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My best friends dad, round two,

My best friends dad, round two,
I woke up to an empty bed. Had last night really happened? Had I really fucked my best friend's dad? Questions ran around my head, as I began to think back to how it even started.
I pushed myself up and felt a cool breeze making my nipples turn hard. The window was wide open.

I pulled myself out of bed and walked over to the window. I was completely naked and the breeze felt amazing against my body, as the wind blew softly, causing the curtains to brush against my body. I closed my eyes and began to touch myself, as my thumb pinched my nipples my hand slowly slid down to my pussy and my finger slowly penetrated. I was so wet, just thinking about last night. This seemed to go on forever and then I realised I was stood in front of the window, masturbating. The thought, though so wrong, turned me on even more.
I opened my eyes, in the hope that someone was watching and sure enough, there stood one of the neighbours, at his window, with his cock out. Slowly pushing it up and down, as he had his eyes on me. Now I had all eyes on me, I couldn't help but tease. Biting my lip and rubbing my body slowly, I felt myself orgasm. I moaned in pleasure, it seemed to be just in time, as I opened my eyes to see his cock explode. His eyes locked on to mine and panic struck his face, as he stood there, unsure about what to do. I winked at him and closed the window, making sure to hang my boobs out of it as I closed it. I turned around and began to walk towards the shower. 

As I went into the bathroom, I turned on the shower and then decided it was best to find some underwear first. I went into Ellie's room and pulled out a pair of black hot-pants and a black and red bra to go with it. I went back towards the shower and climbed in. The hot water felt so good against my skin. I slowly rubbed the soap up and down my body, trying to get the smell of sex off of me. Ellie could not find out about this. Fifteen minutes later, I climbed out of the shower, dried my body and pulled on my fresh underwear. 

I turned off the shower and decided to get myself a drink, as all the moaning last night left me with a dry throat. As I turned towards the front room, I half expected Jonn to be there, with his cock out, however he wasn't. I felt a little disappointed, but carried on towards the kitchen. There he was, sat at the table reading the paper. Completely naked. I was still a little shocked and tried to cover my body.

He laughed at me and reminded me "It's not anything I have not seen before."

His voice made me shiver and I smiled. I went towards the sink and turned the tap on. Getting a cup off of the draining board, I suddenly felt his body behind mine. His hot breath gave me shivers down my spine. He began to kiss my neck and a moan escaped from my mouth.

His hands rubbed my body slowly. His left hand massaged my left boob and I pushed myself against his hardening cock. Grinding my arse on his monster. His right hand slowly rubbed down my body, went into my underwear and his fingers slowly began to penetrate my already abused pussy. As his pace picked up, I began to feel that amazing feeling again. I came and my body began to shake. I felt amazing. But I wanted to have some control. I pushed him off of me and got on my knees my hand freed his cock immediately and I felt pre-come all over my hands. I was determined to get his cock as far back in my small mouth as possible. I sucked on his cock and moaned, as I was once again wet, at the touch of Jonn. He held my head and began to thrust, making me gag, but I loved it. His dick exploded in my mouth. There was too much for me to swallow, but I did swallow as much as I could.

He pulled me up by my neck and looked straight into my eyes, I went on my tiptoes, kissed him passionately and once again felt my stomach turn in knots. He picked me up and put me on the kitchen table, spreading my legs and pulling my underwear off. He positioned his cock against my hole, rubbing it up and down. I begged him to fuck me. I couldn't take the teasing. He laughed and pushed his cock into my pussy and began to fuck me hard and deep. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my fingernails dug into his shoulders as he fucked me, deeper and deeper. I screamed out in a pleasure that I never thought was possible. Then I heard something. Jonn suddenly stopped and looked at me. The kitchen door was pushed open and there stood Ellie. My best friend... I was so fucked...

So this was round two. Where do you think it should go next?

I've had some really good feedback for my first story, so thank you!

Let me know what you guys think should happen next.

Thanks, Jane Doe x

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