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Mountain Frustration

The first tentative attempts at an affair results in more frustration than fun.
This will be the first chapter of -?- describing an affair that, even years later, provides lots of grist for my fantasies. In this chapter, things get started but that is about all.

We'd met at annual meetings of our professional association and, in spite of a 15 year difference in ages, hit it off immediately. Darlene was young, slender, with smallish tits that seemed perfect for her body. Brown hair with a bounce, a few freckles, and twinkling eyes that seemed to say "come sit next to me." I on the other hand had just hit the mid century mark and was balding, my beard turning more gray with each passing year.

I decided to answer those come hither eyes and grabbed the empty seat next to her in the convention hall. We already knew a little about each other, but the afternoon's boring business meeting allowed ample opportunity for whispered introductions. I'd quickly noted her wedding band and asked about her husband and found out she'd been married about seven years and had two preschool children. But, there was an air about this cute MILF that, although nothing was said, made me wonder if she'd be interested in a little discreet sex play if the opportunity presented itself. As the meeting broke up and we parted, she asked what I was doing for dinner that night... and my hopes soared. We made plans to meet in the hotel lobby and scout out area bars and restaurants.

Perhaps I should digress and explain a bit about me. Married for about 30 years, I had two kids in college and a great marriage. True, we'd split up for a couple years when I told her about an affair 25 years earlier, but since then I'd played by the straight and narrow. Our sex life was good, fairly adventurous at times, but like many long-time married couples we'd fallen victim to busy lives and all too routine sex for my taste. True, we'd gone skinny dipping with friends and played a little grab ass. Inspired by porn we'd tried new positions and toys. But, the bottom line for me was... I was watching bottoms.

When I found her in the lobby Darlene was with her friend, Amanda, with whom she was rooming at the convention. Because of cost cutting at our local associations, I also had a roommate, so the odds of anything happening this weekend was remote. Amanda and Darlene were quite a pair, full of energy and seemed to enjoy flirting with a harmless older guy. Amanda was full figured with huge boobs and a quick smile. She was also married and the two lived near each other and had been long time friends. Just like me, both had become more active in the association and I learned that we'd all be attending meetings throughout the year. "Well," I thought, "if nothing else, at least attending those meetings will be a lot more fun..."

So, the evening was fun, the flirting intense, but around midnight I headed back to my room with a beer buzz and a semi-hardon only to find my snoring roommate. Not the picture I'd had in mind as I anticipated dinner!

The conference was scheduled to end early the next afternoon. When I arrived early at the convention hall Darlene was already in her seat reading the newspaper. Sliding into the chair next to her, I picked up on the flirting from the night before and we were quickly acting like teens on a first date. Getting a few glances from others, I suggested we go to the almost deserted balcony where we could stretch our legs and not disturb others.

I decided to get to the point as soon as we sat down and whispered in a slightly joking manner, "Let's head back to one of our rooms, everyone will be here for at least three hours."

"No... I can't... we might get caught."

"Little chance of that..."

"I said 'no' but I didn't say never."

My jaw must have visibly dropped and I stammered, "Really."

Darlene leaned close glancing around to make sure no one was in earshot, "The only man I've ever been to bed with is my husband and he's always telling me I need to fuck someone else. Telling me that maybe I'd learn some new tricks. Telling me that maybe I'd appreciate his cock more. It has become kind of a joke between us, but now I'm wondering..."

"Well, seems like now would be a great time. Empty hotel room. Nice bed. Very little chance our roommates will come back..."

"Ya never know who might go back to the room to take a crap or catch a few Z's. No, I need more time to think about it; besides neither of us wants to get caught."

She got up to leave and turned back asking, "Is your email secure? can your wife read it?"

"My email is private," I said with obvious disappointment clouding my face.

Smiling, Darlene said, "Check your inbox in the next week or so, I'll let you know. Besides, we'll be seeing each other at those damn monthly meetings.

The email that arrived on Tuesday was short and sweet: "I have part of Thursday afternoon off. Mom's got the kids. Let's meet at that picnic area near the county line. The one about halfway between us. 4PM. Weather is supposed to be nice. We can talk."

Mine was even shorter: "OK."

When Thursday afternoon arrived I was nearly a wreck with anticipation. What did she mean by "talk?" On the drive I realized I hadn't prepared for much of anything; no cooler, no drinks, no condoms, and only a small emergency blanket was in the truck. "Oh well," I muttered, "probably won't need them anyhow."

We met in the parking lot and Darlene jumped in the truck before I could shut it off. "Let's drive up to the national park, it should be pretty this evening. Besides I didn't expect to see so many people here on a weekday."

On the 20 minute drive a nervous silence enveloped the truck. Other than commenting on the scenery and wildlife along the road, neither of us had much to say. The lump in my throat seemed to grow with each mile.

The scenic overlook was deserted and I pulled in near a trail that led to a maze of huge boulders. One could almost get lost in there although it was easily within earshot of the road. As we rounded the second bend, I leaned back again a giant smooth rock pulling Darlene to me. The kiss was tentative, but quickly turned passionate as our tongues explored each others' lips, teeth, gums. She ground her hips against me causing my cock to jump.

"Hum," she grunted through the kiss. "That didn't take long."

My hands were busy massaging her smooth back and quickly unhooking her bra. Slipping them around my fingers found small breasts with hard nipples; very different than those at home. To a delighted squeal, I gently pinched them both before unbuttoning her shirt. Breaking the kiss, my mouth traced along her neck before taking in her whole left boob while flicking my tongue across her nipple. Then gentle nibbles....

"Ouch! Slow down some, that last one was a little hard," she gasp. Then she pulled my head to her other breast saying, "Give 'em both some attention."

Obliging, my free hand dropped to the front of her jeans finding no belt. The button popped quickly followed by the zipper. Slipping my hand inside her panties I found Darlene's snatch was almost clean shaven with only a thin landing strip above the clit, another difference from my home turf. As my middle finger probed her outer lips I could feel her heat and moisture. Withdrawing my finger I brought it to my mouth, smelling and tasting her womanhood, before plunging it deeper into her tight pussy.



"Daddy can I climb on the rocks?'

"No, just wait for me...."

My cock started withering as the realization hit that a family with kids was just on the other side of the rocks. Darlene quickly began buttoning her shirt, but we both must have looked pretty disheveled as a small boy darted around the bend before stopping in his tracks. The kid may not have know what was going on, but dad certainly did, as he grabbed his son's hand and led him quickly past us. If his wife's eyes has been lasers, we'd have been fried. Taking stock, we laughed as we saw Darlene's shirt buttons badly mismatched with the end of her bra sticking out. If that wasn't enough, a patch of bright yellow panties was shinning through her gaping zipper.

We quickly retreated to the truck and headed back to Darlene's car. This time the truck's atmosphere was lighter as we laughed about getting caught just as our lust was peaking. But, the laughter was tinged with frustration of desires yet unfulfilled. As I parked, she leaned close kissing my cheek and slipping a warm tongue in my ear. As her hand found my cock through my pants, she whispered, "Don't worry, we'll figure out how to get together again. I haven't been introduced to this guy yet... hum... feels a little bigger than I thought."

With that she was out the door and into her car. As she pulled her car around the truck, she smiled as her tongue traced her lower lip. Then she was gone, but it would only be a few days before I got another email.

To be continued
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