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My Favorite Student Part 1

I was shocked when one of the other teachers, one of my best buds, showed me the story. Of course I knew who had written it. Everyone could have guessed.

She was a unique seventeen yeard old girl. She wasn't makeup-and-clothes-obsessed, she wasn't a mouthy brat, she wasn't an angst-ridden teenager, she just was who she was. Her hair was a shade of red you could never bottle. Her eyes were hazel, my favorite eye-color on a woman, always swirling with emotions and mystery. She liked the same music as me, the same literature, the same sports (actually she only liked two sports, but they are my two favorite sports).

I'll even admit that I would sometimes try to get a look down her top. Her chest was small, but I didn't mind. I used to think of sucking on those little nipples of hers, while fingerfucking her. I had the worst fantasies of her, ones that I would have been fired and lost my teaching degree for.

As I read her story, I couldn't help but feel even more excited than I usually did at the thought of her.

 ...His large hands around my waist carefully placing me upon his member make my body almost shiver with delight. I love when he touches me, any time, anywhere. I love to touch him too, and I run my hands up and down his chest slowly, causing him to groan.

"Oh yeah, touch me, sweetheart, touch me everywhere, anywhere..."

She was a terrific writer, my sweet student, that teasing sex-kitten, with those boots she wore that drove me nuts. And I bet she knew that, no matter how quiet and reserved she might have been in school, she knew how to get my attention.

As I slide down the long, hard length of his cock, both of us let out a gasp, the pleasure shooting through us. I cling to his firm chest and strong shoulders as I bounce on his cock, both of us moaning. When I gaze into his alluring blue eyes, he reaches down and rubs my super sensitive clit, and I let out a soft cry of bliss.

"Oh yeah, you like that sweetheart?" he whispers, just as lost in the moment as I am. I can feel his cock thrusting at an urgent pace now inside my clenching pussy.

Oh, fuck,
I thought. I shouldn't be holding this, reading this. My dick was already stiff and in my hand. I was stroking the vein that was pulsating just a little, thinking of driving it right into her pussy like she wanted. My hands must've wandered over to that straining zipper and belt, and pulled it out. This was so bad, so wrong.

...I scream his name as I reach my climax, soaking him with my warm juices. He moans in pleasure as my pussy contracts around his hard pumping cock, our bodies doing a sensual dance, not just bumping and grinding. I collapse on his sweaty chest, while he rides out his own orgasm, one hand holding my hip, the other spearing his fingers through my hair...

Oh yes. My cock was so fucking hard. I'd thought about this before, in my bed, against the wall...hell, even in my office. Her sexy red hair, naturally wavy, not styled like celebrities, flying behind her as she bounced on my throbbing cock, pumping into her hot, tight pussy...and then I'd show her how to suck it right, how to please me with those sexy full lips.

..."That's it, honey, that's it...Ohhhhh yesssss..."

He makes me feel beautiful when he encourages me. He kisses me hungrily, sensually. A lovely tingle runs courses through my body as he strokes my sensitive thighs, then it turns into an outright shiver when his hands reach up and gently grab my ass cheeks...

Thank God I locked the door. My hand was gripping my stiff cock, under my desk, as I moved it slowly up and down, twisting it as I went. I could so see this happening, except I wouldn't be as gentle. After taking her cherry very carefully, and making love to her like she wanted, I'd then show her how I would take her; Passionately, bodies sweating and grinding together, making her come over and over and over...

...My body and his are in perfect harmony, rocking together in a rhythm created by us and for us. With every stroke, his cock rubbed against my clit, a burst of bliss shooting all throughout my body, shaking and writhing around his pumping cock.

"Come for me, come for me, baby..." he urges, and I feel myself explode with him, soaking his cock with my hot juices...

Then, he shows me how we can clean each other up, with our tongues, and his tongue inside my pussy is so exquisite, I make incoherent sounds of pleasure as I clean his sticky wet cock with my own tongue, and mouth...

Yes, yes! My student sucking my throbbing cock, as I buried my tongue inside her sweet little pussy...Oh yes, yes, I was about to -

No! No. I couldn't cum yet. I had to call her into my office first.

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