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My Little Temptation

I think she was sent from the devil himself to tempt me.
There she goes again. Now I know she is doing it deliberately. She has been sent here from the devil himself just to tempt me. Why else would my wife’s 18 year old sister be doing cartwheels in front of the sliding glass door to my office, in a bikini no less?

She graduated high school last week and her parents offered to send her wherever she wanted to go and she chose to come stay with her sister and me in Louisiana. Anywhere in the world she wanted to go and she chose here. She arrived late last night to the excitement of my wife. This was all the more reason to support the fact that she was sent here from the devil.

Beth was 5’7 with long legs leading up to a perfect heart shaped ass. Her stomach was flat and her breasts were perfectly round and looked like they would fit perfectly in my hands. Beth’s face was beautiful; her lips were full and inviting to be kissed. She had a pert little nose and big brown eyes that bored into me with a mixture of innocence and lust. Her hair was a wavy rich chocolate brown that I was dying to get my fingers into. I wanted her, but she was my wife’s little sister so that was never going to happen.

Sara and Beth could have been twins, only Sara was a little shorter and a little fuller around the breasts and hips. I loved my wife and our sex life was amazing, but I had been lusting after Beth for about a year now. Ever since our last visit to her parents and Beth walked in on me getting out of the shower.

She walked in the bathroom and dropped her towel before realizing I was standing in the tub drying myself off. Neither one of us moved, but as my eyes raked hungrily down her body and her eyes did the same to mine. My cock started to harden at the sight of her. Beth stared at it before blushing and running out of the room.
Of course I immediately told Sara, well everything but the part about me getting a hard on. Sara laughed. “Come on, Ben, of course she looked at you. You’re hot.” Sara kissed me and went downstairs.

I knew I was attractive, I was only trying to cover my ass. I’m 29, 6’3 with blonde hair and brown eyes. I’m lean, but I work out every day so my body is defined without being bulky. I have an amazing job that allows me to work from home so that is why I was sitting at my desk staring out the sliding glass door watching Beth do gymnastic moves beside my pool.

I stood up and decided to get a cold drink when I heard the door open behind me. “Hey, Ben, will you come swimming with me?” Beth asked.

“Gee, I don’t know, Beth. I’ve got a ton of work to do today.” And I was afraid that she would see my hard on through my swim trunks.

She was on me before I knew what hit me. “Please, Ben,” she begged hugging me tightly around the waist. She was giving me those big brown pleading eyes. How could I tell her no when she looked at me like that?

“Okay give me a minute to change.” She beamed at me and planted a kiss on my cheek before releasing me and running back out the door.

Beth was sitting on the side of the pool when I came out. I dove in surfacing near her. “Can you teach me how to dive the way you do? I’m too afraid to jump in.”

“Sure, come on over to the deep end and I’ll walk you through it.”

I begin climbing out when she told me to stop. “Will you stay in to make sure I’m okay while I do a few practice jumps?”

“Of course just remember to jump out far enough.”

She jumped and landed well l thought, but she came up panicky. “Ben!” she squealed. I grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to me. She wrapped her arms around me and buried her face into my neck. I felt her breasts crushed against my chest. My cock twitched and think she felt it because she grinned up at me. “I want to try it again only this time I want to try it more like a dive than a jump.”

Beth got into the correct form to jump only she slipped flailed her arms, knocking herself completely off balance. As soon as she hit the water I caught her. She instantly wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. “Oh, Ben, that was scary thank you for saving me.” And she kissed my cheek and hugged herself tighter to me.

I was very aware of her body and the affect it was having on mine. I tried pulling her off me before she noticed my semi, but she wouldn’t let go. “No, Ben, I’m scared.”

I carried her to the edge of the pool and set her on the side, but she kept her legs wrapped tightly around me.

“Hold me for a few more moments, Ben, please?”

“Okay,” I managed to get out.

“Thank you, Ben, you are best brother in-law ever,” she said snuggling closer to me.

This position put her pussy right on top of my cock. I was stiff and afraid to move because I knew it would bring attention to my now fully erect cock. I felt Beth’s fingers moving in slow circles around my spine and her warm breath on my neck. Then I felt her warm wet tongue graze the side of my neck making my hips jerk. She used her legs to press herself harder onto me.

“Mmm.” I pushed my hips back into her. Even though my mind was screaming no I moved my hands slowly to her ass and grabbed her cheeks before grinding harder into her.

Beth moaned and kissed me. I couldn’t stop this, I was like a man drowning. I kissed her back and continued to grind onto her pussy with my hard cock. We were both panting and touching and kissing each other frantically. “Ben, I want you to fuck me. I have wanted you to fuck me since that day I saw you naked in the bathroom. Put it in me, Ben, please.”

Realization smacked me in the face. What in the hell was I doing? I tried to pull back. “Beth, we have to stop this. You’re my wife’s little sister.”

Beth continued to rub herself on my near to bursting cock. She whined, “No, Ben, please don’t stop I’m going to cum like this. I’m so close please let me cum.”

She looked pleadingly at me with those innocence brown eyes and again I couldn’t tell her no. “I’m going to hell,” I mumbled before I grabbed her ass again and shoved myself roughly against her.

“Ooh yea just like that, Ben.” Beth held on tighter and let out a loud moan grinding franticly against me. “I’m cumming.”

I held her while her small body shook and went limp in my arms. My rock hard cock was near to bursting and I wanted her so bad. I kissed her again and her hand slid into my shorts circling my cock. “Put it in me, Ben.”

I heard a car’s engine a second before I heard the door slam. “Shit, Sara’s home.” Beth kissed me quickly on the mouth and ran into the house moments before Sara walked through the back gate. I ducked under the water to collect myself before I had to talk to her.

She had taken off her shoes and hiked up her skirt so she could dip her feet into the cool water. I swam up between her legs finding myself in the same position I had just been in a minute ago with her sister. Sara wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me against her. She felt my still hard cock and grinned seductively. “Well hello to you, baby. Where’s my sister?”

“I don’t know. She mentioned a nap.”

“Good, we wouldn’t want that to go to waste now would we?” she said freeing my cock rubbing it up and down.

I felt a moment of guilt before I thought, fuck it. I need to fuck or I’m going to be uncomfortable for the rest of the night. I pulled Sara closer to the edge and moved her already damp thong to the side. She rubbed the head along her clit before moving it to her opening. With one hard thrust I slammed into her making her scream out.

After several strokes I said, “Rub your clit, baby, I’m not going to last very long.” I slammed into her needing to find my own release because I was too worked up from Beth.

Between the sound of our slapping flesh and Sara’s loud screaming I’m sure the neighbors knew what we were doing and I couldn’t care less.

“Oh shit, baby, I’m going to cum. Are you close?” I asked through gritted teeth.

“Yes, oh yes, Ben, I’m cumming,” Sara cried out.

I caught a movement in the doorway in front of us. Beth was there on her knees rubbing her pussy watching me slam into her sister. I could tell she was cumming and it was too much. “Aah God.” I kept my eyes on Beth while I came hard inside her sister. Beth blew a kiss to me and ran into the house right as I collapsed onto Sara.

“Good Lord, baby, that was so freaking hot. What got into you?” Sara laughed.

Oh, if she only knew.

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