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My Friends Daughter Chapter 3

Once again with all 3 of us this time

All persons in this story are over the age of 18. This story is complete and utter fiction. But please read on for your personal enjoyment. I would also recommend that you read the previous two chapters, My Friend’s Daughter and My Friend’s Daughter Chapter 2, for a better understanding of the story.


My Friend’s Daughter

Chapter 3

Just to give you a bit of history on what has happened so far. My friend Karri and her daughter Lexi had come to visit me from out of state for a couple weeks while I was between jobs. Karri had lived with me for a few months while working near my place, then had gone back home. She took a vacation and brought her daughter back with her to see me again. On the night they had arrived her daughter gave me her virginity, with her Mother watching unobserved.

Then after we had gone to bed, Karri and I went back upstairs to have our own time together. The following morning is where this chapter begins.

When I awoke in the next morning, I could see light coming in the basement window. I could feel two bodies pressed against me, bare skin on bare skin. I could feel Lexi’s breast still in my left hand, her nipple soft against my palm. Her slow, steady breathing told me she was still asleep, her butt pressed against my left hip, sleeping on her left side.

On my right side, Karri was sleeping half on her side, half on her back. My right arm pillowed her head, and my hand rested on her right breast. Her right hand was laying on my groin, her fingertips pressed against my morning hard on. I carefully tried to dislodge myself from the two lovely females I was intertwined with, without disturbing them too much.

After some mumbled words and shifting around by both of them I was free. I glanced at the clock, 0730, as I headed up the stairs to the bathroom. I had many thoughts and visions pass thru my head as I went upstairs and relieved myself. Once done I returned to bed, both of the women were still sound asleep in much the same way as I left them. I crawled in bed, slowly and carefully, back in between them. Both the women cuddled back with me and I heard the satisfied sighs in stark contrast to the grumbles I heard when I left. I laid there and went back to sleep, with thoughts and visions in my head again of the women that I was laying in bed with.

A hour or so later, Karri arose and carefully slipped out of bed, careful not to disturb either Ray or Lexi. She watched as Ray rolled over, wrapping both his arms around her daughter, and Lexi squirmed a little getting comfortable in his embrace. She headed up stairs, not even bothering to get dressed and first made a pot of coffee for herself and Ray when he got up. Karri had thoughts running thru her head about the night before, as she searched thru the cabinets looking for something for breakfast for all of them. Once she had figured out what she would make for breakfast, she headed for the shower. Since she knew she had time before either of them woke up.

Lexi woke up to feeling the safest and happiest she had in a very long time. She could feel Daddy’ s arms wrapped around her holding her against him. Both of Daddy’ s large hands each held one of her breasts. Lexi could feel Daddy all down the back of her body, and the hardness pressed against her right in between her butt cheeks. Lexi at first didn’t want to move, then the morning bathroom urge got the best of her. She carefully moved out of Daddy’ s embrace and pulled on a pair of shorts and a sports bra then headed upstairs for the bathroom. She heard the shower going as walked in the bathroom.

"Morning Mom." she said as she walked past to the toilet.

"Morning Lexi. Did you sleep good?" Karri responded as she turned off the shower.

"Ya Mom I slept pretty good last night. Daddy is awfully warm to sleep beside though." Lexi said as she finished up.

Karri laughed as she pulled the shower curtain back, and reached for a towel. "Well he is nice to sleep beside in the winter. Got your own personal heater that way."

Lexi pulled her shorts up and walked out to the living room laughing softly, with Karri heading to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee before joining her in the living room.

They sat down on the couch together. Karri turned to Lexi and asked, "So did you enjoy yourself last night?"

Lexi stammered back to her mother, "Wh-Wh- What do you mean Mom?" Her face starting to color slightly.

"You know exactly what I mean Lexi. Did you follow thru with our discussion on the way out here? Or did you change your mind?" Karri responded.

"Weeeeeeeeell, are you sure you want to know Mom?" Lexi asked, her face turning even more crimson.

"Lexi. I’m your mother, I know all, I see all. Besides you know my thoughts on it. If you really want to loose your virginity, you are going too. And I would rather you pick someone who is gonna do it right rather then just stick it in and get off and leave you with a bad impression of sex. And I know for a fact that Ray would make it an experience you wont soon forget." Karri told Lexi, with a smile on her face.

"I know that Mom. And I can kind of see where you are coming from on it." Lexi said.

"Besides I know you had a real good time last night, Lexi. Did it hurt much or did Ray make it so it didn’t." Karri asked.

"Mom! What do you mean?" Lexi asked trying to sound innocent.

"Lexi, I saw you last night with Ray." Karri responded.

"WHAT!" Lexi almost yelled, turning about 12 shades of red all at once "How? Where?", stumbling over the words.

"Last night, when you and Ray were having some fun right here on the couch. It was very hot that’s for sure."

"Oh my god Mom, you were spying on me." Lexi accused.

"Nope, I was not. I came up to use the bathroom and just happened to see you and Ray on the couch, kissing. And it looked like Ray had his hand somewhere else." Karri said.

Lexi was bright red at this time, with a shocked expression on her face. She couldn’t believe that her mother had watched her the night before. Lexi knew her mom was open about sex but this was something she never expected.

"So Mom what all did you see then?" Lexi asked hesitantly.

"I saw everything." Karri responded.

"Uh, you saw everything?"

"Yes Lexi, I saw everything. Besides I know this isn’t the first time you have had something that size inside of you." Karri retorted.

"What do you mean Mom."

"I know that you have been using my toys for years now. You started when you were about 14 or 15 if I remember correctly. And that’s part of my reasoning behind letting you and Ray be together. At least you have the chance to enjoy it the first time, with someone you choose." Karri said.

Lexi’s mind was going every which way but loose, but she was starting to make sense out of all this. "So Mom what you are telling me is that you are okay with me and Daddy being together then?"

"Yes baby girl, I am perfectly okay with sharing Ray with you. Im sure we can work out a schedule that will fit us all. Matter of a fact why don’t you help me get some breakfast ready, and then when its almost done you can go wake him up." Karri said laughing towards the end, "Besides if he is gonna have both of us to keep happy, he’s gonna hafta keep his strength up."

With that both the women got up off the couch and headed to the kitchen to find something for breakfast. It didn’t take Karri long to come up with something and start cooking, she is a wonderful cook that’s for sure. About halfway thru making the meal, Karri sent Lexi downstairs to wake me up.

Lexi came downstairs to find that I had moved from cuddling up around her pillow, where she had left me when she went upstairs. I was now flat on my back, my left hand pillowing my head, and my right resting upon my chest. The covers were just above my belly button. Lexi stripped out of her clothes and then carefully slipped onto the bed, gently lowering the covers down to expose my groin. Lexi then carefully moved my cock so she could take me in her mouth and begin sucking my half hard cock to full wakefulness.

I woke up slowly, almost like I was in a dream. I was dreaming about having one of the two beautiful women in my house sucking me. My mind finally realized that I wasn’t dreaming. Now fully awake I just continued to lay there enjoying the sensation. Lexi was working on my cock quite well when I reached down and grabbed hold of her hair gently pulling her up. She released my cock with a wet pop. She turned her head to me and said, "Morning Daddy." grinning from ear to ear.

I looked down at my baby girl’s smiling face, looking over her naked form as she lay there, my hard cock inches from her face. "Morning baby girl" I responded.

"Come on upstairs daddy. Mom’s making breakfast for us." Lexi said getting off the bed and heading for the stairs still naked.

"Okay Lexi." I said as I climbed out of bed.

I followed Lexi’s cute ass up the stairs watching her sway as she did so. Karri had breakfast ready for us by the time we got upstairs. I grabbed a cup of coffee on my way thru the kitchen. Breakfast was laid out on the dining room table. Karri had made sausage gravy, eggs, biscuits and bacon. All three of us sat down at the table, none of us wearing clothes still. After all of us had been served up, Karri started out the conversation.

"So Ray, I think we have some things to talk about before the day gets started." she said.

I looked at Karri first then Lexi. I could see Karri’s eyes dancing with excitement, and Lexi had a slight blush on her face. I sat there contemplating what Karri was talking about for a little while before I looked back to her and said, "Okay hun what is it?"

"Well, Lexi and I had a nice little talk this morning about what happened last night. And we have decided that we want to share you between the two of us if that is okay with you." Karri said.

"Okay. So you are saying that while the two of you are here with me, that I can sleep with both of you?" I asked.

Karri responded, "Yes that’s what we are saying."

I looked to Lexi, who had become a little more red. "What about you Lexi? Are you okay with that?"

Lexi just nodded her head at first, then spoke up, "Yes I’m okay with it. Mom and I talked about it and you will get to show me how to do things."

I shook my head at first, chuckling softly to myself. Karri saw this and she asked, "Ray what are you thinking about?"

"Nothing," I responded, "nothing at all." Karri let it drop for the moment knowing that I wouldn’t say anything til I was ready too.

"So, what would you two like to do today then? Since we got that little discussion out of the way." I asked the women.

"Shopping" came Lexi’s rapid response.

Karri and I both laughed at her, both of us knowing that she would say that right off the bat. "Okay Lexi, we can go to town and do a little shopping today." Karri responded to her daughter.

"But only if I get to buy" I said, looking at Karri as I did so, trying to let her know I could and wanted to do that.

With that we made plans to go into town and go shopping after breakfast. As the women cleaned up, I headed to the shower. I left the door open as I shaved my face, then stepped in the shower. The first thing I did was shaved my groin, which was a good thing. Cause shortly after I finished that and started soaping up my body the shower curtain opened and Lexi climbed in the shower with me.

"Hi Daddy. Want me to scrub your back for you?" Lexi said as she stepped in the shower.

"Sure baby girl." I responded.

She grabbed the scrubby from me and started in on my back. She gradually worked her way down my back and even started to scrub my butt before I turned around to take the scrubby from her. She laughed at me as I did so. She then reached down to grab my soft dick in her hand and started stroking it.

"Hey now baby girl there will be time for that later." I said.

"But what if I want some now, Daddy?" she said back to me.

"You don’t want to go shopping first baby girl?" I said as I wrapped my arm around her, my other hand sliding down between her thighs as she continued to stroke me.

Lexi shifted her legs a little further apart as my hand sought out her pussy. She answered my question by pressing her lips against mine, her hand moving faster over my cock, her hard nip pressed against the side of my chest. My finger slid between her lips, feeling her wetness, and moved right up to her clit.

Lexi gasped and pushed back away from me, a flash of pain crossing her features. "Maybe we should hold off for a little bit." She said to me

"What is wrong baby girl?" I asked kind of knowing the answer already.

"I’m a little sore down there right now." she said.

"Okay baby girl." I responded, "let me finish up showering then and I will let you take yours."

With that I turned back into the spray and quickly finished up my shower. Lexi continued to play with me while I finished up. I moved so she could slide by me and into the spray herself. She moved up into the spray both of her hands going up to her head, as I slid up behind her, bringing my hands up her sides to cup her breasts from behind.

"Ummmmmm" came from her mouth as my hands covered her breasts. I moved my hands down until my fingers grabbed hold of her nipples and pinched them both. My body molded to hers, my hard cock right at the top of her ass crack pushing into her back. I moved my head down in the spray and kissed the side of her neck, then came back up.

"Well baby girl I’m gonna go get dressed and I will see you in a little bit." I said as I stepped out of the shower leaving Lexi alone.

"Sure Daddy tease me then leave me." Lexi said, chuckling as she did so.

"Not teasing or leaving baby girl, just getting you warmed up for later." I responded.

I toweled off and headed downstairs to my bedroom to find clothes for me to wear to town. Karri was downstairs laying back on the bed, still naked waiting for me. "‘bout time you get done in the shower." she said as I came into view.

"Sorry. Had someone trying to help me take a shower." I responded.

Karri laughed then said, "She said she was going to help you with that." with a strange twinkle in her eyes.

I dropped my towel and laid down on the bed beside her. My cock had lost some of its hardness, but quickly regained it as she reached down to start playing with it. I let out a small groan as she did. "I think you two are gonna kill me." I said to her.

"Well that is what you wanted right? You said that you wanted to have a mother and a daughter at the same time. Remember telling me that?"

"Yes I remember telling you that. So are you telling me that you are ready to go that far?" I asked her.

Karri paused in stoking my cock, thinking about her answer before she said, "I think I can try to do that. But she is still my daughter. It’s still strange, but I think I try and do that."

"Well then I think we should save it for later then so I can be ready for both of you." I said as I got up off the bed, a disappointed look crossing her face quickly.

Karri looked at me for a little bit then got up herself. That’s when I heard the shower turn off. We both looked at each other and smiled as we picked out our clothes to wear for our shopping trip. Lexi came downstairs picked out her outfit and grabbed her bathroom bag, and went back upstairs.

After about a half hour all of us were ready. We took my Durango and headed into town to the mall. We went to Victoria’s Secret where the women both picked out new underwear for themselves. Karri and Lexi were laughing as they picked them out. It seemed like both of them were trying to embarrass me with their choices. I was asked several times for my opinion. The sales girls kept glancing over at us, grinning and giggling once in a while, which made me turn a little red at times. After about a half hour we left and went to a few other stores, and then I took them to the adult store.

It was Lexi’s first time in a adult store. We bought some videos there and both Karri and Lexi found a outfit each they wanted. Lexi did mention that she wanted to go back to get some toys to take home with her before they left. Karri and I both chuckled at that. But we both agreed that we would start her own collection of toys. As the women took their choices to the counter, I slipped back to pick up a few other things. They were headed for the door when Karri turned to look for me. She started to approach me and I waved her to the door saying that I would catch up in a few minutes. They both went out to the vehicle and I paid for my stuff and then headed to the car.

I kept the bag out of sight as I returned to the vehicle and slid it under the drivers seat as I climbed in. Karri saw me as I slid the bag under my seat but said nothing. She did have a grin on her face as we pulled out of the parking lot. None of us felt like cooking so we grabbed a bite to go at a fast food place and then we headed home.

Once we pulled in the driveway, Lexi was the first one to the door. She was shedding her clothes as she headed downstairs. I thought she was just a little eager to wear her new lingerie. I was happily surprised when she came back upstairs wearing her birthday suit. Karri and I changed out of our clothes in the living room, taking them to the clothes hamper in the bathroom. We all just kinda stripped down where we all felt comfortable. I was very relieved in seeing how well Lexi took to the house rules, not being shy about walking around naked in front of both of us. One of the house rules that I have had for a long time is that you don’t wear clothes in the house, at least not more then I have on. I knew it was gonna take a little getting use to have not one but two women living in my house even if it was for a short time.

We put the new purchases away, the women’s going downstairs to go with the rest of their luggage. My purchase I hid in the headboard of my bed when they weren’t there. Once every thing was put away we headed to the living room where Lexi picked out a movie that she wanted to watch, and Karri went over to the computer to check her mail. I sat down on the couch with Lexi, you could see in the computer room but not the computer directly. The movie was one that had a romantic theme and I knew it showed a sex scene or two. My mind had lots of sexual thoughts in it as I sat down next to her, with her mom in the next room, not to mention what happened last night on this very couch.

Before the movie got started, I went out the kitchen and got drinks for the three of us. I got a beer, Karri got a screwdriver and Lexi got a wine cooler. When I took Karri her drink she was looking at some stories on lit erotica, and I noticed from where she was sitting she could see the couch where Lexi was by just moving a little bit, while we would still have difficulty seeing her.

"You sure you are okay with sharing me still" I asked her, my eyes roaming over her naked form, causing a stirring between my legs.

"Yes honey I’m fine with it." Karri reassured me.

"Okay, just making sure." I said as I left with a wink.

I returned to the living room and sat down to watch the movie with Lexi beside me. I put my arm around her and pulled her to me. As we settled in to watch the movie I changed my position and turned so Lexi could sit between my legs and lean back into me. My arms were under hers and my hands resting on her belly. Occasionally I would glace over to see where her mom was. I couldn’t see her but I could feel her eyes on us from time to time.

As the movie progressed I refilled the drinks twice, and my hands started to move over Lexi’s body. My left hand rested on her breast, pinching and fondling her nipple off and on. Both of her nipples were quite hard, as my right hand wondered down to her heavenly gate. My finger extended and reached down to slide over her button and down to her entrance. She was wet the first time and got wetter and wetter with each stroke. She shuddered against me with each pass over her button. I watched as she spread her legs slightly wider each time, allowing easier access. At times she would squirm as I played with her button more, and sometimes pushing back into me as I teased her.

Lexi had become a lot more relaxed with her third wine cooler. I know she could feel my hardness pressed up against her back. As the movie reached its love scene, I increased my efforts. Using my left hand, I played with one nip first then moved over to the other one. I could see and feel Lexi’s breathing increase and a very low breathy sigh escaped her lips as I pinched first one then the other.

She turned her head to the side and rested it against my upper chest, closing her eyes as she did so, as my right hand slid down to the slick lips between her legs. By now she was soaking wet, more so then she had been the night before. My fingers found her clit one again and I stroked over it very slowly and gently.

Lexi started to move her hips slightly with the rythmn of my strokes. When my finger left her clit for lower, her eyes opened. First she looked at the TV, seeing the couple striping their clothes off and heading to the bed. Her eyes then looked to check on her mother and finally turned to me. Lexi raised her hand to cup the back of my head, pulling me down to her lips. Her lips contacted mine in a very intense kiss. Lexi was expressing her passion in the kiss that is for sure.

Wanting to prolong her orgasm, I kept playing with her nips, but just ran my finger up and down the inside of her slick lips, brushing her clit like I had been doing since we started watching the movie. Lexi’s tongue pushed it’s way into my mouth as her passion she got even hotter. She started to buck her hips against my hand, trying to get my finger in contact with her clit so she could cum. After a few futile minutes of me teasing her, she broke off the kiss and said to me very softly, "Quit teasing me and make me cum."

I didn’t respond to her, instead I slid my finger down to her entrance and put the tip just inside of her. This time a audible groan accompanied my finger sliding inside. I used just the tip to tease her entrance. Lexi slid her hand down over mine and tried to push my finger inside her. I resisted her efforts as her hips began to move more.

Finally she said to me, " Please make me cum.", louder then before. And almost loud enough for her mother to hear across the room, if she was listening.

With her words, I pushed my finger inside her as far as I could reach. I held off looking over towards Karri until Lexi closed her eyes. A quick glace brought my eyes in contact with Karri’s, proving that she had indeed heard her daughter’s comment.

I curled my finger back towards the front, finding Lexi’s g-spot easily. I ground the heel of my hand against her hard exposed clit. My left hand pulled on her left nip as I pinched it at the same time. Lexi opened her mouth but nothing came out. Then I felt her body begin to shake. I could feel her pussy tighten up around my finger, then the spasms started. I watched as her belly contracted in time with her pussy and her body shakes intensified.

"Unnnn ung" came out of her mouth as the orgasm worked its way thru her body. I held her as she came, both of my hands still playing with her.

With another cry, a second orgasm hit right on top of the first one. Lexi managed to get her hand down to dislodge my finger from her pussy. I let her stop me from pushing her to a third. I looked over towards Karri. She was sitting back, openly watching us. Lexi locked lips with me, as she pulled my hand up. She broke the kiss, pulled my hand to her mouth and sucked my finger inside her mouth, cleaning her cum from my finger. She opened her eyes to see me watching her. She pulled my clean finger out of her mouth, making a show of it, like she was sucking on my cock which was hard as steel against her back .

"Now its my turn to taste you, " I said, "but I want it directly from the source."

I saw a flash of fear cross her face momentarily covering up her desire. Then her eyes looked towards the computer to see her mom seated on the chair watching us. I didn’t give Lexi much time to react as I pushed her up, freeing my leg from behind her. Lexi started to protest by sitting up but that just helped me as I slid off the couch and put my hips between her knees.

"Let me watch you baby girl. I wanna see Daddy make you cum. Let me see Daddy eat you, baby girl." I heard spoken from behind me, moving closer as she spoke.

I moved my mouth down to capture a nipple in my mouth as Karri’s words hit her daughter and stunned her for a second. I slid my hand down to her pussy, getting ready for her to protest more.

"Are you sure Mom?" Lexi asked in a little girl voice.

"Yes baby girl." Karri answered back.

I got a gut feeling that Lexi was part being nervous about mom being there and part role playing this. But of course those momentary thoughts didn’t stop me from teasing her nipple with my teeth and mouth or my hand from sliding along her wet pussy lips.

Karri sat down on the couch beside Lexi as they both began to watch me use my mouth on Lexi. Since Lexi had given in, I moved my hand away from her pussy, not wanting to over stimulate her too fast. I held her nipple in between my teeth and flicked my tongue over the end before dragging my teeth along it until her nipple popped free. I then did the same thing to her other nipple. Both times I caused her to give a low moan.

Once both of her nips had been sucked hard, I pulled her forward on the couch, so I had complete access to her. I ran my kisses down the valley between her breasts, down her stomach. My goatee and mustache tickled her skin as I traveled down her body. I moved my kisses right down the middle of her womanhood, right over her hard clit, down between her wet lips to the bottom, where her lips met. Then making my tongue as wide as I could, I lick my way back up to the top in one big lick.

Lexi shuddered as my broad tongue licked her clit. I could see her stomach contract as I contacted her hard little button. Next I moved my tongue back down to her entrance and pushed inside, forming my tongue into a U shape. My nose pressed against her button as I began to move my tongue in and out. I could hear her gasping and low moans as I tongue fucked her pussy and my nose rubbed against her clit.

It didn’t take but a few minutes before I heard her low moan start to grow louder. Lexi’s back arched, her hands moving to my head, pulling me in tighter to her pussy. I could feel her pussy pulse around my tongue, and her clit throb against my nose. Her legs closed around my head, her thighs partially on my ears. I could feel the muscles in her legs shaking.

Lexi was having another huge body shaking orgasm. Hearing the sounds she was making only further confirmed the extent of her climax. I could feel the precum beginning to run down the shaft of my cock. As Lexi was cumming I looked at Karri to see delight in her eyes and desire on her face, as she looked back at me. I could see that Karri’s hand was between her own legs, playing along as her daughter came on my face. I pulled my nose back from Lexi’s clit, kept my tongue in her pussy, still sliding back and forth, as her climax subsided. As she started to come down, I pulled my tongue out and attacked her hard exposed clit. My lips pushed back her hood to fully expose her clit as my tongue flicked it.

Lexi shuddered as I attacked her clit, moaning loudly. Hearing the moan made me attack her clit harder. Shortly Lexi started to cum again. Her moans quickly grew in volume and intensity, and I could feel her pussy pulse as she spasmed. Lexi pushed me away as the feelings became intense and her clit became hyper sensitive.

I pulled back from Lexi’s pussy, her juices covering my face from my nose down. Karri slid forward and took my face in her hands to kiss me. Her lips pressed against mine as she tasted her daughter on my lips. As she did I moved my hand between her legs feeling her wet pussy, moving directly to her clit and rubbing it. Karri shuddered and almost fell into me, as she broke the kiss to moan softly. Lexi laying on the couch looked up at her mom’s moan and my hand between her legs.

"You know what Mom, I think its my turn to watch you. You have seen me a couple times now. Now its my turn." Lexi said to me and her mother as she moved over on the couch to make room for us.

Karri sat down on the couch, I could see her eyes, glazed over with desire and lust. She slid her butt to the edge of the couch and I knelt down between her thighs. I started out kissing my way down the insides of her thighs. The insides of Karri’s thighs were wet with her juices. Up til this point I never really realized how much this excited her. I moved closer to her pussy, and then ran my tongue up, all the way from her asshole up between her lips to her clit. That brought a loud moan from her lips. I looked up to see Karri’s head thrown back and her mouth still open.

I glanced over to see Lexi reclining on the couch, her face still flushed, her hands were both visible on her breast gently teasing her nipple and the other resting on the back of the couch.

I moved my head back down and licked Karri again, this time stopping at the top of her lips to push her hood back and exposed her hard clit. Sucking on it and then flicking my tongue over it. I could hear her moans and sighs coming more frequently. Karri’s hands were both on her breasts by now playing with her own nipples. She knows how much that drives me nuts. I returned my attention to her pussy, my tongue still flicking over her clit. I used two fingers to push inside her looking for her g spot. That sent Karri over the edge and she started cumming on my face and fingers. I looked up to see her pulling hard on her nips as she was cumming. I started working on her clit that much harder trying to make her cum right on top of the other one.

Karri started bucking her hips against me and put one hand on the back of my head as the second climax hit right after the first. I started pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy, letting my fingertips rub over her g-spot as they did. I felt another hand on my head pushing me deeper into her pussy, so I glanced up to see that Lexi had her mother’s nip in her hand and was pulling on it. Karri had moved her other hand down to keep me in contact with her pussy. Seeing Lexi touching her mother made me even excited, and more determined to make Karri cum again.

As the fourth orgasm hit Karri, giving her no rest in between them she then started to push my head away from her contracting pussy. I kept flicking and fingering for a little bit before I pulled my head back. Lexi seeing me move my head let go of her mother’s nipple and quickly moved her hand to her side. I could see that she was slowly playing with herself as we had been pleasuring Karri. I moved towards Lexi, she looked up at me as I moved close to her and kissed her on the lips letting her taste her mother’s juices off me. Lexi was at first a little shocked but the started licking my lips getting as much of her mother’s taste off of me as she could.

I did know from some of Lexi and my talks that she basically bi, just hadn’t had a chance to explore that side of her sexuality much. Karri on the other hand, was not even curious but had said to me that she wouldn’t be opposed to trying it with another woman with me around. Those were a few of the thoughts racing thru my head as I was kissing Lexi and letting her taste her mother right from my lips. Watching both of them kiss me after I had ate the other’s pussy gave me hope that soon I would be seeing more then just the two of them naked in front of me, in sexual bliss.

I felt Karri beside me as I was still lost in the kiss with Lexi. I felt Karri’s arm move around me as Lexi’s were around my neck. Lexi opened her eyes to see her mother standing beside us and she moved her arm around her mom’s neck. Karri wrapped her arms around both of us. The three of us joined in a 3 way kiss, all of our tongues trying to intertwine. I moved my hands up to their breasts, grabbing one of each of their nipples and gently pinching them. Lexi moaned into both of our mouths and Karri sucked in her breath when I pinched.

"Now its your turn, honey." Karri said as she broke her kiss with us.

Lexi broke her kiss with me and looked at her mom, curious as to see what she had planned. Karri turned me, and sat me down on the couch. Then she sat down on my right side and motioned for Lexi to sit down on my left. Karri took my hard cock in her hand and lowered her mouth to the purple crown and licked the head of my cock. Cleaning up the large amount of precum that had leaked out. Karri pulled her head back, and then I watched as Lexi’s head moved down to my cock and cleaned up even more of the precum. As Lexi was licking around the head of my cock, Karri moved her head down to start licking the shaft of my cock at the same time.

The sensations I was feeling were fantastic. I had both women wrapping their tongues around my cock. I could feel their tongues starting to touch. I looked down and could see that both of their heads were at the same level and then, I saw as their tongues touched and the french kiss that followed as they broke contact with my cock. I slid my hand down under them to pinch and play with their nips while they were kissing. My cock got even harder as I watched them kiss. Both of the women reached out and put their hands on my cock and began stroking as they continued to kiss.

They broke their kiss and Lexi returned her lips to my cock as Karri started to kiss her way up my belly. Karri moved up to my chest, kissing my body along the way. Then she started to lick and suck on my nipples. I had never had this done to me before and the sensations were strange but did excite me at the same time.

Lexi sucked my cock into her mouth, sliding down on me as far as she could. With both of them working me over like they were I knew I was not going to last very long. Of course with the all day teasing that the two of them had been doing, that was no surprise. With Lexi sucking on my cock I could feel the cum starting to boil already. Karri moved away from my nipples and ran her nails up the inside of my thigh, causing my balls to jump up, and my hips pushed my cock deeper into Lexi’s mouth, as a groan escaped my lips. Lexi gagged on my cock as I pushed deep into the back of her throat. She pulled her face up and off of my cock. Lexi’s hand moved to my cock and began stroking as she looked up at me, a devilish grin on her face and a glint in her eye.

Karri moved her head down to my cock and sucked my head inside as Lexi continued to stroke. I could feel her lips around the crown of my cock as she ran her tongue around the crown as Lexi stroked up and down. I told Lexi to loosen her grip as it felt like she was trying to pull the skin of my cock off of my cock, which also gave me a focus to regain some of my composure and calm down a bit so I didn’t cum.

Lexi relaxed her grip and Karri decided at that time to slide down on my cock. Lexi’s hand released me as Karri took all of my cock in her mouth, burying me in her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. I moaned loudly as I felt the back of her throat contract around my cock. What little recovery I had made from Lexi’s grip was gone just as quickly as Karri deep throated me. I could feel my cum starting to boil, and it was real deep this time. I knew I was going to shoot a very big load.

Lexi moved along my side, watching her mother deep throat my cock and laying her hand on my belly, gently rubbing it. I slid my hand up Lexi’s back to her head and pulled her to me. I kissed her sliding my tongue into her mouth. I could feel my balls beginning to tighten and my climax was building. I broke my kiss with Lexi and my back arched, a very loud groan coming from my mouth. Karri pulled her mouth back away from my cock and said, "Lexi, he’s ready to cum."

Lexi moved down towards my groin and her mothers face. Karri then offered my cock to Lexi and then whispered something in her ear that I couldn’t hear. Lexi took my cock in her mouth and began to suck on it as her mother moved her head down between my legs to suck my balls in her mouth. Another groan, my back arching again as I felt the surge start. "Oh..... fuck! I’m gonna cum."

As my cock pulsed, Lexi tried to get her mouth off of my cock, she didn’t quite succeed. The first big shot of cum from my cock caught her right along side her nose and up into her eyebrow. One, two, three big spurts of cum shot from my cock, mostly landing on my lower chest and upper belly. The fourth and fifth shots were not as big or powerful and landed not far up from where Lexi was still holding onto my cock. I opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw was Lexi’s face with most of my first shot clinging to her face in a arc from her nose to her eyebrow, a shocked look on her face and a huge smile in her eyes.

Karri moved up along side me and then used her finger to scoop some of my cum up from my chest. I watched in fascination as she then placed my cum in her daughter’s mouth. Lexi eagerly opened her lips and sucked her mother’s finger clean. Both the women started to giggle and I chuckled with them as they cleaned me up from the mess that they both caused. Once I was cleaned up and wiped clean with a hand towel, the three of us headed for the bedroom. It was a race to see who got there first.

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