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Morning Milking

He rolled over in bed. The crisp white cotton sheet felt good against his nude body. A slight cool breeze blew threw the open window on a sunny fall day. He stretched his long lean body with the excitement of that first Saturday stretch. His cock was rock hard and tickled his belly button with the tip of the head. He could feel the sticky dribble of precum leaking into his belly button. The rigidity of his erection and the stretching of his body combined made quite a bit leak out from his morning wood.

He first tasted his precum a couple of weeks ago. At the time he had been very nervous to do so. Thinking to himself, “God this means I'm gay”. After getting past his hangup he had found that it tasted very similar to his girlfriends sweet sweet pussy. He was hooked. Now his hand slid slowly down his body as he began to spread his legs and stopped at the head of his bouncing prick. Circling the tip and soaking up as much as possible with his finger, he drew it up to his lips and tasted the salty sweet taste of his precum.

A voice broke the silence, “Hello? Are you awake yet baby?”. The door to the room began to open. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep still. “Mmmmm” he let out a low sound of someone not wanting to wake yet. Seeing her opportunity his beautiful girlfriend tiptoed toward the bed removing the boxers she had put on to go make coffee. She still had her tshirt and some small white ankle socks on. Gently climbing onto the bed she straddled his face, the heat of her moist lips radiated down onto his mouth, his nostrils were filled with the sweet musky scent of her sex. “Good morning sunshine” she purred “time for breakfast lover”. His face cracked a grin as his tongue parted his lips and licked a string of thick wetness from her dripping flower. “Yessss baby” she purred “oh god yes, eat all you want. I made plenty”. Her hand moved down to her luscious mound and her fingers began to rub her clit, her sweet nectar flowing more heavily. His tongue lapped at the small stream flowing from her legs as she continued to work her clit.

His hands moved to her hips and pulled her into his face. Burying his tongue in her moist love hole he then moved to her sphincter and began to tongue and rim her. “Oh GOD, you dirty little boy” she laughed while flipping around out of his grasp to complete a 69 position. “Mmmmm, eat that ass baby” she said huskily as she turned her head to watch. She now had his cock in her hand and stroked it gently as his tongue probed deeper into her anus. She turned her head forward and closed her eyes as she felt the waves of pleasure wash over her body, his tongue switching back and forth from her flower to her forbidden hole. His hands had her lily white cheeks parted and the thumb of his right hand began to intrude into her tiny balloon knot. Working his tongue in and out of her soft dripping snatch he pressed his thumb in a bit more to her well lubricated asshole. “Oh fuuuuuck” she moaned softly as her lower body began to convulse. Jill was not a loud one when she orgasmed and he appreciated this. “Oh fuck baby” she gasped. “Fuck, I want to cum in your face” she said with firm confidence. Turning around she jumped up on one knee and planted her foot down by the side of his head. She grabbed the back of his head and began vigorously rubbing her clit, pulling his face up close to her. “Mmmm, I'm going to make you drink my cum” she grunted, fingers flying feverishly “DRINK IT BITCH” she said as the heavy grip of orgasm rocked her body. Her hand had now pulled his face into her steaming hot cunt as she ground herself into his mouth. “DRINK IT! Don't spill a drop. I want my cum all over that face.” His hands cupped her ass as he licked and sucked every drop from her.

Jill's body was shaky but her mind was racing. “Turn over baby, mommy's going to check you”. He assumed a doggy style position and she began to spread his ass. Flitting her tongue she began to lick the backside of his perineum to his virgin pink asshole. Her right hand reached underneath and secured his cock while her left hand moved to her mouth for lubrication. Slipping her thumb in his ass her mouth went to work sucking gently on his balls. “Let's play farmer baby” she said her mouth pausing from lightly sucking and tonguing his swollen sack “I'm the farmer, you're the bull. I have to milk this semen from you.” Her mouth moved back to it's place as her tongue circled his clean shaven testicles her right hand pumping his fleshy shaft. “Mmm, maybe if I tap your prostate we can get a good sample” her hand was now digging in the nightstand to find her vibrator.

Dipping her vibrator in her own love tunnel she coated it with thick juice and then began to work it into his forbidden fuckhole. “Unnnnhhh” he grunted. “Hold still baby, we'll get this semen out of you” she said gently and reassuringly. As her hand held the vibrator deep in his ass she went back to her milking motion. “Hold this in there” she commanded. He reached his hand back around and held the vibrator deep in his dirty fuckhole. Jill moved herself underneath of him, mouth open wide as the pre-ejaculate made a thick clear string from his cock to her mouth. She cupped his balls as she worked his cock, mouth agape, waiting for his thick white load.

Her hands were pumping while he worked the vibrating plastic cock in his ass. The pressure in his nuts began to swell to joyous proportions and suddenly... release. The spasms sent the heavy ropes of sticky hot white cum into her mouth but mostly onto her face. “That's a good little bitch” she said as she patted his ass. “Mommy's good little fuck toy.” She kissed him with her cum covered face, their skin smearing together as they shared the load with their mouths and tongues. He would wipe it with his tongue and she would suck it from his tongue.

She slithered up next to him as he slowly pulled the toy from his ass. “Mmmmm. Nap time?” she asked as she turned her back to spoon. He pulled her close, planting his face in her hair and inhaled the beautiful scent of her shampoo. “Mmm hmm” he grunted lowly as they embraced and slipped in to a light slumber...

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