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My Buggered Brother-In-Law

My sister, who is a year older than me, always had good taste in boyfriends. I liked every one of them, but a few of them stand out.

When I was sixteen she had one named Richard who was nineteen. Mom normally wouldn’t have approved because of the age difference, but she said Richard was a nice boy from a good family, which meant they had more money than us. Richard wasn’t nearly as nice as she thought, but he was gorgeous. At that time I was in my pre-jock phase and no one had any idea of the thoughts in my head or the desires that stirred my loins.

Richard lived on the other side of town and Sis had met him at a basketball game between the two high schools that were in our small town. He had a driver’s license, but it had been suspended for driving with too many kids jammed into the car. Therefore he had to take the bus to visit our house, and since Sis had an early curfew most of their dates were weekend afternoons or just at the house.

One Friday night they had been sitting out on the porch necking. Mom was busy doing something like straightening out a bank balance problem or taxes or something that had her mind completely occupied. She had forgotten Richard was there or some such, or they wouldn’t have gotten so deep into petting, and Richard would have been sent home long before.

When she became aware of the time it was too late to make him take the bus home, so she told him he could spend the night if his parents said it was OK, but he’d have to sleep on the downstairs sofa. I said he could share my room, I didn’t mind. She asked him if he minded sleeping in the same bed as me, and he said no. BINGO!

When I came out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth he was sitting on the bed in his briefs and so instead of putting on my pajamas I stripped down to my briefs.

“Which side of the bed do you prefer?” he asked.

I grinned, “I don’t care. I’ve never had to choose before.”

He stood up and I was blown away by his body, and the huge bulge in his briefs. He saw me gaping and said, “Your sister is so HOT. My dick is so stiff it might break off.”

He pulled down the covers and said, “Hop in. I’ll sleep on the outside so you can’t escape if I decide to rape you.”

I climbed in the bed and turned to get a last look before he got under the covers.

He climbed in and said, “If you feel something poking you during the night, that’s just my hard dick.”

I realized my dick had already gotten hard, and I was dying to see his big hard dick. After all, something like that had been the intention of getting him in my bed. I just hadn’t had a concrete plan. This was my very first experience with another guy, and I didn’t really have any idea of what I was doing. I was lucky that I was with a dirty minded horny guy.

Richard continued, “If I wake you up it’s just I might have to jack off to get rid of this hard-on.”

I said, “I don’t care if I can watch.”

“Oh hey, that’s a hot idea. You really wanna watch me do it?”

I threw the covers back. He had pushed his hand down under the waistband of his briefs and was squeezing his dick.

I said, “Do it.”

He pushed his briefs down almost to his knees and his big dick sprang free. I reached over and wrapped my hand around it and he took a quick hard breath.

“Wow, you like it?”

“It’s really big,” I said.

He moved my hand away and began jacking his dick, slowly at first but quickly doing it fast and hard, his whole body tensing. I was fascinated, but I wanted to be part of the action, not just a spectator. I scooted over nearer to him and when he slowed down I again put my hand on his dick. He let me take it and after a minute of jacking it, when I thought he was going to take back over, I bent forward and covered it with my mouth. He gasped and moaned and I bobbed up and down on it.

He said, “oh yeah, suck it. Make me cum,” and put both hands on my head, sort of using my mouth to jack his dick off.

I hadn’t even thought about his cumming, but when he did I liked it, both in the way it felt and in his guttural sounds of satisfaction.

When we could talk again he said, “Holy shit, that was super fantastic. D’ ya like it?”

“Yeah, that was fun.”

“Fun? Huh, it was more than that. Nobody’s ever done that to me before. Thanks.”

He pulled his briefs back up and turned his back and was asleep before I dropped off. The next morning he didn’t say anything, but I jacked off to the memory for a long time.

The thing with my sister was a typical teenage romance, and by fall when he had gone away to college my sister had another boyfriend. Over the next two years, she had half a dozen, none serious, but all nice to look at and dream about. But I did more than dream. I had two of them.

One was Gerald who was eighteen and a tall lanky basketball player. He also had a long dick. Sis wasn’t too into him, but he kept hanging around, hoping. I got him to show me how to make some shots, and he was happy to show off. Then I started blocking him and bumped and rubbed up against him so much he got an erection…and the message. When his hard-on was clearly visible and he couldn’t hide it, I groped him.

He froze and I said, “Let’s go in the garage.”

Once there he put up no resistance while I felt him up and then unzipped his pants. He pulled his dick out and I got on my knees and started sucking. I unhooked his pants and he let me pull them and then his floppy boxers down. He grabbed my head and I thought he might collapse on top of me, so I got an old blanket that was wrapped around a piece of furniture and we lay down on that. He humped his hips, jabbing his dick into my mouth. I didn’t have much experience, but he had less. He really didn’t know how to do it, but I still liked sucking him off and eating his cum.

But he never came around again. I think he was probably embarrassed, which is funny since I was the one who sucked him.

The other boyfriend I made out with was also eighteen. He was a more serious boyfriend than Gerald had been, and he was always grabbing and wrestling with me, calling me a pest and a punk. When he had his arms wrapped around me in a hold I couldn’t break free from I’d push back against him, trying to feel his dick with my leg or butt.

It was all in fun and I loved it, but I think Sis was annoyed with the attention he gave me. Since Sis was a little older Mom gave her a little more freedom. I told Gabe if he stayed too late and missed the last bus home he could always bunk with me. It was an open invitation and he seemed interested, or was it my imagination?

He had said “Thanks.”

It wasn’t long after when he somehow managed to overstay his time and then loudly fretted about how he was going to get home. Mom wasn’t too happy, thinking she was going to have to give him a ride, but I jumped in and said he could share my bed like that other boyfriend of Sis’s had done once.

When we were in my room he was getting undressed when he told me he hoped it wasn’t a problem but he always slept in the nude.

I said, “Really? That’s amazing, me too.”

His body was even better than Richard’s, but his dick was smaller than his and Gerald’s. Not little, just smaller. Before we even got in bed he started punching, pinching and tickling me, and then got me in one of his wrestling holds, pressing and rubbing his dick against me. My dick was beginning to grow, and I was afraid it was going to get hard and embarrass me. I loved his holding me, but I broke free and jumped in bed.

He got in too, but still tried to grab me. I was laughing so hard and loud Mom yelled for us to knock it off and go to sleep. We stopped wrestling and sort of giggled and he found my hand and put it on his dick, which was hard.

“Do you like how that feels?”

I nodded.

“I thought you would.”

I was curious. “Why did you think that?” I asked. Nobody had ever even hinted at it before.

“My cousin likes to do it to me.”

I hadn’t done anything to him yet, but I knew what he meant. “Do you want me to?”

“That’s what I’m here for.”

I scooted down under the covers and took his dick in my mouth. He almost at once grabbed my head and made me go up and down while shoving it in and out, but not like Gerald did. He knew how to do it, and I learned some things.

After maybe ten minutes he asked, “Do you have any Vaseline in the bathroom?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Just go get it and I’ll show you something new.”

I jumped out of bed, opened the door and peeked out to make sure the hall was clear and ran to the bathroom with my hard dick bouncing around.

When I got in the bed he said, “Get up on your knees. No, like this.”

When I was in the correct position he smeared the Vaseline all around and in my butt hole. I was so green I didn’t know what he was going to do, but I soon found out. It turned out I was glad his dick wasn’t as big as Richard’s because when he pushed it in I felt a definite burning pain.

I said, “Ow! That hurts Gabe, stop it.”

He stopped pushing but didn’t take it out. “Wait a moment. Try to relax and it won’t hurt. That’s what my cousin does. Isn’t it getting better?”

I thought about it. “Yeah, a little.”

“It’ll feel good in a minute. Push back.”

I did and the rest of his dick went in.

He kind of croaked out, “Damn, that feels good, you’re so tight. I’m gonna fuck you good.”

He started slowly pulling his dick out and then pushing it back in.

“Doesn’t that feel good to you? Don’t you like my cock in your ass?”

I didn’t answer because I was too busy thinking how great this was. He picked up speed and was fucking me so hard I couldn’t stay on my knees and collapsed onto my stomach. He spread my legs wide and continued until he suddenly stopped going in and out and made a series of short jabs, each time going, “Unh, unh, unh.”

When his dick went soft he pulled it out slowly. “You got anything I can wipe my cock with?”

I got out of bed went to the bathroom again, feeling cum coming out of my abused butt hole. I used a couple wads of toilet paper to wipe me clean and then took several dozen sheets back to him.

“Here,” I said.

“No, you wipe me off.”

I did, but then he took the wad and did it to his satisfaction.

He looked at me and grinned. “Did you like that?”

It was my turn to grin.

As we got under the covers and I turned out the light he snuggled up to me and said, “Next time I’ll show you how to sit on it.”

There was never a next time. Sis broke up with him and refused to talk about it, and I couldn’t question her too much. But I was soon seventeen, and she went off to college. Then a new guy moved into our neighborhood. He was a couple months younger than me, his name was Dan, he wasn’t gorgeous but he was nice and we became friends.

I guess there was some sort of secret unspoken code or something because it wasn’t long before we were sucking each other’s dicks and a little more before I told him about Gabe fucking me and we tried that. It took some doing, but we learned how and would take turns fucking each other.

Dan and I continued doing everything for two years, until we graduated from high school and also went off to college, but different colleges… and I grew into a functioning gay guy.

When I look back on it, it’s amazing to me how all of this just sort of happened with no instructions. I mean I did everything on my own with no foreknowledge or guidance, except for what Gabe taught me. It just came natural, I guess.

When I graduated from the university I was given the opportunity to do post-graduate work in Europe for a year. During that year Sis got married and moved to Houston. I was told he was a really nice guy, but I never met him because less than two years later he was killed in a car crash by a drunken driver. Sis was devastated and went into a long period of mourning.

I continued fucking my brains out. Whenever I had the opportunity I traveled, visiting places like Key West, San Francisco, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Quebec. Anywhere that was interesting and had a thriving gay social scene. I had a good job and earned enough money I could do what I wanted as long as I was prudent.

Sis eventually got back to living her life and when she was twenty-eight (and I was twenty-seven) she remarried. Martin wasn’t classically handsome. His nose was a little too large and his mouth too prominent, but he was one of those people you noticed. He stood out in a crowd, and there was something undeniably sexy about him. We hit it off and he asked me to be his best man. The only thing about him that annoyed some people was his exuberance. He could sometimes come on too strong.

When he greeted you he was like, “Hey, ole’ buddy, how ya doin’? What’s hangin’?”

His voice was always just a little too loud and he was a little too glad to see you, but that was the way he was. He was genuinely glad to see you or to help you out if he could. So with just a grain of salt, he could be a good companion.

It was eight or nine months after they had gotten married that we were in his house alone. Sis and Mom had gone shopping, which meant they’d be gone for hours. I don’t remember why I was there, but for some random inconsequential reason.

We were sitting in their living room talking about nothing in particular, and after a lull, he said, “Jordan, there’s something I always wondered, and maybe you can tell me. Why do gay guys like to get fucked in the ass? I mean, what is it about taking it up the ass that they like?”

Now, I wasn’t out to my family, although I knew they must have figured it out by now. I was twenty-seven, had never dated girls and had had obviously gay friends, but it was something I didn’t want to discuss with them and they seemed inclined to leave alone. So I wasn’t shocked that Martin knew, or assumed, I was gay, but I was surprised he felt so at ease bringing it up, and in such a graphic way. At first, I didn’t know what to say and then didn’t know where to start.

He looked at me and said, “Or maybe you don’t like getting fucked. I just assumed all gay guys do. Is it one of the other things you prefer?”

I kind of laughed. “No, Martin, I like getting fucked. I also like doing all the ‘other things’, as you put it. I’m one of the versatile ones. I do it all.”

He seriously nodded his head. “OK, good, but what’s the deal with the fucking? I mean I can see the point of fucking the other guy, but what’s the point of getting it in the ass? How’s that feel good?”

I shrugged, “Well, in a way it does, just having something in there feels good, and then when it’s a cock it somehow feels better, and when that cock is fucking you it can drive you up the wall. It can depend on whose cock it is and how he does it, too. And part of it is mental, just the idea that some guy you like is fucking you and he’s enjoying it too.”

Martin was looking at me and kind of chuckled, “The way you explain it makes it actually sound hot.”

He then reached down and adjusted his cock and I glanced down and saw he had an erection. “Did my description do that, or are you imagining something?”

“I don’t know,” he said, “but something is happening. I guess I can tell you something. I’ve thought about this a lot, and often wondered what it’d be like. You know, if I’d like it. I’ve never done anything with another guy, but I’ve wondered about that.”

I didn’t have a reply to that, so again there was a lull, then he looked back at me and asked, “So Jordan, would you be interested in solving my problem?”

I kind of frowned, not sure I was following. “Are you asking if I’d be interested in fucking you?”

He chuckled again, “Well, now you put it that way, yeah. You know, just as buddies.”

I’m not sure if a brother-in-law is just a buddy, but my cock had already begun getting hard. It had been a couple months since I’d had any sex, and Martin looked good. “You know that the first time it can hurt, I mean really hurt, even for the first few times.”

“Yeah, but you know how. It’s not like you were some bozo who couldn’t care less as long as he was getting his nut.”

I stood up and turned to go to the bathroom.

He called, “Hey, where you goin’? I didn’t mean to scare you off.”

“Lubricant Martin, lubricant. We also need a condom, if you have one.”

I took a leak and found some vaginal gel in the bath. When I came back into the living room Martin had taken off his shirt and was sitting with the condom in one hand, the other gripping the crotch of his pants.

I asked, “Where are we going to do this?”

“Right here, and right now.”

He undid his pants, raised his hips and pulled them down and off, then his boxers. There was something erotic about doing it there in his living room, sort of out in the open with the sliding glass doors that looked out on the back yard. I pulled off my polo shirt and jeans and by the time I got my briefs off my cock was fully erect. Martin watched as I rolled the condom down over my cock and picked up the gel I had dropped on the floor. He then got up. turned and kneeled on the couch, his small, firm butt pointed at me. He reached back and spread his cheeks so I could get a good look at his asshole.

I was tempted to rim him but decided to leave that thrill for a future performance, if there was ever to be one. I smeared the gel around his hole and worked my finger in, noting even that made him squirm.

I said, “OK Martin, here I go. Try to relax, not tighten up. Keep it loose if you can, and kind of push like you are trying to shit.”

I pushed the end of my cock against his sphincter, pushed a little harder and it opened. “Relax, don’t fight it. Let it go in. Welcome it. That’s right. That’s good. Breathe deep.”

By that time I was well in. I paused, “You OK? Any problem?”

He said, “No, you’re in. Keep going. Do it. Fuck my ass.”

I pushed all the way in and paused, this time for me. I wanted to take a moment to feel my cock in my sexy brother-in-law’s ass. It felt great. I pulled almost out and then drove it back in.

Martin gasped, “Oh God! Christ! Fuck me, fuck it, yeah, fuck my ass.”

And I proceeded to fuck his ass, as hard and fast as I had ever fucked anybody’s ass. His hands were clenching the back of the sofa and he was turning his head from side to side and throwing it back.

He’d take deep gasps of air and then repeat, “Jesus! Yeah, do it. Fuck me, yeah, Christ, oh yeah Jordan, fuck my ass.”

In all my years I’d never had anyone carry on like that.

I pulled my cock out and he jerked his head around and said, “No, don’t stop. Not yet. Do it some more.”

I told him, “Relax Martin, I just want to change positions. Turn over. Lie on your back.”

I had been standing bending over and was getting tired. I pulled a cushion off the sofa onto the floor and knelt on it, which raised me up so when I pulled Martin forward and raised his legs my cock lined up with his asshole. I shoved my cock back in, making him gasp again, and resumed pounding his ass hard and fast.

He said, “Oh yeah, Jordan, Fuck me, cum in my ass, make me cum.”

He started jacking his cock as fast and hard as I was fucking his ass. It was a race to see who would cum first and he won, by a margin. He shot off glob after glob, coating his stomach. My cock spurted, filling the condom. I wished I could have coated the inside of his ass instead. We stayed in the same position for half a minute, recovering our breath. My cock softened and I started pulling it out. I felt him clench his sphincter.

I looked at him and he smiled. “Now I get it. Thanks for clearing that up.”

I scoffed. “That’s it? Just thanks for clearing that up? No ‘that was great Jordan.’ No ‘I like how you fuck?’ Thanks a lot.”

I got up and he slid off the sofa and headed for the bathroom to clean his cum off his stomach.

He stopped and turned. “ No, I didn’t mean it that way. I said I get it. I see why you like getting fucked. It feels, well, fantastic. You remember what I was practically screaming while you did it? So OK, it was great – I like how you fuck, Jordan.”

I grinned.

I pulled off the cum-filled condom and tossed it to him. “Here, flush that while you’re in there.”

He caught it and laughed. When we were dressed we had a beer and watched TV for a while, talking about nothing again, and I left.

It had undeniably been a strange experience. Just a buddy fuck-fest with my almost new brother-in-law. I had to admit I had really liked it and kept thinking about it for the next several days. It took me back to those days with Sis’s boyfriends, but this was different. He was here permanently. He was family.

About ten days later there had been a downpour and their garage had had some flooding, ruining some stuff packed away in cardboard boxes. Sis called on Saturday and asked me to come help Martin sort through things and clean and straighten what was salvageable. When I got there she told me Martin was in the bathroom and she was on her way to the beauty salon and would be back in about three hours. I flopped down on the same sofa I had fucked Martin on the week before and clicked on the TV.

I was wearing flip-flops, an old T-shirt, and sweatpants. Martin came into the living room naked, walked over to me, dropped down on his knees, grabbed the waist of my sweats and jerked them down to my knees before I could do anything more than think ‘What the fuck?’

He then buried his face in my crotch, rubbing his face all over my cock, balls and pubic hairs. He stuck out his tongue and licked everything he could, finally taking my still soft cock into his mouth. It had happened so quickly and unexpectedly it hadn’t had time to get hard, but it soon did.

I had to ask, “Martin, what is this? What the hell are you doing?”

He let my stiff cock slip from his mouth and said, “Well, I now know what it’s like getting fucked, so I might as well know what it’s like to suck a cock.”

“You’re screwy,” I said.

My gaydar works pretty well, and I had never had the slightest thought that Martin even might be gay. He just wasn’t. To me, he was as straight as they come, but I had fucked him and he had loved it, and now here he was with my cock in his hand and his tongue licking the head.

“Well,” he said, “I can suck you off, or you can fuck me again. It’s your call.”

I shook my head. “And I have no say in this, other than to choose one of those two options?”

“Jordan, did you like fucking me the other day? Be honest.”

I shrugged. “Of course I did. I like fucking guys. I like getting fucked. And I like you. So of course, I did.”

Martin smiled. “Well? Or do you mean now you want me to fuck you?”

“That isn’t what I said. But now that you said it, yeah, I think I would like you to fuck me. So what do you think of that?”

Martin stood up, grabbed my arm and pulled me up, turned and started for the hall, pulling me after him. My sweats were down around my knees and I almost fell.

“Oh, sorry. Come with me.”

We went down the hall to their bedroom and I stripped off my clothes and we got on the bed. I sucked his cock for a while and then he followed my suit and sucked mine. We did the sixty-nine bit for a while.  I taught him how to fuck me in the mouth by doing it first to him.

I showed him three good positions I liked to get fucked in and found out he was really good at fucking  He made me cum without touching myself.

We were so sweaty when we finished we had to shower, bathing each other, before we could even go clean out the garage. I was afraid Sis might notice the bedspread was damp or wrinkled or smelled of sweat and sex.

Since that Saturday, Martin comes to my place a couple times a month for our raw sex sessions.  I’ve introduced him to rimming and swallowing cum.  He’s still very vocal when I fuck him.

So how do I feel about having sex with my sister’s husband?

I love it.

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