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My Naughty Surprise

I've always had a thing for my boyfriend's older brother...
I spent ages getting ready that evening. I took an hour long bath making sure my legs, underarms and pussy were completely smooth, my hair perfectly clean and soft, and that I smelled wonderful. When I was dried off, made up and moisturised, I put on all my best underwear- a black lacy push-up bra and a matching thong. I dressed relatively casually though, a coffee coloured a-line dress and a soft creamy coloured cardigan. They wouldn’t be staying on for long anyway, I thought.

So now I’m ready, I grab my purse, keys, phone, and makeup bag and shove them all into my leather handbag. Locking the door I run out to my car and drive the fifteen miles to your house. Just thinking about what will happen when I get there is making my pussy wet... You promised to take me out for dinner, but I know that before that happens you’re going to fuck me- and I seriously cannot wait.

I pull up outside your door and check myself out in my rear-view mirror. I adjust my eyeliner and my bra, and then step out. I think of the last time we had sex, the way you didn’t say a word, the way you flipped me onto my front and grabbed my hips, the way you were pulling me back onto your cock harder and harder, the way you kept stopping only to ram it into me hard... I feel a tingling sensation run through my pussy and quickly run up the steps to your door. Before I get a chance to knock you pull it open and welcome me with a kiss.

You’ve obviously been expecting me- I feel the hardened bulge in your jeans pressed against me as your tongue explores my mouth. Of its own accord, my hand slides down to grab your cock through your jeans, rubbing it through the material. I feel it grow even more at my touch.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” you whisper in my ear, and you turn me around so I’m facing the door. For a split second I think you’re going to push my dress up, bend me over and fuck me right there against the door, but instead you tie a blindfold around my head and gently kiss my neck before taking my hand and leading me down the corridor.

From the left hand turn, I know we are in your bedroom and instantly feel my pussy throb for attention. You push me down onto your bed, which has a silky quilt on it that strokes my legs as I lay back. I feel your strong hands pulling mine up above my head. Then before I realise what’s happening, you’ve tied one of my wrists to the headboard.

“I think I like this surprise,” I say, a grin spreading on my face. You quickly turn me over, push my dress up and spank me three times really hard.

“Don’t speak unless I tell you to! Say sorry.” You almost growl at me, rather sexily.

Dismissing my shock, I manage to whisper out a “Sorry, Tom...” and bite my lip. The left side of my face is pressed against the silky bed cover, and my left wrist is now twisted in an awkward position against the headboard. You fix the ties to make it more comfortable and then tie my other wrist as well. Your hands slide all the way down my back, pushing up my cardigan and then my dress to expose as much of me as you can. I feel a slight breeze over my ass and my lower back. Unfortunately, in this position you can’t feel my tits, and I can’t take off my clothes now I’m tied up.

My pussy is so wet, and I’m so horny that I begin moving my hips slowly up and down without realising it, so you grab my ass cheeks and hold them down so I can’t move at all. Then you kiss all the way from my back, across my ass, down my legs and remove my shoes. Then, less gently, you pull my thong down, almost ripping it, and leave it round my ankles.

“You bad girl,” you say, “Your panties are soaked!” Your hands start stroking my ass cheeks, squeezing them, holding them apart slightly. I feel a kiss on my hip turn into a little bite. I try to raise my hips, silently begging for you to enter me with your big, beautiful cock, but you’re weight is pressing down on me.

Still lying on my front, I feel a hand push my legs apart slightly and a finger start to make circles on my inner thigh, right next to my dripping pussy. Then suddenly, I feel it pushed deep inside me, making me gasp. You start to rub it against my g-spot, and I let out a few little moans. Just as suddenly as it was inside me, you pull it out. Then you are pushing your finger into my mouth and telling me to lick it clean. I do as I’m told, enjoying the naughtiness of tasting my own juices on your finger.

You pull my hips up so I’m balancing on my knees with my chest on the bed. I think that now you will satisfy me, now you will finally put your dick in me and let me have it all. But you don’t. I feel your tongue licking the juices which have dripped down my legs, and your fingers tracing patterns around my wet hole, but not quite entering it. Then you are spreading my legs further apart and holding my ass cheeks apart too, exposing every bare, shaven inch of me. I would feel embarrassed, but it’s just you and I love you, so it’s fine.

I feel two fingers finally pushing into me, and as they do I can also feel more of my wetness trickle out and down my legs. I push back onto your fingers, trying to make you go deeper, but you just draw them away. Instead I feel your huge cock sliding along my pussy and rubbing against my clit, adding your own pre-cum to my juices. I feel your cock head pushing against my hole, stretching my pussy to fit all of you in. Your shaft is all the way in now, pressing on my g-spot, and I moan loudly. I know you’re going to fuck me hard, but I can’t wait for you to stop teasing me, so I move my hips forward and push myself back onto your cock. I do this a few times before I hear you laugh and hold me still.

“Do you want to see how good my cock looks inside of you?” you ask me, and I nod frantically before whispering a “Yes, I do.” I hear you take a picture, and I desperately want to see it, to look at your huge dick stretching me, covered in my juices. You lean around and lift my blindfold to show me the picture, I moan at how amazing it looks and beg you to fuck me, please. You lower the blindfold again.

Then you pull your cock out of me. Disappointed, I moan and bury my face into the quilt. But I feel your hands lifting my shoulders, putting a gentle finger under my chin to lift my face. Then your cock is on my lips, and I am enthusiastically taking it into my mouth as deep as I can take it, massaging it with my tongue, sucking off all my wetness from your rock hard shaft. I can hear another picture being taken, and I want to see this one as well.

“Do you want your surprise now? You’ve done a brilliant job so far, I think you deserve it...” you whisper. You don’t wait for a reply; you just rip off the blindfold, which I see is one of your work ties. I look up at you, wondering what it could be, as you untie my wrists and lay me on my back, tying them up again. You move out of the way, and I see him stood there

His muscled arms, red hair, chiselled features, his perfect lips forming a smile- not a cocky one, but a genuinely happy smile. Lucas. Your older brother.

I have always found him attractive, always made jokes about leaving you for him, having sex with him, but they were only jokes. I never would. You even made some jokes yourself!

“Do you want Lucas to fuck you? I know you like him, it’s okay, you can have him if you want him,” you say sincerely, and I understand that this is my surprise. My brain is still trying to make sense of the situation, but my horny cunt knows what it wants; Lucas’ cock, all the way in.

You kiss my neck as I stare at him open mouthed. I can’t even register how weird this is... Whose idea was it? But suddenly I don’t care- I only know that I want him to fuck me. I need him to fuck me, hard and fast. I want him to pound me, make me feel it, make me scream his name.

“Yes,” I whisper, “I really fucking do!” Now he’s moving on top of me, leaning over me, and kissing me. And I kiss him back. My hands are still tied, so I just spread my bare legs beneath him. You’ve left the bed now, and stand there with the camera, asking if I want to be able to see it later, I manage to whisper a ‘yes’ through Lucas’ kisses- I want you to film every goddamn second of it. Although I’m not in love with your brother, I’ve always wanted to fuck him, and I now I’m getting it, I never want to forget.

I’m kissing your brother, eyes closed, teeth nibbling his lip. He unties me so he can undress me. He drags the cardigan down my shoulders and I pull my arms out, throwing it to the side. His strong arms reach around me holding my waist and unzipping my dress. He removes it and I raise my hips so that he can pull it down my legs. I kick it away from us. He undoes my bra with one hand and pulls my tits free with the other. I love having my tits played with, and he does it well. Better than you.

I moan and throw my head back as he sucks my left nipple and pinches the right, sending a delicious shiver down my spine. He moves back up to decorate my neck and chest with kisses, tie my wrists back up, and then down my stomach, my ribs, my thighs, until I feel his lips and tongue on my clit, applying exactly the right amount of pressure. As he licks me, he puts a finger in my pussy and one in my ass too. I instantly feel an orgasm building. I moan loudly, and see you bring the camera closer to my pussy just before I close my eyes.

Lucas pushes hard onto my clit with his tongue and moves it in circles. It takes seconds for me to cum, but the intense pleasure lasts at least two minutes. My hips buck, pushing my pussy into his face, and I feel myself squirt slightly. He licks it up, tasting me. I realise I’m moaning and saying his name over and over. As I come down from the orgasm, he is on top of me again, and I find my arms, still with my wrists tied, being brought around his neck. I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him in, kissing him hard. I don’t even register you any more, with the camera capturing every moment.

Then Lucas pushes his cock into me, looking right into my eyes, and then kisses me again. I wonder how long he has wanted this too, he seems really into it... I moan again, breathing heavily, only wanting him. He rams into me over and over, hitting my g-spot repeatedly. I can’t believe how amazing he is making me feel, it’s so different to how you fuck me, it’s naughtier, dirtier, sexier. It’s almost as if he knows exactly what I want and need, like he can read my expression, hear instructions in my moans and gasps of pleasure. I say his name and he opens his eyes and tells me that I’m beautiful.

He pulls out, and lies back, pulling me on top of him. I’m not ashamed to ride him in front of you. I sit down on his cock, taking every inch of him into my throbbing pussy. I roll my hips, forward, backward, around, tightening my muscles around his solid cock. I feel him tense his cock too, and it pushes onto my g-spot. I begin to orgasm again, so I speed up my thrusts, and hear him let out little noises beneath me. His hands reach up to hold my swaying tits and I let go. I’m like a wild tiger, taking what I need. I fuck him senseless as my pussy spasms around his shaft. I’m cumming on his cock, and at the same time I feel him cumming inside me as well. I moan, and rake my fingernails down his chest.

When it’s over, I collapse onto him, burying my face into his neck. I kiss him there. We’re both panting, out of breath and spent. His cock is still hard inside me. His hand reaches up to my face, stroking my cheek. He pulls me in to kiss me, and I don’t resist. I raise my hips and feel his cock slip out of me, along with a bit of our mixed juices. I roll onto my back, and he holds my right breast and kisses the left one.

So much for dinner, I think, and smile to myself. I turn to Lucas and kiss him deeply, allowing our tongues to meet briefly before I look your way.

You’ve turned off the camera, set it on the chair by the window, and you’re coming over. You hold my face and you kiss me too. You smother my neck in kisses, and whisper in my ear.

“You look so beautiful.” And then, I know that all of this was about me, letting me fulfil my fantasy, and I love you for it.

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