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My Life as A Sex Slave

Kimmy's got a new job...
Background info: Hi, I'm Kim (called Kimmy sometimes)! I am twenty-one and about five foot two and weigh about one hundred and ten pounds. I have long blonde hair and I am a sex slave.

I cautiously walked up the driveway and rang the doorbell. A tall woman in her mid-forties answered. "Hello, dear! You must be, Kim?"

"Yep. I am."

"Well come on in. Paul! Come get Kim's bags!"

A tall, grey haired man came strolling in. He was good looking and a bit older than the woman, maybe fifty. They settled me into my room and told me to meet them downstairs in the living room in ten. I unpacked and quickly brushed my teeth and ran a hand through my hair.

Bounding downstairs, I was excited to start my job and make some money finally. The woman motioned for me to sit opposite them. And I sat down quickly.

"Kim, I am Paul. And this is my wife, Lori. Thank you for accepting this job so quickly. We need you to sign this contract for a year and agree to our terms and conditions."

"Okay..." I hesitated. Terms and conditions? Oh well, how bad could a middle aged couple be? I figured whatever it was, was worth the money they were paying me to do this.

I quickly signed it and sat back. "So when do we begin?"

"Right away." He smiled, placing the contract in a locked filing cabinet.

"Now, seeing as you didn't read the term was that you must call me Daddy and Mommy will be Lori."

"Oh, okay, Daddy."

Lori looked expectantly at me, I hadn't noticed she had left the room. "All your new clothes are upstairs. Please go change into something more...job appropriate."

I walked slowly upstairs, unsure how I felt about wearing skimpy clothes. To my surprise I found something much different. Kid clothes. Lori had taken the time to lay out an example. A short yellow dress with hearts, stockings, underwear with flowers, and a pair of Mary-Janes. Eager to please, I even put my hair in ponytails.

Excited by this idea, I hurried downstairs for dinner. The two smiled at my entrance. Lori put her arms out for a hug. Told by Paul to act as a kid, I ran into her arms. She picked me up and put me in a booster seat of sorts. This was strange, but it was all so exciting.

Lori served dinner. And we sat down to eat. After dinner, Lori began dishes and Paul sat with me at the table. "Now, Kimmy. You were not very good at dinner."

"What do you mean, Daddy?"

"You had elbows on the table and chewed with your mouth full. That requires discipline. Discipline is at seven sharp in Mommy and Daddy's room. Alright, sweetheart?"

"Yep, Paul."

"Thats an extra punishment. Remember to call me Daddy."

"I'm sorry, Daddy."

"Go to your room until seven, naughty girl."

I waited nervously in my room till seven and then wandered down the hall to their room. I knocked softly and Paul called me in. Lori sat in bed, naked. And Paul was clad in shorts and a teeshirt.

"Every night at seven is discipline. You will report whether you were bad or not. Understand?"

"Yes, Daddy and Mommy."

"Good. Now, come here."

I walked over to him, sitting in a rocking chair by the window. He grabbed me and threw me over his knee. Lori came over with a belt. She gave me two hard whacks. I yelped in pain.

Paul smiled, "Good girl. Now its my turn. I'll teach you to be naughty. We only raise good children in this house."
He smacked my ass. "Bad, bad girl. Mommy and Daddy are disappointed."

Another hard smack. Lori had laid on the ground and pulled my dress off. She played with my clit through my undies.

"Go lay with Mommy on the bed, Kimmy. Daddy is going to stay here."

Lori carried me to the bed and laid me down. I looked at Paul. He had taken his huge dick out and was rubbing it slowly, watching us.

"Take off your undies, baby." Ordered Lori.

I obeyed quickly. She kneeled down on the bed and began licking my pussy. I had never had another woman go down on me. She licked the juices already flowing from my pussy and put a finger inside me. She flicked my clit with one hand and pumped in a out of me with another. A soft moan escaped my lips. She looked up, face shiny with my juices, and smiled. She crawled up and began kissing me. She lowered her pussy onto mine and began to grind.

Lori rocked back and forth in time with my rubbing. We rubbed our clits together and kissed. She kneaded my breasts until I came all over the bed.

I was broken from my trance when I heard clapping. "Good job, Kimmy. Now go get a good nights sleep for tomorrow."

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