My Biggest Secret Pt. 2

By Bunny12

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I sucked and fucked my older married boss

Work really sucked and seeing my sexy English boss was the only fun thing in store for me in that hell hole. We continued our occasional soirees going out to lunch alone together but now with a stop at the local park to have him for dessert or staying late at work so I could devour that perfect cock but always being very careful not to draw attention to ourselves. I loved making him cum so much I would suck that delicious cock anytime and anywhere he wanted but time and privacy were always working against us.

A few doors down from work we liked to go for lunch occasionally to an Italian restaurant. One day in the middle of lunch I slipped off my shoe and starting playing with his leg a bit under the table. I was eating pasta and said to him.

"I just love the way these spiral noodles feel in my mouth." while suggestively licking my full luscious lips.

I was putting on a little show for him and really teasing him bad. His dreamy gray blue eyes were staring at me so intensely I think I was driving him wild.

"We're going to have to wait a minute my dear before we can leave as you have made me hard as a rock." He said as we got up to leave.

We waited until his big hard dick calmed down so he could stand up and leave the restaurant. Just to get in his car and let give him another raging hard on and suck all that sweet cum out of him for dessert. Even our telephone conversations would drift into a sexual tone. I could not believe no one suspected anything between us. I should have won an Oscar for those many performances pretending not to notice him. Not to crave touching him, hearing that voice, seeing that tall strong body and wanting my lips and hands all over it.

He would do sexy little things that would drive me crazy. Once when I was bringing him his afternoon tea there were managers in the office next door having a big argument. The joint office had an open ceiling so you could hear everything clearly. I entered his office and he leans back in his chair grabs his big hard cock through his pants then mouths the words.

"I'm sooooo horny!"

He had a wild look in his eyes and anyone could have walked in at any time and discovered us. That was the first time any man actually made my pussy get instantly wet and cum a little bit without even touching me. I wanted to fuck him so badly that day. Sometimes just the way he would look at me made me feel a burning inside. He would look at my lush lips as if he was envisioning them sucking him off. Very often doing this at the most inappropriate times being totally distracting, and making my lust for him grow even stronger. I wondered if he knew what kind of effect he always had on me and just how much I really wanted him. I certainly would never tell him as no matter what his reaction might be it would have been an exercise in futility with a married man. I really did not want to make our working relationship stressful either he had enough stress with that wife.

Every time I gave him, a blowjob he seemed so grateful it made me want to give him many, many more. After he would say a heartfelt thank you then give me a deep passionate kiss. Could he get any sexier? I found that thank you very strange because I could not imagine not sucking this man's dick every chance you could get. Why should he thank me when it was more than my pleasure? I needed it. I wanted his hard cock in my mouth. I wanted to make him feel fantastic and give him the most intense pleasure he ever had unconditionally. I wanted him to know there was one woman in the world that lusted for the man he is without rules and expectations or needing to beat his self esteem to a pulp.

The amount of self control I had to muster on a daily basis to keep from jumping on him was constant and immense. No matter what I was feeling, I always told myself he was just a nice horny guy with a mean wife who needed someone to be sweet to him and I was the most convenient volunteer. If I let myself think anything think anything else, I might lose control of the situation. I was not going to be one of those stupid girls who falls for a married man. I am not sure what he felt if anything more than he loved the way I pleased him. I tried to keep everything casual and not pursue him but let him come to me when he needed me so he felt comfortable.

We couldn't stay late at work much or we would be noticed so I took off work a half day early and invited him over for lunch. I do not know if he knew but I planned on having him for lunch that day. The anticipation waiting for him to arrive was intense. There was a knock on the door and the pace of my heart quickened. I opened the door to find him in one of his business suits he always looked so sexy dressed like that.

"You look so good how are you doing?" I said as I invited him in.

"You know just how I feel." He said, and gave me that look that said I want your lips wrapped around my cock.

With that, I took his hand and lead him upstairs to my bedroom; I just wanted to eat him whole. I undressed him and laid out his suit so it would not be wrinkled. He loved the satin sheets on my bed especially when I stroked his hard dick with them. Any way I could please him just made me even hotter for him. I totally got off on getting him off. I could suck this enticing man's cock all day long but today he is going to get more than just my mouth. We were both a little nervous yet there was never an awkward moment we just seemed to melt into each other.

His sweet kisses with our naked bodies pressed up against each other made my head swoon. Everything he did was so passionate and arousing. His touch was electric sending tingles through my whole body. Both of us exploring each other feeling, kissing, caressing. Getting hotter and more excited. My pussy so wet and aching for his cock. He did not say a word but the look on his face said everything. It was as if he was not sure how to react to what he was feeling except to just give in to it. He ran his hands all over me and caressed my big round breasts.

"Your nipples are so nice and big when their hard not like my wife at all hers are so tiny." He remarked, sucking and rubbing my light pink pencil eraser sized nipples between his fingers and lips.

He moved down and gently stroked my clit until it was hard and excited making my hot pussy spasm. Then I had an all-consuming desire to have his big hard cock in my mouth. I needed that big round head hitting the back of my throat. I needed to hear his moans of pleasure and see that expression of ecstasy on his face. I went down on him loving that beautiful perfect cock with everything I had to give it. Adoring it with my lips and tongue in exactly the ways I knew he loved and never forgetting those lovely round balls. Teasing the head while sucking it gently then bobbing my head up and down running my lips over the shaft was every bit as exciting for me as it was for him. Rubbing and playing with his balls and deep throating him always produced the sounds he made I loved. That rapid breathing and soft urgent moaning was music to my ears. I would do anything for this perfect cock I loved it so much it owned me.

He was so hard I had to have him inside me. My pussy was hot for his cock so I kissed my way up to his lips. He could tell from the look in my eyes exactly what I wanted and in a missionary position, he guided that big rock hard thing into my wet hungry pussy. Watching his face while feeling my pussy grip his beautiful cock was so intense I had ripples of tiny orgasms radiating throughout my body.

My legs wrapped around and clung tight to him meeting his every thrust and pulling him into me. He was giving my pussy a wonderful pounding but it was about to get even better. He changed positions so we were in a scissor type thing with me on my back him on his side and our legs all inter-crossed which provided the deepest penetration. His big hard dick was totally buried in my hot cunt and slamming me deep. I loved making him cum but cumming with him both our bodies in a frenzied rhythm until we reached that point of no return was even better. His thrusting quickened and we came together in a fantastic explosion with my hot pussy milking his throbbing cock that was pumping all that creamy sweet cum into me.

I loved being with a much older man. All his moves were confident and deliberate. I did not need to show him how to do anything he took control. He was so irresistible he was like an addictive drug I constantly craved. I knew he was just using me but I loved it. He was passive aggressive in his control over me and always kept me unsure of what tomorrow would bring. This uncertainty kept me always guessing what did he want and when was I going to get to give it to him. The more he used me the more I longed to be totally used up by him. He always left me wanting him more, which just increased that control. I do not think he ever figured it out but he could have had anything he wanted from me and I would have gladly given it. Anything at all.

It must have been a very different experience for him as I am just about the polar opposite of his wife in all ways. I am voluptuous almost six feet tall with long blond hair, big tits, even bigger ass, and not many inhibitions. His wife is very small petite and conservative. I am a very girly type girl with feminine clothes, hair, nails, jewelry and all the rest but she seemed much more preppy to me. Not at all free spirited and wanting to look sexy for her man like me. I cannot put her down very much though because she is very intelligent and certainly has magnificent taste in men. She just needs a little make over. I always wondered what it was that ever attracted him to her in the first place. They seemed like such an unlikely match.

The first time fucking that sexy delicious man just made me want him more of course. He seemed a little distant right after. I could tell he was a little guilt ridden and worried about what he was getting into. Maybe even downright freaked out. This reaction puzzled me a little. I did put myself out there as available to him but he was the one that made the first real move asking me to his office after hours like that. Maybe he thought I was just a flirt and he would call my bluff but it was no bluff I was ready to do anything he wanted, anything at all.

I was very concerned about my sexy boss. I had seen him depressed and in pain before and I only wanted to alleviate that not cause it. I was especially kind and patient with him and made sure to give him plenty of breathing room. I had to make sure he knew I was not going to cause any strife in his marriage. I did not want to steal him from his wife I just wanted to borrow him for a bit and do everything to him she did not want to and more. What happened between us would stay only between us. I guess in my own warped way I thought I was doing her a favor because I did not intend to take him from her and he could have been with someone who did and caused a lot of problems. Lord knows I was only one of many but the rest were mostly one night stands while he was on business trips before me.

It did not take long before that chemistry took hold and everything seemed as it had been. Sometimes I wished he felt no regard for his wife and would take me whenever he wanted. Most men would have done whatever they wanted to me then tossed me aside. He just always kept me wanting more. I think that was his evil plan so he could have me only when he wanted me but I would always want him. We really could not spend that much time together outside of work as the wife kept him on a very short leash but we managed to steal away a few sweet moments here and there. I did not know where we would end up but I did know I had to have my secret lover as much as possible.