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My Biggest Secret Pt. 3

I fucked and sucked my older married boss.

Even after several years we continued our on again off again relationship as secret lovers I and my older English boss. There was a formal function we all had to attend and everyone brought their spouses. I was in-between boyfriends at the time and even though I could have drug someone along I knew he would be there with his wife so I wanted to go alone. I did my best to mingle and stay as far away from them as possible so I didn’t have to make eye contact with him. I don’t really remember saying hello to them but I suppose I must have.

She was wearing a very trendy high fashion gown. Fashionable as it was it still looked to me like a southern bell had a fatal collision with a checkered cab because of its coloring and big poofy skirt. It was tea length which was a very bad choice for a person so short. She looked like Mary Poppins floating across the floor as you couldn’t see her tiny feet and her skirt was six inches off the ground. I on the other hand was totally different in my black slinky cocktail dress. The clingy fabric had a little silver thread running through it so it had a little shimmer to it. It went perfectly with my black suede pumps and crystal jewelry with my long blond hair flowing down in curls. He was wearing a dark three piece suit and looked so sexy I couldn’t stand it. I thought we would look much more like the perfect couple together than he and his wife. His six foot two inch frame by my five foot eleven both dressed in a classic style. He was so tall, sophisticated and elegant I thought he would look much nicer with a tall young leggy blond like me on his arm.

The formally served dinner was nice enough but I kept wondering where they were and hoping I just wouldn’t run into them at all. This was such an awkward situation. As much as I hated her for the way she treated him I still respected her because she was the mother of his beloved children. I wished no ill upon her yet just wanted to smack the shit out of her for treating such a wonderful man like a door mat.

I thought I had seen them leave but I was trying to not pay attention to what they were doing on purpose. I didn’t notice him come right up behind me.

He tapped me on the shoulder, looked in my eyes and said "Can I have this dance please" which completely startled and surprised me.

It was a very formal party with a live band and I believe there was a waltz playing. I agreed nervously wondering where his wife was and he led me to the dance floor. Guiding me with one of his hands in the small of my back and holding my hand in his other we danced effortlessly. I felt like a feather gliding across the dance floor as he took the lead he was such a good dancer. We just looked and felt right together.

As we danced he told me "You look very nice tonight" and I told him the same then whispered into his ear “Where is your wife?”  

I was so caught up in the moment I really don’t remember what he said and didn’t really hear him clearly over the loud band. Maybe she had to leave early for some reason? The music was a lovely backdrop to being swept across the dance floor by the most exciting man I’ve ever met. I felt like every eye in the room was on us and knew all our secrets. Couldn’t they all tell how much I wanted him by how I looked at him? All my senses were on overdrive. He was dancing with me in front of all of these people when he came here with his wife. How the hell could this be? It caught me totally off guard it was so very surprising and romantic. I was feeling every emotion imaginable so intensely. By the strong way he held me and the look on his face it seemed he didn’t care who saw how we looked at each other. Could he possibly be feeling as much passion and lust for me as I was for him? I really thought our cover was blown and we were about to be in big, big trouble.

As fast as my fantasy dance was over he disappeared.

I asked him "Can you meet me at my house for just a bit on the way to where ever you're going?"

"I'm sorry I can't as I'm already late" he replied.

I regret to this day not taking him to the nearest broom closet in that fancy private club or anywhere we could have been alone and fucking his brains out anyway he wanted it. I was too young and naive to realize I should have taken him every chance I could have. Maybe he was so exciting because he was forbidden fruit. Taboo – the older married man I should have nothing to do with. To just to hear, smell and taste him was so intoxicating.

He really shook me up that night. I never wanted to feel anything for him but friendship or lust. There was no need for anything more with a married man as if that wasn’t a little to much already. It would be pointless to feel anything more but he did make me feel more during that dance. I wanted him so much it just hurt. It felt like I had the rug pulled out from under me. It was a scary feeling I had a hard time shaking off. Everything was fine when we were close all alone together in our own private little world but to have to be so close to him in front of everyone we knew and pretend I was just dancing with one of the bosses was killing me.

After that formal party I had my sister take me to a club we used to hang out at and proceeded to drink enough white Russians and B52 shots to put myself into another state of existence. I could not think about him any more that night unless I wanted my head to explode. I don’t know where he went after that dance or if he thought of me at all. I did know I was developing a little hole deep inside that it seemed only he could fill. I wasn’t sure if that was a very good thing at all. All the other looser guys I dated and fucked around with never measured up to him. I felt like dating was fighting a loosing battle and the ship was sinking.

As time went on I grew very fond of this sweet man and our friendship. I felt a need in him that I wanted to satisfy so I decided to make his big 45th birthday something extra special. I took the day off work and invited him over for the afternoon. I was going to give him a sexual experience like he wasn’t going to get at home for his birthday present from his hot young 25 year old slut. I went and rented a porno. It was the very first time I had ever done that.

I actually asked a man in that little seedy back room XXX rated section of the video store “What would a guy like for a birthday surprise?” and he helped me choose a video.

I answered the door wearing some sexy white lace lingerie and invited him in.

"Have a seat on the couch and relax" I offered as took his coat and suite jacket then went to start the video.

His eyes lit up when he saw the images on the television screen. We watched the video while I slowly undressed him. First every button down his dress shirt and peal it off of him. Then his shoes and socks, then belt and slacks till all he was wearing was his boxers. They had to come off to so I could have full access to my prize that perfect cock. I could just disappear in one of his kisses and loved kissing him all over so started with his lips then working my way down his neck to his shoulders. Little kisses across his collar bone down to his chest where I could fine all those cute little freckles I loved. Licking, kissing and teasing my way down his body to his nipples which I sucked till they were nice and hard. That just enticed me even more and I had to feel that luscious cock in my throat. I loved how it felt in my mouth and hearing his reaction to every stroke and tease so down my kisses went to between his legs. Running my tongue all over his lovely balls and up the back of his shaft to that smooth tasty head. God how I loved sucking his cock it was made just for my mouth. I think he really enjoyed watching that video while my lips and tongue gave him every thrill they could.

After my mouth had it's fill of his lovely cock I lead him back to the bedroom. He was the most exciting lover always trying to please. He stroked my clit ever so gently and made me cum on his fingers driving me wild. My back arched and my head went back as I rode the wave of each orgasm with my face only a foot away from his.

Staring at me with a look I can't even describe he said "You have the best cum faces I have ever seen."

"Your clit gets so big and hard when you are excited I can really tell when you are turned on" he whispered in my ear sending chills up my spine.

I had to tell him to just relax and don’t worry about anything except enjoying yourself. I just wanted him to go at me with wild abandon and forget trying to please anyone but himself. That freedom I could give him to just let go is what really turned me on with him. For him to have no expectations to be required to fulfill and give himself over completely to his own desires was my wish. He mounted me missionary style and slide his big hard cock into my hot waiting pussy. After a bit of sensual slow fucking he raised up on his arms and I wrapped my ankles around his neck. That position achieved the deepest penetration and I could feel that perfect cock going into me deeper than ever. He pounded my wet cunt hard making me cum and milk that cock I loved. Seeing my ankles wrapped around his neck and watching his face while I felt him cum with me in a fantastic explosion was so erotic. What a dream in bed I wish I could have kept him there for a week.

He couldn’t understand how I could just want to be fucked hard with no clit stimulation or anything. I just wanted him to wail on me to his own desires. That’s all I needed to get off and I think he liked that. As multi-orgasmic as I was way back then I’m even 100% more so now. How I would love to show that man some of my intense cum faces and do things to him no one else has ever done before right now and taste that sweet cum of his one more time.....

A very sad day came at work. My English stud, my confidant, my friend was leaving for another job. I felt my heart drop and break a little when I heard the news. I was just sick to my stomach. No more seeing him everyday, bringing him afternoon tea and all the sexual banter charging the chemistry between us. I had a giant lump in my throat and I had to get out of that room they made the announcement in before anyone saw how upset I was. That was the day I really didn’t want to be at that job anymore.

To my surprise he still once in awhile came and picked me up for lunch. One day upon returning from a nice lunch with him a manager pulled me into his office.

He read me the riot act about going out to lunch with him and asked "Is he pumping you for company information and what are you telling him?"

When he quit they all acted like he was some kind of trader but I thought he was very lucky to get out of there even if I missed him very much.

I was so pissed off I told my manager "We do not discuss work at all only personal issues."

I went on to say "We are friends and you have no business telling me what I can do on my own time or who my friends can be."

I was thinking throughout the whole conversation “I couldn’t give away any company secrets with his dick in my mouth you big dumb ass!”

I couldn’t believe my manager and everyone else in that company still hadn’t figured out we had something going on after almost 5 years of fooling around with him. Especially when he still came to visit me after he quit, boy are people stupid. Guess it was to big a stretch for them all to think a young girl would want a man as old as her father so much but I honestly did want all of him in the worst way.

That first month at work without him was so depressing I just didn’t want to be there at all. Our lunch dates got less and less frequent. I knew when he quit it was probably over that’s why I was so upset. Our relationship was one of convenience and his wife kept him on far to short of a leash for him to be able to go out of his way to see me. Not long after the departure of my tall, hot, English baby that I missed so terribly did I meet my future husband. I kind of regretted not having invited him and his wife to my wedding. I couldn’t blow our cover and I just couldn’t have the distraction of having any of the men I had previously had a sexual relationship with at my wedding. That day was for me and my husband alone. It is a shame that our timing in this life was so out of sync. If we had both been available at the same time I think we could have had the best of times exploring the human experience together. I know for sure the sex would have been exceptionally fantastic. I truly regret not keeping in contact with him over the years and hope he is doing well.

I will always have sexy fond memories of my hot English boy toy boss.

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