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Mommy's New Toy

Emma finds a new toy in her mother's bedroom, and gives it a test ride.
(All people and groups in this story are fictional. Enjoy!)

Emma slammed the front door shut. She ran upstairs and dropped her backpack in her bedroom. A junior in high school, Emma was seventeen, had perky 34B tits, was 4'9, and had short blond hair.

Her father had left her and her mother when she was five. She hadn't really known him that well, so she didn't really care. Her mother made enough to support them. Her mother worked at SuperTech, a company that made all sorts of cool appliances, toys, and other things.

Her mother worked in the engineering department, and built all the new inventions the higher-ups came up with. Because of that, their house was full of top-of-the-line electronics.

For Emma's sixteenth birthday, her mother got her a new laptop that ran better than any computer she had ever used. This was just one in a long line of great presents her mother had gotten her.

Today, they had a substitute teacher for last period. Emma was turned on by the teacher's body, and she waited until the bell rang to run out of the school, and drive home as fast as she could to relieve her sexual frustrations.

She opened her mother's bedroom door and went to her dresser. Opening the bottom drawer, Emma pulled out a 7 inch orange dildo from the back. She reached up her skirt and pulled off her panties. She balled them up and slipped them into her bra.

She put the tip of the dildo to her slit and pushed it in. She rammed it in and out until she was about to come. She heard a door slam shut downstairs and froze. Looking at her watch, she realised it was her mother's lunch break.

Emma heard her walking up the stairs, her heels clicking against the wood. Emma ran over to her mother's closet and slipped in, leaving the door open a crack so she could see her mother's bed.

Emma's mother, Stacy, walked in, and Emma felt her pussy get even wetter, despite the dildo shoved in it. Her mother was thirty-seven, and had 36D tits. Emma was kind of jealous of her mom's tits, but she never voiced her opinion.

Stacy walked over to her dresser and opened the bottom drawer. Not noticing the missing toy, she pulled out a black dildo a bit bigger than the one Emma was using. Emma watched in amazement as Stacy stripped and climbed onto the bed.

Putting the dildo to her pussy, Stacy fucked herself very hard. Emma watched as her mother came three times, each more intense than the last. After about an hour, Stacy got up and put the dildo back. Pulling her clothes back on she left the room. A minute later, Emma heard her mother's car start up and drive away. Emma practically jumped out of the closet. She fell on her mother's bed, feeling the cum Stacy had left on the sheets on her ass. She fucked herself harder than she ever had before. After a while, Emma pulled the dildo out and went to the dresser to put it away.

She noticed a box that wasn't there before. Her mother must have put it in before she left. She pulled it out and opened it, and stared. Inside was what looked like an inside-out strap-on. The dildo was on the inside, and on the outside where it should have been, was a knob. There were three settings, and Emma was overcome by curiosity.

She picked it up and turned the knob to the first setting. The room was filled with a quiet buzzing as the dildo started to vibrate. She turned the knob again, and it started to spin while vibrating. Realising what it was for, she turned the knob one more time, and watched the dildo go up and down. It was a three in one dildo that was hands-free!

Emma looked at her watch and saw her mother wouldn't be back for four hours. She put the strange toy back in the box and carried it to her room, shutting the door behind her.

She set the box on her bed and stripped, looking at her body in her mirror, at her perky tits and shaved pussy. She turned away and pulled the toy out of the box, and swept the box onto the floor.

Emma stepped into the toy like a pair of underwear and pulled them up until the dildo reached her slit. She felt it enter her pussy, until it was all the way in. She messed with the straps until she was sure it wouldn't fall off her. She climbed onto her bed, and twisted the knob once.

She moaned as it started to vibrate. She lay there for a few minutes, enjoying the sensation. She turned the knob, and almost came as it started to spin. She moaned even louder, and thrashed around as she had an orgasm.

Somehow, she managed to grab the knob and turn it to the third setting. She screamed as it started thrusting inside her. She came immediately, and started playing with her nipples. Pinching them as hard as she could, she screamed as she came again. three times in ten minutes. That was a record for her.

She let the toy fuck her for a few hours until she managed to reach down and turn it off. She collapsed on her bed and felt that her sheets were soaked in her cum. She smiled and fell asleep.

When Stacy got home later that night, she found Emma spread-eagled on her bed, with soaked sheets, and the prototype sex toy she had brought home earlier. Smiling, she walked over to Emma and pulled her blanket over her. She reached under the blanket and grabbed the knob, turning it straight to the third setting.

She shut the door as Emma moaned in her sleep, enjoying the toy her mother had given her.
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