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My Brother's Best Friend

I never thought I'd be in this position with him, literally.
This is my first submit to this site. I hope you enjoy it.

I couldn’t believe it. Okay, maybe I could, but I didn’timagine it turning out like this. After being twenty-one for nearly a year now, my older brother had finally taken me out clubbing like he had promised for my birthday. What I wasn’t aware of was the fact the he was bringing his best friend Jack along. Jack, who I had a crush on since the first moment I laid eyes on his tall, thin frame, cut from an honest day’s work of hard labor, dirty, sweaty, tatted up (the boy had been in jail for a while, after all). I mean, I brought my best friend along, so it’d only make since that Gavin brought his, too, right?

Well, if I liked this guy so much, why hadn’t I gone after him already? That would be because he was currently engaged. Yep, engaged to a pretty, if a little ditzy, girl who was slightly younger than me. She had a kid, too. Not his, mind you, but Jack treated that little boy like he was his own. They had cute little family, picture perfect almost. So no, I hadn’t ever tried anything with him, but God, did I want to. I’d seem him at my brother’s house, handing out, shirtless most of the time, cracking jokes, making everyone laugh. Or when he and Gavin helped me move into my new apartment, lugging boxes and furniture up the stairs, shirtless yet again, sweaty, and oh so yummy looking. He had hugged me that day, after I had commented on how sweaty he was. I believe I had said something along the lines of “Ew! Stop! You’re gross and sweaty!”, but was definitely thinking more along the lines of ‘Oh God, hold me tighter, that body…’ But anyway, this isn’t about the fantasies I’ve had about him.

So here we were, sitting at a small round table in my favorite dance club. Me, my best friend Mag, my brother Gavin, and his best friend Jack. I may have been pleasantly surprised that he had come along, but was shocked when I saw that his fiancée wasn’t with him.

“Where’s Cary?” I asked, leaning toward Jack a little so he could hear me better.

“At home taking care of Michael. Couldn’t get a babysitter.” I nodded in understanding, picking up my drink and sipping on it; hiding the fact that I was happy she was at home taking care of the baby. I wasn’t sure why I was happy, Jack never made any kind of notice toward me, besides the fact that I was Gavin’s younger sister. I guess I was just happy I got to be around him. Tonight he wasn’t so dirty looking, not that I mind him that way. He was wearing a polo shirt and jeans, the material hiding most of the tattoos I had come to memorize. He still had the scruff on his face, his dark hair short, clipped close to his head, his eyes a dark golden hazel color. He never noticed me staring, I made sure of it, but other people did. Mag nudged me at that moment, leaning close to me so she could be heard without being overheard.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“Nothing, just about how good he looks,” I replied, glancing at Jack again. She laughed a little, shaking her head at me. I shrugged. I couldn’t help it. I was attracted to the man. So physically attracted…

Drinks got poured, shots got taken, and the night progressed. A couple of hours into it a step song came on. You know, one of those songs that have a little dance with it and everyone who knows it jumps up onto the dance floor to do it. Mag and I happen to love most of these, and this was one we enjoyed. So we jumped up and ran to the floor. I didn’t expect Gavin or Jack to join us, I doubted they even knew the dance, and I was right. I didn’t mind though, Mag and I had our buzz going and we jumped right in with the steps. I glanced over at the table a couple of times, kind of hoping that Jack was watching, but he wasn’t. He was buying more shots for him and Gavin, flirting a little with the shot girl. I rolled my eyes, what was I expecting anyway? I ignored it and continued the step dance until it was over, a good grinding song playing next. Mag and I stayed on the dance floor, no longer doing a step dance, but doing what we do best and dancing ourselves.

Now, when I dance, it’s definitely the grinding, rolling, popping, ‘you know you want this’ type of dancing. It gets me hit on a lot, to which I usually brush off because the guy’s a total horny bastard (yet I still dance like this. Hm. Tease much?). But I enjoy my dancing; it makes me feel strong, sexy, desirable. And I tend to get lost in my own little world. So when the music switched and Mag and I decided to take a break, I wasn’t expecting those hazel eyes to be turned on me, watching me as I headed back to the table. Once I was seated, Jack leaned toward me, speaking above the music so I could hear him.

“Where’d you learn to dance like that?” he asked. I shrugged a little, picking up my drink to sip on it.

“Picked it up naturally,” I replied, then, in my buzzed state, smirked before asking, “Why, did you like it?” I wasn’t expecting him to smirk back, those eyes scanning me before he replied.

“Hell yeah, I did.” I looked over at him, not able to hide the smile that pulled at my lips as I took another sip of my drink (which was now almost gone). I didn’t know what to say, but I could feel my cheeks heating. Whether it was from the heat of the lights, or me just getting off the dance floor, I didn’t know. But I bet it had something more to do with the way Jack was looking at me, like he had never seen me before. “Let me buy you a shot,” he said, and I nodded in acceptance. I wasn’t going to turn down alcohol. He called the shot girl over, the same one he was flirting with before, though this time he just bought the shots, no more talking to her than needed, and handed me mine. We touched glasses, and then downed them at the same time. I love the way a shot feels as it slides down my throat, that burn, making my eyes close tightly for a moment before I part my lips to let out a breath. Love it. I still tasted the shot when my hand was taken and Jack was pulling me up as he leaned toward me. “Dance with me.”

Now my mind was really spinning. Did he really just ask me to dance? Well, no, more like demanded as he pulled me back onto the dance floor. Hell, not that I minded. Back in my natural element I turned my back to him and did what I do best. I danced with him, grinded my hips and ass back on him like I wanted something more (maybe because I did). I bent over, felt his hands run up my back before going down to my waste. Those strong, calloused hands were touching me, and I loved every minute of it. I straightened back up, leaning back against him as I rolled my hips back into his, raising my hand up to curl my fingers around the back of his neck. His fingers slid down my thighs, my short skirt riding up higher as I moved, and with every touch of his my stomach tightened, and I could feel the warm, wet sensation between my legs. Fuck, how I wished this was more than just us dancing.

My mind recalled something Cary had told me once. Bragging maybe? It had sounded like it, but I didn’t care, I loved to know how big Jack was, and she gladly told me. Nine inches. I didn’t know if I believed her or not, but I had wanted to. With that height, those muscles, and that firm grip he currently had on me, oh God I wanted those nine inches. I was brought out of my fantasy world when he leaned down to speak into my ear.

“If you’re up for it, grab your phone and head into the girl’s bathroom, last stall. Text me when the room is empty,” he said, his voice low. I stood there a moment. Had I really just heard that? Or was my imagination playing tricks on me? I felt his hand lightly slap my ass, urging me back toward the tables, and I knew what I had heard was real. I walked back to where my friend and brother were sitting, a bit dazed.

“Hey, you okay?” Mag asked me. I turned to her, pausing a moment as Jack say back down next to my brother.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m just going to go use the bathroom real quick.”

“Need me to come with you?”

“No, no. I’m fine. I’ll be right back.” I gave her a smile before grabbing my phone and heading toward the back of the club. I entered the bathroom a moment later, and of course there were girl’s in it. I smiled at a few of them and walked up to the mirror, pretending to busy myself with fixing my appearance. Not that it was bad. I wasn’t bad looking, I knew that much. I was 5’7’’, a bit taller in the heels I wore, had brown hair that fell down my back in curls at the moment, my eyes were lined in thick black liner that I knew made the blue hues pop more. My top was a corset type top; tight against my body, making my size C breasts look even fuller, and my skirt was dark denim, short enough to look sexy, but not short enough to show anything. As I was studying my appearance, the girls filed out of the bathroom until only I was remaining. I bit my lip, pulling out my phone, and realized I didn’t have Jack’s number.

How the hell could I forget that? I frowned. Maybe it was some kind of joke to him, maybe he was mocking me or something, but as I scrolled through my contacts I saw his name, which I was sure wasn’t there earlier that night. He had added himself into my phone. I smiled, maybe this wasn’t a joke. I sent him a quick simple text: All clear. Then glanced around before heading down the row of stalls to the last one, stepping inside and locking the door in case some girl decided to wonder in at that moment.

It seemed like an eternity as I stood there, waiting, leaning against the side of the stall. If he was going to come in here, then that could only mean one thing. It’s not like we were going to sit in the bathroom and talk. I couldn’t believe I was standing here, though, waiting for him. Who would have thought this would ever happen? Definitely not me, but just as my doubts were weighing in on me, I heard the bathroom door open, then footsteps, and not the soft click of heels, either. The steps got closer, pausing in front of my stall door. I could see the shadow, then a hand gripping the top of it, and I quickly unlocked it before it was opened.

There Jack stood, his hazel eyes darkened as they stared at me. He stepped into the stall, not saying a word as he closed the door again and locked it. I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. Not that it mattered, really, because before I knew it he had his hands on my waist, his fingers roaming over the fabric of my top as his eyes seemed to drink me down.

“Jack…” I said, not able to tear my own eyes away from his hungry look.

“Shh…” he replied, raising a hand to my lips before he leaned down, his mouth ghosting across my neck. “You have to be quiet…” I nodded, willing to do anything that he said. He took his time as he kissed my neck, his tongue trailing over my skin, tasting me. I raised my own hands, running them up his arms as I closed my eyes, giving myself to him. Yeah, this was wrong, but I didn’t care. I had wanted this too long to care. Plus, I’m fairly certain the alcohol may have hindered my judgment, just a little.

His hands snaked up my body, finding my boobs a moment later, as well as the zipper that held them in place. He unzipped what he could of my top (it only went about halfway down the front), and my chest felt less constricted, from the clothing at least. It still felt tight when he touched me, grabbing handfuls of my breasts and squeezing them. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, biting my lip to stop any sounds that may have wanted to escape. His hands felt good, but I would have loved to know what his mouth felt like. A moment later my thought came true, and I felt his lips brush across my breast, kissing, sucking, and biting at it playfully. I didn’t think much of it at first, but with his height, it would probably have killed him to do that standing up, which only meant…

“Jack!” I gasped as I opened my eyes and looked down at him. He was kneeling on the bathroom floor, which definitely couldn’t have been too clean, despite what it looked like. He shushed me, continuing his work until his tongue found my nipple. It flicked, played, and caressed the nub, and I no longer cared that he had to kneel on the floor. I closed my eyes again, my fingers running across his short hair as his fingers tugged on my other nipple. This was amazing, and my body reacted to him like it hadn’t been touched in months. I knew I wet, my panties probably near soaked by now, but I didn’t care.

I was pulled from my thoughts when I felt him stop, looking down at him in confusion. His hazel eyes were glancing around the bathroom stall, a contemplative look on his face. I had an idea of what he was thinking about, and had thought about it minutes before he showed up in the bathroom. I nudged him aside, moving to wear I was standing nearly straddling the toilet (good think it looked clean) and bent over, my arms resting on the back of the tank. I glanced over at him, knowing my ass was in full view of his eyes, and wondering if this was okay. He was staring at my ass; his lips parted a little as he took in my position, and then raised his hands to push my skirt up further. By now the denim was around my waist, more like a belt than an actual skirt, my ass exposed (like my thong covered any of it at all). He gripped my cheeks in his hands, and loved the way his rough fingers felt against my smooth skin. He massaged and kissed it, and as good as it felt, I knew we had been gone for a while now. I glanced over my shoulder at him, my voice quiet, wanting.

“Jack…we should probably hurry…” He glanced at me and nodded, his hand reaching down to unzip his pants. I kept my eyes on him; I wanted to see for myself how big he was. I was pleasantly surprised and let out an audible moan as I saw it. God, it was amazing. He was already hard, and looked to be about as big as I was told. I wanted to do so much to that gorgeous dick, but I knew we had to hurry, or Mag and Gavin might come looking for us.

Jack stood back up, pulling my thong aside as he slid his fingers over me, wetting me with my own juices. God, even that felt amazing. I turned my head back forward, biting my lip as I closed my eyes. Never had I wanted anything so bad in my life than I did at that moment. And when he finally pushed his dick inside me, I was little prepared for it.

I’m a tight girl, and I’ve come to accept that. So without preparation, it tends to hurt. And Jack was the biggest I’ve ever had, so when he pushed inside me I cried out a little, my eyes widening as the pain shot through me. He stopped, his hands on my waist as he leaned over me.

“Hey…you okay?” He had genuine concern in his voice, and his hand was brushing back my hair as he kissed my shoulder. I nodded a little, letting out a small breath as I relaxed my body.

“Just…go slow for a moment,” I replied, my voice quiet, breathy. He nodded, pushing slowly inside me. I bit the inside of my cheek, willing my body to relax as he did, making myself imagine how good it would feel in just a few moments. I let out a deep breath as he stopped, letting me know that it was all in. My eyes widened a little at that. I had Jack’s dick all the way inside me, in the bathroom of a club. It all seemed to be hitting me at that moment, and I was surprised someone hadn’t walked in sooner.

I should have kept my big thought shut.

At that moment two girls walked in the bathroom, giggling about something or other. I glanced back at Jack, my eyes widening a little at the fear of being caught. He put a finger to his lips, looking down at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes, and then smirked as he pulled slowly out of me before pushing himself back in. My head snapped forward as my mouth opened, my hands gripping the smooth surface of the tank. Was he really doing this? He was going to keep going while those girls were in here? What if I made a sound? What if they heard and we were found out? Apparently these thoughts didn’t cross his mind as he continued his slow movement, stretching me out before he picked up his pace.

Any thoughts about being caught slipped my mind as he moved in and out of me. He was going slow, though, seeming to take his time with it. His hands reached around my front, fondling my breasts again as he kissed my shoulder. This was near torturous though. This slow, teasing sort of fucking. I couldn’t stand things like this, and didn’t think he was the type to either. I glanced over my shoulder at him, mouthing the word ‘faster’ to him. He smirked, holding back a chuckle as he shook his head, replying with ‘not yet’ as he nodded toward the sound of giggling and gossiping girls. So that’s what he was doing. I tried not to groan as I laid my head on my arm, begging and pleading for the dumb bitches to leave. Finally we heard the clicking of heels, the bathroom door opening, and then shutting. Not seconds after that Jack was standing up straight, his hands on my hips as he pounded into me hard and fast.

“Fuck!” I couldn’t help by cry out at the sudden change. Oh God, oh fuck this was amazing. He was nearly relentless with his force, his speed, fucking me harder than I even had been fucked before. My body rocked with the force of it, my legs tightening as they strained to keep me up. “God, yes…fuck, Jack…” I couldn’t help but say, my voice echoing off the walls, accompanied by the sound of our actions. I didn’t care about being quiet anymore, who could with this going on? My body was tightening, and I was getting that feeling in my stomach when I knew I was about to be pushed over the edge. “Harder…harder…” I kept telling him, perhaps not really meaning it, but not being able to help what escaped my lips at the moment. I heard his voice behind him, saying my name along with profanities. I was glad to hear he was enjoying it just as much as I was. I pushed my hips back against his and came a moment later, my moan a bit too loud, maybe, as I cried out. He fucked me through my orgasm, forcing me to ride the wave longer before he came as well. I could feel spurt after spurt entering my body, but didn’t care. My birth control should take care of it. His moan was nearly as loud as mine, and I was glad that no one was in the bathroom at the moment, though I wouldn’t be surprised if someone heard it while passing the door.

I stood there, bent over the toilet, my breathing heavy as he slid out of me. I didn’t move as I heard him grab some toilet paper, cleaning himself off before discarding it in the bowl below me. I then felt his hand on my thigh, his other cleaning his own cum off me with another piece of toilet paper. I straightened up a little, not expecting it as I looked down at him.

“You don’t have to--” I started, but he shushed me for the third time that night. He finished cleaning me up, and then helped me to stand, fixing my skirt and my top before looking down at me. After a moment he leaned down, pressing his lips against mind in a deep, but somewhat affectionate kiss before whispering in my ear, then turning and leaving the bathroom.

I stood there, shocked by everything that had just happened. From the dancing, to the fucking, to the caring way he cleaned us up. This had all just happened, and I wasn’t dreaming it. I had finally had sex with the guy I had been fantasizing over since I was eighteen. His last words still rang in my ear.

Keep my number.

Apparently it wasn’t going to be the last time.

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