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Mountain Release

The frustration and waiting made the passion hotter.
This is the third chapter of a true story. It follows "Mountain Frustration" and "Morning Wood." Reading those first may help build the arousal.

Meeting at the same small park as before made sense because of where we each live, but because both of us were married, I'd wanted to stay away from doing the same thing twice. No need to arouse anything other than my cock. Nevertheless, Darlene insisted that it would give us more time on what had turned into a warm and sunny May afternoon. When I arrived about 20 minutes early, the area was deserted. Retrieving a large beach blanket and a cold beer from behind the truck seat I found a spot in the sun to relax while waiting for Darlene to arrive.

I thought back to our exchange of emails over the past couple weeks. We'd both gotten more daring, more teasing, more taunting in those exchanges. But, it is so easy to write stuff when you aren't face to face and nothing immediate was likely to happen. I thought back to her final email in which she'd teased me about our 20 year age difference, writing, "hey old man, ya gonna take a Viagra before ya leave home or ya gonna make me suck ya hard...?"

Well, I hadn't taken a Viagra, but lying in the sun and imagining my cock in her warm mouth had stirred my dick to a semi-erection as I stroked it through my jeans. Jarred back to reality by tires grinding the gravel parking lot, I opened my eyes to see her Civic pulling into the lot followed by a mini-van. Oh great I thought, we've got company.

She parked next to my truck and bounded out of her car still clad in a blouse and long skirt from her morning's work. It caught the soft breeze and swished around her legs. Damn, she looks good, I thought.

"Got another beer?" she called.

"Cooler in the back of the truck."

Retrieving a bottle, she popped the top and quickly crossed the grass and sat close on the blanket, our legs touching as she rested the beer bottle on my thigh.

"Hi," she said in a whisper as her tongue traced the outlines of my ear.

"Hi back at ya," I said. Looking across the parking lot, I added. "Looks like we have company."

"Yeah," Darlene said. "That's OK... no way we're going to get-it-on here anyhow... too many people around... lets finish our beers and ride."

Gathering up our stuff, we jumped into my truck, and headed up to the parkway again, passing the location of our first futile attempts at getting it on with each other. We laughed about that experience and any remaining tension seemed to evaporate as we continued several miles looking for one of those myriad of small paths that connect to the Appalachian Trail. As we drove farther, Darlene turned more serious but her words only served to turn me on even more.

"I haven't been screwed in couple weeks," she pouted. "So I hope you are up to the mission today, 'old man'."

"What's up with that... ya been on the rag or something?" I asked.

"Just bad luck, bad timing, bad vibes. He was out of town several days and when he got home I had things going on with the kids. He got pissed when I wouldn't bail out of their plans so he went out with a couple friends and got shitfaced and was asleep when I got home. Anyhow, he's been a real asshole for the past few days." Laughing she continued, "that's good luck for you 'cause I am horny as hell."

Spotting an empty pull-off with a narrow trail heading up a steep bank we parked the truck and gabbed the cooler, blanket, and small day pack. She bounded up the embankment and laughed as the cooler, blanket, and I slid back to the bottom on the abundant loose scree.

"Come on old man... can ya get up the hill?" she yelled as she turned and walked between the fresh green of new leaves rimming the top of the hill.

We walked several hundred yards on on a narrow winding path. The sounds of occasional cars were far behind us before we turned off along a ridge overlooking the valley. While walking, I'd grabbed her ass several times, but she'd always jumped away tossing a smile across her shoulder. A spine of thick mountain laurel gave us privacy and we spread the blanket in a small clearing that gave us a valley view, and the added benefit of warm sunshine. No sound of people or cars... only the breeze and an occasional bird call.

"Lay down," came Darlene's stern command. I obeyed.

"Take off your shirt... NOW!" was her second order.

Not hesitating, the shirt was off within seconds. When I looked back at her she was smiling and then giggled, "what's with the gray hair?" Kneeling, she rubbed her hands across the salt and pepper hair of my chest.

"Well, ya should have known," I laughed. "You had to notice the beard has even more gray!"

Darlene bent close and brought her lips to mine, our tongues probing, testing, exploring each others' mouths and lips. The kiss was deep and erotically stimulating. Her hand left my chest and slid to my jeans, feeling my cock beneath the heavy denim. "Lets see what ya got," she said through a wet kiss. "I've been wondering about it for the past couple weeks."

Quickly unfastening my belt and pulling down my zipper, Darlene grabbed my jeans as I raised my hips. Pulling pants and boxers to my ankles she breathed, "oh my fucking god."

"What? Is something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, it is just that fucking head is bigger than I've ever seen... not that I've seen that many, but...."

"So, how does it compare with what you've got at home?"

"About the same length, I guess. But, your cockhead is lots bigger than his. Its like a... a... a... ice cream cone or something. I think it is winking at me....!"

She bent over and kissed the head of my dick, her tongue gently pushing into the "winking" hole. Her hand gripped my balls testing their size and heft. Still teasing my glans with her tongue, she mimicked licking an ice cream cone before looking into my eyes and smiling. "All I need is a little hot fudge, a cherry, and this would be like a sundae," she mocked.

"Ouch... not too hot, I hope."

Darlene engulfed most of my cock before releasing the head with a "pop." Standing up, she began slowly unbuttoning her blouse while watching me. "Get those jeans all the way off... I want you all naked," she teased. "Oh, and by the way, how about getting things bare down there too."

"Hey, I've got a beard so I figure hair down there just goes along. I did trim, but if I shaved it all off my wife would be wondering...."

"I thought it looked like you'd done a little weed whacking. I'm just teasing. I like a man with some hair... not a gorilla, but body hair is kinda masculine... kinda sexy."

Her blouse fell to my side quickly followed by a skimpy bra. How different from my home turf, I thought. My wife's boobs are large and sagging a bit with age. She loves me to massage them and feel their fullness. Her nipples are super sensitive and she loves them sucked, bitten, pinched... just not too hard. Titty fucking is a regular part of our sex play... often ending when I cum in her mouth. Won't be part of the action with Darlene I thought. Her small titties looked firm and stuck straight out topped by a smallish dark brown nipple. Darlene's chest was dotted with small brown freckles that matched the nipples as well as her eyes and hair. But the truth was, not a lot titty to wrap around my cock.

The skirt dropped next revealing long white legs topped by cute panties that she began peeling off. "No chance to sunbath yet this year," Darlene said to me, or to herself...? As the panties came down I noticed her pussy was, except for a narrow landing strip, still bare. Seeing my stare, she added, "shaved it this morning... just for you." I was also seeing, for the first time, how her inner and outer lips were both exposed like an opening flower. Welcoming me in, I thought. And again so different from the home turf... my wife keeps things trimmed closely but has never completely shaved her snatch. And her pussy lips aren't too visible until after the stimulation of a good licking or fucking.

"Ya like 69?" Darlene blurted out with a grin.

Before I could answer, she squatted over my face. Reaching down with one hand she parted those lips even farther and hissed, "fuck me with your tongue."

I didn't need much encouragement as I began slowly licking the length of her sweet slit, occasionally plunging my tongue as deep as possible. Her taste was kind of sweet mingled with salty sweat from our hike as well as our passion. There was a slight aroma of perfume. She hadn't yet taken my cock in her mouth, instead sitting up and grinding against my nose and chin. Her groans encouraged me to move from softer licks to more aggressive licking and occasional nibbles. I pulled on her hips seemingly trying to push my head into her snatch. I could now taste all of her freely flowing juices that had soaked my beard.

I felt her hand grasping my cock as she lowered herself into the classic woman-on-top 69 position taking me fully into her warm mouth deep throating my length. After a small gag, Darlene began concentrating on my cockhead and glans while fondling my balls and shaft. I'm not sure, but think my dick got even harder than it already was. In this position I was watching her cute puckered asshole that seemed to pulsate with our movements. Bringing a finger to my mouth I lubed it with spit before pushing it into her pussy seeking the spongy G-spot. Darlene's hips jerked indicating I'd found pay dirt. She groaned and stopped sucking to adjust her position giving my finger deeper access. My beard was sticky with her juices as I shifted slightly to give her a soft rim job. Liking it, she shifted again. I blew softly on the area... again she seemed to like it.

Pulling out of her cunt, I moved my arms around her hips and bought the slick middle finger to her bunghole and pressed lightly. Encouraged when she pushed back, I massaged the area gently before I wiggled it slowly and gently in to the first knuckle. Her sphincter tightened and released in a series of involuntary spasms before she pulled away and my finger came out. Taking the hint, I returned my concentration to her sopping wet snatch, using the old trick of drawing letters of the alphabet to make sure I found all the sensitive spots.

We both came up for air about the same time and Darlene rolled off finally settling on her knees. "Let's do it doggy style... do it hard," she demanded.

Getting behind her, I could resist one more lick of that glistening pussy whose lips now revealed a fully opened flower. Finding her the G-spot one more time, I massaged it as her body quivered and her hips bucked hinting that she was getting close. Sliding up, I impaled her with my erection before realizing that our body geometry didn't work so well in this position. Rising up on my feet, I pushed her shoulders to the ground and thrust firmly against her. I could feel my balls swinging and see her hips quivering each time I pounded it in. Darlene let out a blanket muffled groan before her whole body stiffened and her legs just gave out. We collapsed in heap on the blanket as I kept pushing my dick into the damp love hole. I could feel the cum rising and in just a minute or so filled her pussy with cum. Drained of energy, I lay down on her back, my cock still firmly implanted in her cunt.

After a few minutes I rolled off and lay back on the blanket, my cock still semi-erect.

"My mother told me to always clean up after myself," Darlene whispered, as she took my cock in her mouth swishing it around and cleaning it of all our mingled juices. "Hum, pretty good," she grinned before kneeling next to me and bringing her lips to mine for a deep kiss. I've always been a bit squeamish about tasting my own cum, but it was an incredibly erotic experience to which my cock responded.

We drank another beer and lay nude in the warm sun and talked about sex and our experiences. She compared our cocks... both her husband and I are pretty much average length... but she still seemed enthralled with the size of my cockhead. Playing with her nipples didn't seem to get very much reaction and she admitted liking her boobs played with but other body parts like ears and feet were more stimulating. We fucked again... this time more slowly and woman on top which I found out is her #1 position. Again she licked my shaft and balls clean. We dozed. As the sun dipped behind the trees and the air took on a chill we were brought back to the reality of getting home... and back to our spouses. On the ride back to her car Darlene sat close and kept a hand on my thigh. We parted with a deep kiss, promising each other we'd find a way to hook up again. Then she was gone.

I drove home slowly paying attention to traffic in the waning sunlight. In a habitual gesture, I licked my moustache tasting Darlene's sweet juices again. My cock twitched as I remembered. Rubbing my beard I could feel the stickiness. I pulled into a gas station to use the restroom and wash my face... after all I'd be kissing my wife in about 20 minutes.
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