodbyes to friends.

Robert wandered over to me.

“You okay kid?”

“Yeah,” I replied, but I wasn’t, I knew that we would never be together again.

“One hell of a night last night,” he whispered.

I just nodded, fighting back the tears.

As my dad wandered back towards us, ‘Uncle’ Robert gave me a fatherly peck on the forehead, turned and walked away.
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