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My Neighbor's Teenage Daughter - part two

After all the sexual tension generated the day we met, our desires and expectations are realized.
I feel obligated to ask people to read part one before proceeding.

I woke up with a raging hard on. As the fog of the exhausting events of the last week cleared (packing up my old house, moving to my new home and starting to unpack) I suddenly realized that part of my exhaustion was due to a sleepless night caused by the neighbor’s daughter. She had made it fairly clear that she wanted me yesterday. Then later before going to bed for the night, we put on a little show for each other through our second floor bedroom windows separated by some 20 to 25 feet of yard. She had made me harder and bigger than I remembered ever being without even touching me or being in the same room.

We had shared a kiss last night when she had driven me to the store while running an errand for her dad. She had asked me if I wanted her. My reply was’ ‘Heaven help me, yes. Yes, I do want you’ then shortly after that, had told me, ‘…tomorrow, you’re mine’.

Ordinarily, in my prior life, I would have dealt of my morning wood by masturbating in the shower if it hadn’t gone down by then, but today, I didn’t want to waste it that way, especially if Jools was serious about hooking up.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, rubbed my eyes and looked through my open window. Jools’ blinds were closed again, so I pulled on some shorts, a worn out Sloppy Joes tee shirt and my leather sandals before heading downstairs. I couldn’t seem to keep my hands off my crotch each time I thought about Jools and her incredible body.

I decided to work on unpacking and setting up my office first since I needed to get back online so I could work and deal with correspondence for my business. The Comcast guy was supposed to be here Monday morning and I wanted to be ready when he arrived. I had just finished wiring up my PC (short of the internet connection) when the doorbell went off. Excited by the prospect of Jools’ not-so-subtle innuendo (or was it a blatant declaration of her intentions?) of yesterday, I literally ran to the door. I wasn’t disappointed. She was wearing a very short, faded denim skirt, a colorful bikini top with a sheer blouse as a cover-up, completely un-buttoned, but tied into a loose knot just below and between her boobs. Her hair was in a high ponytail this morning and she wore minimal, if any at all, makeup exuding that perfect girl-next-door persona. A pair of sequined flip-flops adorned her feet and she carried a small tote bag decorated in a fashion similar to the sandals she wore. In the moment it took to appraise the vision standing in front of me, she found an opportunity to ask, “So are you going to ask me in?”

I let her in, closed the door behind her and said, “Sorry, your beauty and sexiness prevented me from speaking for a moment. God, Jools you are so beautiful.”

We kissed long enough that her hardened nipples were apparent through all the layers of material covering them and my morning wood had made an encore appearance.

She said, “Thank you. So what are you doing?”

I said, “I finished the kitchen last night, something, and I think you know precisely what, prevented me from doing anything in my bedroom besides digging out the pillows and other bedding I needed to go to sleep though. I figured the most important thing today was to get ready for the Comcast guy who’s supposed to be here tomorrow, so I started on my office first.”

We went in the office and slowly unpacked boxes and put my possessions where I wanted them while we talked.

She asked, “Do you have to work tomorrow?”

My reply was, “I work from home 90% of the time these days. I own a business that doesn’t require much of my time away from home.”

She said, “What do you do?”

I explained, “I own a company and have several warehouses full of sound and lighting equipment with a small fleet of semi-trucks and busses. I send crews out to set up and run the equipment, mostly for large music concerts. I do most of that from my office, the only time I have to work elsewhere is when I’m working on deals for new tours, or if there is a problem with one of the systems I have out on the road.”

She said, “That is so cool! I’m really happy you’ll be home most of the time, too, that will give us more time to be together.”

I said, “Look Jools, I’m as excited as you seem to be about us hanging out but I imagine it’s only a matter of time before your folks start to complain that you’re spending too much time with the older guy next door. Have you given that any thought?”

She said, “I’ve got so much dirt on Laura, she’ll never say a word regardless of what she sees, thinks or knows. My dad, as you probably noticed yesterday, doesn’t really pay attention to much of what’s going on around him and the house. I managed to drink 4 big glasses of beer right under his nose yesterday. I also managed to spend all that time at your side, and put on my little show for you last night. If he were an attentive father or if Laura had ratted me out, he would have busted me doing one of those things right off the bat. I’m not sure if he just thinks his little princess is perfect and simply can do no wrong, if he just trusts me to make responsible decisions, doesn’t care what I do or simply doesn’t pay attention to what I’m doing. Regardless, I’ll be 18 in around 3 and a half weeks. When that happens, no one can say a word about anything I do.”

I said, “Do you plan on heading out into the big, cold world or hanging around home after you turn 18 then?”

She said, “I intend to enjoy life. If I can enjoy it with you, I’d like to stay close.”

I said, “I could see us enjoying life together, Lord knows I’ve never been so turned on by any other girl like I was by you last night – or this morning either for that matter. I woke up with a huge erection this morning, all on account of you.”

She looked me deep in the eyes, as though she were looking past them, into my soul and kissed me passionately. During the never-ending kiss, we tugged and manipulated our clothes until she were standing there wearing only the tiny bikini bottom that matched the top, now laying on the floor with the rest of our rumpled clothes and I was in the boxers I put on to sleep in last night.

I picked her up in my arms, she put hers around my neck and we continued kissing as I carried her up the stairs to my bedroom. I lay her down on the duvet and got on the bed next to her. We made out while we struggled to remove the remaining clothes from each other’s bodies. Now lying totally naked on my bed, I began exploring her awesome body – those unbelievably perfect boobs, the smooth flat tummy, then gently running my hand and fingers further south over the tiny patch of pubic hair down toward her pussy. By the time I had felt the wetness and heat from the tiny lips between her legs she had pulled on my cock, discovered a few drops of pre-cum and used it with her thumb to rub the un-circumcised head of my massive hard-on.

She said, “You’ve got a beautiful cock, Jon. It’s so much bigger and longer than those on any of the boys I’ve ever been with. I can’t wait to taste it.”

I said, “I was just thinking how much I want to taste your pussy.”

I lay on my back and asked her to lower her pussy to my face. She straddled my head and as soon as my tongue made contact with her pussy, I let her know how good it tasted to me and pushed it in then spread the wetness the length of her folds before pulling back and concentrating on her clit. She started getting incredibly wet and bent over (I thought) to take my anxious cock into her mouth. She licked around the ridge then used her tongue around the head between the foreskin and head of my cock. She teased the ‘eye’ with the tip of her tongue for quite a while before she started to lick the length of the rock-hard organ from my balls up to the head, one lengthwise ‘strip’ at a time. Before long she had coated my entire penis with a thin coat of saliva and I was losing my mind with anticipation, hoping she’d actually suck my cock into her mouth. I didn’t really expect her to deep throat me (that was a feat that many girls had tried but few were able to accomplish), but I figured even the girl who had the least amount of talent in that area I was ever with still managed to get 3 or 4 inches of my cock into her mouth.

I kept working on her pussy and her clit was now erect and causing Jools to moan with each tweak of it from my tongue. I began sucking on the tiny appendage and she was becoming more and more animated, the closer I brought her to orgasm. She was now spending even less time on my cock with her mouth, providing the majority of attention to it by stroking it with her hand as she moaned uncontrollably.

She started softly saying, “I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come,” over and over again gradually getting louder each time she uttered the phrase. Suddenly, she arched her back sat mostly upright and screamed, “Oh, God!”

Jools experienced a massive orgasm and soaked my face and neck with her juices. She ground her pussy into my face in a successful (apparently) effort to extend the orgasm that was leaving her physically and emotionally drained.

With the simple word, “Baby,” she bent over again, took at least 3 or 4 inches of my cock into her mouth then continued to get more and more of the organ into her mouth with each successive attempt. When I felt the tight confines of her throat grip the ultra sensitive head of my cock, I knew there was a substantial portion of it still outside her lips, but I honestly didn’t care. I couldn’t remember my cock ever feeling so good as it did at that moment. I also knew she was about to get a big mouthful of cum if she did that again or left it there too long.

She slowly (agonizingly so) pulled my cock out of her mouth and said, “You can get it up again if I make you come in my mouth, right, Baby?”

I couldn’t really speak, but managed an, “Uh-huh.”

She went back at it with a considerable amount of gusto and around the 3 rd time my cock-head breached her throat, I said, “I’m coming! I gonna fill your beautiful mouth with my cum, Jools.”

She swallowed every drop and then quickly rotated and kissed me full on the lips.

I said, “Jools, that was hands down, without a doubt the best oral sex I’ve ever experienced.”

She said, “I kind of surprised myself, too. I couldn’t believe I got so much of that monster down my throat, but I’ll keep practicing. I’ll get better at it.”

I said, “That was so much better than I hoped for or expected. It was fantastic.”

She said, “You gave me the strongest orgasm I ever experienced with another person just now. Before that I never came that hard without using one of Chloe’s toys.”

I said, “You and Chloe share toys?”

She said, “Not in the way I suspect you’re thinking. Chloe is my BFF and being an only child, the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister. I spent a week at her house when Dad and Laura got married a little over a year ago and a slightly drunken two-way game of truth or dare got a little out of hand. None of the boys I fucked ever got me to come at all, let alone the way you did.”

We ended up getting up and I talked her into rinsing all the sex and sweat off our bodies in my shower. We lathered each other up and were playing around a bit during the process. She seemed amazed that I grew hard again so quickly.

I said, “Obviously you have no idea how beautiful and sexy you are. I’m not even going to guess how many times I might be capable getting it up when it comes to the opportunity to be with that body and offered your considerable ‘oral’ talents.”

She gripped my cock and said, “Just when I was thinking of saving this for later, you had to say that. Let’s fuck, I can’t wait to feel this guy inside me and if you’re right, maybe we can have a replay of this morning later this afternoon or tonight!”

I told her she wouldn’t get an argument out of me then we went back to bed, turned down the duvet to avoid the huge wet spot she left behind and I had her lay down with her legs and ass positioned at the edge of the bed. I got down on my knees between her legs and began eating her again.

When she had her first orgasm, she said, “Fuck me! I need to feel that big beautiful cock inside me.”

We moved to the center of the bed and I got between her legs again and slowly worked my cock into her tight but very wet pussy. It took several attempts and a considerable amount of time before I managed to work it all the way inside her. After fucking a while, amazed at the sensation of having the largest and longest cock she had encountered to this point of her young life, had me pull all the way out because she wanted to see where exactly the end of my cock ended up when I bottomed out in her pussy. I moved back to roughly where I would be at when fully inside her and she lay my cock across her vulva and was surprised that the tip was so near her belly button. Jools was so petit I wasn’t surprised – being with such a diminutive girl actually made me feel even bigger than I knew I was. I’ve seen a lot of porn with much better endowed men, and even seen one or two in person during showers at the gym, but I’ve been with and heard from enough women to be able to claim I am above average.

She said, “I swear, I’ve never been filled the way your cock fills me, Jon. Please put it back in me now.”

She moved her legs up on to my shoulders and begged me to fuck her hard and fast. Of course I complied. Following another gushing orgasm from her, she decided she wanted to try being on top. I rolled over on my back and she slowly impaled her pussy on my cock. Using her knees, thighs and hips, she moved herself up and down while I held her tits, rubbing her hard, tiny nipples with my thumbs moistened by the viscous fluid from her pussy. Her head had rolled back in ecstasy and she started moving faster and faster.

She said, “I’m gonna come again, Baby. I’m gonna come again, hard. I want you to come with me, please?”

I said, “I’m close, Jools. I’m really close, try to hold on.”

We kept fucking and she somehow managed to prolong her orgasm until I told her mine was imminent.

I said, “Now, Baby, now!”

Jools moved as fast as she could and with a final hard drop from her and a final thrust upwards into her pussy from me, we came together. She gushed again soaking our crotches and the sheets beneath my ass as I filled her pussy with my second load of the day. As our mutual orgasm subsided, she collapsed onto my chest and we kissed with my cock still deep inside her.

She said, “I could get used to days like this, Jon.”

I said, “I’d love to have more days like this, but I have a feeling I’d never really get used to it. I sure hope you aren’t just looking for a graduation or 18 th birthday fling.”

She said, “I’m hoping you aren’t just using me for another notch on your bedpost.”

I said, “I’d love to be reliving this day over and over again until you’re sick of being with an older guy.”

She said, “You gotta be kidding me. I’ll never get tired of being with you and if this has to end, I plan on never being with a guy my age again!”

We got up and decided to hit the pool this time instead of the shower. We sure couldn’t appear in public smelling like sex. I got us a couple towels then pulled on some trunks while Jools put her bottom on, then looked futilely for her top.

I said, “I think it’s on the floor in my office.”

She smiled and kissed me. She said, “I’m so glad I came over here yesterday and dragged you home with me.”

I said, “You’ll never know how glad I am you did that.”

We hopped in the pool and swam and splashed around the shallow end for quite a while. When Jools noticed she was pruning up a bit, she let me know she wanted to get out for a while.

After drying off, went into the kitchen to get us each a soda. Off in the distance, Jools cell phone was going off.

She said, “That’s Chloe’s ringtone. Do you care if I get it?”

I said, “Why would you even ask me for permission to answer your phone. You are welcome to do anything you like while were together.”

She ran and got the phone out of her tote bag and said, “Hi, Chloe.”

I heard only her side of the conversation, of course. But the half I heard was certainly intriguing. The code wasn’t terribly hard to crack. She told her friend that she had been here since right after she got up and that we had just spent a half-hour or so in the pool. I got the distinct impression that Chloe knew of Jools’ intentions and Jools told her she felt that she had succeeded. I also got the impression that Chloe was now aware that we spent the majority of our time together engaged in sex. Jools face was beet red and her chest was heaving with each deep breath. The last thing I heard her say was that she’d tell her more during a better opportunity for privacy but that she intended to spend a lot of time with me so she had no idea when that opportunity might come up.

After she hung up, she said, “I promised to call her today. She called when she thought I forgot. I didn’t forget, I just didn’t want to take time away from ‘us’.”

I said, “That’s cool. It sounded like she knew what your plans were for me today.”

She said, “We talked last night after I went to bed. I talked to her on the phone as I lay there masturbating and fantasizing about you.”

I said, “That’s funny. I wasn’t talking on the phone, but I had to masturbate last night too or I would have never been able to fall asleep and it was all your fault.”

She said, “I hope I made up for it today.”

I said, “There was nothing to make up for, you just turned me on so much last night, I had to relieve myself. Today, you turned me on even more but then you exceeded every reasonable expectation of satisfaction I could have imagined. God, Jools. You’re incredible! I hope this never ends.”

She said, “I hope it never ends, too.”

We decided to get dressed and Jools and I were going to get some fast food then hit the grocery store so I could prepare meals for myself at home. I created a list before I moved to get me started with groceries until I had a chance to make a more thought out list. We headed to the ‘strip’ where most of the fast food joints were located and I suggested the Olive Garden.

Jools said, “When you said fast food, I thought you were talking about Micky D’s or Burger King. I had no idea you considered Olive Garden ‘fast food’.”

I said, “I couldn’t take my favorite girl to a McDonalds. I said, “If we end up hanging out together a lot, Olive Garden for ‘fast food’ is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of things I want to share with you.”

We got our food and continued talking while we ate. We discussed hobbies, likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams.

She said, “I know we would have to wait an appropriate period of time before we could even consider this, but is there any chance at all we might end up boyfriend and girlfriend at some point? This sure feels like a potential long term relationship.”

I said, “Yeah, it does. My biggest worry is your Dad. Regardless of how oblivious he is, I gotta believe that if he thinks you and I are getting serious about each other, he’s not going to like it. Not even a little bit. Right now I appear to be considerably older than you. If we can stay under the radar for a while, the age difference will start to matter less and less.”

She said, “I’m willing to give it a shot, I think I’d like to see where this goes. I know the physical attraction is strong, I know the sex is incredible – I gotta believe I make you feel as good as you make me feel. We seem to have a fair amount in common. Do you think it’s enough?”

I said, “I sure hope so, we could have a great life together.”

We finished eating and on the way out of the restaurant, we ran into another cheerleader friend of Jools who was a server in a different section of the restaurant.

She looked at us and said rather cagily, “Hi, Jools.”

Jools said, “Hi, Angela.”

Angela said, “Who’s your friend?”

She matter of factly said, “This is my boyfriend, Jon. I figured once I was done with high school, I was done with high school boys, too. He’s a little older but we really like each other and get along great. Our sex life is incredible!”

Angela just seemed speechless when Jools blurted that out so matter of factly.

Jools said, “What do you say, Honey? Ready to go get our groceries now? I’d like to get home early enough to spend some time with you in the pool before bedtime.”

I said, “I’m ready, sweetie.”

We said ‘Bye’ to Angela who watched us walk out the door with our arms around each other. Once outside, I looked at Jools and kind of wondered why she talked to her friend that way.

Jools said, “Angela was on cheerleading squad with me but she’s fucked me over a couple times when it comes to boys so I took the opportunity to get a dig in. She doesn’t socialize with anyone who could make our lives difficult so I’m not worried about what she might say to anyone, besides I can always just tell anyone who asks that I was just taking a shot at her for all the bullshit she’s pulled on me the last couple years. You’re not mad, are you?”

I said, “Not at all, actually it kind of tickled me as I heard you talking about us that way. I could see us in a relationship like you described.”

We made our way to the grocery store and managed to get out with a least a weeks worth of groceries and perishables in about 45 minutes. I also now had my snacks and ‘ midnight munchie’ options covered. I wasn’t much for cereal as a breakfast food, but it made a great late night light meal to avoid going to bed hungry. We got home, put the groceries away and I had just mentioned the idea of taking a swim.

Jools said, “I’ve got an even better idea.”

She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to my bedroom. We slowly undressed each other then lay down and began cuddling. We enjoyed a bit of '69' and were so comfortable with each other that Jools was wet and I was hard in no time at all. She lay back down then pulled me on top of her. The end of my cock found the wetness between her legs and I pushed. Before long, we were fucking with long slow strokes in missionary position. She seemed to like the pressure of my body on hers and was holding me tight against her body and raking her fingernails along my back every time I thrust into her.

I had given Jools a couple minor orgasms and we were both rapidly approaching the big one. We were going purposely slow, building anticipation and hoping for a mind-blowing climax. I resisted the urge to speed up as the point of no return approached and Jools wanted me to use even longer strokes with her and I did my best to pull back just to the point where I was about to slip out, then plunging back in as far as I could move. She seemed to be grabbing my ass with her fingers, trying to pull me in even deeper.

When I asked if that was her intention, she said, “You’re already reaching places inside me I didn’t know existed, it just feels so good I was trying to pull you in as far as I could.”

I said, “I’m happy finishing this way tonight, but next time you want to feel me a bit deeper, I have another position you might enjoy.”

She said, “I want to try it!”

I said ‘OK’ then pulled out of her and had her roll over on her side. She rolled onto her right side and I had her leave her right leg extended straight below her body and bend her left knee so it was folded up against her chest. I lifted her left thigh a bit exposing her pussy and pushed my cock back into her.

With our genitals essentially now at right angles, I was able to penetrate at least an inch or so deeper and after a few increasingly deep thrusts when she felt me bottom out in this position the first time, she simply screamed, “Oh, God,” and experienced another powerful gushing orgasm.

She said, “Fuck me, Baby. Fuck me hard and come for me.”

I started giving her all I had and a few strokes later, I filled her pussy with my third load of the day. I collapsed next to her and she wrapped me up in her arms and said, “I hope this doesn’t fuck things up Jon, but I love you. I love you and want to be with you. I want to be with you forever.”

I said, “And I love you, Jools. Nothing would make me happier but we have hurdles to get over before we can make that kind of commitment or ask each other to make that kind of commitment. That being said, I would certainly like to see us work toward that goal. I can’t wait until we can go to sleep in each other’s arms and wake up only to see each other’s face the next morning.”

She said, “I’ve never felt so good during sex in my life, Jon. I can’t wait until we can spend the entire night together, myself.”

I said, “I’ve never had such glorious sex in my life. I wish we could keep doing this all night long.”

She said, “It’s the first time in my life I feel as though I’ve been made love to instead of just fucked. Now, how about that swim?”

I said, “Anything your heart desires, Jools.”

We went back down to the pool naked and while wading in the chest deep water of the shallow end, we held each other close and kissed.

She said, “You’ve got no idea how hard it’s going to be to lay alone in bed tonight after all we’ve done today. Can we be together again tomorrow?”

I said, “Well I do have the cable guy coming by and once I’ve got internet service, I’m going to have to deal with some business, but to be honest, as long as we can find the time to do it right, I’d be thrilled to spend time with you, even more thrilled for more opportunities to make love with you.”

We played in the water a while longer until she decided she had to go home. I asked her to give me her cell number and gave her mine.

I said, “Even though we can’t spend the night in each other’s arms, we can talk whenever you want.”

We dried off again, Jools put on the fresh casual outfit she had brought in her tote bag, we shared a passionate kiss, and then I walked her home. At the door, she gave me a quick kiss right on the lips before disappearing inside and I walked home, thinking the entire time about how much I desired Jools and wanted her to be in my life forever, of all the excitement I could bring into her life. Little did I know all the excitement Jools already planned to bring into mine.

End of ‘My Neighbor’s Teenage Daughter – part two’

Part three, yet to come? Only your comments will decide.

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