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My Best Friend's Wife's Daughter 2

I couldn't resist their daughter any longer....
I decided to go for a drive and much to my surprise, I ended up at Mike and Becky’s house. As I arrived, I noticed Becky’s car was in the drive and Mike’s truck was nowhere to be found. The poor guy always seemed to be at work. I went to the door and rang the bell.

Ashley answered the door in a pair of thin cotton shorts and a sports bra. She had been working out. She was breathing heavy and sweating. Her puffy nipples were hard, pressing against the fabric. I asked if her parents were home. She said, "Dad was at work and mom ran to the neighbor’s house down the block," as she invited me in, stating her mom would be right back.

I stepped inside and she gave me a big hug as usual. This time, instead of leaning forward she pressed her whole body against mine, concentrating especially on her pubic area. I felt my dick starting to harden and quickly excused myself, taking a seat on the couch. I watched as Ashley went to the fridge to get us some bottles of water. I watched as she took an extra long time bending over to pick them up. This gave me a full view of every crease of her young tender pussy, pressing against the tight soft fabric of her tiny cotton shorts. She walked back over and jumped into my lap, handing me my water.

There I was in my best friend’s house with his daughter sitting, practically naked, on my rising cock. His wife, her mom, who had already given me the best blowjob ever, would be coming back soon. At that moment the front door opened and Becky came into the room. She shouted at her daughter to go take a shower and put some clothes on. I apologized to Becky and told her I had just arrived. She said, "It's okay, because I know we have an agreement."

Becky told me she was going to make sure I was satisfied. As the water started to run in the shower, she knelt before me and took out my cock and started to lick its entire shaft. I won’t bore you with the details, as we all know what a great blowjob consist of, but it was again unbelievable. After making sure I was at full erection, Becky stood up and pulled off her t-shirt allowing her big beautiful breast to spring out at me.

I admired her large areolas and stiff nipples and reached up to suck on them. But, Becky pushed me back and pulled down her shorts revealing her completely shaved perfect pussy. I tried to reach for it. I wanted to taste her, but she stopped me saying there was no time. Becky grabbed my thick hard cock and then turned facing away from me. She sat on my lap guiding me into her wet love hole. My best friend’s wife was now bouncing rhythmically up and down on my dick, as I grabbed her tiny waist and let her do the riding.

I thought how great this was and thought it couldn't get any better. Suddenly, she stopped and leaned forward across the coffee table putting her large round ass up in the air before me. Becky turned to me and said, "I know my pussy isn't as tight as my daughter’s, so I want you to fuck my ass." I stood up and straddled her across the table. She once again grabbed my hard throbbing cock, this time guiding it to her ass. It was tight as promised and after a few long hard thrusts, I blew my load inside her with a muted grunt.

She continued to lay face down on the table for a few minutes, trying to catch her breath. I stood to pull up my pants. That’s when I saw Ashley. She was standing in the hallway with a towel wrapped around her, which was barely covering her small breast. She had her hand under the bottom of the towel and was thrusting her middle finger in and out of her small young pussy. Ashley saw me staring at her and she smiled slyly. I watched as she pulled her finger out, stuck it in her mouth, then turned and walked into her bedroom.

The next day my phone rang and it was Ashley stating that she had an argument with her mom and Becky wanted to see me right away. Fearing the worst, I arrived at my best friend’s house and noticed that Becky’s car was in the drive and Mike’s truck was gone again.

I rang the bell and when the door opened there stood Ashley looking hotter than I have ever seen her before. She had on a skirt that was barely long enough to cover the bottom of her panties. Her button down shirt was unbuttoned and tied in a knot above her belly button showing her young hard abs. The shirt was open just enough for me to see the pink lace bra, which was covering about one-third of her ample young breast.

I asked if everything was okay and what her and her mom had argued about. She asked me to come in and said, "We argued because I told my mom that I saw her having sex with you." I asked Ashley where her mom was right now, she said, "She went to her bedroom to lie down, because our argument had given her a migraine."

I told her, "I'm sorry you had to see that." Ashley started to cry and sat on my lap wrapping her arms around my neck. I had on a pair of shorts and the back of her legs felt warm against mine. I could feel her breast heaving against my body and her tears running down my neck as she cried. I wasn't sure her crying was sincere, but I didn't mind feeling her young body on me. My dick started to rise.

Ashley said,"It isn't the fact that I saw you; I was mad at mom for doing what I had wanted to do for so long."

I told Ashley that I was flattered and asked her if she had ever had sex before. She said, "I have never gone all the way, but I have seen the neighbor boy’s penis when I was a few years younger." I asked her how that happened and she said, "He showed it to me and I touched it. It was small and purple and it jumped when I touched the end of it." Knowing that the situation was going somewhere I may not be able to return from, I excused myself and went to the bathroom.

Just before I turned into the bathroom I looked through the cracked door to the master bedroom. To my surprise Becky was not there in the bed, as she was supposed to be. I went into the bathroom thinking, "Am I alone with my best friend’s daughter?" I knew she had said she wanted to fuck me, not to mention the clothes she had on. I slowly used the bathroom and walked back to the living room where Ashley was on her stomach, lying on the floor, watching TV.

I sat on the couch looking at this young, athletic, long legged girl, lying in front of me and was almost able to see up her short skirt. As if she knew I was looking, her legs suddenly spread slightly apart. That is when I noticed that she did not have any panties on and I was looking at her glistening pussy. I could not contain my composure, as my dick stood to full attention. My shorts were not doing a good job of hiding my erection.

A video came on that she must have liked because all of a sudden she got up and started to dance. I had never been so horny in all my life. I did not know that a young girl who had never had sex could actually move like that. Ashley turned up the volume and started to move to the music like a twenty year old stripper. She pulled up her skirt and I watched as her small, tender, ass slowly wiggled back and forth. She turned towards me and I saw her little bald pussy in all of its glory.

Ashley was now throwing her long black hair back and forth with her head titled back and eyes closed. She cupped both of her breasts and pulled her shirt further open. Her bra moved further down now exposing the rest of her young firm tits. All I could do was stare, with a raging hard on. When the song ended Ashley looked at me sitting on the couch and her eyes became wide as she saw the bulge in my shorts.

Ashley said in the sweetest voice, “Did I make that happen?”

I said, "Yes, you have really grown up over the past few years."

She took a step towards me and I held my breath. She said, "Can I see it?" I knew I should have stood up and ran away but I couldn't. She said, "Can I do the things to you that I watched my mom do?" I could not speak, but nodded and motioned for her to come to me. I told her to get down on her knees like her mom and I would show it to her.

I told her to pull my shorts down. Her hands were shaking worse than mine, but she managed to start pulling on my shorts. As I raised my ass to let them slide off my hard thick cock sprang out and startled her. She jumped with a shriek and commented how huge it was. She said, "I'm not sure it will fit inside me." I told her we would take it slow and I promised not to hurt her.

I asked her again where her mom was. She shyly asked me not to be mad at her, telling me that her parents were gone for the day. She said, "I'm sorry I lied." I then asked Ashley if she wanted to touch my penis and she said, "Yes, more than anything." She took her small hand and wrapped it around the base of my cock. I told her to move it up and down and she did.

I asked her if she wanted to kiss it and she knelt there starring at it and shook her head yes. I told her,"Pretend my dick is a lollipop. Lick and suck it with your tongue." She got her natural ability from her mom, who's the best I have ever had.

I asked Ashley,"Has anyone had ever touched her before?"

Ashley said, "I've been pleasing myself for a while. The neighbor's boy has stuck his finger inside me one time, but he didn't know what to do." I asked her if I could touch her. Unfortunately, this made her stop sucking on my dick as she stood up. I asked her if she would finish taking off her shirt and bra. She reached up and ripped them both off with one quick motion revealing the most perfect set of tits I have ever seen. They were perfectly round and the nipples were large and puffy.

I told her to leave her skirt on and come sit on my lap like she always did. She slid onto my lap and I felt the wetness of her slit rub across my leg. I told her to pull on my dick, as I gently sucked her tender young tits. I started to rub her thighs and she spread them apart as I neared the top. Her voice was rough and scratchy, as she said, "I've wanted this for as long as I can remember." I touched the edge of her pussy lips and worked my way up to her clit. As soon as I touched it I felt her begin to shake and felt a warmth run over my leg.

I asked her if she had ever came before? She could barely speak, but managed to tell me she had not. I asked her if I could lick her, like she had licked me. Not waiting for an answer, I picked her up and laid her across the same coffee table that I had fucked her mother’s ass on days earlier. She laid back while spreading her legs. Her head fell off the other side of the table. I bent down and placed my mouth onto her small virgin pussy. I sucked all of the juice I could get out. I took her small swollen clit between my front teeth and used my tongue to flick it up and down. Ashley came once more and I made sure none of her love juices got away from my hungry lips.

Ashley picked up her head and looked at me with her large brown eyes. She asked me, "Would you now try to make your big dick fit inside of her?" I told her it would be easier if she got on top of me and took as much of it as she could. I sat back on the couch and told her to face me and put one leg on each side of me. I told her to gently lower herself on top of my cock and only go as far as she wanted. Ashley did just as I directed taking the head of my dick into the outer folds of her young wet pussy.

She let out a loud moan as I entered her, stretching and pulling her virgin hole open. She stopped and said, " I can't go any further. It hurts too much." I told her to breathe deeply and relax. She did, so then she tried to push in more; my dick started to fill her insides. I sat motionless not wanting to hurt her, but wanting to bury my cock deeply inside her. After a few more attempts she finally took about two thirds of me inside her. I told her to start bouncing up and down slowly, just like she saw her mommy do.

After what seemed like an eternity, she pushed with all of her might and I think she may have bottomed out on my now sore and throbbing dick. I say may have, because I don’t really remember due to almost passing out with the most cum that has ever exited my body. I blew what seemed like load after load into her tight young pussy, as she came again also.

We sat like that for probably another twenty minutes, neither one of us able to move. My dick finally started to go soft and her muscles pushed me out of her. I asked her to get us some towels and watched this young goddess walk away half nude with my cum running down her legs. Ashley came back with wash cloths and towels and wiped me until I was clean. She then cleaned up all of the cum that accidentally got away from us. I laid there and watched her young firm breast sway as she wiped and thought, “Only to be eighteen again.”

We got dressed and she kissed me passionately sticking her tongue into my mouth. Then, she said, " I will call you the next time my parents are gone for the day."

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