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My Biggest Secret Pt. 1

I fucked and sucked my older married boss
I was filing paperwork in the back of the office when I heard that voice. Oh that voice so deep with that sexy English accent I had to turn around and see who it came out of. It was a new outside salesman and OMG he was a hunk! I was only seventeen and living with my boyfriend but he could not escape my attention. Tall 6'2" with nice broad shoulders, blond short hair, dreamy gray blue eyes what a looker! Oh well he was 20 years older then me, married with kids and I was shacked up with my boyfriend at the time. Just some nice new eye candy for the office on Fridays when he came in.

Time went on and I always fantasized about touching him, kissing him, finding out what was in those pants and introducing it to my cock sucking loving mouth. Wanting him was just an unrealistic fantasy but he sure was fun to look at and even more captivating to listen to. Eventually he was promoted to general manager and started working in the office full time. Around the same time I was promoted to receptionist so we were finally working together. Five years had passed since I first laid eyes on that sexy English man. Things hadn't worked out with my boyfriend and we broke up. This is when I really started noticing my sexy boss. I would do anything to get to be alone with him. Offer to type his correspondence, bring him his afternoon tea or just pop into his office to say hi when passing by which I made a point of doing frequently.

As we got to know each other we became friends. He started taking me out to lunch just the two of us. We never talked about work during our lunch dates always personal issues and every topic you could think of was fair game. The conversations eventually led to the topic of sex and what we both liked.

He looked right in my eyes and told me

 "I love blowjobs better than absolutely any type of sex kind of have a fetish about it."

Unfortunately his wife didn't and I could tell he wasn't lying because of my interaction with her answering the switchboard when she called for him. Man what a bitch! She didn't call much but when she did you could tell she was pissed and ready to rip him a new one. I would always take a message even if he was available to keep her off him while he was at work hoping maybe she would cool down by the time he got home and he wouldn't catch it as bad. I really couldn't stand her. I had been fantasizing about sucking this hunks dick for 5 years and wondered if he could tell and was letting me know in his own subtle ways he wanted me to suck his for him. What the hell was wrong with his wife that she didn't want to please this delicious man.

The hot chemistry was building between us. Relentless flirting, private lunch dates and those eyes oh those eyes I could look into forever. They were such a unique color. Depending on the light sometimes they looked gray sometimes blue and sometimes hazel so dreamy. One day when delivering paperwork to his office he started complaining of back pain. I knew he had a bad back as he frequently went to a chiropractor. Before I even knew what I was doing I said I can fix that went behind his desk and started rubbing his shoulders.

I finally had my hands on him and he felt so good. Touching him like that made me want him even more. He was into cycling and had a long lean tight body with a great legs and a cute little ass. Rubbing the muscles of his neck and shoulders with my finger tips using the perfect pressure was making me so hot.

He sighed and said to me " Your hands feel really good."

I knew I was doing something I wasn't supposed to with a married man but I did not even care. I asked him to lean forward so I could massage his lower back where the worst pain was. I could tell he was getting turned on and I certainly was with my hands exactly where they wanted to be all over that gorges man. My fingers reached down into his pants to get to those tight low back muscles that were bothering him. He leaned against his desk breathing deeply as I needed those tight muscles.

When I was done he said "Thank you so much my back feels much better."

As time went on the back rubs continued as much as I could get my hands on him. When ever no one was around off to his office I went to make his bad back feel all better. So many times when I was massaging him I just wanted to start kissing and nibbling on that sexy neck.

Then one day he asked "Would you come to my office after hours once everyone has left for the day and give me one of your great back rubs my back is hurting again."

I wasn't sure but it seemed he was up to something. I had always wanted him but couldn't believe he felt the same as he never really showed it just a little flirting so I never believed it would really happen. I waited until everyone was gone and with my heart racing I got myself together and headed for his office.

They way he looked at me when I walked in made my heart race even faster. He locked up the building then sat in his desk chair awaiting his back massage.

He said "Thanks for staying late to give me a back rub" and smiled nervously at me.

You could feel the sexual tension in the air. I walked around behind his desk and started as usual on his neck and shoulders. I asked him to lean forward to rub his lower back so close to that cute ass.

Then as I was leaning over him reaching down to need those muscles with my chin near his left shoulder he said to me "I am just so incredibly horny."

That was all I needed to hear in my excited state so I reached around to find his big hard cock through his suit pants and kissed that sexy neck I had been coveting for so long.

He got up from his chair kissed me and said to me "Why don't you sit down." 

Then he sat on his desk which put the fly of his pants right in my face. He must have known just what he wanted as he had already unzipped it so I knew what to do with out another word. I had to release that woody and get a good look at my prize. When I got that big beautiful cock in my hands I almost came right on the spot. It was so perfect. Just the right size and so smooth, hard and inviting. I had seen many a butchered dick in my day but who ever did his circumcision was an artist.

This is what I had been waiting for all these years. Swirling my tongue around that great big cock head then taking it all into my hot, wet mouth. It turned me on so much hearing his heavy breathing and moans as I licked, sucked and pumped my mouth up and down his shaft. I loved playing with his balls and teasing him with my tongue he was so responsive to my every move. I looked up at him and he had his head thrown back with his eyes closed and a look of ecstasy on his handsome face. He looked so incredibly sexy like that with his big hard dick in my mouth. I will never ever forget that image of the pleasure I gave him and how much he loved it. His soft strawberry blond pubic hair tickled my nose when I deep throated him.

"Oh I can feel your tongue" he moaned as I ran it all over that big hard cock.

I wanted him for so long it was a mind blowing experience like I just couldn't believe it was happening and it was so much better than I had imagined. He had the prettiest dick I've ever seen and so tasty. His breathing was getting more rapid so I sucked that beautiful cock even harder and deeper. Then after a series of the loudest moans of all his cock exploded over and over again in my mouth. I buried it in my throat, drank every drop of his sweet cum and wanted more.

I never told him but he has the sweetest tasting cum out of all the many men I've had the pleasure to give a blow job to. God I loved sucking this man's dick! I just couldn't understand why any women who had this brilliant man wouldn't want to lick every inch of him when ever he wanted and then some. I certainly couldn't get enough of him. When you admire someone from afar for so long you think actually having them isn't as good as your fantasy of them but with this man reality was far more exciting than any fantasy I could dream up. I wanted to stay and play around a while longer but he had to get home to the wife he was always on her clock. He thanked me and seemed so grateful I thought what a poor deprived thing. My only disappointment was that he didn't throw me over his desk and fuck my brains out but that perfect cock was so delicious I couldn't really care about that.

I went home and thought about what had just happened. I had finally had the object of my desires what was I going to do with him? Well one thing I wasn't going to do was give that little shrew of a wife of his any reason to cause him any grief so he would always be my big secret. Guess only time will tell what will happen next but if I get my way I'm going to do things to him that his wife never has.
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