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Mother and Daughter

Daughter secretly initiates contact and desires what Mom is getting
Tina was in her late forties at the time of this story. She lived down the street about a mile or two, only a few blocks off the beach. I met Tina on an adult dating website of which I will not name. She was looking for a reliable sex partner the same as I was. We exchanged emails and shortly after exchanged yahoo IM screen names to begin chatting via messenger.

Tina was a hotel manager and was what you would call a bigger woman but not fat by any means; she just had some extra padding like most middle-age women do. She had shoulder length brown wavy hair, a bit of a belly, very large chest, and a big ass.

Tina and I talked for probably a couple of months on IM before finally meeting. We exchanged many photos and talked of our fantasies and desires. Not long after we began talking on messenger Tina informed me that her vibrator had broken, so I volunteered to buy her a new one and leave it in a brown paper bag outside her back door.

She said, “If you are willing to do that I will take it. Those things are expensive.”

The next day I stopped in a local sex store and purchased a very nice multi-speed vibrator with clit attachment and an egg vibrator to go with it. I left them in their packaging and rolled them up inside a big brown paper bag. She had already told me which house was hers and where she lived. She told me to leave it in the grill on her back patio.

The next time we were talking on IM I asked her had she looked in her grill. She replied with, “No, do I need to?”

I said, “Yes, you do.”

She returned a few minutes later and said, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you did this! Thank you so much!”

I asked Tina if she was going to use them. She told me she left them in her car trunk because her daughter was there and she would have been suspicious walking outside with nothing then coming back in with a paper bag. She told me she would go get it later that night after her daughter went to bed.

So naturally I asked Tina about her daughter. She told me her name was Raven and said she was a good girl but had been in some trouble a couple of years ago. Tina did not tell me her age but I assumed fairly young because her daughter was in school. I did not know if it was college or high school only she was going to school.

So Tina and I continued our nightly talking online and we exchanged many pictures of ourselves masturbating and full nude shots. We had many very dirty even filthy conversations through messenger and masturbated together on cam a few times.

The day came when Tina was ready to meet in person and we began fucking right from day one. She came over to my place, and we were both undressed within a few minutes of meeting face to face.

Tina and I had talked over messenger about fucking outside on my balcony in the dark at night as cars drove by but knowing they could not see up that high in the dark. That was exactly what happened that first night and many nights after that. Outside in the warm summer air two stories above the road with walls on either side for privacy and a stout hand rail made of wood which offered a little bit to hide behind. There we were out in the summer night air, Tina bent over holding onto the hand rail as cars drove by, her hanging breasts clapping together as my hips pushed into her ass cheeks and shaved lips.

This began our regular meetings and we met sometimes twice per week at first. After a few months it began to taper off to two to three times per month. It wasn’t me, it was her. She just began to get tired of the sex with no relationship, was what she told me. We continued to see each other only about once per month but she soon told me she was dating a nice guy and didn’t want us to meet anymore. I told her that I understood and wished her the best of luck.

So I thought Tina was out of my life for good, but about a year and a half later while sitting on the sofa late one night I received an IM from an unknown name; “Baby Rabbit” but the spelling was slightly different. So the name “Baby Rabbit” popped up on my yahoo screen and it said, “Hi.” That was all it said.

I said, “Who is this?”

The person replied back with, “I know who you are.”

So now I was a little worried because this was just creepy. I replied back with, “Who am I then?”

The person replied back with, “I know Tina used to come to your house for sex. I know your name, where you live and have all the pictures you and Tina emailed to each other.”

Now I was really freaking out. Big time! 

I thought very hard about what to say so I didn’t piss this person off. I thought they must want something from me but still had no idea who it was or what they really wanted. So I played it cool and said, “How do I really know you are telling the truth about this, and who are you and what do you want?”

There was a long silence then a prompt to photo share popped up. I accepted and very nervously awaited what was coming. Sure enough picture after picture of Tina and I came through. They were indeed the very pictures we had emailed to each other. So I thought long and hard about what to say. “Who are you and what do you want?”

The reply came back. “I'm Raven.”

So this did not mean anything at all to me and I began to think someone was playing a very nasty game with me. I said, “I don’t know who Raven is. Is this a sick game or something?”

The reply came back, “I am Tina’s daughter, Raven. She told you about me the day you brought her the dildo and egg then left it in the grill for her.”

I thought to myself, there is no way this is true and it must be a joke. Someone Tina was dating must have got into her email and stolen the pictures then wanted to play a sick joke on me. So I asked “Raven” to prove who she was that I did not believe it was really her.

Raven sent me several pictures of her and Tina together, not nude or anything, just regular pictures. I had never seen Raven so this didn’t mean anything to me. Just when I was about to explain this to the person on the other end a prompt to view web cam came on. So naturally I clicked it. There sitting at the other end was the exact same girl in the photos with Tina, and I recognized Tina’s bedroom from the few times we cammed together. Just as soon as I soaked all this in she turned off the camera.

“Do you believe me now?”

I replied back with, “Yes, but how did you get all of this detailed information and the pictures?”

Raven replied back with, “My mom doesn’t know anything about computers. She doesn’t know that all of her chats are stored in messenger and anyone can read them if you know where to look. She also doesn’t know I figured out her computers password, so when it starts up her messenger starts up too. I have read every one of her chats with you from day one. I have used the vibrator you bought her more than she has.”

I asked Raven, “What do you want?”

She said, “I want what my mom was getting and I want it on the balcony.”

I asked her, “How old are you?”

She replied back, “20.”

I replied back, “When do you want to come over and are you willing to show me your driver license?”

She replied back, “Now, and yes I will but I need to shower.”

I told Raven to come over when she was ready and I sat there confused. Was this really going to happen? I could not believe it was real.

Less than an hour later there was a soft knock on the door. In front of me stood a tall, good looking blond. She was very pretty with fair skin and very long blond hair. She was slightly plump, what the young people would probably call fat, but what men like. She had very large breasts and was taller than Tina and myself. She smelled very good and clean like fresh out of the shower clean, her hair still slightly damp on the ends as I hugged her and invited her in.

As she walked in I looked her over really good, taking in what was about to happen. She was wearing a jean skirt, white tank top and flip flops. She had a noticeable pooch of a belly and a rather flat ass, but overall was a good looking young woman.

We made small talk on the sofa for a few minutes. She sat there with her long legs crossed and bare feet. I asked if she wanted to go to the balcony and she smiled nodding her head. We then walked out on the balcony after turning off all the living room lights.

Standing outside on the balcony in the night air we both began to hold and rub each other. I lifted her skirt and discovered she was not wearing any panties. Soon we were standing fully naked in the night air holding each other and exploring each other’s body.

Raven bent over and held onto the railing, inviting me into her bald hole. I rubbed the head of my cock into her shaved and wet lips then eased into her body. We stood there on the balcony enjoying each other in the dark. Raven's breasts were just as big as her mom's and began slapping together.

We went from the balcony inside and lay down on the floor in a 69, tasting each other’s sex. After that we walked back out onto the balcony and finished up with her fully bent over, hands flat on the floor. Her long and thick legs were slightly bent giving me good access to her hole. Her long blond hair was a mess and hanging all on the concrete of the balcony, my ball sack slapping against her bald mound.

After filling Raven's hole with sperm I pulled out of her and she squatted down, turning around to clean my cock with her mouth. The sound of her pussy squeezing out my sperm onto the concrete floor made it even more of a turn on. Raven cleaned my cock and balls then I stood her up and cleaned her slit up with my tongue just as I did with her mother.

Raven stayed the night and came over a few more times. I actually liked her, but she informed me via email she was involved in a long term relationship with a high school boyfriend. She said after masturbating to our chat conversations for so long and looking at the pictures, she had to have the real experience and it was just a fling but she enjoyed it.

So there it is. I had a mother and her daughter but not together. Sorry to disappoint some but this is a real experience.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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