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Ms Hayden learns some Manners

Jack's horrible teacher finally gets what she deserves.
Jack reluctantly shuffled back into class, mentally preparing himself for another day of being bedeviled by his teacher. He was unlucky enough to have landed the most notorious teacher in school, Ms Hayden. She was a sadistic vacuum of pure cruelty, and seemed to enjoy humiliating him in front of the class.

Jack had spoken to the Principal on the matter, but there was one significant roadblock in his path: she was gorgeous. She had long black hair that was usually tied back in a ponytail, green eyes, huge firm breasts which had to be at least a DD cup. She had this big, round ass, and always squeezed it into a skirt that left you wishing it was cut an inch higher. Her legs were toned, and looked strong and athletic. Her skin was a deep bronze, from many hours spent in the sun. Every boy in the school wanted her, and the bitch knew it. Jack fantasized every day about what he'd do to her, but being the quiet kid in class he knew he'd never get the chance.

She was always being flirty and suggestive with some of the boys in class, in particular the rugby players. They in return were always shooting their mouths off and getting detentions. Unfortunately, this was exactly what they wanted, another opportunity to ogle Ms Hayden.

Jack took his seat in class, sighing and preparing for another long Monday. As he unpacked his bag and neatly organized his belongings on his desk, Ms Hayden walked in. As usual, her long black her was tied back, cascading gracefully between her shoulders. Her hips were swaying sexily as she walked, bobbing from side to side rhythmically with the clapping of her shiny black high heels. Her bosom was barely restrained by a white blouse that must have been a few sizes too small, emphasizing the bounce with each step. As expected, she wore a tight black skirt that came down about mid thigh.

She reached her desk, and was followed by the sharp sound of the bell. As per usual, she glared at him once she placed her books on the desk.

'So it begins,' Jack thought resignedly, 'What will she try today? The usual public abuse?'

Once everybody in class had taken their seat, she stood in front of the chalkboard and cleared her throat.

"So class. Today, we'll be doing some storywriting. Creative writing is the focus for this term's assessment, so I want each of you to write a story on the topic I give you."

She proceeded to write small sentences on a sheet of paper, tearing it up into sections and handing them out. On each small leaflet was a sentence which was to be the premise around which the stories will be based. She reached Jack's desk, and handed him his paper with a malevolent grin.

Jack looked down as dread blossomed in his stomach and read the sentence.

"A young boy comes out of the closet and discovers his vibrant sex life."

As he finished reading, Jack's jaw fell in disbelief. She couldn't really expect him to write something like this, could she? He decided to confront her about it, damn the consequences. He stood up and stormed over to her desk, furious. She looked up calmly as he approached.

"What is it Jack?" she asked as she batted her eyes, feigning innocence.

"You've gotta be kidding me. This is rubbish, I can't write this story!" Jack said, struggling to keep his voice at a whisper.

"You will write what you were given." she said simply.

"We'll see about that." grumbled Jack as he spun on his heel and thundered back to his desk. He grabbed the piece of paper and screwed it up into a ball, before tossing it on the floor. Leaning back, he crossed his arms and stared straight at the blackboard, making clear his intention to disobey. Ms Hayden saw this and glared. Jack could feel her searing gaze on his face, but he refused eye contact.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jack saw her carefully neaten her blouse, before standing up and slowly making her way over to his desk.

"What are you doing Jack?" she asked, a dangerous undertone detectable in her voice.

Jack continued to stare, refusing to allow her intimidation tactics to succeed. When Ms Hayden realized that he was not going to react, she scowled. Her brow furrowed as she concocted another bitter scheme. She walked slowly to the front of the class, perplexed. As she reached the blackboard, a grin crawled onto her face, lit up by another cruel torment.

"Class, Jack has decided to be childish today. He is refusing to do the simple little task I set that the rest of you have finished already. Since Jack has decided that he will not listen to a word I say, I will instead speak to everyone," she looked directly at Jack, malevolent joy lighting her eyes,"You are all to stay in class for the rest of the day. You will skip both recess and lunch, there will be no breaks whatsoever, until he has completed his work."

Jack felt every pair of eyes in the room turn on him. His cheeks burned red with shame and an additional surge of contempt for Ms Hayden. Keeping his head low, he tried to ignore the palpable waves of anger emanating from his classmates.

After fifteen of the slowest minutes of his life, during which the lunch bell went by, Ms Hayden approached the his desk once more.

"Come on Jack. Do us all a favour, none of us wanna be in here. All you have to do is start writing, and we can go."

Jack looked up at her, his previous blaze of hatred still smoldering in his chest. But he realized he was risking his already brittle level of relative popularity amongst his classmates, and relented. Ashamedly lowering his eyes, he slowly picked up his pen, and began scrawling a hastily written story.

As Jack finished the third line of a very short story, he tore out the page and hastily thrust it in Ms Hayden's direction. Seeing this, there began the rumblings of a mass exodus as the class prepared to leave. After packing his bag and waiting for the traffic to clear, Jack stood and started towards the door.

"That was pathetic." came a contempful voice from the corner of the room.

"What do you mean?" asked Jack in a flat tone, turning and unsurprised to see his teacher sitting at her desk.

"Fifteen minutes. I never liked you, but I thought you had bigger balls than that. Pathetic." she spat again, sneering at him as she stood and prepared to leave.

As she gathered her books and folders, Jack slammed the door shut and stood angrily with his arms crossed. Ms Hayden turned and did a double take, thinking he had already left.

"That's it," Jake growled, "That's fucking it. I've had enough of your shit. Every fucking day it's the same, I think it's about time somebody taught you some manners."

Jake grabbed her by the lapel and pushed her roughly against the blackboard. Ms Hayden gasped as the books tumbled out of her arms, a shadow of fear crossed her eyes before she composed her usual haughtiness.

"So what now Jack?" she spat condescendingly, "Are you gonna hit me? Teach me my place? Fuck you, you don't have the balls to do anything but whimper like a bitch."

Jack felt anger bubbling up inside him, and simultaneously there was a stirring in his loins. He was turned on by her contempt, and surprised her by pressing his lips against hers. He forced his tongue inside her mouth, and put his hand on the nape of her neck, holding her in place.

Eventually Jack pushed her onto her knees, and unzipped his fly.

"Open your mouth." he commanded.

Jack expected a cutting reply, but instead she obediently looked at him with her sexy green eyes and slowly parted her cherry red lips. Her eyes widened when Jack pulled out his half erect cock. From the dumbstruck expression on her face, he could tell it was already the biggest she'd seen. He shoved it deep in her throat, feeling it clench around his shaft as she gagged.

"Never taken a nine inch cock before slut?"

Ms Hayden shook her head slowly, her eyes never leaving Jack's as his cock was buried deep in her throat. He started thrusting vigorously, hips pumping as his cock jackhammered her throat. She was gagging and coughing, but Jack had grabbed her ponytail and wouldn't release her. Jack pumped wildly, relishing the power he was feeling.

As his cock became slathered in spittle, Jack became aware of his orgasm building. He slipped his rock solid cock out of Ms Hayden's throat, and pulled her by her hair until she was sitting on her desk. He shoved her legs apart, and saw that she was wearing ocean blue panties which were absolutely soaked.

"So this is why you didn't resist, you're turned on! Who knew my teacher was such a slut? Innocent woman on the outside, cockwhore on the inside, huh?" Jack exclaimed, smiling devilishly as she blushed.

He ripped Ms Hayden's panties right off, and saw the pussy juices leaking down her thigh, eliciting a moan from her. Jack sucked one finger, before sliding it into her tight ass and lightly sucking her engorged clit into his mouth. Ms Hayden moaned and threw her head back, lightly clenching her ass around his finger. Jack thrust his finger in and out of her tight hole in tandem with the flicking and sucking of his tongue across her clit. He slid a second finger in, stretching her ass and making her gasp, before delving his tongue deep inside her and tasting her sweet fluids. She started shaking and moaning louder, before wrapping her legs around Jack's head and letting out a shrill squeal.

Jack pulled his fingers out and stuck them in her mouth, letting her lick them clean. When she finished, he pulled her by the legs and bent her over the desk, spreading her cheeks and eating her asshole. After sufficiently moistening her puckered brown hole, he stood and placed his still wet cock at the entrance.

"I'm gonna fuck your ass now. Hard. You will enjoy it." he said, making it clear she had no choice.

"Yes sir, please fuck my ass." she replied, nodding her head.

Jack pushed his thick cock all the way in. Ms Hayden gave a tortured moan, biting her knuckle in order to prevent herself from crying out loud. He thrust in mercilessly, balls slapping against her pussy. Jack grabbed her ponytail, pulling her head back and pushing his cock in harder. He began spanking her ass, leaving bright red handprints on both cheeks. He felt his balls beginning to constrict, and warmth spreading up his shaft. He pulled his cock out and spun her around.

"On your knees! Now!" he screeched desperately.

Jack ripped her blouse open and kept jerking his cock, just in time as he tipped over the edge. His shaft pulsed as it delivered hot spurts of thick, gooey white cum all over Ms Hayden's ample breasts and gorgeous face. As he finished, he gripped the edge of the desk to keep his balance, then placed his cock on her lips.

"Clean it." he commanded.

She obeyed, licking his enormous member until it sparkled. Jack zipped up his pants, and picked up his bag. At the same time, she stood up and reached for the box of tissues.

"What're you doing?" asked Jack sharply.

"I-I'm cleaning myself up..." she replied meekly.

"No you're not," said Jack, "You're my pet now. You're gonna finish the day as you are, and you may only clean up once the last bell has rung."

"Yes sir..." she blushed and lowered her head, but didn't argue. Jack returned to his seat and smiled, looking forward to a good Monday.

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