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My English student from Japan

Yumi always seemed like the typical reserved Japanese girl, little did I know
This is a true story, all of the names except mine have been changed.

I recently got certified to teach English as a second language. While I'm looking for a job overseas I am tutoring some foreign students at one of the local colleges. Sometimes we meet in groups and sometimes one on one. Sometimes on campus and sometimes out on the town. One evening I was meeting with Yumi; I had been attracted to Yumi from the first time I met her, but I never thought anything would come of it. I've always had a thing for Asians (actually I have a thing for beautiful women of all races) and Yumi was really hot. She always dressed in clothes that covered everything, but they also hugged every curve of her body. And what a body. She was probably just over five feet, very petite and slim. Her breasts didn't seem to be that big, just enough to let you know they were there, but they always seemed firm and perky under the tight shirts she wore. It was her ass I couldn't keep my eyes off of though. I've always been an ass man and hers was amazing. Even though she was slim her ass was nice and full and appeared very firm under her tight pants or skirts.

If you want to know what I look like, check out my profile, all pics are of me.

So I was very attracted to Yumi and would often fantasize about her, but she was usually very quiet and seemed very shy. Your stereotypical Japanese girl. I usually had a hard time getting her to talk, which was a problem since I was supposed to be helping her learn English. Since she was so shy and quiet and never wore revealing clothes I was pretty sure that nothing would happen between us. I could not have been more wrong about her.

So one night a few months ago I was meeting Yumi at a local bar. It was a quiet little neighborhood bar, not to loud and not too crowded so that we could spread out books and actually hear each other. I got there first, grabbed a beer, and took a seat at a table in a corner. I took out my books and computer and started going over my notes. Yumi walked in about five minutes later looking amazing. She had on a tight white turtle neck that stretched around her small but full perky breasts and a tight black skirt that came to just below her knees but still showed off her amazing ass. Her long black hair fell to just below her shoulders and shined in the light from the neon signs in the bar. Yumi ordered herself a dirty martini and came over to join me.

We started by going over her homework from class, it was all kinda boring stuff, grammar and the like. After we finished with her homework I decided it was time for some pronunciation work. Asians typically have a problem with the letters "L" and "R," causing them to say "lice" instead of "rice." Yumi was no different. I started working with her on some exercises that were supposed to help her first notice the difference in the sounds and then to help her pronounce each sound differently. After almost an hour of work it was obvious that Yumi was just not getting it.

"What's the problem?" I asked. "I know you're a smart girl, why are you having such a hard time with this?"

"Is this really that important? she asked.

"Well, it can be. Let me show you." I pulled a book out of my bag. I was kind of reluctant to use this book with Yumi because she always seemed so reserved. The book was called "Dangerous English" and was created for foreign students. "Dangerous English" was all about all of the words that aren't taught in your typical English class. It was full of swear words, slang words for body parts and sex, and things like that. There was one section I had already shown to many of my students. It was all about how one slight mispronunciation could change and innocent word into a "dangerous" word. I usually used it to show how important pronunciation is and whenever I brought it out the group would usually erupt into giggles.

"Look," I said, "if you mispronounce 'ray' like that it becomes 'lay.'"

Yumi looked even more confused, "Why is 'lay' a bad word? That is a word I was taught in class."

"Most words in English have more than one meaning, this one is no different," I explained. "'Lay can mean to put something down, but it can also mean to have sex."

At this Yumi's eyes lit up in a way that I had never seen before.

"What else is there?" she asked eagerly.

"OK, look here, if you mispronounce 'election' it can become 'erection.'"

"What is an 'erection,'" Yumi asked.

I was beginning to blush a bit at what I was about to say to this innocent Japanese girl, but I had brought it on myself by bringing out this book. "An erection is when a boy's penis is hard," I said, not really looking at her.

"Is your penis erection?" Yumi asked.

I had no idea what to say at this point, so I merely corrected her. "Not like that, say 'do you have an erection?'"

Yumi looked me in the eyes with a devilish look that I never would have expected from her, slid her hand up my thigh until she could probably tell for herself and asked, "Do you have an erection?"

I hadn't up til this point, but I was sure getting one.

"Um" was about all I could say.

She slid her hand up farther until it was resting on my growing cock.

"I think you are getting erection. This is the English I want to learn, they don't teach these words in class. Teach me more."

I had no idea what to say, I had never expected to teach this kind of stuff.

Yumi let me know what she wanted. "There is another word for penis, right?"

"Yes, there are a few."

"Tell them to me," Yumi said, rubbing my coclk gently through my pants. I could tell that she enjoyed feeling it grow under her touch.

"Well, you can also say 'dick' or 'prick.' But if you want to sound really dirty you would say 'cock.'"

"Cock?" she asked, "like the chicken." And she gave my chicken a little squeeze through my pants.

"Yeah, like the chicken I guess." I was beginning to get a little flustered. This kind of thing was strictly forbidden by the school. But I was also getting extremely turned on. I had jacked off to thoughts of Yumi a few times and couldn't believe this was happening.

"I think your cock is getting hard, I think you have a very nice erection." I could see Yumi's nipples pressing against her very tight turtleneck and could tell she was getting turned on as well. "It is getting late and I should go," she said. "I took the bus here, can you drive me home?"

I agreed to drive her home and quickly packed my things up. As we left I carried my backpack in front of me so my hardon wouldn't be obvious to everyone in the bar. We got in the car and pulled out of the parking lot, as soon as we were on the road Yumi leaned over and started to undo my pants.

"I want to see your erection," she said as she pulled my hard cock out of my pants. "You have a very nice cock. Does it taste like it looks?" And with that she slid my cock into her mouth.

She was an expert, she slowly ran her tongue all around the head of my cock, wrapping her lips around it. She tugged my pants out from underneath me and pulled them down a little so that she could cup my balls with her hand. Yumi took more of me into her mouth, slowly taking me into her warm mouth and then coming back up and licking and sucking the head.

After a few minutes she took my throbbing cock out of her mouth and asked, "and this, when I have your cock in my mouth, what is this called?

"It's called a blowjob, or sucking cock," I managed to say.

"And this?" she asked. Then she took my whole cock in her mouth until I could feel it pressing against the back of her mouth. She let out a little sigh and went down farther until I could feel it enter her tight little throat.

Between driving and getting my dick sucked like that I couldn't manage to say anything, so I just tried to concentrate on driving.

Yumi held my cock deep in her throat for a bit then took it all the way out and looked at me. "If you don't answer me I will stop."

"It's called 'deepthroat' Yumi, it's a verb so 'deepthroat' or 'deepthroating' and so on." I was finally able to say, now that she wasn't doing it anymore. "But shit, I'm trying to drive here. I can have have my cock sucked by you and drive, or I can have my cock sucked by you and teach, but you are too good at that. I can't do all three."

"Then you should drive and let me suck your cock." With that Yumi went back to work sucking the head of my cock.

She began working up and down rythmically, every few strokes she would take the whole thing all the way, deep into her throat. She was kind of growling and purring as she slurped my cock in and out. She kept building up speed and intensity until I couldn't take it anymore. My whole body started to tense up, which can be kinda bad when you're driving. She could tell I was about to cum because she got more intense, sucking my cock hard and fast. I finally unleashed a huge load of cum down her throat and she swallowed it all eagerly. She kept sucking on my cock, making sure she got every last drop.

Finally Yumi sat up, there was cum leaking out of her mouth and running down her chin. She wiped it up with her finger and sucked the finger clean. "This, when your sperm comes out, what do you call this?" She asked with a slight growl in her voice.

"We call it 'cumming' and since I know now what a dirty girl you are, call the sperm 'cum' it sounds sexier." I managed to drive the rest of the way to her apartment. When we got there Yumi asked me to come inside.

"I am sure there is a lot more you can teach me."

I followed Yumi inside and she had me sit down on the couch. She turned some music on and started dancing in front of me as I sat on the couch. While she was dancing she slowly started stripping out of her clothes. First the turtleneck came off, revealing a bra that held her tits up but only came up to just below the nipples. Then she slid her skirt down, underneath it she had on a black g-string, which just barely covered her pussy and nothing else, the strip in back disappearing into her ass. Before today I would not have thought that Yumi owned anything like this. I had always thought that she probably wore "Hello Kittly" underwear or something. But after what she just did to me in the car I was not that surprised.

Yumi danced in front of me, almost naked, rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples. She bent over, pulled her g-string to one side and showed me her shaved pussy. "Do you like?"

"Oh yes," I gasped, "I like."

She sat down in my lap and rubbed her ass against my cock, making it start to grow hard again.

"I have seen you looking at me, I know you have bad thoughts about me. I see it in your eyes." She reached behind her and wrapped her hands around my neck. "I don't think the thoughts you have are bad. My, um, my..." with that she grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy, which I could tell was wet through her g-string. "My..."


"My pussy is wet when I see you look at me like that."

I reached my other hand around and started playing with her tits. They were small and firm like I expected, but her nipples were larger and harder than I could have imagined. I cupped them in my hand and pinched her nipples. She moaned and leaned back into me, still working her ass in circles on my lap.

"What do you call a girl who like to have a lot of sex. A girl who likes a man to use her like he wants. A girl who just wants to be... fucked?"

"We call a girl like that a 'slut.'" I said.

"I want to be your slut tonight."

With that she got on her knees, had me stand up, and pulled my pants off. My cock was sticking straight out and staring her in the face. "Your cock is as nice as I thought it is. But I thought American boys did not have this." She tugged on my foreskin a little.

"What, my foreskin? Some of us have it, but not very many. I am 'uncircumcised' and am very lucky because of it."

"Foreskin, circumcised," she murmured to herself. "Why is that lucky?"

"Because I can feel more than guys who are circumcised." I replied.

She pulled my foreskin back. "Feel things like this?" she asked and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock again.

"Oh yeah, just like that." I moaned.

"I want you to teach me how to talk dirty. How to talk like a slut."

I wrapped my fingers in her hair, "then take all of this like a good little slut." I shoved my cock deep into her throat and held it there.

She looked up at me, with my cock buried in her throat, and swallowed. I could feel the muscles in her throat working around my cock as she swallowed again and again.

"Oh god, you are a wonderful little slut. Now let me teach you 'facefuck." I began working my cock in and out of her mouth, pulling it out so that just the head was between her lips and shoving it back all the way down her throat. She gagged a little every time, but that just turned me on more. Tears started streaming down her cheeks from the abuse her throat was getting.

I heard a door open and close somewhere else in the apartment and tried to pull out of her mouth. Yumi put her hands on my ass and pulled me deeper instead. Just then a gorgeous black girl walked out of the hallway. She was tall and athletic with large firm tits and a wonderful ass that were barely contained in the low cut tight fitting shirt and very short skirt she wore. She looked at Yumi on her knees with my cock buried as far as it would go down her throat and stopped. I was waiting for her to get angry with us, but all she said was,

"Yumi, are you at it again?"

"Yumi pulled my cock from her mouth, spit trails hanging between it and her lips, and held it out for the black girl to see. "Do you blame me?" Yumi replied.

"Well I am upset that you did not invite me. It would not have mattered, I have to leave anyway." She looked at my hard, glistening cock with more appreciation than I would have thought it deserved. "I do not want to leave." She walked over and grabbed my cock, "but I have to."

The beautiful black girl undid Yumi's bra and started pulling her g-string off, "you should at least let him see your beautiful body."

Once Yumi was naked the black girl gently pushed her back to her knees, gave her a long kiss, during which she reached down and fingered Yumi's pussy a little. Then she pulled her mouth and hand away. "Yumi, you are so wet. You must really like sucking on his penis." Then she licked Yumi's cum off of her finger.

"Oh yes I love sucking it," Yumi said. "This is Will, he is my English tutor I told you about. He has taught me many new words today. Like call a penis a 'cock,' it sounds much sexier. I makes you sound more like a slut."

"So this is Will, I can see now why you talk about him the way you do." With that the black girl knelt down, took my cock all the down her throat until my balls were resting on her chin and pulled it back out again. "And you are right, his... cock does feel very good in my mouth. I have to leave, but the next time you invite him over make sure it is when I will be able to stay. Maybe he can teach both of us. Would you like too teach both of us?"

"Oh yes," I gasped, "I would love to 'teach' both of you."

"Good, now before I go let me watch you suck his... cock some more Yumi."

Yumi swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, licking the ridge at the base and sucking on the head. Poking her tongue into the hole at the tip. She fondled and tugged at my balls with one hand, stroking the shaft with the other.

"Show me how deep you can take it Yumi," her roommate commanded.

Yumi obeyed and took my cock all the way to the base, licking my balls with her tongue. Her roommate just stood there over Yumi and watched with a hungry look in her eyes.

"I have to go now, but I can't wait to meet you again, Will. My name is Ashonay." She kissed me deeply, her tongue exploring my mouth. She bit my lower lip and pulled away. "You two have fun. I want to hear all about it later, Yumi."

With that Ashonay left. (I have no idea how to spell her name, but that's how it sounded.)

Yumi kept sucking my cock getting more and more eager as she continued.

"So you like sucking my cock, huh?"

"Oh yes, I love sucking your cock. Your cock feels so good in my mouth. I want to see how it feels somewhere else now though." With that she pushed me back down on the couch, my glistening cock sticking straight up in the air. Yumi straddled my legs facing away from me, giving me a perfect view of her perfect ass, and lowered her wet pussy onto my cock. She inserted just the tip and worked that in and out of her lips and rubbing it against her clit. I sat back and watched, her pussy sliding a little farther down with each thrust. I grabbed her ass, it was nice and firm just like I always imagined. When I did that she slid all the way down, impaling herself on my engorged member. It was amazing how tight that little Asian pussy was.

"Oh yes," she moaned, "that feels so good."

She kept my cock deep inside her and began to work her ass around in circles. I could feel her warm pussy clenching and unclenching on it. She kept working around and around on my cock, every inch of it buried deep inside her. Yumi was looking straight ahead, that's when I noticed the full length mirror on the other side of the room. It was positioned to give her a perfect view.

"You like watching yourself get fucked?" I asked her.

"Yes, it is very sexy to see your cock in my tight little pussy."

With that she began riding me up and down. Slowly lifting herself almost all the way off my cock, only the tip left in her, and then slowly sliding all the way back down.

"I like watching your hard cock go in and out of me."

"You are a dirty little slut, aren't you?" I slapped her ass, leaving a red handprint on it.

"Oh yes, I am YOUR dirty little slut." It sounded even sexier in her accent. She reached down and began playing with her clit, rubbing it as she rode up and down on my cock.

"Thats right, you're my slut." I smacked her ass again. "Now ride me like the dirty bitch you are."

She started fucking me harder, lifting herself up and slamming her pussy back down on me. Her juices were dripping out of her pussy and coating my cock, spilling onto my pelvis. God that little Asian hottie was wet.

I reached around and started playing with her tits, pinching and tweeking the nipples.

"Yes, pinch them harder," she moaned.

I pinched her nipple as hard as I could and she let out a little squeal.

"Yes, just like that!" she cried.

She place her hands behind her on my chest and started riding me for all she was worth, impaling herself on my cock as hard as she could with each thrust.

"Oh yes, your cock feels so good." She moaned. Yumi was breathing faster, in little gasps with each thrust. Her body started to tense and quiver, I could tell she was getting ready to cum.

"Oh, oh yes. Yes Will!" she was screaming, slamming up and down on me. "Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes yes yes. Ohhhhhhh!" She cried out as she came all over my cock.

She was shaking and quivering. Moaning in satisfaction, but she wasn't finished yet. Yumi pulled us down on the floor, getting on her hands and knees, never letting my hard cock leave her tight wet pussy. She looked to make sure she could see us fucking in the mirror and then turned to look at me.

"Fuck me like the dirty slut I am. I want you to use me," she growled.

I slapped her ass again, watching it bounce under the impact. As I started fucking her hard from behind she moaned and squirmed, wiggling her ass back and forth.

"God you have such a sexy ass." I said, watching move back and forth. I just had to give it another slap.

"Is that why you always walk a little behind me? Because you like my ass so much?"

I grabbed that perfect ass with both hands, "Exactly," I said and shoved my cock as deep as it would go in her pussy, holding it there.

"I thought so, that always made my pussy wet. Knowing you get hard looking at my ass." She kept wiggling her ass around while my cock was buried deep in her pussy. "I like my ass too." When she said that she licked her finger and reached behind her, probing at her tight sphincter, getting it wet with her spit. Then she slid her finger all the way in her ass while I started fucking her pussy hard again. Yumi started moaning and gasping again, her body tensing up and her pussy getting tighter on my cock. She was getting ready to cum again. She started sliding her finger in and out of her asshole, fingerfucking her ass harder as I kept pounding into her pussy.

After bit she slid another finger in her ass. That was so hot, watching what I had thought was a demure Japanese girl fingering her own ass while I pounded away at her pussy.

"You want me to fuck that tight little ass of yours don't you."

"Oh yes. But first." She pulled herself off my cock and turned around. "I want to taste my pussy on your cock." She slowly inched her lips around the head and down my shaft, her tongue swirling all around. She was licking every drop of her cum off my cock. She kept going until my shaved balls were resting on her chin.

"You like tasting your pussy on my cock?"

"Mmm, it tastes good." she said in her Japanese accent, looking up into my eyes.

"That's a good slut." I pulled my cock out of her mouth and slapped her face with it.

"Mmm, I like that," she leaned lower and sucked both my balls into her mouth, her tongue running over and around them as she stroked my rock hard cock. She let go of my balls and looked at me, "now I want you to fuck my ass."

"Beg for it. Tell me how much you want it."

She turned around and stuck that perfect ass in the air, "please Will, please fuck my ass. I want to feel your hard cock fill my ass all the way. I want to feel you pounding and stretching my tight little asshole. Please Will, fuck my ass, fuck my ass. Treat me like your own little slut. Please use my asshole like the fuckhole it is."

I nudged the head of my cock against her asshole, "Is this what you want?"

"Oh yes please, please," she whimpered.

I pushed just the head of my cock into her ass, moving it around just a bit, teasing her tight little asshole.

"Please give it all to me," she begged, "I want to feel you fill my asshole.

I kept moving just the head in and out. Teasing her, making her want more. Suddenly Yumi moved back, shoving her ass all the way down on my cock, letting out a little scream as she did.

"Oh God yes! Your cock feels so good in my ass."

I couldn't hold back anymore and slowly started working my cock in and out of her ass, making sure she felt every inch of it. Her asshole was stretched out around my cock and would tug in and out with each stroke.

"Jesus Yumi, your ass is so fucking tight."

She was moaning and screaming, even growling sometimes. "Oh yes fuck my ass! Fuck my ass harder!"

I started fucking her ass harder and faster, slamming my cock into her as hard and deep as I could. "You like that? You like having your ass pounded like a good little whore?"

"Oh! Yes! Fuck! My! Ass! Hard!" Each word came out as a gasp with each stroke of my cock. Every time I slammed into her she would manage another word. "Fuck! My! Ass! Use! Me! I! Am! Your! Slut! Fuck! Me!"

I fucked that wonderfully tight asshole as hard and fast as I could. My cock was flashing in and out of her. Yumi's face and tits were on the ground and she was watching us in the mirror. She reached between her legs and started playing with her clit, occasionally reaching farther back to squeeze my balls.

It was getting to be more than I could stand, I knew I was going to cum soon, even though I wanted this to go on forever. Yumi's tight ass felt so good on my cock, I just kept battering away for all I was worth. Yumi had stopped playing with her clit and her hand was now firmly clenched on my tightening balls. She must have felt them start to convulse, because a few minutes before I was going to cum she leapt off my cock and turned around, wrapping those warm velvety lips around my manhood.

"Mmm, you taste so good after being I my ass," she said when she came up for air. Then she devoured my cock again. I could feel it going into her throat each time she went down.

Soon my whole body stiffened as my cum started to build. Yumi pulled my incredibly engorged shaft from her mouth and held my cock so that it was a few inches away from her open mouth.

"I want you to cum all over my face," she breathed, one hand stroking my cock as hard and fast as she could, the other hand kneading and tugging at my balls. Eventually I couldn't stand it anymore.

"Oh yes, I'm gonna cum all over you, you little slut."

Yumi licked and sucked on the head of my spasming cock while her hands stroked my shaft and worked my balls. When she felt my balls tighten she pulled my cock away from her face, holding her mouth open. She kept jacking me off until it happened.

"Oh yes Yumi! Oh yes! I'm gonna cum all over you!"

And I erupted load after load onto her eager face. A bit went in her mouth, which she swallowed immediately. The rest covered her mouth and nose, her eyes, into her hair, some fell short and landed on her tits. I just kept cumming and cumming. I didn't know so much could fit in my balls. Yumi was covered in my cum. It was a very sexy look on her. She lowered her mouth back onto my cock and sucked until it was completely dry. She kept swirling her tongue around the head until I couldn't take anymore.

"Yumi, that was incredible." I managed to say as I was gasping for breath. "You are one absolutely incredible fuck."

There was a popping noise as she pulled my cock out of her mouth. She looked up at me with her cum covered face, a twinkle in her eyes.

"I'm glad you think so. Was I a good little slut?"

"Oh yes, you are an amazing little slut." I said and slapped her cumcoated face with my wet dick before it got too soft.

"I'm glad you think so," she started wiping the cum off her face with her fingers and licking her fingers clean. "I hope I can be a good slut for you again."

Yumi kept wiping up my cum with her fingers and licking them clean until all of my cum was all off her body and down her throat.

"Oh yes, you can be my little slut anytime you want." I said.

"Good," she purred, "remember we are supposed to meet on campus tomorrow for lunch. I would be so disappointed if my slutmaster didn't show up for our meeting."

"Don't worry, I will never miss a meeting with you. But tell me, you lied to me didn't you?"

"What do you mean?" She asked, and looked at me with an innocent look that I now knew didn't fit her.

"You knew all along how to talk about sex and how to talk like a slut. You are too good at it to have only learned tonight."

"You are right, I already knew. I have been in America for five months, of course I learned how to talk dirty. But I still enjoyed learning from you."

Yumi and I have gotten together several more times, look out for those installments as well.

I should have become a tutor a long time ago.
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