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My Exceptional Desire

The night Laura leaves her boss in full desire, wanting more...
If you're not into a story with a long plot line, then this isn't for you as it builds up to excite. It indeed has plenty of details. This is my first story, so be kind, i'll write more if it has positive rates.

It had been a year since I began working for a prestigious magazine press company, and as any other editorial, I, Laura keep close contact with my co-workers, especially my boss. He was was strict when it came to the company, but still young for his age. I wonder how he got to ever manage a topnotch company at the age of twenty six, which then I realized was due to a family company and how it was passed on to him for managing. There was only one reason why my boss hired me, and I could tell by the looks he gave me during my interview. Many of my previous classmates in college gave me the same stares, knowing that, I was considered beautiful by many. I stood well around five foot seven inches and approximately one-hundred twenty pounds at the age of twenty two. I had fair, delicate skin, long, midnight black, past shoulder length silk hair, 34c cup breasts, and an eye-catching body figure. At first when I got the call of getting accepted for the editorial's job, I wasn't too ecstatic, but that specific night, I dreamt about my boss, and how handsome he truly was. He was 5'11 in height, broad shoulders, an athletic build and tempting green eyes to match his wonderful golden locks.

"Laura...the boss says you need to say for overtime today, due to the things he wanted you to finish." my co-worker said. "what thi...? Oh! Yeah..I didn't get to save the application for this falls Vogue collection." I responded. With a sigh, I went back to work, hoping to finish before the next morning and on his desk, awaiting for his arrival. As every hour passed, the office began to empty out, until finally I was alone, or so I thought. My phone suddenly rang, which caught me off gaurd. "Miss Laura, I'll be expecting you in my office in two minutes." my boss, James declared. I stood up, wasting no time and rushing to his office.

When I got there, I knocked first, my hands slowly reaching for the knob and finally twisting it open as he told me to enter. I peered over at his handsome face and gulped. "Is there something wrong sir?" I questioned in nervousness. He motioned for me to appraoch his desk, and so I did. Appalled as I was, he pushed me directly in front of him, now sitting on his desk, facing down at him as he sat in his leather seat professionally. "Nothing's wrong Laura. I just wanted to say you look exceptionally beautiful today." he whispered. I noticed his hands trailing up my legs, his fingers touching my delicate fair skin. I blushed intensely, taking in a deep breath. "I must say, you're still as obedient as ever." he said to me in his musky voice. My legs began to tremble already by the thought of what he had in store for me, my nipples already erect, already noticeable through my thin white blouse, my tight shaven pussy already beginning to wet my lace panties, and my body already burning in passion.
I push him down on his leather seat, and stand up, stripping for him. At first, I began to unbutton my white blouse, then threw it on the ground. I flirtatiously slid my hands down my sides and unzipped my skirt, letting it flow to the ground, kicking it to the side using my glossy heels. My hands slide back up towards the back of my bra and unclasp it when I took ahold of the material. It instantly dropped to the floor and I heard my boss snicker, looking at his enticing face. My hands began to massage my sides, sliding up to my breasts and slowly encircling my nipples as they continue to harden. Soon after, I slid my hands down from my breasts to my stomach, passing down to my legs and up my thighs and finally in between them. I groan in pleasure, and I notice your eyes never losing contact of my hands that teased you by feeling my body. I begin to pull down my panty and finally stand before you with nothing on but the glow of my skin and a seductive smile on my face. You quickly stand up, placing your hands around my waist, rubbing up and down my sides, but I push you down on your seat again and slyly smile. I look down and notice the bulge beginning in your pants.

"Somebody seems naughty..." I whispered devislishly. I lift one leg up, enough for you to see through my shaven wet pussy. I place my heel in between your legs, just the tip of my heel on top of your crotch, and the back of my heel buried on your leather seat in between your legs. I begin to tease your hardened cock by massaging it with my heel and I hear you instantly groan and breathe irregulary. "Oh baby...your so fucking hot.." you tell me with passion and iressistable pleasure. I smile, bringing my legs down to the ground again. "You haven't seen anything yet baby..." I tell you.

I bring myself together and kneel in front of you, quickly unzipping your pants. I lick the crotch before removing it, causing you to groan in hunger once again. I excite you more by bringing your pants down to the ground as well as your plaid boxers. With the sight of your eight inch cock springing up before me, I lick my lips wet and wrap my hands around your thick shaft. I begin to lick the tip of your cock, causing it to pulsate, releasing some precum with your excitement. I smile and have my tongue lick from down your balls up to your shaft and finally to the tip of your cock. I felt my hunger for it build in, so I press your cock in my wet mouth. I moan, causing some vibration in my mouth and the pleasure on your cock. I push my head further down your cock, I felt the tip reaching the back of my throat. I then pump my head up and down, your manhood going in and out of my mouth, wet...deep...and hot.

I continue on for about five seconds before increasing the speed, getting faster with my pace and going deeper almost reaching down my throat, having me almost gag. Your hands reach for my hair and pull it in a ponytail as you begin to move your hips, pushing deeper and faster in my wet mouth. "Oh shit baby...suck my cock. Fucking suck my cock slut!" you scream, on the verge. My head pumps faster with your increased rhythm and my mouth begins to drool some wetness down my chin and falling down to the floor. I couldn't breathe, but I still wanted to continue. My hands slide up and down your shaft still and finally placed on your balls, massaging it, pulsating your urge to release. You buck your hips and arch down to the edge of your seat, and begin to scream out dirty things again. I feel the musky hot feeling in my mouth, knowing you were ready.

"Oh shit...I'm cuuuummmmmiiing...." you scream out in pleasure, still pumping faster in and out my mouth, fucking my wet mouth to your desire. In only after a second as you scream, you begin to ejaculate a huge laod in my mouth, with the heaviness, some begin to drool down my chin, but my fingers take a grip on it and I lick it clean. You look at me with a smile and breath in rhythm. "Now sit on my cock baby...slide down it." you order me. I chuckle slyly. "No babe...This is all you're getting tonight. We'll continue the next time around, I promise." I say leaving you with a locked wet kiss. I pack my stuff and head home. As I lay down in bed, I think of nothing else but you, my ex boyfriend in exceptional desire.

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