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My Life as A Sex Slave- Chapter 2

The adventure continues...
Excited to begin the next day of adventure, and ready to see what Daddy and Mommy had to unfold, I awoke bright and early the next morning. I hopped in the shower and threw on another dress and my Mary-Janes. I bounded down the stairs, excited that I could already smell the makings of breakfast.

"Good morning, baby girl. Did you sleep well?" smirked Daddy.

"Yes, Daddy. I slept like a baby."

"Good. This morning I have a big surprise for you, but first you need to sit on the floor here and put on this blindfold."

I quickly moved to do as he said to avoid another discipline tonight, but the idea of being spanked again had my pussy tingling immediately.

Suddenly, something soft was pushed in my face.

"Suck my dick." Daddy ordered.

I groped for it and began to slowly lick up and down the enormous treat I had been just waiting to hold. I cupped his balls as I moved my hand and mouth up and down, feeling him get harder and harder with each movement.

"Ahh--good girl-- good, Kimmy. Just like that..." he moaned.

As soon as he got to full girth, he began to pump in and out of my mouth on his own, fucking my face. I gagged a little when he shoved his whole cock in my little mouth. I sucked up all his precum like I hadn't had anything to drink in days. I slurped in his cock and precum noisily, which, by the pace he increased by, I could tell was turning him on. More than anything, I wished I could see his beautiful cock.

I was thrown to the ground in one swift motion and my ass was pulled high in the air. My dress slipped to my face, leaving me mostly naked.

Daddy slapped his dick against my anal opening.

"Beg for it, Kimmy. Beg Daddy like the slave you are."

"Oh, God, Daddy...I want your huge cock in my virgin asshole. Right now. I want it sooo badly. Please, Daddy."

I felt his cock slip into my asshole and felt him push deep inside. I had never received anal and it hurt. It hurt bad enough that I cried out, but that fueled him. He pushed in slowly and popped out slowly, letting me adjust. But not enough for it to be comfortable. Daddy gripped my ass so hard, I almost couldn't feel the pain in my asshole.

I just had to remind myself...I was being paid a LOT of money to have sex with two people who really knew how to please a woman. I was a woman, a woman with needs. And it just so happened the people who could pay me to have them fulfill my needs liked to play a little dirty with grown-ups. I was a woman who could make her own choices, and did I ever love the choice I made.

"Ohhh, Kimmy. Your asshole is soo goddamn tight. Ahh-- you are perfect." He gave my ass a hard smack.

As I slowly adjusted, I found myself pushing back to meet in time with his thrusts. He pushed forward with so much power, I found myself occasionally bonking my head off the cabinets in front of me.

With every thrust, Daddy smacked my ass as hard as he could. I could actually feel my ass turning bright red and I felt tears running down my face. But every hit made my pussy get wetter.

I reached up to finger fuck myself, I wanted to feel stuffed full. While Daddy thrust hard enough to split me in half, I shoved four fingers in my soaking wet pussy and used my thumb to flick my clit. It was a bit rogue for a grown woman to be seeking approval from two older adults, but hey, Kim, just think of the money you are making.

"That's it, Kim. Fuck yourself."

My pussy dripped more every time he talked dirty to me like that.

"Ahh--ohhh!" I moaned. I had never felt so full and pleased before.

"I'm cum--I'm coming!" Yelled Daddy.

Not a second later, I felt the hot spray of his sperm in my ass and heard his cock popping out of my sore asshole.

Daddy pushed me onto my back and pushed my legs wide.

"Now, let Daddy see you fuck yourself till you come." He laughed, slapping my pussy.

That slap was almost enough to make my cum right then. But I pushed four fingers rapidly in and out of my pussy. Each in and out made a squelching sound, I was so wet. Quickly, I felt the ripples coursing through me. I started to tense.

I came all over the floor. I was embarrassed by the sheer amount of juice that had flow out of me, but I felt a rush at being watched. Just imagine if someone else had seen this. A fully grown woman, lying in a puddle of her own juices, hoping to appease some people who may or may not be going through a mid-life crisis.

I removed my blindfold. Mommy was sucking all my cum off the floor. As soon as she cleaned that up, she licked my pussy clean. Sucking every last drop from my pussy and then moving to lick the remains of Daddy's cum from my anal opening.

"Now, baby. Eat up." Daddy ordered.

I ate breakfast naked and drank almost four glasses of milk. Mommy kept pouring more.

Daddy carried his little, naked baby upstairs and laid me on my bed. Before I could move, my hands and legs were chained to the bed.

"Now, Mommy and Daddy have to go to work. Stay here, Kimmy. Don't move."

To anyone else it would look like a grown woman just chained to the bed. But I was a sex slave, chained to the bed, waiting for my relief when my Masters decided it was time.

Mommy left the room and as Daddy shut the door he said,

"Don't wet the bed...or severe punishment is to come."

And with that, he was gone.

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