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Morning Squirts

Olivia wants to play.
She woke up to the sound of him snoring. Most people, women even, might have found it annoying or even disturbing. She found it kind of endearing. Phil hadn't been getting a lot of sleep lately so Olivia was happy knowing that he had fallen asleep after she had given him one of her mind-reeling blow jobs the night before. He had cum in her mouth, she had swallowed like a good woman should, and then he crashed within a minute. Again, some women might have been horrified that the man would be so rude as to cum before her or that he went to sleep after he got off. To be reasonable, Olivia had started the whole thing last night anyway. It didn't bother her at all that he hadn't returned the favor yet. She had played with herself a little bit before falling asleep as well. She woke up horny, and needed to finish off.

Phil had fallen asleep with his head towards the foot of the bed whereas Olivia had slept in the normal position with her head at the head of the bed. She could feel the heat from Phil's body as soon as she woke up too. In addition to the snoring, the warmth was welcome but she had kicked off the blanket during the night. Olivia recovered herself and sneaked her right foot under Phil's body with her knee up. She was in no hurry to wake him up or to do anything productive on a Saturday morning. Her movement caused Phil to stir just a little, moving his right arm on Olivia's side to lay close to her foot. That put his hand very close to her warm opening. Instinctively, she spread her legs a little wider before she realized he was still sleeping. Olivia waited until she could hear Phil snoring again so she could drape her leg over the side of the bed to really open herself up more. She grabbed her phone off the nightstand and swiped the coded pattern to unlock it. She had missed a text message from a coworker.

Jay was new, and she'd caught him checking her out any time she passed by his cubicle but he never spoke to her. It really creeped her out. One day he sent her a message on the work chat system, and they started talking. Eventually she had brought up the fact that she had caught him checking her out, and he admitted her ass looked nice in the tight leggings she would wear to work. After that, they had exchanged numbers, started sexting, and one thing led to another. Jay didn't get his cock sucked from his girlfriend but he loved the way Olivia could deep throat him in his car after work. And she enjoyed having her pussy pounded doggy style in the backseat. They usually got together about once or twice a week. She was still having sex with Phil at least three times a week and sometimes on the same day that Jay fucked her in the car.

Jay's sext read, "Hey sexy ass. How did you sleep?"

Olivia responded, "Good. Just woke up. You liked slapping my ass at work yesterday huh?"

"Hell. Yes. I know you got nervous in case someone saw us."

Yes she had gotten very nervous especially since there was a loud popping sound when he had slapped it. She had gotten wet on the spot from the excitement of having her ass slapped in a "dangerous" place.

"Yes you are a very bad boy. Maybe I won't suck your dick anymore."

"Bitch! You know you like it :) "

They continued sexting, and Jay sent her a picture of his semi hard cock. Not wanting to disappoint, Olivia started playing with her pussy while she looked at his picture, knowing what he felt like inside her. Knowing how he would get behind her, and rub his head against her wet opening until it almost drove her to orgasm then slap her ass while he slid his cock in balls deep. Olivia imagined Jay's big hands grabbing her by the hips, and wasting no time by slamming his cock in and out of her while she screamed. Her fingers were coated with her own juices now so she lowered her phone underneath the blanket to snap a picture for Jay.

While she waited for his response, she felt movement at her feet, and then something playing at the opening to her wet hole. Phil had woken up and discovered a little treat waiting for him. Olivia smiled and set aside her phone. Her hands grazed over her nipples while Phil's finger tickled her clit. She started moaning instantly since her clit was very sensitive. Phil dipped his finger inside her opening to gather some homemade lube, and went back to playing with her clit. Olivia groaned when he went inside her, and she heard Phil chuckle at her. She was so easy. She lifted her right leg over his body, and lay it on his stomach so she opened wider, and so he could have a better angle with his arm. They had done this position many times. It meant that she wanted his finger in her. She was opening her door to let him in.

He took the invite, and snuck two of his guests inside her. His fingers made a "come hither" motion which put that beautiful pressure on her G-spot. Her back arched from the bed, and she let out a very loud and low "Ohhhh!" Phil straightened his fingers out, and pumped her rhythmically in short, steady movements. Occasionally, he'd curl his fingers up, and pump her harder and faster. Olivia would arch her back and grab her titties, loving the way they felt in her hands. Her moans got louder as she played with them, and Phil continued to speed up. He slipped his pinkie into her asshole, and pounded both holes as hard as he could knowing the double entry would cause quite a commotion. Sure enough, Olivia's orgasm rang loudly to the ceiling, and her body convulsed in jerking motions but Phil didn't let up. He kept going, pushing her to the very edge. He loved her moans and screams, knowing that he had caused this sexy body to lose control at his hands. He knew he'd have to stop at some point but he pumped like a madman.

When her body couldn't handle anymore, it started to relax a little. Phil felt this, and let up fingering her. The aftermath of her orgasm still had her body shaking but still hungry for more. Olivia's moans were slutty. She was very expressive in her sexual sounds. He knew she wanted to get a dick inside her wanting pussy. Phil heard it, and felt her hand caress his dick which was semi hard even after all that, but she wasn't discouraged at all. While Phil fingered her, she stroked his cock to life to the same beat. He felt her soaked pussy on his fingers, her soft hand stroking his cock, heard the sexy moans he had caused and got harder quickly.

Olivia wanted that amazing cock on her. She rolled over so that she was kneeling over Phil in a reverse cowgirl position. Phil looked up, and saw the most amazing sight--Olivia's pussy was hovered right over his cock. Her smooth lips were spread to expose her opening which was glistening with her juices. She lowered her dripping hole to the tip of his cock, and used her hand to guide him inside her. He grabbed her ass and pressed the round cheeks together, and then spread them wide open as she rode him up and down, back and forth. Her ass temptingly jiggled at him. She cried out when he slapped her round bottom and groaned in ecstasy as she felt Phil's huge cock filling and emptying her canal.

Olivia paused to swing herself around without lifting herself off of his shaft, and rode him even harder. She started moaning instantly, and felt her orgasm building. The huge tits swung in Phil's face, and as he grabbed each one, he bit them and sucked them. He lifted his knees so he could impale her pussy more, and his dick shifted directions to point directly at her G-spot. Olivia felt the pressure and slammed herself up and down on him. Her mouth opened but her eyes closed as she sped up, and screamed. Her head was thrown back while her back arched. It was the perfect position for stimulation, and she looked gorgeous.

Phil felt a gush of fluid as Olivia squirted her juices all over his dick. He felt them dripping down his balls and onto the sheets below. He felt a few more convulsions and squirts from her tight pussy, and then she stopped riding him. She continued to moan in a tired but satisfied tone. He fondled her hanging tits and licked the nipples a few more times but she was done. Trying to avoid the wet spots on the sheets, he helped her pull herself off his cock, and lay her on her side, facing away from him. She was still moaning and whimpering but he knew she was satisfied. He curled up behind her to embrace her with his body. Olivia loved how warm he felt when he wrapped himself around her. He pressed his hard cock into her back so she wrapped her arm around to grab and stroke it softy. The last thing she remembered before falling asleep was stroking Phil's growing cock behind her.

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