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My Friend's Daughter Chapter 5

Learning more about Lexi
All persons in this story are over the age of 18. This story is complete and utter fiction. But please read on for your personal enjoyment. I would also recommend that you read the previous four chapters, My Friend’s Daughter chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 for a better understanding of the story. Also feedback and comments are encouraged and welcomed. Thank you for reading and for voting.

My Friend’s Daughter
Chapter 5

If you haven’t read Chapters 1,2, 3 and 4. I suggest you do as it will give you insight into what is happening in this chapter. The brief synopsis of what has happened up to this point is: In chapter one, my friends daughter gave me her virginity with her mother watching without her knowing. In chapter 2, my friend, Karri and I had woke up and had our time together while her daughter, Lexi, was sleeping. In chapter 3, for the first time mother and daughter had openly watched each other while they were having oral sex. In chapter 4, mother and daughter watched each other fucking and did play with each other a bit, including tasting each other off of fingers, face and cock.

When I awoke in the morning, I was in the bed completely alone. I found myself reaching one way then the other for the warm female bodies that had been on either side of me that night. I looked at the clock it was 9am. With a groan, I got out of bed, looked at my robe for a second then decided that I should just go naked. I ascended the stairs into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. Then headed for the living room.

As I walked into the living room, Karri was sitting on the couch flipping thru the channels on the TV. Lexi sat at the computer, doing I don’t know what. Both of the women were naked as the day they were born. Karri had a cup of coffee in front of her. I walked over and kissed her. She kissed me back, a strange sparkle in her eyes.

“Morning hun.” I said as the kiss broke and I walked over the Lexi.

Lexi was looking at one of my erotic fiction sites. She was actually reading one of my stories. I slide my hands up under her arms and cupped her breasts in my hands, my fingers pinching her small nipples. I heard her breath catch as I did so. I kissed her on her neck, then stood up saying “Morning daughter.”

“Morning Daddy. Did you sleep good?” Lexi asked me.

“Yes I did baby girl, did you?” I responded.

“Yes Daddy. Daddy I have a question for you. Are the stories in here that you wrote true?” she asked in a innocent little girl voice.

“Well, some are true, some are based on truth and some are a total fabrication.”

“Which ones are true?”

“Lexi, that is not something you should be asking. Ray is allowed to keep his stories secret from you as far as which ones are true or not.” Karri interjected.

I could see Lexi’s eyes light up as she looked at me, and heard my answer. She did frown a bit when she heard her mother. I took a sip of my coffee so I could watch Lexi. I noticed the story that she was reading. And then I noticed the hard nips, and as I lowered my coffee, I caught the smell of her arousal.

I turned and walked back to the living room and sat down on the couch stretching out to have my morning coffee and smoke. From where I was laying I could see both the women, Karri sat in my chair facing the TV, and Lexi was still in front of the computer. From where I was I noticed that Lexi’s hand moved down to her legs every once in a while. Thoughts and memories rapidly penetrated the early morning fog of my brain. I didn’t know if she was teasing me or if my stories were actually getting her excited.

I watched a bit of the TV as Karri moved from channel to channel, settling here and there to watch bits of shows. Most of my attention was focused on Lexi as she would read for a bit, and I could see her hand slide down. She would leave it there for a little bit, then move it back up. From my vantage point I could see that her finger was wet when she brought it up. That when I noticed that her eyes were locked on my body as she slid her finger down between her legs again. Then she sat back in the chair, and spead her legs, showing me her bald pussy and slid her finger down between the lips to dip the tip inside her. She then pulled it out and rubbed her clit for a few seconds. Then moved her hand up to her mouth, sucking her juices off her fingertip. The whole time she was staring at me.

While I was watching the show that Lexi was giving me, my own arousal started, evident by the rising cock from between my legs. I could see the grin on her face and a sparkle in her eyes. I finished the last of my coffee and then rose to head back to the kitchen for another cup, my hard cock bouncing against my belly as I walked. I poured my cup and added the sugar to my tastes, when I felt hard nipples against my back and hands reaching around me.

Judging by the size of the hard points in my back, I would hafta guess that it was Lexi behind me. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it, gripping the shaft a little too tightly. Her hand sliding down the shaft, close to the base then back up, pulling the skin along with it.

I turn around leaving my cup on the counter to face her. Lexi’s face came into view, her eyes sparkling and a red heated flush across her skin. She shifted her grip on my cock, not stopping her hand sliding up and down on it. I moved my hands up to her small nipples, pinching them. Even more desire entered her eyes as I pinched harder, her mouth opening slightly and a small sigh escaping her lips.

"Do you like that baby girl?” I ask her, watching her reaction.

“Yes daddy I do.” She answers me.

“Hmm we might hafta see how much you like it then.”

“Well daddy I’m not quite as innocent as you might think.” She said.

“Oh and why is that baby girl?” I said as I pinched her nips a bit harder, causing her to wince a bit.

“Well it would probably be better to show you then tell you.” she told me.

“Okay we can do that.”

“Ray? Lexi?” We heard Karri yell.

We both let go of each other and turned our heads as Karri walks in the kitchen. Her face lit up with a smile and she shook her head at us.

“I should have known you 2 were doing something when you were gone that long.” Karri said to us.

“No actually we were just talking hun. She was playing with me a bit though.” I returned the jest.

“Okay. Still don’t believe you. But I need to run to town for some things, and I was gonna see if either of you two wanted to go along.” Karri asked us.

“What things do you need hun? Didn’t we get them yesterday?” I asked.

“I wanted to get some special things for supper tonight. Want to make a special dinner for all of us.” Karri answered. “On second thought, I think I will just go by myself and suprize you both with dinner. So nevermind.”

Karri headed off for the bedroom, going downstairs. I looked at Lexi with raised eyebrows. Lexi returned the look. I grabbed my coffee cup and headed back out to the living room to go to the computer. As I left the kitchen I could hear Lexi digging around for a coffee cup.
I sat down at the puter, Lexi still had a few stories up. I looked at the one she had been reading. It wasn’t one of mine but was about a father and a daughter. I looked at the author as one I recognized. I didn’t particularly care for his writing, so I minimized the page and opened up a different one. I brought up one of my favorite adult video sites.

Thats when I saw Lexi come back into the room. She went to the chair and sat down started flipping thru the channels on the tv. I glanced over to her, she was looking right back at me, her right hand cupping her breast and pinching her nip a bit. Then I watch as she slides her hand down her across her pale belly, down between her spread legs. Her eyes close and she reclines her head, her mouth open slightly. Just as she was getting into it I saw her mother enter the living room.

“Well I’m gonna go. I will be back in a couple hours. You two behave while im gone.” she said with a knowing look on her face.

As Lexi heard her mothers voice, her eyes snapped open and her hand moved quickly out her lap. She then turned her head towards her mother, sitting forward in the chair so she could see her.

“Okay hun we will be here. Drive safe.” I said as I rose from the chair and moved to hug her.
Lexi rose behind me and hugged her mother as well, both of us kissing her. I kissed her on the lips, Lexi on the cheek. We both watched as Karri turned and headed out the door. I returned to the computer desk and Lexi went to the window to watch discreetly as her mother pulled out the driveway. As soon as her mother headed down the street, I watch as the young teen came literally bouncing over to me, her chest bouncing with each step.

Lexi hurriedly walks over to me and pushes her lips against mine, making her hunger evident. I move both of my hands up to cup her chest right away, her hard nips boring into my palms.
As we break the kiss, I say to her “You mentioned a bit ago that it would be easier to show me rather then tell me, baby girl?”

A strange light, came into her eyes, almost making her eyes more intense. “Yes daddy” she said almost out of breath.

“But I would rather wait to show you some other time Daddy. Mom is only gonna be gone for a little while, and I would rather get other things done in the time she is gone.” Lexi said to me.
You could tell that she wanted to try out this new interest of hers, but she had more immediate needs she wanted fulfilled. I nodded my head at her request. Lexi then wasted no time in starting to make the most of our time together.

Lexi straddled my legs and sat down on my thighs. From this position I could not only see her lips open up, but smell the heat of her arousal. My eyes followed the curves of her body up from her open legs, across her bald skin up to her chest with her very hard nipples to the soft curves of her neck. Her face was alight with desire, her eyes sparkling a bit, her lips parted slightly. Then her tongue slipping out to wet her lips seductively. My own body was beginning to respond to the sight in front of me as well. I could feel the blood moving to my groin, causing him to grow rather rapidly.

Lexi leaned forward with her hands on the arms of the chair, her lips moving closer to mine. I moved up to meet her, and our lips met. I could taste a faint coffee taste on her lips as our tongues intertwined. Then sliding forward a bit, I could feel the heat from her even more against me. My hands moving from the arms of the chair to her back, lightly dragging my nails down her back. I could feel her mouth open as she moaned softly against my lips. I continued to drag my nails down her back til I could cup her ass in my hands. Lexi leaned into me, her nipples just barely brushing my bare chest now. I could feel the heat from her groin on my thighs. I slid forward in the chair bring her sex closer to my own. Now I could feel her heat even more on my sensitive groin as well as her hard nips pushing into my pecks. After her moan, her tongue snaked its way in my mouth, intertwining with mine. We held that position for a little bit, my cock close to her pussy, teasing her with its own heat and closeness.

I broke the kiss and pushed against her, making her stand up. As I rose, her eyes locked on mine and followed til she was looking up at me. Slowly, baby girl sank to her knees, her eyes still locked on mine the whole time. Her small hand moving up to grab my hardness and pull it down so she could lick just the head of it, tasting the small drop of clear liquid that had formed there. She then slowly opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around just the head of my cock, licking the slit on the head, her lips at the rim of the head. Then teasing me even more she slowly sinks down on it, til most of my length is in her mouth. Her tongue wraps and licks the shaft as she descends, eliciting a small groan from me. Then as she got down to the base I heard her as choke a bit as she took too much of it in her mouth. She quickly backed off a bit then sank slowly down again. This time there was no gag as she took my whole length in her mouth. I could feel the head being gripped by her throat muscles as she held my cock deep in her mouth.

I placed my hands on her head, softly griping her hair as she moved her hands around to grab my ass and hold me deep in her mouth, her tongue rubbing the underside of my shaft. After a minute or so I could see the tears starting to well up in her eyes as she backed herself off my shaft, then resumed bobbing on my cock. Her hands moved from my ass to cup my balls and massage them as she sucked on me. Moving her head in long slow strokes, covering me from the tip of my cock all the way down to the base. Her hand gently massaging my balls at first then rolling them softly in her hand.

My hands tightened up on her hair again as she slid down my shaft again. My hands holding her in place once again as I felt her throat begin to massage the head of my cock. Lexi’s hands moved back to my ass to help pull her mouth down deeper on my cock. I felt my cock slide a little bit deeper into her throat and I felt her throat contract as her gag reflex started to kick in. Once again she backed off a bit, this time the saliva was starting to run down her chin. Just long enough to catch her breath she shoved her face back down on my cock my hands aiding her as she took all of me, straight to the back. My groin and her face coming together at a quick pace as I bottom out. Then holding my cock there for a few seconds until she starts to push back against me. I hold it for a bit longer then let her pull back off my cock.

This time Lexi pulls completely back off my cock, looking up at me again. I can see a bit of fear in her eyes and a lot of desire. My hands are still wrapped in her hair, I let go and put my hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her to her back. Lexi sat down on her butt and laid down on her back, spreading her legs to allow me to see her open before me. I stared at her head with her short black hair, her expressive eyes, and her slightly open mouth. Her tongue licking her lips as my eyes moved down her face.

My eyes continue down to her chest, her excited breathing causing her chest to rise and fall a little more rapidly then normal for her. Her pale breasts standing up, the areola darkened with her excitement. Her reddish brown small nipples, hard and pointed at the ceiling. Then down across her belly, seeing that completely bald pussy of hers. Her lips swollen with desire and excitement. Even as I moved closer I could see her obvious excitement as I noticed her lips were open and she was leaking her juices out already, leaking down towards her backdoor. As I knelt down and moved my head towards her wet and waiting pussy, I began to smell the sweet smell of her aroused pussy as my head moved between her bent knees, and only gets stronger as I move closer. I start low with my tongue, keeping it wide and flat, sliding my tongue up across her rosebud. Moving slowly upwards my tongue moves from her rosebud to the joining skin, her taste getting stronger as I move up. Then up to her entrance and there I get the strongest taste of her juices, of course. Then I move my tongue up to her clit, pushing her hood back as I move across it. Lexi moans as my tongue hits her clit, and I feel her body stiffen up as I touch it.

I move back down to her entrance and push my tongue inside her, making sure my nose is up against her clit. I curl my tongue up into a U shape and begin to fuck her with my tongue. Lexi responds by lifting her hips up and pushing her pussy into my face to help me fuck her sweet pussy with my tongue. My nose rubbing her clit up and down as she fucks my face and my tongue continues to fuck her pussy. I push my tongue as deep as I can inside her, slowly fucking her with long, slow strokes. Lexi keeps time with me, following my lead.

I move my hands up the outside of her ribs, my hands finally coming to rest on her chest, my fingers taking her nipples between them. I pinch hard at first, while pushing my tongue in hard and fast, causing Lexi to moan loudly and thrust her hips up at me. I can tell by watching Lexi that it wont be long before she is cumming. This just drives me harder and faster, wanting to make her cum hard for me. My fingers keep the pressure on her nipples as the begin to roll between my fingers. Lexi’s breathing is increasing even more and her thrusts are more rapid, trying to keep rubbing her clit against my nose and fuck my tongue.

I feel her pussy tighten up and start to spasm on my tongue as my fingers are now pulling on her nips as I pinch them between my fingers. Lexi lets out her low moan as she starts to cum on my tongue. I can feel her pussy griping my tongue and the flow of her juices as she cums hard on my tongue. I love the taste of her as she cums hard for me. Watching her arch her back, trying to push her chest into my hands more and her pussy into my face at the same time. My nose still pressed firmly against her clit, and my tongue inside her as far as I can get.

She grinds herself against me causing a second orgasm to hit on the heels of the first. This time her moan is louder. I pull one hand down from her nipple, as I pull my tongue from her sweet wet hole. Moving up quickly, I use my lips to push her hood back so I can access her clit directly. A long drawn out moan reaches my ears as my tongue and teeth attack her small clit. I use a single finger to slide inside her and curl back searching for her gspot.

I use my teeth to bite down on her clit, holding it in place as my tongue flicks over it. My finger is moving slowly but purposely in and out of her in very short strokes. The tip of my finger rubbing her gspot on the strokes in and out but also inside her when its not moving.

“Oh god Daddy don’t stop. Make me cum again.” she tells me.

I have no intention of stopping as I continue to eat her sweet pussy. Her juices are now flowing freely. The smell of them very intense to my senses, which are becoming overstimulated as my desire rises even higher. My left hand is still rolling her small nip between my fingers. Pinching hard then letting up on the pressure as I work on it.

Her hands are moving now as I am flicking her clit. One hand descends to my head, her fingers sliding through the short hair on the top of my head. Her other hand has moved to her other tit and started to play with her nipple. I notice as she pinches it really hard then tugs on it like she trying to pull her nipple off her chest. Watching her play with her tits and nipples is having a very strong effect on me, completely unbenouced to her. Lexi has both of her eyes closed as the sensations her body is feeling race thru her nerves to her brain.

The moaning is starting again as I speed up my pace on her clit and add a second finger. I decide to try teasing her other nipple like what she has been doing. I pinch it extra hard, to the point im pretty sure it is painful. She moans even louder when I do. Then I pull on it, causing her tit to rise up a bit as I suspend her tit from just her nipple with my fingers. Once again a big moan is her response. I continue to work her nip over like that as I start to finger fuck her sweet pussy faster. Both of my fingers curled to hit her g-spot.

“Yes Daddy, just like that. Fuck me harder.”

I start to pound her sweet pussy with my fingers, my knuckles starting to hit her lips with some pressure. Lexi starts to almost pant in time with the pace that my fingers are setting. I continue to flick her clit in time with my tongue. After seeing that she likes it a bit rough with her nipples I decide to try something.

I increase the pressure on my teeth that are holding her clit in place. As I feel the pressure has increased quite a bit I notice that she stops her movement and holds in place. Its almost like she holding her breath. I pull my fingers almost all the way out, leaving just the littlest bit of the tip inside her lips, lined up for a straight shot inside. My teeth are keeping a constant pressure on her clit. My fingers once again have her breast being held up by her nipple. I think I can get her to have a very huge orgasm if I can do it all at once. I know, judging by her body that she is right on the edge of a huge one.

So I do several things all at once hoping to make her explode. My teeth bite down harder on her clit as my 2 fingers slam in her pussy nice and hard, the tips hitting her g-spot as I drive them in. And my fingers release her nipple, causing her stretched out tit to drop back to her chest.
I heard Lexi suck in a deep breath and hold it. I could feel her muscles quiver on the sides of my face as her thighs tightened around my head. Her back dropped down to the floor, her groin curling up towards me. And then I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers and a huge moan came from her lips as she started to pulse on my fingers. The shaking of her muscles traveled up her body as her orgasm overtook her. Watching her I knew that this was a huge one.

I continued to flick her clit and finger her pussy hard trying to keep her going. She released her other nipple and her hand dropped to my head. Both of her hands moving to my ears to grab them and pull my head from her quivering pussy, her whole body still shaking as she tried to pull me up.

“God Daddy. I need a break, I cant take anymore.” She told me breathlessly.

“No problem babygirl. Just relax for a bit.” I told her as I moved up her body.

I kissed Lexi gently on the lips and stood up fully, watching her lay there as her body shook with the aftershocks of her intense orgasm. Her body was still twitching causing her boobs to shake still. It was a wonderful sight seeing her like that. I watched her as she recovered from her intense orgasm. Then I got an idea, told Lexi to hold on and headed down to my bedroom. Once there I went to the toy drawer and got a few things. Then raced back upstairs.

Lexi was fully recovered by now and was back sitting in the chair watching more porn. She turns to me and smiles as she sees me return, my hard cock leading the way. Then she notices that I have something in my hand and gets a questioning look on her face. I kneel before the chair once again, spinning her to face me, seeing that wet and glistening pussy of hers and those hard nips, the images of what just happened running thru my head. I set the things I have in my hands on the floor so she cant see them, picking up the silver chain with the clamps on the ends.

Lexi’s eyes open wide as she sees them, not in fear but excitement, as I lean forward to take a nip in my mouth to make it harder. Her small nipple grows a bit in my mouth getting harder as my teeth pinch down on it, not quite to the point of pain for her. I suck her nip hard again for a few minutes, eliciting a small moan from her before I switch to her other nipple, giving it the same treatment. I then take the clamps and adjust them to the approximate size of her nipples. Then grabbing her tit in my hand so her nipple is sticking out real good I open the clamp and place it on her nip. Slowly letting the clamp close on her nip, watching her face as I do. As the clamp closes on her nipple her mouth opens in a silent moan, the fire in her eyes burning a bit stronger. When the clamp is fully closed, a strong moan does escape from her lips, her eyes even brighter with desire and arousal now. I then do the same with her other nipple. As I finish up putting the second one on, I glace down to see her pussy leaking a lot more then before.

“Oh my god, that feels so fucking good.” Lexi says after she catches her breath.

I just smile in response, then grab the chain and tug lightly on it. The clamps hold good stretching her nips out a bit. Lexi’s eyes close and her pussy lets more juice flow.

“Stand up baby girl.” I say to her.

Lexi looks a question at me as she stands. I then pick up the butterfly and unsnap the belts for it. In the back of my head I’m thinking if this girl wants to tease me all the time that turn about is fair play. I fasten the belt around her waist, then the belts around her thighs, making sure the vibe is in contact with her clit. Then I grab the remote and turn it on its lowest setting. Lexi’s legs almost give out as soon as the vibe starts to work, a moan escaping her lips just as instantly. I catch her ass as she starts to go down, so she wont fall. Then I help her to the floor, her legs almost as weak as a newborn colts. She is building to big climax already with the butterfly on low.

I open her thighs as she tries to close them from the pressure on her clit, positioning myself between her legs. Lexi looks up at me with a dreamy look on her face as I grab my cock in my hand and rub the head against her lips. Slowly I push myself inside her, her pussy grabbing at my cock and trying to suck me in deeper. God she feels so wonderful as I push my way deeper inside her. My groin bumps up against the butterfly pushing it against her clit. Lexi moans and tries to push back against me harder, making the butterfly press against her clit harder.

I pull back slowly from her groin and begin stroking in and out of her pussy. I start with the long slow strokes, savoring the feeling of my cock sliding in her wet pussy. I can feel the buzzing of the butterfly on the inside of her, adding to my own arousal. I look down at her taking in the whole picture at once. Her face showing her arousal and pleasure, down to her small nipples pinched tight by the clamps and the silver chain running between her tits. Down to the strap around her waist holding the pink butterfly on her clit. Then down to the straps around her thighs and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. The smell of her arousal coming right up to assault my nose, adding to my ardor.

I keep my pace slow letting her build more towards her orgasm. I can feel the vibration of the butterfly against my cock as I push in deep, then fading a bit as I slide back out. As I push in I can feel the quiver of her pussy walls against my cock. My eyes quickly move back up to hers, I can see her trying to keep her eyes open as the pending orgasm forces her to close them. Her walls grip me tightly trying to milk my own seed out of my cock, as she cums. Her mouth opens at first in a silent scream, her hands going to my arms to grip them and trying to pull her body up. I can see her muscles straining as her body convulses with her orgasm. Then she finally regains her voice as the orgasm starts to subside.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmy Gooooooooooodddddd ” she moans loudly, as she continues to cum.

I push the button on the remote, moving the butterfly up a notch, as I keep the pace. Slowly stroking in and out of Lexi. Lexi’s body tenses up as the butterfly increases speed, prolonging her recovery. I can feel her nails starting to bite into my arms, as I continue my slow long strokes in her very wet teenage pussy, still feeling her grab my cock occasionally. I reach up and tug on the clamps, pulling her nips, causing Lexi to moan softly as I continue to slowly fuck her pussy.

Lexi pulls me down to her lips, kissing me hard as we fuck, her hands going to my back, her fingernails scraping my back. I slam my cock hard into her pussy as I feel her nails on back, causing me to moan as well. I held my cock in deep and rotated my hips, rubbing the butterfly against her clit. Lexi thrust her hips back at me as the butterfly rubbed her clit, a sharp gasp just bare inches from my mouth. Her pussy squeezing down on my cock.
As her nails let up I slide back out of her pussy, her nails making me want to slam deep and hard back into her, but I fought the urge. I continued to slowly stroke in and out of her, trying to hold back my own building orgasm.

I watched as once again Lexi started to build, then reached up to grab hold of the silver chain laying between her tits. I pulled on the chain as I slammed deep inside her. The clamps held tightly on to her nipples and pulled then out and down away from her breasts, doing a similar job to her nipples as she had done earlier. My cock slammed into her pussy hard, forcing the butterflies antenna harder against her clit. Lexi’s back arched again and I could feel her internal muscles start to quiver and squeeze me again. She let out a very loud moan as she came hard, the hardest that I had seen her cum so far.

I held myself buried deep inside her forcing the butterfly up against her clit, and pulled harder on the chain trying to prolong her orgasm. As Lexi stopped cumming, she focused her eyes on me. Her eyes were full of hunger and desire, like she wanted to eat me whole. She pushed gently on my arm, indicating that she wanted me to roll over. I wanted to see what she wanted to do so I slowly pulled my cock out of her tight sopping wet pussy and laid down on my back, keeping the butterfly control in my hand.

I kept my eyes focus on this beautiful young lady as I was laying flat on my back. She rose to a crouch and moved over between my legs, looking up at me with a grin on her face. Then she slowly lowered her head to my groin, sticking her tongue out to lick her own juices from my cock. Then pulling my cock upright by using her top lip on the head. Wrapping her lips around the crown once she had him pointing at the ceiling, she ran her tongue around the sensitive underside, causing me to groan a bit.

Then slowly she slide down the shaft, letting my cock slowly move deeper into her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat as she had almost all of me in her mouth. Lexi backed off a bit then forced the last inch of my cock into her mouth, her nose resting against my bald groin. Lexi then slowly slid back up to the head of my cock. Then once again sliding down to take all of me in her mouth. She did this several times before she let my cock out of her mouth, my cock hitting my belly with a wet slap. I could see a bit of her saliva trailing from the corners of her mouth. She brought her hand up to wipe it away with the back of her hand. She was looking up at me with those sultry puppy dog eyes, in a way just begging.

She moved with feline grace as she moved up my body, her eyes never leaving mine. The chain now dragging across my skin as the weight of it pulled on her small nips. She crawled up til we were face to face, her hips straddling mine. I could feel the butterfly still buzzing away, as it was close to my cock now. Lexi kissed me, her tongue sliding between my lips as she moved forward to put my cock close to her lips. Now I could feel the buzzing near the head of my cock.

Lexi broke the kiss and pushed herself up on her arms. Her wet pussy lips opened and allowed the shaft of my cock to slide between them, the head near the butterfly. She slowly started to slide back and forth lubricating my cock with her juices. I can see her eyes start to glaze over as her orgasm starts to build. Her motions start to become more rapid as it comes closer. Her movements making the head of my cock rub against her clit and pushing the butterfly up out of the way. Lexi’s mouth opens in a silent gasp as I turn the speed on the butterfly up. Lexi pushes herself up so my cock lays along her pussy lips, I can feel the butterfly vibrating against her clit and my cock.

I can see the beginning of a huge climax on her face, her eyes closed and her mouth open in a silent gasp. She tilted her face up more and her arms stiffened. I reached up and grabbed the chain hanging from her tits, and pulled on it. The chain pulled tight tugging on her nipples. I watched as her small nipples stretched away from her tit, Lexi’s moan became audible and I felt my cock get soaked as she came, not quite squirting but definitely a flood of her juices running out of her. Her hips paused for just a second before her climax then she moved her hips even more rapidly over my cock as she came. I kept the chain tight as she thrust her hips against me, watching her cum.

Once her climax had subsided, Lexi looked down at me with even more hunger in her eyes. She lifted her hips up, her hand reaching down to grab my very wet cock. Lexi positioned my cock vertical and slowly lowered her hips to take the head of my cock in her pussy. There she stopped and grinned at me, just hovering with the head inside her. The grin on her face told me that she wanted to tease me, but I was the one in control here.

My left hand pushed the button on the controller to the butterfly turning it up another notch, as my right hand pulled down on the chain. Not even a second after I moved, Lexi’s eyes shot open wide, and her jaw dropped, her legs starting to quiver already as I pushed my hips up, burying my cock deep inside her teen pussy.

“Oh my god” came the words from her mouth as another orgasm wracked her body. Her hips moving back and forth on autopilot as her orgasm crested. I could feel her pussy grabbing my cock very intensely. I pulled on the chain more causing her nipples to pull even further away from her tit. As her orgasm stopped I let go of the chain, and turned the butterfly down to the first setting.

A look of sadness crossed her face as I turned the butterfly down, but left quickly as I began to thrust my hips upward lifting her legs off the floor. Lexi mimics my motions at first until we get into a rythmn. I slide down as she slides up and then move back together more forcefully with each stroke. Soon the slapping of wet skin on wet skin begins to echo throughout the room.

As our pace increases I can see Lexi once again approaching her climax. I increase my pace even more, forcing my cock up faster as she forces herself down on my cock harder and faster. Lexi’s moans are increasing as well, I can feel my own climax approaching I turn the butterfly up all the way to max. Lexi’s eyes and her mouth open in a silent scream, her fingers clutching at my chest, nails biting into my pecks. I free one hand from her hip and pull down on the chain, stretching her nipples out from her tits.

“OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!” Lexi screams as her pussy squeezes hard down on my cock.
Lexi stops moving as she cums. I can feel her pussy clutching at my cock deep insider her. Her whole body shaking as she cums hard on my cock. I feel my cock being coated inside her as her juices completely soak me. Lexi is almost panting as her climax stops, still shuddering as the butterfly continues to vibrate against her clit and my stomach. The aftershocks continue til I can get the butterfly turned down.

I can feel my own orgasm close as I roll to the side taking Lexi with me. Once she is on her back I push myself up and turn off the butterfly. Then slowly slide my soaking wet cock out of her dripping wet pussy. Moving around to the side of her, I move my wet cock to her lips. Once again Lexi opens her mouth to clean her cum from my cock

Lexi starts to clean my cock off as I reach down and remove the butterfly from between her legs. Even with Lexi cleaning my cock off I still have a chance to calm down so I can keep from cumming quickly.

“Oh fuck baby girl, you are getting real good at sucking cock.” I say to Lexi, as she once again slides all the way down my shaft.
She slowly slides her mouth to the tip, then says “Thank you Daddy. I am happy you let me practice so much.”

“Oh im sure you will get a lot more practice before you head home. As much as you want, as long as you aren’t too embarrassed to do it in front of mom.” I responded.

“Im not totally comfortable with it yet, but im getting more comfy with it all the time. I don’t mind Mom seeing me suck you at all, the fucking part is taking a bit longer.” She giggled.

“And you being with Mom as well?” I asked

“I don’t know. Haven’t really thought about that. When you are around its like going with the flow, and I don’t mind it one bit.” Lexi said.

At this point I had lost a little of my hard on. So I figured it would be a good stopping point for us, at least for the action. So I rose from the floor, sliding my somewhat hard cock out of her hand, causing her to whimper a bit. I glanced at the clock on the wall, seeing that about a half hour had passed. Karri had said she would be gone for a couple hours, and I knew it took about 30 mins to get to town, so Lexi and I had at least a hour to kill before Mom came home. And now I had time to explore some things I was finding out about Lexi.

I will continue those thoughts and ideas in the next chapter in part, but also as another series completely. Once again thank you for taking time to read this chapter and series. Please don’t forget to vote, and comment. And if you so desire to provide feedback
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