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More Dangerous Dessert

The continuation of a tawdry affair
So my last tale ended with my quandary of giving up dangerous desserts for true love; in the short week that has followed, the dessert got even more dangerous and left me with an even more troubling question. . .

Monday night, I fell asleep in Rich’s arms with him none the wiser about my afternoon adventures. He was feeling a little frisky that night and started gently rubbing my nipples through my t shirt while I was falling asleep. Even though I was exhausted and still pretty spent, I felt my nipples getting hard from his touch. I felt my panties start to get moist and knew the despite my earlier activities, my body wanted more. I ground my ass against him and found he was already hard. I reached around and pulled his hard cock out of his sleep shorts, then started stroking it.

“Mmmmmmm baby, your hand feels so good.” Rich said as I started stroking him faster.

“You know what would feel better?” I asked stripping off my pajamas. “This.” I pushed him on his back and straddled him, taking his hard cock slowly between my wet pussy lips. Even though Rich was not nearly as large as Steve, his cock rubbed just right against my g-spot and never left me wanting for orgasms. I ground my hips against his and squeezed my muscles around his cock, increasing his pleasure as well as my own.

I could feel my orgasm building quickly and knew if I didn’t slow down or change positions soon, I would be done for the night without getting Rich off and that would arouse suspicion. I didn’t want to get into that tonight. I slid off of him and kissed my way down to his cock covered in my juices. I slowly lick his cock clean while playing with his balls. I could feel him tense up and I knew he was about to cum. His hands snaked through my tousled hair pulling my head closer to him. His hips thrust toward me as he fucked my face. I barely had time to prepare before his hot load shot down my throat.

Rich moaned as he came and slowly released my hair as he came down. “That wasn’t very fair to you.” He said as he pushed me on my back and positioned himself between my legs. I felt his tongue slowly spread my lips and trace my slit. I was glad I showered before leaving Steve’s. The last thing I wanted my husband to know was that a few hours ago, someone else was all up in me. I love how Rich takes his time bringing me to orgasm and acts like everyone I have is a present I give him. “Baby, you taste so good tonight.” He said as he slowly drug his teeth against my clit, causing me to arch my back. He pushed one, then two fingers into my hot snatch while his tongue and teeth ravaged my clit. After the multiple orgasms at Steve’s house I knew this one wouldn’t take long. I gripped Rich’s head pulling him deeper inside me as I ground my slit into his face. His beard and mustache were soaked with my juices and I knew he loved it.

I think the orgasm took him by surprise because he gasped as my muscles contracted around his fingers and I soaked his face even more. He peeked over my stomach at me. “I guess you liked that, huh?” He said, laughing.

“Yeah, you rock my world baby.” I said half joking, half serious. He was an amazing lover and I was never dissatisfied even if the sex wasn’t as crazy and wild as it was with Steve. With Rich, sex could be silly and it was okay; there were many nights where our orgasms were followed by laughter. I drifted off to sleep snuggled against Rich’s chest perfectly content.

The rest of the week was relatively uneventful, until Saturday night. Rich had to work, and as usual I was stuck home by myself. Around 8pm, right after Rich left, my cell phone rang. I was not surprised to see Steve’s number on my caller ID. He wanted to go out for dinner and drinks and was around the corner waiting for Rich to leave. Knowing Rich wouldn’t be home until 4am, and knowing that dinner and drinks was safe, I texted Rich to let him know I was headed to the bar with friends; which wasn’t a lie, many of our friends would be there, and because of that I would behave.

Most of the night at the bar was normal, we were all drinking beers, dancing, and enjoying the cheap shots in the test tubes. My friend’s band was playing and we were all having a good time. Steve leaned over to me and brushed the hair from my face.

“Are you ready for your tequila shots?” He asked, grinning from ear to ear. Steve knows that every time I drink tequila I have a tendency to get naked quickly. That song Tequila makes her clothes come off must have been written for me.

“Tequila? Really?” I asked. Steve nodded in response.

What I didn’t know is that he had arranged with the bar for us to be able to do body shots instead of the normal shots we would have done. Steve lifted me onto the bar and Tracy, the bar manager indicated I needed to lie down. When I did, Steve lifted my tank top to expose my belly. He gently licked my exposed hip and sprinkled the salt on it. Tracy placed a lemon in my cleavage and a lime in my mouth then poured a shot of Patron in my belly button. I felt Steve’s hot breath against my flesh as the goose bumps rose. His tongue was firm against my hip as he licked the salt from my skin. I felt my pussy twitch as he sucked the tequila from my navel. My nipples got hard as he bit the lemon, spit the rind in the garbage and licked the juice from my chest. His fingers brushed against my clit without anyone noticing as he bit the lime. Juice ran down my face, and Steve promptly licked that off as well. Our friends surrounded us with no idea how turned on I was.

After cleaning up my sticky mess, it was time for revenge. I motioned to Tracy to set up another shot, but this time it was for me. I pushed Steve on the bar and made him lay down. I unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his muscular chest and chiseled abs. I started licking from the waistband of his boxers to just below his belly button, then sprinkled the salt on him. I pushed his head into the bar and put the lemon in his mouth as I straddled him. Tracy poured the tequila in his navel and winked at me. Crawling up his legs on the bar I licked the salt line off him, sucked the liquor from his stomach, and ground my hips against his hard cock through his jeans while pulling the lemon from his teeth with my own. I could hear Steve grunt as my pussy brushed against his cock and I felt him raise his hips to meet mine.

I looked up to see we had half the bar standing there watching us and started laughing. I looked up to the stage and saw Bill the lead singer was clapping and laughing too. “If you two are done, we would like to get back to our show . . . if that’s alright with you guys.” Bill said directing the sound guy to direct the lights from the stage to us on the bar. I was bright red and Steve was enjoying the attention. We returned to our seats accompanied by thunderous applause. I guess the bar enjoyed our show as much as we did. We went back up for a few more body shots as the night progressed.

Before I knew it, it was last call, and I knew Steve didn’t want to go home alone that night and would try anything to get me to go home with him; I knew it wasn’t a good idea. Despite his pleas, I made Steve drop me off at my house and go home, I am hoping alone but I guess I’ll never really know.

Rich got home around 4am with breakfast and asked how the bar was. He could tell I had been drinking because I turn bright red with the smallest sip of alcohol and I was still a little intoxicated. I giggled and told him fun, but left out the details. I knew he’d ask some of the people there if we all had fun and since I didn’t do anything but a few body shots, I knew it didn’t matter if he knew anyway. He was feeling frisky again, and after a very satisfying quickie I drifted off to sleep in his arms again.

Easter Sunday started normally enough. I made pancakes and coffee for Rich and I and since it was finally sunny and warm in Michigan, he decided he was going to head out with some friends for a motorcycle ride. I wasn’t in the mood that day and sent him on his way with wishes for a safe ride. I had just settled down on the couch to clear my DVR and watch cheesy reality shows when the text message ringing sounded on my cell phone.

I’m playing hooky from Easter dinner with my folks. I have a basket for you with a surprise or two inside. When can I see you? Throughout the afternoon Steve and I sent messages back and forth as I debated whether or not to see him, if only for the basket. He kept sending hints to me while I talked on yahoo messenger with one of my lush playtoys, Larry. Steve sent me a link on my blackberry to what was supposedly in my basket, a $5800 diamond and sapphire platinum band from Tiffany’s. I knew I had to meet him then, if only to smack him upside the head for spending so much. I invited him to come get me, knowing it was probably a bad idea but not really caring at that moment.

As soon as the knock on the door came, I felt butterflies. I am not sure if they were because I was excited Steve and I were getting together again, because I was afraid of what the present was, or simple hormones. Steve looked amazing, as usual, and I had a hard time not pulling him into the bedroom right then. I remembered I was in the house I shared with my husband and that would be extremely tacky. I grabbed my purse and house keys and we left.

I thought Steve was taking us back to his house, but instead of turning north on the main road that leads to his house, he turned south; going into the downtown area of a nearby city. We pulled in front of the Marriott and the valet approached. After parking the car, Steve checked into the suite he had booked for the night with the Romance Package. In the elevator on the way to our room, I couldn’t keep my hands off Steve and vice versa. Something about that boy just made me want to do bad things. Waiting for us in the room were roses, sparkling wine, and two big fluffy bathrobes on the king-sized bed. We shared a glass or four of wine and toasted to our renewed friendship. The wine quickly went to my head and I got very flirtatious.

I dropped to my knees and unzipped Steve’s pants. Pulling his hard cock out, I traced circles on his engorged head with the tip of my tongue while stroking his shaft. His hands gripped my hair as he sighed with pleasure. I worked the head of his cock back and forth in my mouth while I stroked him. I could tell he was getting close so I stopped and motioned toward the bedroom. As we kissed our way to the bed, item by item, our clothes were removed. Lying next to him on the large bed, naked, I resumed my previous activity. His fingers slowly traced the outline of my inner lips while his thumb teased at my clit. My moans vibrated through his shaft and pushed him closer to the edge. Right before he came, I pulled him from my mouth and pointed his tool at my chest. Kneeling over him I gave a few strokes with my hand letting him explode on my chest and stomach.

As his salty sweet cum ran down my body, Steve pushed me onto my back and resumed rubbing my clit with his thumb while two fingers stroked my g-spot. Steve slowly kissed his way down my body, moving toward my wet pussy. As his face was inches from my clit, I felt a cold trail around my belly button. Steve had grabbed an ice cube from the wine bucket and was tracing circles with it. He traced down to my mound and slowly dripped ice cold water onto my clit. Each droplet amped up the pleasure and drove me insane. Steve lapped the water from my lips, warming my lips and clit with his tongue. As I neared my orgasm, he kissed me deeply, his cum squishing between our bodies. Before I could protest, his enormous cock was hard against my leg again.

I adjusted my position to allow him access to my wet hole. He slowly slid just the head inside me and began to shuttle in and out, teasing the root of my clit with his head. He pulled out and pressed the head of his cock against my asshole. He gently pushed inside me, inch by inch. Once he was fully entrenched in me, he started kissing me again and stroked my nipples with his thumb. Steve made love to my ass for over an hour, kissing me and stroking my nipples the whole time. He refused to let me cum because he wanted me to enjoy the extended pleasure. He finally started to increase his speed and moved his thumb to my clit, flicking it quickly, and drawing out my orgasm quickly as he exploded in pleasure deep in my ass. Shuddering with pleasure he collapsed on top of me, pinning me against the bed.

His phone rang and he had to run down to the hotel bar to attend to some business matter, leaving me alone in the room. After a quick shower I jumped online to lush to see what was up. My yahoo dinged showing me that Larry was online. I shared the events of the afternoon with him and we had an exciting session of sex through IM. Two hours quickly passed with a mind-numbing orgasm orchestrated by Larry. Steve walked in on me with the laptop on the bed and my robe opened completely as I came down from my orgasm.

“And what have you been doing while I was gone?” Steve asked crawling next to me in the bed.

I motioned to the computer screen. “I was talking with a friend.” I said, smiling.

Steve read the last few lines of the messages sent back and forth and looked at me, raising an eyebrow. “You were just talking huh? This looks like a little more than talking.” He leaned in and kissed me, brushing his thumb against my clit again. “So you like telling people about what I do to you, don’t you?”

I nodded, still trying to catch my breath. “And Larry, the guy I’m talking to doesn’t want me to log off, is that ok?” I asked.

“Yeah, tell him what I’m doing to you, I want to see how much hotter it makes you.” Steve said as he pulled his shirt back off and lay down next to me. As I typed to Larry, Steve licked down my spine with his tongue. The goose bumps rose on my skin and I felt my pussy get wet again. He pushed my legs apart and buried his face in my snatch, his nose pressing against my asshole. “Mmmm, tell him he did a good job of keeping you wet while I was gone.” Steve said.

Sharing the action with Larry obviously got Steve hot as well; he was hard against my leg and struggling to get his jeans and boxers off fast enough. He paused long enough to grab the good lube from where he stashed it before slamming his entire cock into my ass. He wasted no time, forcefully fucking my ass; his balls slapping against my clit and spanking my ass. Right before we came, he leaned over and bit my shoulder hard, knowing that would push me over the edge. I felt him tense then explode inside me for the second time that night. We collapsed sideways onto the bed gasping for breath.

Still chatting with Larry, I started teasing Steve about how I hadn’t even gotten my basket yet. I fully expected to see a little Easter basket with a bunny and some Reese’s eggs in it; instead what I got was a little turquoise box from Tiffany’s. “Open it.” Steve said.

When I opened it, fully expecting the diamond and sapphire band he sent me the link to earlier, I saw Steve had mislead me a little about what was in the box. There was a ring, yes; in actuality there were two rings. Two platinum and diamond bands sat nestled in the gift box. I looked up at Steve in shock; there was over $6,000 worth of diamonds and platinum in that box.

“Okay, like I told you last week; I was stupid to let you walk out back then. I was too stupid to see what I had in front of me and realized too late how special you are.” Steve said.

I knew where he was going with that conversation and cut him off. “Steve, no. We are not having this conversation.” I said closing my robe.

He continued as if he hadn’t heard me at all. “Goddamn it Emily, I fucked up and I want to fix it. I want us to have a second chance, I want to marry you again.” He said, tears welling up in his eyes.

Even though I knew it was crazy, I understood what he meant. We were young and stupid and gave up too quickly, but I had found someone new; someone who challenged me to be more than a pretty face and a good fuck. “Steve, I can’t answer you right now. I don’t know what to say or do right now. You know I married Rich, I can’t just walk in and divorce him.” I said, crying half out of frustration, and half out of happiness. This was the Steve I’d been waiting 14 years for, but he was 12 years too late.

Now I am stuck with the ultimate question, the first love or the longest love? The ex or the current? Satisfying sex or exciting sex? By the time you read this, the decision will have been made and an update will appear in chapter 3 of this crazy story!

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