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Mr R takes me home

I could never get bored...
I have been indulging in Mr. R’s cock for a few weeks, but I feel myself getting bored. He refuses to get between my legs and roughly eat me out just the way I like and there are more than a few men who are willing. For those of you who have not read part one I am an eighteen year old with long hark hair and firm 32C breasts. My hour-glass figure does not leave much to be desired with my full pert ass and flat tight abs.

As I was saying, I felt myself getting bored and so I decided on a little night out to find myself a young willing stallion to indulge my pussy. I got all dressed up, the school girl thing worked on Mr. R but I knew young men wanted more of a blatantly sluttish outfit to gaze at. I finally settled on a tight white nearly sheer dress. It was low cut and fit my body perfectly, showing every curve and framing my breast to perfection. I chose suspenders to go with the dress and a gorgeous black lace bra that I had bought on a whim a few weeks ago. The outfit was topped off with my favorite perfume and an appreciative glance in the full length mirror.

The bar was full with most of the students blowing off some steam before exams. With my outfit I was getting some double takes but none caught my attention till I saw Kyle. Kyle is a tall guy who swims at a professional level with a flawless body and the kind of face that makes a girl hot and bothered. He also happened to help out at the gym I exercised at and as such we had met. He would definitely be my conquest.

While contemplating the dirty things I would make Kyle do to me I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Mr. R giving me a stern gaze. “What are you doing Caroline?”

“I’m picking out the lucky guy that gets me tonight. You have been neglecting my pussy, I want a substitute” I replied.

With that he pulled my body close. I could feel his already hard cock grinding against me. “You are mine and for stepping out of line you will be punished." I giggled, “Jealous?” With a hard tug he led me out the bar and shoved me into his care and drove me to his place. I could feel the excitement pulsing through my body. I knew that tonight would definitely be rough and hard and those are too things that excite me most in the bedroom.

The moment he closed the door behind us he forced me against the wall, grinding himself against me. “Tonight you might just get my face between your legs slut." He let go of me and casually sat down on his large couch. “Come put your mouth to work Caroline, I like having you choke on me." With that I walked over and got to work. I unzipped and pulled off his pants and briefs and took his balls in my mouth. I knew what he wanted but I wanted to get my own back. I started slow, putting pressure on them with my lips and using my teeth softly till he started to moan. I knew what he liked by now. Then I licked up his shaft getting it nice and covered.

I loved his big cock and I greedily tried to swallow it while his hand forced my head to take more than I could handle. I started to choke and he let me come up for air. With my mouth on his head I used my hand to pump his big thick cock till he was close to climax. I was ready to swallow all his cum till I felt the pressure relinquish and a hand pulling my body up, “let’s go into the bedroom." His bedroom was nicely furnished in black and red while his bed was large with leather finishing’s and black sheets (very manly).

He stopped at the foot of his bed, beckoning me closer and with force tugged my dress off, stopping for a minute to admire my lingerie and then snapping off my bra to release my boobs. He drew a breast into his mouth licking the nipple and biting softly. I felt my pussy start to drip. I was already wet but the sight of him enjoying my chest was making my legs shaky. His hands moved down my firm stomach till he found my slit, rubbing it over my panties. “You’re so wet, it looks like you can’t help yourself but want me.” With his hands firmly on my body he picked me up and threw me on his bed. He slowly removed what was left of my garment and opened my legs looking at my wet pussy glistening with my juices. Deciding to be fair I put my hand on his head and forced it down. With a snort of laughter he got to work. Teasing my clit with his lips he used his tongue to scoop out the prize of his effort. “You taste so sweet Caroline; I might have to make this a common occurrence." I felt his teeth lightly rubbing my clit sending electric shocks up my spine and then with two fingers he started to work my pussy. Pushing them in hard and fast and then slowly maneuvering them over my G-spot till I could no longer take it. He then thrust his expert tongue in my pussy, creating a build up of friction. I let out a loud moan followed with a scream as my orgasm ripped through my body. Mr. R gladly lapping up my juices while keeping pressure in my clit so that I shook with sensitivity.

Mr. R stood up, “come bend over the bed, I haven’t covered you in cum once and since there isn’t a desk in here this will have to do." He pulled my body to him and forced me over the bed with his cock positioned over my slit. He grabbed a hold of my long hair, ramming his cock into me. “I want you to tell me how much you like it when I fuck you."

“I want you to fuck me so hard Mr. R, I love having your big cock pounding my little pussy." He let go of my hair to grab my ass pounding me harder with each thrust and using a hand to spank my ass every time I moaned. He managed to angle his cock just right and I felt it pounding my cervix which was creating a powerful sensation. I felt my pussy getting desperate, if he kept up with this pace I might just pass out. He groaned as he relentlessly forced his cock deep in me till I felt his cock contract, he pulled out and covered my back and ass with jets of cum. Slumping down on the bed he pulled my body down on top of him.

“Your body was made to be covered in cum, next time though, I will be cumming deep in that firm ass of yours”.

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