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My Best Friend's Daughter: Part I-Temptation

John is tempted by the teasing and flirtatious behavior of his best friend's daughter
My Best Friend’s Daughter-Part One: Temptation

John lived in Nottingham, between Manchester and Birmingham in the UK. At 43 John’s life was a bit of a mess and although he had a good legal practice and financial success he was just not very happy. There hadn’t been a serious woman for ages and John just didn’t seem to have the inclination or energy to go to clubs or anywhere and find “Mrs. Right”. Consequently it had been years since John had been on the receiving end of a wild fuckfest.

John’s best friend Patrick lived close by with his wonderful sexy wife Katherine and their two smoking hot daughters Emily and Gabby. While John had become a lawyer, Patrick had done accounting and become a successful actuary. Patrick had found his sultry wife at university and proceeded to impregnate her as soon as they got hitched.

The large home and backyard pool were a testament to Patrick’s success. While John had made even more money than Patrick he certainly didn’t have his own smoking hot wife like Katherine. Nor did John have two hot and very smart daughters (both admitted to top universities) to impress people with. John felt in comparison to Patrick’s life, his life was vacuous and empty.

Patrick’s daughters were like family to John. Emily, at nineteen, was already well into her university studies. Gabby, who turned sixteen a few weeks ago, had just graduated high school and would be starting a health and social work degree in the fall. Both girls were natural blonds with tight firm bodies. John couldn’t help it, but he often had sexual thoughts around the girls now that they were older and their bodies had changed.

Since both girls called him “Uncle John” he knew his lustful feelings were entirely wrong and John did his best to drive these thoughts away. Patrick felt he had to take John under his wing and his sexy wife Katherine was always trying to set him up with her single girlfriends. John invariably spent a lot of time at their house, as they felt somewhat protective of him.

This summer weekend was no different and John was again at Patrick’s house in the backyard for a barbeque. Katherine was in the house making a salad and Emily and Gabby were in the pool splashing about. John would casually cast glances at Emily and Gabby’s sexy bikini clad bodies from behind his dark sunglasses. Emily in her Pokka dot blue and white bikini looked very cute, but Gabby in her very tiny yellow bikini looked amazing and John’s eyes kept getting pulled in Gabby’s direction as if by a magnet. Patrick was trying to talk to John about taking a vacation.

“But what do you mean no vacation? You’ve got to go somewhere John and take a break.”

John looked at his friend and sighed. John had on a light blue polo shirt, tan shorts, sandals and wore his expensive sunglasses. He certainly looked slim and fit and much younger than his years as he sipped a Stella in the hot sun. John explained to Patrick that he just didn’t feel like going anywhere on his own anymore. He’d rather work. At least, he felt, work provides some distraction. Patrick discussed this further and then went into the house to talk with his wife. Later he came out and talked to John again.

“Look man. Katherine and I talked. Why don’t you come with us to Majorca? We have a little two-bedroom guesthouse beside our villa and you could chill out and relax. The beaches are gorgeous. Lots of nice single tourist girls too. Who knows you might get “lucky” if you know what I mean.“

John smiled and really appreciated his friend’s concern. He also chuckled to himself as like all men, they both always had sex on their minds. “Lucky” indeed--he wished. John argued with Patrick and their voices became a bit animated. John explained that he’d feel like a third-wheel hanging about on their family vacation. Patrick tried his best to convince his good friend.

“Look man, come along. You’ll be a big help actually. These two teenage girls are more than a handful now and Katherine and I barely have time alone. Especially Gabby, she’s a bit of a wild one. She’s in a rock band now. Did you know that? You could take over so Katherine and I can have a romantic night out. What do you say buddy?”

As John pondered the situation Gabby, who was now sunning her tight young body in her stunning and very revealing yellow bikini only a few feet away turned to look at him. John was bedazzled by her body and for some reason he just thought to himself, “mmm she looks so delicious”. John quickly tries to drive the image of his tongue between Gabby’s thighs from his mind. My god she’s so young! Before he really has time to collect himself properly Gabby jumps up and scampers over to John. Gabby plops her tight cute ass right in John’s lap and wraps her arms around his neck playfully while putting a faux pout on her face with a big fat curled bottom lip.

“Yussh! C’mon Uncle John? Don’t want to keep an eye on me while mom and dad sneak away to have some naughty “adult” fun?”

Her father looks at Gabby completely exasperated and thinks to him self “sixteen-year-old girls”.

“You see John? You see what I mean? This girl can look you straight in the eyes and lie. She’s intolerable! She uses words that don’t even exist in the English language.”

Patrick looks at John with an expression as if to say, “What can I do?” He talks sternly to his daughter,

“Gabby, you’re going get John all wet. Your suit is still wet. Get off his lap now! You see what I mean John, she’s uncontrollable.”

Gabby smirks a flirtatious smirk and bats her long eyelashes at John. She smiles and turns to look John right in the eyes.

“Come with us on vacation. I promise you it will be fun. A lot of exciting things to do in Majorca you know.”

John feels Gabby’s sixteen-year-old tight ass pressing on his crotch and tries gallantly not to get hard, but is failing. John’s cock is swelling a little despite his valiant attempts to keep it down. He’s afraid if it gets any harder Gabby is certain to feel it’s hardness against her ass and who knows what the little vixen will say out loud to her dad if that happened. It could be very embarrassing. He can’t help it but he just keeps thinking she’s just so damn delicious.

While John loved both girls, it was Gabby who really was able to pull his heartstrings. For some reason the two of them had always gotten along really well and Gabby had confided many of her troubles and secrets to John over the years. John still remembered the day Gabby had pulled him aside to the family room and talked to him about her first crush. Gabby was almost trembling with nervousness and so cute and adorable as she talked to “uncle John” about her growing interest in boys. John knew at that point that Gabby’s sixteen-year-old hormones were in full gear and things were bound to happen soon.

John had talked to Gabby about how boys should treat girls and she had listened eagerly. They had talked for hours that day and John still remembered Gabby’s sweet teenage tears as she talked about her need and desire for love from a perfect boy. At one point Gabby got very emotional with tears pouring from her eyes she clung to John in a tight hug and the words had slipped out. Trembling in John’s arms Gabby admitted in a soft whisper that she really fantasized about being loved by a man, not a boy like the ones at school.

John had been confused that day by what Gabby said, but again he pushed it to the far reaches of his mind knowing his thoughts were so, so wrong. John had gently spoken to Gabby about how to make sure a man respects you, treats you like a princess, but also adores your mind and your personality and treats you like an equal. John had talked about how men like to buy flowers, give little gifts, write poems and exchange little touches and glances during the day to convey their love and desire for the girl they are besotted with. Most importantly John had impressed on Gabby that her “first time” should be with someone she really truly wanted to share it with and not because some pimply boy was pressuring her for sex.

Gabby turns and looks back at her father.

“Yussh! I don’t think Uncle John minds me sitting in his lap. Do you Uncle John?”

Gabby looks at John with sparkling laughter and a lilting flirtatious mirth in her eyes. Gabby’s words are almost like a challenge and for some reason John feels a sexual tension and undercurrent he can’t quite explain. His mind is a-swirl and he is quite sure his face looks confused. John attempts to laugh off her comment and retorts,

“Oh, of course not, doesn’t matter about these old shorts Patrick, I’d never complain about my little Gabby sitting in my lap. Well I don’t know….”

John’s voice trails off, but after a little more prodding from the beguiling Gabby John relents and agrees to accompany them on their two-week family holiday to Majorca. Gabby becomes extremely giddy and animated and without warning she leans in and kisses John on the cheek, but so close to his lips he feels his body tremor with excitement, he sexual interest more than a little piqued. Gabby then snuggles her head right in the crook of his neck and whispers,

“Okilly Dokilly then, it’s all set. John you won’t regret coming for one second. You are going to have more fun than you could ever dream of.”

The feel of Gabby’s soft warm lips touching his ear and the confusing softly spoken words with what seems like a sexual innuendo turn John’s heart upside down and sideways. Was she implying what I think she’s implying John wonders to himself? No, that’s ridiculous he says to him self. Again John tries to dismiss his sexual speculation and drive his “bad thoughts” away? John’s cock, however, is not cooperating and grows much thicker and harder. Gabby wiggles her tight ass in his lap and pulls away looking deep into John’s eyes.

“Spend lots of time with me ok John? I don’t want you running away at night to the clubs and chasing those hot bikini bodied tourist girls from Sweden. Every day with me, ok? You promise?”

John chuckled and promised Gabby that he certainly would spend everyday with her. This elicited another kiss that missed his lips by perhaps a millimeter? John felt so guilty, but he loved having Gabby on his lap and holding her in his arms. She leaned in and whispered in his ear again so her dad couldn’t hear.

“Thanks John, you sure know how to give a girl lots and lots of tingles. I love you so much.”

A bolt shot through John like lightning. The word “love” spoken like that, softly, Gabby’s moist warm lips touching his ear, her warm moist breath caressing his skin, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. John couldn’t help it, but his cock thumped up against Gabby’s ass pulsing with a flood of blood. Gabby pulled back upon feeling the pulse against her bum and her eyes widened in surprise and she grinned looking right in John’s eyes with what John thought might be a hint of teenage lust? He must be going crazy John thought to himself. John was transported by Gabby’s words and the look in Gabby’s eyes and without thinking, in a daze almost; he put his lips to Gabby’s ear and softly whispered so his friend Patrick could not hear.

“I love you too Gabby.”

John is almost shocked by what he has just said to his little Gabby. His heart is beating wildly and he hopes that Gabby will understand he means “love” in an “uncle” sort of way. But does he? John is more than confused and his hard cock does not help remedy his confusion. Nor do his eyes, which wander down Gabby’s front to gaze at her firm little breasts barely covered only by the small yellow triangles of fabric, her nipples slightly protruding.

Gabby pulls back, her face radiant. John has never seen her look this happy or beautiful before. Gabby grabs John’s hand and pops up from his lap, bouncing on the spot like a cute little bunny.

“John! John! It’s only a few days. Come help me pick out which bikinis and clothes I should bring.”

Gabby looks excitedly at her dad.

“Daddy can I steal your best friend for a few minutes to help me with my packing? Please daddy? Please daddy? Just a few minutes.”

Her father again looks at Gabby with total confusion and exasperation. How in hell does any father deal with a sixteen-year-old girl he wonders? Patrick chuckles and laughs at his cute daughter.

“Well honey I’m sure it’s the last thing Uncle John wants to do. But if he’s willing to assist you in this clothing crisis then by all means drag him away from a good chat with your daddy and a cold Stella.”

Gabby looks excitedly at John, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She grabs his hand and doesn’t give John a chance to make a choice pulling him eagerly towards the house. Gabby pulls John into the house and drags him towards her room. Inside her room John can’t help gazing at Gabby’s body as she turns towards her large walk-in closet, his cock getting harder and harder looking at her flared hips and tight sexy ass.

Gabby proceeds to pull out several bikinis and they discuss the relative merits of each. Gabby seems focused on how “sexy” or “hot” John thinks each bikini is. John finally throws up his arms and says,

“Look Gabby, you can wear any of those bikinis and look sexy and hot. It’s you and your body, your cute bum, that are sexy and hot.”

Gabby stops dead in her tracks and looks at John deeply in the eyes. She glides across the three steps that separate them and without giving him any chance to retreat leans in and kisses him softly on the lips.

“How come you always know exactly the right thing to say to make me feel wonderful? Do you really think my bum is cute?”

Gabby giggles and smirks pushing her bum out and wiggling it teasingly in combination with her flirtatious question. John’s body tingles from Gabby’s kiss. Is that strawberry he tastes? His eyes dance across Gabby’s face, which is lit up with the most wonderful smile. John stammers and attempts some form of retort that will put the relationship back on its old footing, but fails to find any words, his tongue all a-tangle. Gabby doesn’t seem at all interested in John’s inner struggles and does a rapid pirouette and exclaims,

“Okilly dokilly, let’s pick dresses now John! Mommy says I’m old enough to go to a club this trip, so we need to be prepared. Mommy thinks I’m old enough for a lot of things now.”

The ensuing display of the shortest and sexiest mini skirts and dresses, short boy shorts and assorted sexy clothes are enough to make John’s cock pulse and throb like it hasn’t in years. Finally Gabby pulls out an incredibly sexy and short red club dress. She announces she will try it on and show John.

“Mom and I bought it the other day. She thinks it’s perfect for what I have planned for Majorca. But mom’s a girl, you’re a man; I want a man’s opinion.”

Gabby turns her back to John and he could swear she sticks her ass out a little to tease him some more. Gabby cranes her neck around and asks,

“Yussh, John, will you be a sweetheart and unhook my bikini top?”

John’s fingers fumble and his hands tremble slightly as he gently pulls and twists to separate the silver latch on her bikini top. The touch of Gabby’s warm silky soft skin on his finger tips is so tantalizing he wants to glide them over her shoulders, touch her neck, stroke her hair. John restrains himself with the greatest willpower he can muster. Gabby giggles as the latch springs free and she holds the bikini in the front against her breasts so it doesn’t completely fall away and quickly retreats into the walk-in closet to change.

“No peaking John. Close your eyes. I’m naked now.”

John’s brain is swirling with images of Gabby’s slim, firm, tight young sixteen-year-old body naked. John especially imagines Gabby’s small and firmly rounded “B” breasts and what he imagines are light pink nipples that he can suck and turn into little hard pellets in his mouth. John’s mouth waters and he closes his eyes as Gabby has requested. Visions of Gabby’s firm naked rounded ass push past his feeble mental resistance and play with his mind and play with his cock.

John hears Gabby moving and she calls out,

“Okie dokie! Open your eyes John and tell me what you think.”

John opens his eyes and before him is a new Gabby. This Gabby does not look sixteen at all! This is a more mature looking Gabby in the most stunning spaghetti strap red club dress; all he can think is “wow”! The beautiful dress has bare shoulders with a tight bodice around her firm beautiful breasts and is cut teasingly low enough to show the tops of her softly swelling little mounds.

The dress is tight at the waist and tailor-cut to hug her hips. The sexy red dress is very short and just covers Gabby’s firm tight rounded ass and a little bit of her smooth thighs. Gabby’s young tanned and silky smooth skinned legs require no stockings to look stunning. Her legs look a golden silky brown with nice toned thighs and on her feet she has a pair of red strappy heels that add about two and a half inches to Gabby’s five-foot-five-and-a-half inch petite frame.

Gabby does a little pirouette, strikes a pose with her hand on her hip and looks at John provocatively.

“So what do you think Mr. Hunk? Hot enough for you to hit on me at a club?”

John smiles and laughs, his eyes not leaving Gabby’s body for a second. My god this young woman is beautiful. Not only beautiful, but she is funny, smart and very sassy and flirtatious. As John thinks about how wonderful Gabby is and takes in the vision of her in the sexy red dress, he can’t help think how perfect she would be for him if only he were younger. John is under Gabby’ spell and it shows on his face, which has a huge grin painted across it. His eyes are as wide as any man’s eyes could ever get!

“You look perfect Gabby, simply perfect! I’d ignore every other girl in the club and only dance with you. It’s bewitching Gabby, I’m under your spell.”

Gabby looks at John and reaches out to hold his hand softly.

“Really?” She giggles and looks at John with a demure but slightly provocative smoldering look, “You mean in this dress I can put a spell on you and make you do anything I want?”

Gabby looks at John with a dancing twinkle in her eyes and wets her lips by sliding her pink tongue teasingly across them while forming a sweet sexy smile. A little faux pout appears on Gabby’s glowing face and she sucks in on her big lower lip and bites on it even more teasingly; John thinks his cock will burst. He really needs to get away and masturbate. All of Gabby’s flirting is really getting him riled up and his balls are starting to hurt.

“Okie dokie, I put a spell on you then and make you promise, every dance for me. Well you can dance with Emily once or twice, but all the rest are for me. Even the slow dances, ok?”

They laugh together and Gabby squeezes his hand. John is very confused about what is happening, but he seems to have no power to stop it. This girl has him under some sort of sexual intoxication and he doesn’t seem able to push her away. It is so wrong, John knows that, but he seems drawn to Gabby as if by some strange sexual gravitational force as she lets go one flirtatious volley after another.

The next few days fly bye as John’s anxiety and anticipation about the coming vacation builds. Gabby doesn’t help by repeatedly phoning John and asking him silly questions. It seems the “uncle” in “uncle John” has disappeared and when Gabby calls it is a new more assertive young lady who addresses him simply as “John”. John gets his junior lawyers organized on his active files and before he knows it he is at Heathrow airport with Patrick and his family.

Everyone is certainly ready for the beach and the sun in Majorca with shorts, short skirts and t-shirts the order of the day. John’s eyes are drawn to Gabby who is wearing a very short jean mini skirt and pink tank top that hugs her firm little breasts. Gabby’s toned and already tanned legs look wonderful and she has matching pink sandals with her toenails also painted pink. Gabby’s stunning blond hair is pulled back into a ponytail. Emily is wearing tight white boy shorts with a cute blue t-shirt. Patrick’s beautiful wife Katherine has on a nice lavender sundress and her stunning legs are also on display. John is wearing crisp tan shorts and a nice black soft cotton polo shirt.

Heathrow is more a shopping mall than an airport and as this group of happy soon-to-be holidaymaker’s walks towards the lounge they pass a succession of shops. Katherine turns to Gabby and a strange look passes between mother and daughter, John just picking it up out of the corner of his eye.

“Gabby dear, look Ted Baker. John do you mind taking Gabby to look at Ted Baker, it’s one of her favorites. We’ll see you at the lounge.”

Before anything could register in his brain Gabby excitedly grabs John’s hand and pulls him towards the shop. Emily looks towards her mother with a “hey what about me” expression, but Katherine frowns at her older daughter and says,

“Emily you have lots of clothes. Come with us to the lounge. Gabby wants to spend time with Uncle John.”

Emily shrugs like “okay whatever” and walks on with her mother. Patrick is oblivious to the whole exchange looking at expensive sports watches in glass cases in the walkway.

Gabby does not let go of John’s hand as she pulls him into the shop and begins browsing. He wonders if he should pull his hand away, but before he can decide her hears Gabby and stops.

“Oh look John. They have his lingerie. Oh god, I love it.”

Sure enough Gabby is looking up at a wall festooned with sexy little lingerie sets. Gabby excitedly flips through the racks and pulls John along. Finally Gabby sets her eyes on a silk off-white Ivory set with a ruffle trimmed longline push-up corset style bra with hook front fasteners. The matching panties are silk hipster briefs cut very tiny in front but a larger panel to cover the bum on the rear. The panties are cut to ride low on the hips and cut high at the hips to give a lengthening effect to the woman’s legs. In the very center of the front waistband is a tiny ivory bow detail.

“OMG John! Look! This set is so beautiful. Oh, where is my mom? I really must buy this. It will look perfect under the red dress. It’s perfect for what I have planned.”

John looks about knowing that Katherine and the family are long gone. John looks at his watch and knows there is no time to go get them and bring them back. John takes the set Gabby is holding and smiles.

“Is this the right size Gabby?”

Gabby’s hand is squeezing John’s tightly in excitement.

“Yeah, that’s my size. But I need my Mom to pay. Oh god, I guess I can’t get it.”

John pulls on Gabby’s hand and walks towards the check out cash register. He is smiling and turns to Gabby.

“Well I feel so guilty about your sixteenth birthday. I mean I only got you a Bruno Mars CD. I was intending to buy you a locket or watch, but I got caught up at work, which is really no excuse. I hope you forgive me. How about this is your real birthday present?”

Gabby’s face lights up like a Christmas tree. She bounces on her heels.

“Oh John. I loved that CD and I play it all the time. Haha I mostly play hard rock you know, but it was sweet of you. I make mom and dad play it full blast in the car and we all sing along to “Marry Me”.”

Gabby giggles and looks at John with a warm look that John could swear has adoration mixed with that tinge of teenage lust again? Gabby bats her eyelashes and looks at John.

“It’s so expensive, are you sure?”

Without a further thought John makes the purchase and they hurry towards the lounge to meet the others and board the plane. Gabby never lets go of John’s hand and for some reason he can’t seem to pull his away either. They walk hand-in-hand through the airport with a mutual smile plastered across their faces.

When they meet up with the family group Emily immediately grabs at Gabby’s shopping bag.

“What you got in the bag sis? C’mon show me. Did you buy that Tereza sequin mini skirt that looked so good on you?”

Gabby turns and protects the bag with her body, a shy look coming over her face, but still not letting go of John’s hand.

“None of your business.”

The two girls struggle playfully over the bag with Gabby fighting desperately to protect the contents from public display in front of her sister and father. Gabby twists her body against John’s and uses his strong arm to protect herself from Emily’s assault. John feels Gabby’s small body, her firm ass in the mini skirt, pressing against his crotch. Gabby’s mother Katherine turns to her two fighting daughters.

“Emily, leave Gabby alone. If she doesn’t want to show you what she bought then she has a good reason.”

John blushes slightly, gets tense and his heart is beating fast. The last thing he wants is for his best friend to see that he has purchased sexy lingerie for his sixteen-year-old daughter. John hadn’t thought of the potential implications of delicate lingerie being displayed by a sixteen-year-old girl in the middle of Heathrow airport during the impulsive moment he made the purchase.

Now John is terrified that everything could go wrong very fast. Patrick is preoccupied, however, with getting everyone to the boarding gate on time and Katherine’s intervention prevents the crisis from escalating. John heaves a sigh of relief before noticing that he is still holding Gabby’s hand.

John tentatively tries to pull his hand away, but Gabby looks straight ahead, pretending to ignore him and grips his hand more tightly. When John tries to remove his hand again, Gabby gives him a quick stern look, a look women seemingly are genetically coded to master, as if to say flirtatiously “don’t try that again buddy”. When John relents and his hand squeezes hers Gabby turns with a glance and gives him a big beaming smile as if to say, “yes I have the pussy, I make the rules”.

The way the boarding passes have been issued three of them are seated together in the center aisle and two are along the window aisle. Emily quickly grabs her sister’s hand and moves towards the window aisle seats. Katherine looks at her two daughters,

“Well we’ve dragged John along on this vacation. I think the least we can do is offer him the window seat. Emily, you sit with your father and I. Gabby, you keep John entertained.”

The flight proceeds and as the plane rises the cabin cools Gabby shivers beside John in her tiny pink tank top and mini skirt as she gazes out the oval window at the view of England retreating in the distance. John quickly rips opens the plastic bag covering the blanket and pulls the blanket to cover Gabby. She looks up at him with a beaming face and silently mouths the words “thank you” with her lips. Gabby pulls the blanket up around her neck and flings half of it over John’s arm and thigh next to her on the seat. Under the blanket Gabby grabs John’s hand and moves it over putting it on her bare thigh with her hand covering it and then she sighs and leans her head on his shoulder.

Needless to say John’s more than a little affected by having his hand resting high up on the bare warm silky thigh of the sixteen-year-old daughter of his best friend; his cock is swelling second by second. A few minutes pass and Gabby pushes her thighs together trapping John’s hand deep in the warm crevice between them. Gabby pushes down on John’s hand to drive it down harder and deeper towards her hot pussy and lets out a soft sigh. John casts a glance over at Patrick and Katherine and luckily they are chatting. Just as he is about to turn his eyes away Katherine looks over and a mother’s knowing glance penetrates his eyes and she smiles. John is extremely unsettled by Katherine’s unusual look and thanks god that the blanket is covering his hand now wedged between her daughter’s warm silky thighs and the huge bulge in his shorts. Why did Katherine smile at me like that he wonders?

They land in Palma and it’s a two-hour drive to Patrick’s villa on the outskirts of Alcudia. The beautiful detached villa stands in open countryside with low hills to the back and the ocean view to the front. The guesthouse is connected to the main house by a covered rock path. In front of the two houses is a beautiful terrace and three meter deep pool surrounded by a stone deck and trees for shade. John has been here once before years ago and knows that Pollensa is only 15 minutes away with its water parks, golf course, horse riding and restaurants and clubs of course.

John makes his way to the guesthouse, which is fairly large itself with two en suite bedrooms and a reasonable living room that looks out onto the pool deck and the distant ocean. Everyone is busy unpacking for a while and John gazes out at the view and looks across the shaded terrace and deck perfect for BBQ’s and sitting in a lounge chair, relaxing and taking in the panoramic views. John’s glad he came and starts to let his body unwind.

John’s cock was hard for practically the whole flight and his balls are a bit sore from all of Gabby’s teasing. John decides to take a quick shower and to have a release into a towel. He sheds his clothes and his almost eight-inch cock gets hard and thick, throbbing just from thinking about Gabby. John lies on the bed and starts to stroke his cock, closing his eyes and he pictures a naked Gabby in his head. John’s cock is really starting to tingle and he checks to make sure the towel is close at hand as he will shoot a big load. Just as John is about to come he hears a noise from the living room sitting area. Shit, he forgot to lock the door. John leans forward propping himself on his elbows, his engorged hard cock sticking up, red and purple at the head. John quickly grabs the towel and listens intently for more noise.

“John? John? Where are you?”

John hears Gabby’s soft feminine voice and jumps up from the bed and is turning for the bathroom, his cock hard and protruding from his abdomen, when the bedroom door is gently pushed open and Gabby’s head appears. John’s face turns red and he shuffles towards the bathroom. Gabby sees John’s muscular naked body, his hand clinging to a towel as he retreats, his naked ass quickly ducking into the bathroom. John hears Gabby giggling and swears to himself.

“John, what are you doing? It’s Gabby.”

John pauses to collect himself. More composed he replies,

“Ah, oh Gabby. I’m just having a quick shower Gabby. Freshen up after the flight.”

John looks down at his engorged cock and wonders exactly how much Gabby saw?

“Well hurry up. Emily and I are jumping in the pool and daddy wants you to have a beer with him.”

John opens the bathroom door a few inches and calls back.

“OK. I’ll be out in a minute. Let me shower and put my suit on.”

John gets under the shower and soaps up feeling more and more guilty about what Gabby might have seen. Unable to stop his thoughts John closes his eyes again, strokes his cock in the shower and lets his mind fill with images of Gabby. Gabby in her yellow bikini, Gabby naked, of her little nipples, of her hips, her sweet pussy; as the images swirl John’s arousal rises. It doesn’t take long before John’s body shudders, his legs weakening slightly, as gob after gob of his thick white cum shoots out into the warm sudsy water.

To be continued………

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